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Myon @MyonMuzik Szeged, Hungary

Billboard Chart Topper Producer, Songwriter, Dj, Record label owner. Bookings (Worldwide):

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@MyonMuzik Let’s goooo!! I mean there’s a ton of layering and post processing but peep this from your Sylenth pack!!
Retweeted by Myon @wefeelelated December!🥳🥳🥳
@djdavidwest @Anjunadeep Welcome back sir!🥳
@MyonMuzik It was a lit Friday #GCFAM 🔥🎶🛳
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@marcusschossow @DJAndyMoor 167% wud bang @DJAndyMoor @marcusschossow I was a sexi batch in 2006. No lies there!🤣🤣🤣Why arenchu here? live on the @GrooveCruise Twitch channel in a few minutes! live on the Groove Cruise Twitch channel in a few minutes! @GrooveCruise
Join us this Friday to start the weekend off right 🍹🛳✨
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#GCFAM! I'm excited to announce I'm dropping anchor on @GrooveCruise Cabin Fever this Friday! Meet me on… @DJSteveAdrian It was me. 😅I do all my mastering and mixing. It only has a limiter on the output tho. The mixing is the key actually @ErikP0711 @realDonaldTrump I suppose you hate the nazis, right? Does it matter you aren’t jewish or live in german… @ErikP0711 @realDonaldTrump First of all: I have been paying taxes there from my entire music career & touring for…
@realDonaldTrump Nope
@realDonaldTrump Get the fck out😘
@eduardo_doom Yes BUT most of the reverb HW units are also digital. @MyonMuzik need you to make Arizona a priority when this shit ends 🔥 #Anjunabeats
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@heyzmsc That is what I am using for a while now! It is absolutely amazing. And half price of the macbook pro versi… @heyzmsc Go Mac mini! 🥳 cheaper and better
@djoliversmith Thats what i was thinking about. I really dunno. Its just always sounding so solid in the mix. I kno… do hardware reverbs always sound so much better?Caption this! 📷: @vas.andras @ Szeged watching Designated Survivor on Netflix before bed. Is it a good show? At the first episode and I like it so far @Anjuna_ale What festivals? 💁🏻‍♂️10 steps closer to finish Tales vol 2! It has been intense in the studio but I love it. 2021! Here we come to fuck u up! :p
New 30 days lockdown starts tomorrow.Something is about to be announced this coming week... Any guesses? @ Szeged the American people—no matter who you voted for—I will strive to be a Vice President like @JoeBiden was to Presi…
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@louisdlcr59 @RoJoyous @gangomusic You hypocrite. Your god damn bio is about exclusion. 🤣 gtfo @louisdlcr59 @RoJoyous @gangomusic You two tamboys came at me after me making a valid damn point about his bullshit… @djlucasthang @louisdlcr59 @gangomusic @RoJoyous Yeah? You should ask around bout that. Also: blocked @TrivectaMusic To be fair that is a Whitney classic... and that was the worst version of it lol @louisdlcr59 @gangomusic @RoJoyous Thinking* @louisdlcr59 @gangomusic @RoJoyous Technically speaking... Guetta is actually closer to be a boomer. Thining you a… @louisdlcr59 @gangomusic @RoJoyous Who me? @gangomusic @RoJoyous No one has seen him making any music in his life🤣, im here. just wanted to drop in quickly and THANK YOU AMERICA for voting in positive change. A lot of us up…
Retweeted by Myon @AlexanderDark_ @Carpboy823 U literally attached me for saying lets stop the hate you moron. Gtfo out w that bs u c… @AlexanderDark_ @Carpboy823 You are the proof why we needed the change.And the last tweet today: U can vote for anyone. I won’t hate ya or send u angry messages. But it’s insane the amou… @NocturnalShrley AccurateTonight I am going to bed with a smile on my face. @jacktradesoffic Amen!!! I win. By a lot @xCeeZee9x If u on it. Its cool. If not then nothing happens. @davedresden Friends of friends and ghost producers of the other fake names. @RoJoyous Hope u had fun flexing to all your 14 followers.
Imagine getting the covid and then getting unemployed. Welcome to 2020 donald!Hey! Whoever u r: Stop trying to hack my account. Spanks @slradanbirisi U are?❤️ @realDonaldTrump See ya wont miss ya @m3galuv Maybe soon👀The real DJ Mag this year are the artists who took to Twitch when the pandemic struck.
Retweeted by MyonI am suspiciously too active on Twitter... I need to stop.It’s a fraud! I win the DJ MAG list by a lot! This is an absolute disgrace for the DJ community! #fakenews @paulstrive Nothing will give u gigs rn. Maybe just enjoy memes meantime!🤪 @davedresden To be fair we aren’t streaming for popularity contest awards anyways. Amirite?❤️ @davedresden Dj mag don’t seem to care. I had 2 million people watching me in the first 15 h of the 24 set. But the… agree! My favourites @davedresden @JeromeIsmaAe @IndecentNoise @PAULVANDYK @MyonMuzik @BenGoldMusic
Retweeted by Myon TV show called USA has ended with a really good season finale! Excited for the new season! @gangomusic @oliviamunn Amikor mar nem lehetnel szerelmesebb Oliviaba :D @WhitneyCummings It turns out that female orgasm is not a myth afterall! 🥳🤪Ohhhh so this is what an orgasm feels like
Retweeted by Myon @ShirohMusic Ughhhh @ShirohMusic Really? :( I am so sorry to hear that! 😭 @davedresden This guy is even following me. Jesus. Who is this dude? LolLook what you support. And nobody cheated. We all voted by mail because we don’t want covid. We wear masks and resp…
Retweeted by MyonHuge congratulations to the US&A for choosing love over hate. Jakshamas!!!! @steph3chen I believe in things and i think those are more important than public image. Being on a liberal side is… let’s stop hating and talking about the last guy and start focusing how we can recover from the damages and wor… gives me hope! @Anjuna_ale Leave me some! I’ll be there soon with a bottle of vodkaNow someone please save Hungary from our government too! We are on total dictatorship now. 💀Now we can start focusing on more love and not hate and exclusion that this guy brought into our lives. And also...… change is happening now! @CfcSheikh @realDonaldTrump Wow. Your Christmas is really more important that lives? Sorry your holiday plan is rui… 2020 isn’t that bad afterall. @Darudevil Hahahahahaha!!!!Is cereal OK as a dinner? @chadkbh I get sick from eggs lolIs hamburger for breakfast OK? @swdshmtbll I havent seen u on instagram and twitch for a long time. Was wondering what is going on w u! ❤️
@Jake_Sangren @Darudevil Exactly. It is a statement of: We are big boys and we can harass musicians on the internet… @Darudevil I knew u could relate to this shit!❤️ @MyonMuzik “It’s clear your career’s over because you have time to respond on social media to regular people, LOL,…
Retweeted by Myon @MyonMuzik ”Darude played different versions of Sandstorm the whole set at Club XYZ!” - No, I didn’t and I have a t…
Retweeted by Myon @iamMaxReiter @davedresden Appreciate it man!❤️ @davedresden @Jake_Sangren thank you! <3 @davedresden @Jake_Sangren I am not sure if those people harassing are actually fans or ex fans. They are kinda jus… @JeffCerullo I put those on my patreon! :) when rona is over we are all gonna party together for years and years! @davedresden You know since its all on reddit i was thinking a lot about it. I get what you said but they also need… Harassing artists and then say they should just ignore it and act professional is the equivalent of cat callin… @iLivWitNoRegret They aren’t haters. They are just people that feel like they have a right to give you shit for pri… @Cudvig Good. 🥳 Now they can be munching on something that is absolutely no one else’s business to start with. @swdshmtbll u good? :) @marcusschossow So many morons @GoodreauIke @marcusschossow Lmao. K