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@openjsf && @nodejs | developer 🥑 @gcpcloud | Torontonian at ❤️ | Opinions are potentially wrong, but definitely my own. | He / Him / They / Them

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@xhillzy Mine have been good for a decade🥳 This idea has been over a year in the making. I can't begin to express how excited (and relieved!) I am to finall…
Retweeted by sMyle @RPorsager @dev01ution @junosz @nodejs It is not unflagged in any way in 12. Seems like an issue with eslint @dabravanel @HunterKingNOLA They stayed the same and you got better maybe? @cwervo "This isn't even an apron it's a tote bag a hair tie" i'm dead @briankardell obligatory support for my corporate overlord fwiw it is actually p cool and has integration into mee… @arcanis Alas our paths probably won't cross @arcanis 00000 can also work in a pinch How long you in town? @devsnek I'm listening
Shorty's!!! @DerekNonGeneric Modules related? @cramforce Feeling crabby about it? @ChloeCondon @disneyplus thank you for doing this good work @chromakode People realized trap was better @jessfraz xargs & git @ParisInBmore @directxman12 #nailconf 💅🏼! @DerekNonGeneric This is a cool idea, look forward to seeing if anyone sees an issue with exposing the API. If we d… @AndreyBazhin1 if you are using `git cherry-pick $SHA` and there are no conflicts you shouldn't have to commit finally figured it out! `git worktree add ../new-worktree name-of-branch` e.g. `git worktree add ../v8.x v8.x-…
Retweeted by sMyleSo excited about modules I spent some time cherry-picking commits from the development branch of Node.js to the 13… @sharpstef @ChloeCondon @tsmith I need more baby yodes in my life But I aint getting Disney+... alas.Hey Scala folks, what's your favorite static analysis tool?
Can international millennials save Japanese food from Japanese millennials 🙄 @amcasari I'm a loner Dottie, a rebelSpoiler alert, it was good the get up kids are playing in Seattle tomorrow @tomasz_ducin @Rich_Harris Honestly wasn't thinking of the dictionary definition when I wrote the blog This is a g… @devsnek upstream PR behind a flag that turns on harmony ??? @kmbannerman I'm pulling in to the gate Literal ships in the nightOh hey Seattle I'm omw!
oh: "our final boarding zone is basic" Harsh @rumkin @izs @jasnell @nodejs @npmjs That is not the case. Only the devdeps of your project are installed by default @rumkin @izs @jasnell @nodejs @npmjs How do you install your linter or testing framework? @girlie_mac the worst @TheLarkInn Better late than never @KevKassimo It was so nice to meet you. Hope we get to hang out again soon!!!
@feross ♥️♥️♥️Thanks for having me @feross this was a ton of fun @danmactough I paint outside the linesAchievement Unlocked ✅ Give an 80 minute lecture to a CS class at my alma mater. Surprisingly the most nervous I'v… opinions, weakly formedI just stepped in a cold shower and made the exact same noise as the aliens from mars attacks @pspeter3 @jonchurch @nodejs Should land in 13.2 next week🏅 Cloud Run is now Generally Available
Retweeted by sMyle @hypirlink @modernserf sweet summer child @bitandbang @_jayphelps myObject.assign = function(val) {Object.assign(this, val)} 😇 @HenriHelvetica @cramforce Around the the same time as the OC is all I can remember.It's about that time episode of Ahiru no Sora! @cramforce this looks cool @mikeal @littlecalculist @left_pad @trott @torch2424 In in the South Bay the rest of the week
@jonmasters congrats!!!So excited to announce our first speaker! @zeigenvector is a Frontend Engineer at @slack and will be giving the tal…
Retweeted by sMyle @MarijnJH @ag_dubs @nodejs We definitely plan to release it unless we can come up with a better alternative. Just n… @wSokra @TheLarkInn @nodejs Wanting more feedback and discussion on conditional exports is exactly why we kept it b… @BrendanEich @nodejs .mjs lives but is optional @Jhnnns Dawww ♥️Some facts about 2008: - @tinycalculist was 5 years away from existing - Barack Obama was elected president - I sta…
Retweeted by sMyle @mikesherov Do we still support that flag? LoL @JustinBeckwith @TheLarkInn @nodejs Not only can you support both, but legacy entry for old versions! @TheLarkInn @nodejs Would love to sync with you on our experimental dual module support if you have time. I'm on Seattle next week. @TheLarkInn Oh me. @linclark @nodejs ♥️♥️♥️ @sohelkhalifaa The flag lives on for more experimental features like self referential modules and conditional exports 😆.@pipobscure: I'm a socialist, so I believe we should have 8 hours of work, 8 hours of sleep, and 8 hours of leisur…
Retweeted by sMyle @taravancil Fastly? @taravancil It seems like GCS with cloudflare in front might be the simplest stack for this.
@taravancil Here here! @dev01ution @junosz @nodejs If it lands in 12 it would not be until late Q1 2020 at the earliest is my guess @dev01ution @nodejs 13, likely next week. 12 is still up in the air but we would like to.We just unflagged ESM in @nodejs Amazing work everyone! 1970 the brotherhood of eternal love paid the weather underground 20k to bust Timothy Leary out of prison. I am… @gabidavila @Ocramius @Google I remember it too, so glad you are on the team! @porteneuve If include `"type": "module"` I'm package.json you can use .js for ESM, but you will then need to use .cjs for CommonJSBig news: the Python Packaging Working Group has secured >$400K in grants from multiple funders (TBA) to improve on…
Retweeted by sMyle @lmorchard it is so good @ag_dubs OMG THIS IS MY FAVORITE @AkashaThorne My hope is that they keep it in mind and explain in due time. @AkashaThorne Those are decent reasons @AkashaThorne shopify? etsy? @ohhoe Which order are you watching in and which version of the original trilogy do you plan to watch?
@jkup ♥️♥️♥️Missed you bae talk about doing things early so infrequently that my phone attempts to auto correct the word to the "ear emoji" before I'm done typing @steveklabnik I was like "I have the perfect place for Steve" Instead I got heartbreak @steveklabnik Because of this thread I now know that brainwash cafe closed two years ago 😢 @awaterma Alas @HenriHelvetica @Vikram_Tiwari I'll be around in the evening 😇 @Vikram_Tiwari Unfortunately not. Here for other business. @jkup Hi Jon.Oh hey SF what's up? @evanplaice In the case of node-osc I wrote an esm wrapper that I expose to support named exports from a CJS module… @DerekNonGeneric oh interesting. Can you share a repro? Scripts were working fine when I was testing locally. @DerekNonGeneric wanna try again?