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Just made a mojo and have some flank steak marinating for taco night 🤤 (Wore gloves when cutting the serano peppers this time 😇) @dyegolara At least I like spice 😇 @sebmck Situation, there are 500 competing references to that jokeHands are better now 🐻 @nidnogg_ Don't tease me with a good time @seldo Everyone on earth in the DC universe re: Superman vs Clark Kent. @mj1856 The juxtaposition of image 1 and image 3 really drives it home @mj1856 At a cursory glance the third image looks like gore Lol @ohhoe Thankfully I've past the point of the heat being contagious... 😅So it turns out stepping up from jalepenos to serrano means I should have worn gloves when prepping them My poor hands 😢 @devsnek That was supposed to be you lololol Maybe @sebmck can support this in Rome @devsnek @devsnek Sounds like someone wants a CST 😇
Are you currently hiring for a role that uses Node.js? Reply with a link to the opening and any relevant context.…
Retweeted by sMyle#BREAKING: WE WON (AGAIN)! A federal court just ruled that trans students must have access to bathrooms that match…
Retweeted by sMyle @Paul_Kinlan Raaaaaaawr
@rickbutton I have a Butt in my codeNothing like seeing the strangest programming bug of your entire career close to the end of the day on Friday. So… @SandeepDinesh LoooooooL @mikeal @FredKSchott @drwpow There is currently no way for anyone but the host to modify between modules but afaik… @lawnsea @willmanduffy @jennschiffer oh-eeee-oh @willmanduffy @jennschiffer can only imagine the double takeAuction link for posterity @vulfpeck y'all have done it again. Track 10 on their latest album is being sold on ebay. Not early access, li… @jennschiffer OMG... gotta go fast (after sex) @BooDooPerson I've been known to open up max/msp and listen to a 60hz sine wave. I get itThis is what I've got on right now. What are you listening to? @drwpow Fwiw the ESM interface is definitely actively used + supported as well. I don't think any one thing has ta… President Trump issued an order banning U.S. business transactions with TikTok's Chinese parent company in 45…
Retweeted by sMyle @mikeal @drwpow Is this a roll-up wrapper? @jkup @codebytere @kng Once more? with feeling?Omg quark is principal snider @drwpow @mikeal There is an open PR using a known symbol and globalThis to avoid dual module hazard, but it is p clunky @drwpow It's not perfect, but I have this example repo that is ESM first with transpiled CJS. so far have not broke…
@dfabu @drwpow @jdalton I'd personally be pretty uncomfortable with that. We would lose some of the ordering expect… @drwpow @dfabu So, what should we do about it? @FredKSchott Fred. @chrstnaphn We are almost out of dumps @joemag_games this joke was every other comment on the video LOLDon't you DARE duck is the strongest red mage in the square enix universe story of the magnetic stripe goals.! @SeanTAllen Yuuuup @vcarl_ Totally. I'm very glad he's moved the show beyond just letting people make themselves look dumb. In the Por… @vcarl_ I saw an interview about how it's just like 4 of them in a camper van driving around the country chasing the story. @ggsimm I honestly refuse to watch / support h3h3. I found their content shifted to be super lulzy + borderline MAG… lockdown protest video was posted less than a month after the "Yung Terps" video April they covered a Coronavirus lockdown protest space-x launch video came out 10 days after the video about the Minneapolis Protest was a video of folks watching the space-x launch in early June particular I really like comparing the video of people partying on the beach on July 4th to the folks protesting… Gas No Breaks definitely stated a bit lulzy, and it was hard to peg if it was going to turn out to be simply sa…
@yburyug Our dentist @JasonEtco @brianloveswords inorite @maggiepint OH LOL I said "the awful website" but i meant to say "this awful website" The orange site is definitely "the awful website"It turns out I just like dopamine @maggiepint honestly linking to it made me smile and laugh again. @maggiepint @JasonEtco naw... I made a jokes about @brianloveswords loving swords.Sometimes I get to make a dumb joke on the awful website and it changes my entire demeanor and fills me with positive energy @brianloveswords @bitandbang I KNEW IT YOU DO LOVE SWORDSThis is what I've got playing right now... what about you? @krisnova If you missed it the boys streamed a Gamehendge show last night. Maybe it'll help make you day a tiny bit… @francesc Sorry for not warning you. @francesc read further @jesslynnrose A human is doing sexy dances in waluigi cosplay 😬 @erik_erikson It was just my twitter name for a bit LOL @coderinheels @BeeRich99 you know you've won at trolling the GOP when the lincoln project gives you a shout out 😂Today I was reminded that 2 years ago I SEO'd myself into being the #1 image search for "Super Nintendo Aurora Bore… @John_Papa I'm amazed the interview wasn't called off at any point. @BeeRich99 I really loved it... although I know that feeling is not universal. Making the way through DS9 right no… @BeeRich99 yuuuup @BeeRich99 I'm not liking this tweet because I agree with it. @colinmegill too real @BeeRich99 I really thought the entire interview might be a parody at first 😅 @dalequark eternally interrupting and not answering the question being asked @dalequark I'm just amazed that it went on as long as it did...Holy shit this axios interview @Rainloft It's definitely a mood @nomadtechie Glad to know you and call you a friend.Also, the account is waluijuicy 😂😂😂😂Also yes, this was on my for you page and I feel both seen and ashamed @nomadtechie I never got into it 😇 Don't worry though, I'm making up for lost time.I just found a tiktok account that is entirely waluigi thirst traps... Honestly if this doesn't make me log off and… @steveklabnik I've enjoyed seeing your enthusiasm rise @WhyHiAnnabelle @MayaKaczorowski @wendynather This is all I can think about when I see mal-in-the-middle, which I d… started the stream 30 minutes late and reading the commentary from the future on here is p entertaining @EdgarMuentes @RBPhish so fucking good
Beyond excited for a Gamehendge show tonight. Read the book!!! @EdgarMuentes FWIW it was the new paper mario I played, on the switch. Although I have played a bunch of the older ones @ceejbot @NorskHaus I did an experimental poetry class in undergrad and did some plunderphonics... such a fun practiceHuge shoutout to @devsnek who helped lead the implementation in @nodejs. @littledan @domenic @bradleymeck @ceejbot If you have time to dig into how it was made I highly advise it. Perfect intersection of contemporary comp… @gobslapped This is actually a pattern that happens regularly at TC39. If a core part of a proposal is uncontrovers… @gobslapped Top-Level Await had a lot of implementation details that needed to be worked out that were not needed f… @ceejbot Have you listened to Greyfolded?