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@openjsf && @nodejs | developer 🥑 @gcpcloud | Torontonian at ❤️ | Opinions are potentially wrong, but definitely my own. | He / Him

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@tlhunter @kwuchu I could possibly get us space at google if folks are not opposed to being in the building @kwuchu then consider me interested @kwuchu we allowed to work on music? @ohhoe is this the view?
@takempf I forgot in going to see Cory Wong tomorrow @beaglebets To be clear this is not meant as a judgement... It is firmly based on my own insecurities @heyimjacooob lol @claudiopro I'm attempting to document the human experienceDo you ever accidentally like your own tweet and temporarily die at that thought of someone seeing you liked it before you can unlike it?I don't really have a grand conclusion here... This is an ongoing work in self reflection. With that said, if you… thing I am trying to do is consistently be reflective of how I engage with different groups, and try to be cogn… working modes don't translate as you change hats though. How I operate on a board is very different from on… have in the past been fairly conflict avoidant... Which comes with its own spectrum of issue (oh hai decision par… thing that has been particularly difficult for me is being at peace with people being unhappy with me. There i… feel like participating in OSS leadership is fundementally changing my working patterns. This is especially true… @the_thagomizer @BretMcG @syntxerror1 Hand roll Wednesday 🍣🍣🍣The fourth hardest problem in computer science is calibration of gps on mobile devices @janl It's like you have captured my essence @janl I was going to write a humorous / snarky response but I'm honestly out of gas. @ohhoe OHHHH you are driving around a lot @jwenerd @ohhoe what games? @jwenerd someone pissed off phish twitterThe @openjsf public board meeting is live on youtube! gang, 305 @RealBrianWarner @TeamYouTube still working on this. I can dig in again.
Planning for the next OpenJS Foundation global conference is underway! What are some important keynote and session…
Retweeted by sMyle @_JamesWard yo. I hear you like internets.Today is my 3 year Googleversary. Wild to think I've been at this company for as long as I have Definitely more c… @mikeal I'd read the manga
@mikesherov All of esm is still experimental @mikesherov It shipped unflagged yesterday in 13.7.0 So this tweet is where you read it 😇I'm "I was distracted from playing fortnite by cspan" years old
"I’ve made it a personal goal to stop wasting my breath on calling out my enemies (they’re not listening anyway) an… @jeffposnick So much protein to do activities with @_shu For me it is about having diversification, but perhaps I shouldn't weight equallyBeetlejuice take 2 tonight! @TylerMcDowall @jackyalcine All jokes aside this is incredibly impressive. Would be very interested in learning how… love finding out that amazing UX is built using technology I help maintain ♥️ (In this case it is the t… @TylerMcDowall @jackyalcine OH WOW. So I wonder if `killall node` while live coding would take down the stream 🤣🤣🤣Hey investment twitter Do you have favorite ETFs? What do you have in your portfolio? Currently I'm holding BND, BNDX, GLD, SPY, VTI, VXUS @brianloveswords @isntitvacant Found one for you to start with. @isntitvacant @brianloveswords There was an episode of "Saved By The Bell" where Screech eats a book instead of stu… install 13.7.0 Thanks @codebytere for preparing this @nodejs Current release! Thanks @guybedford and everyone…
Retweeted by sMyle @steren @tmrowco Work travel? We offset @ag_dubs Wams Bams... @jackyalcine I ended up using twitch studio and it worked great @takempf I got rank 3 in arena... Definitely noticing a massive skill jump. @visnup @ohhoe I used twitch studio for PC. Didn't really spend too much time thinking of a coding setup, since I d… @AkashaThorne Please what? Stream more? @slsoftworks @about_hiroppy We dropped the flag in 13 already. Tuesday's release unflags conditional exports 🎉 Nex…
@GabeWeiss_ Great user experience a++ @ohhoe Wow. I'll start with twitch then!On Friday night I played fortnite for the first time. Placed 2nd in the second battle Royal I played! Might try an… @lukejacksonn @remotesynth @brianleroux @FredKSchott @_developit @swyx @PierB @guybedford @mjackson @passle_ @lukejacksonn @remotesynth @brianleroux @FredKSchott @_developit @swyx @PierB @guybedford @mjackson @passle_ @brianleroux @lukejacksonn @remotesynth @FredKSchott @_developit @swyx @PierB @guybedford @mjackson @passle_ @lukejacksonn @remotesynth @brianleroux @FredKSchott @_developit @swyx @PierB @guybedford @mjackson @passle_ @brianleroux @_developit @lukejacksonn @swyx @FredKSchott @PierB @guybedford @mjackson @passle_ Or submit topic to… @_developit @lukejacksonn @swyx @FredKSchott @PierB @guybedford @brianleroux @mjackson @passle_ To a question Shawn… @_developit @lukejacksonn @swyx @FredKSchott @PierB @guybedford @brianleroux @mjackson @passle_ Which ecosystem? JavaScript? 😇 @addyosmani @sebmck We still have a couple weeks for you to get this back before perf
@TheLarkInn Gonna read mangaFWIW I'm probably going to read the manga for TOS and Shippuden @steveyp_ Gonna put that shonen jump membership to work (figured tossing them $2 a month was the least I could do f… @angelaestelle lol... I'm tooting about naruto right now too @steveyp_ I'm literally looking at a site for the filler list right now 😅 Thinking that perhaps I'll just read t… some rough napkin math and I would need to watch Naruto Shippuden for an entire week non-stop to catch up ooof… Anime nerds... back in the day I watched / read all of the original Naruto series... although the memory is haz… @yburyug Well that makes far not sense. @yburyug Rooftop pool in NYC in this weather??? Heated??? WHERE? @jonmasters Which track? @dabravanel Resident advisor is next.Finished reviewing all 2020 shows currently on Jambase. Only got tickets to two more things * Ween * A festival ca… I say "slept on" but already have tickets to go see: * Greensky Bluegrass * Cory Wong * David Byrne * Telefon… slept on planning Q1 and gotta catch up. Hope to get through Q1 / Q2 planning this weekend.
@oif_vet beep. @oif_vet beep. @callmevlad alt: sick reference bro @JesusHSchvice Where is the band supposed to sit? @randibergman lol @slightlylate I also like mumble rap and the idea that "anyone can do it" is the exact same type of garbage bias. @slightlylate "The only reason I'm not good at that thing is that it is too easy for me to spend my time on" Canno…ᴱᵛᵉʳʸ ᴱᵛᵉʳʸ ᴱᵛᵉʳʸ Eᵥₑᵣy e̷̛̼̅͊̎͂̋̈͋̄̅̔v̴̠̜͙̯͙̘̪̝̑̌͋͊́̀͊̉͒̕̕͝ͅȩ̸̝̞̫͊̃͒̍͛̈́̎̃̈́̉̃͛̈́̕͠ŗ̸̹̗̱͈͎̦̣̩̯̎̀̈̽͐͆̓y̴̺͙͙̿̇̀̔̇͝
BTW... shout out to @sarahnovotny who was pivotal in getting me to this place of confidence. @rjlegit omg I said every not ever sighEvery have that moment talking about something that only 2 - 3 years ago you didn't know at all and realize "oh shi… @jllord 🎉🎉🎉🎉 @jeremyoharris is there a way to get a copy of the script for @SlavePlayBway?As a follow up I'm getting to attend a #talksatgoogle with the cast! Grateful for the opportunity
Retweeted by sMyle @ChloeCondon @starwars Also this. @ChloeCondon @starwars Darth Maul is Dathomirian My understanding is that it is tribal tattoo. My vote is with no… @pixelyunicorn @brooklyn_js Is that the sword lover next to the pupper? @jonmasters @jeriellsworth Strange they have the mega drive controller and not the Genesis one.