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He / Him | @openjsf && @nodejs && @tc39 | Open Source Product Manager @github | Opinions are potentially wrong, but definitely my own

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@martinwoodward @AriyaHidayat You are going to make an ASI out of you and me!
@bastadenombres *cavaet* point fingers at people you think are doing a great job... also let them know :D"Seekers On The Ridge" continues to be one of my favorite tracks of 2020
Retweeted by sMyleWork like you will eventually break something. Check-in with as many folks as possible. Cover your ass. Don't point fingers. @mattpodwysocki Seems to be how they are doing it in the states. Canada doesn't have capacity to manufacture vacci… @natfriedman @sulka @tinysubversions I'll save this thread and reach out when we have something even easier you can play with @natfriedman @sulka @tinysubversions You can get "approximately" the last two git tags with the following: `git ta… @natfriedman @sulka @tinysubversions We're working on something WAY better than what we have today but a quick shor… news for Canadians getting delayed second doses
@ftrain Is the entire first movie getting to the center of the div? @sambreed @isntitvacant Using worker_threads to offload intensive workloads so you block the thread is a great idea… for a 🔥 take If you cannot find a way to be compensated, recognized, or get some value out of your OSS contri…
Retweeted by sMyle @matthewcp I just make all my websites entirely static... I have a single GCS bucket fronted by cloudfalre... it's… @alexellisuk Seems to be a consistent pattern in the replies as well. @isntitvacant I played with terraform for the first time a couple weeks back and found it was quite nice to use. I… @isntitvacant I guess this allows you to do blue/green deploys or staged roll outs as well (something k8s does handle nicely). @isntitvacant I would love to see some OSS tools that wrap up this kind of pattern of process deployment into an ea… @isntitvacant or multi-cloud @isntitvacant Would seem then for your case that you don't really need k8s unless you wanted to do some fancy service mesh shit. @pfrazee Also sounds like you are primarily using pm2 for general process management, not for clustering / scaling based on traffic load @pfrazee so to view logs you are ssh'ing into instance and viewing via a pm2 command? @isntitvacant does systemd offer any level of process scaling / load balancing or is that handled by the AWS autosc… @pfrazee are you primarily using it in your own VM? How are you handling SSL? Logs? @underagekatz @DR0girl Skrillx'd @isntitvacant The one that I'm finding particularly interesting is the folks running pm2 to cluster INSIDE of a Paa… @isntitvacant My gut feel is that most folks who have the skills / knowledge to properly manage a VM with upstart /… @isntitvacant I personally think the stack you are suggesting for process management is much better suited when man… @underagekatz @DR0girl My parents don't really do "music"... but my dad did introduce me to "johnny b. goode" in ki… @tinysubversions @vnglst Although I do wonder if there were some simple scripts to simplify deployment via systemd… @tinysubversions @vnglst I guess I would imagine that PaaS would have an advantage for managing SSL and Logs... S… @tinysubversions @vnglst So this is an example of where I would imagine a scale to 0 service like app engine or clo… @underagekatz @DR0girl I was ten and the oldest son of a pair of lovable normies. I never stood a chance. @DR0girl I wanna see Jerry too 💔 @brianleroux @jaredpalmer You know I'm a fan of functions as a model for compute, although I do think that not ever… @DR0girl It was super cool that they were billed as "The Grateful Dead" for fare thee well. I wonder if that will e… @jaredpalmer ok I'd love to dig into one of those use cases. Why would you need to cluster / restart on a PaaS? Sh… @IAmKale lolno @jaredpalmer Is there a reason you prefer to handle clustering in the application itself rather than relying on a tool like k8s? @kaptenadhoc Do you manage SSL? What about logging? Keeping the OS up to date? @kranirudha As a GitHub employee (subsidiary of MS) I would suggest App Service. As a former Google employee I cou… @dandigangi I support pokepuns @rowemore I blew the dust off some of my gear for a bit, but haven't played much music lately. I should do that. @dandigangi big fan of nodemon for development... I guess you could use pm2 for that too but would seem like overkillDo you still use pm2? Why would you use it instead of adopting a PAAS? @martinwoodward @bdougieYO Would you like a lemon from my subtree? @martinwoodward @bdougieYO I've sold monorepos to Brockway, Ogdenville, and North Haverbrook, and, by gum, it put t…
@zzbenz LizardsInstead of Dua Repo, make it a monorepo 🎤⬇️
Retweeted by sMyle @yburyug Get your own room at a casino in vegas and take the extra cash to the black jack table and see if you can… @yburyug Try and make it to Tahoe... absolutely amazing town to hit up shows in (and I can intro you to some cool folks living out there). @ErinIshimoticha I'm more than 30 years older and still fuck up toast 🤣 @ErinIshimoticha I assume you are talking about your child but it is much more endearing to imagine you are talking…
Once proper IPv6 support is rolled out with the dishy I'm genuinely terrified about having to hand roll the firewal…'ve generally been extremely impressed with my unifi setup but omg does it ramp from 0-60 when something doesn't w…
As the list of #SARSVoV2 variants of interest/concern grows, so does the evidence that we have vaccines that protec…
Retweeted by sMyleTrans Rights are Human Rights!
@LetMyPeopleCode @paramountplus Watching on a different service as not in us @aeflash @jhutchings0 I feel like TOS may worm out if we were to watch more than the first 2 episodes Really diggi… @aeflash @jhutchings0 Hero! @jhutchings0 Gtk. I'm wanting to know about the Terran empire 😇Finally watching discovery and really enjoying it. Wondering if we need to watch TOS and Enterprise to really get the most out of it.
Just had the first bit of tinnitus in a while and it dawned on me that this is the longest my ears have gone withou… @goorpy Why of course
@RaptorBag Can't wait to get cali's with you when things calm down @chigi22 we've been putting umami powder in our recently 🤤 @fharper great in a caesar (which I shall make tomorrow am)pickled green beans are delicious and I like eating them. @b0neskull @franzanth @thegrugq thank you
Listening to "Slow Ready" from Goose on 2019/07/11 Super deep jam stops and band says "Get the fuck out of here if…'ve been playing a super trashy fremium mobile game and am about to betray my clan and I feel so highschool rn @sramji @alexwilliams The Ghost of Tonkotsu @mikesherov But you could have spent weeks planning the wrong thing to build first!`gzip` is short for “good zip” and `bzip` means “bad zip” i will take no questions at this time
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@amcasari @juliaferraioli @willnorris @catallman @cdibona @gauntface @WhyHiAnnabelle I miss you both ❤️Hear from @Cianomaidin, #OpenJSWorld21 keynote speaker, talk about open source's role on the COVID-19 response and…
Retweeted by sMyle[ON] Hey Ontario! We know you have a lot of questions about this 18+ hotspot thing tomorrow at 8AM. We've put toget…
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@DivineOps Reusable non-stick baking mat @ArrowoodTech Let me know how I can help when it's time to kick off that discussion @ArrowoodTech Do you think there is a path to shipping undici, and in turn undici-fetch, in node core? @InterLNK He was such an incredible talent @francesc Are you basqueing in the glory? @BeeRich99 There are great people everywhere in the world, awful ones too. At the very least I hope to commiserate… @BeeRich99 I now realize I said but and not bit... And now I'm smiling for the first time in a couple hours thinkin…'s late night mood is reading comics and listening to Elliott Smith. @BeeRich99 I naively hope that this global shared trauma brings us all closer... But I'm also a but too jaded to t… admire all of you who are holding it together these days. Oof.I'm so exhausted. @adam_baldwin @uglypackets @snyff Dank
@bradmiro looks like over 1/3 now. WildToday, Node.js 10 is going EOL. Please be sure you're using Node.js v12.x or above in your production applications. We recommend v14.x LTS.
Retweeted by sMyle @_alex_strand 3 years to be exactHappy Node.js 10 EOL Day!!! is I am not a real boy Slayer Volume 1 is available for free on a bunch of ebook platforms. Like manga? Feeling curious? Highly sug…
#BREAKING - Health Minister Elliott announces the province will expand vaccine age eligibility in the coming weeks.…
Retweeted by sMyle @laurieontech Big Brain: second keyboard with silent switches for extra secret typing as coworkers expect to hear the click @indexzero @trott @nodejs and most died of dysentery @trott @nodejs It was a fucking journey but we did it!
@bengl My crema distributor / tamper combo is showing up today or tomorrow 🤣I need a barista simulator