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If you are online shopping right now, and stuck for ideas, might I suggest hitting the @ and the “from108” keys in…
Retweeted by My Illini Winter 🏀Ol Dirty Bastard selling washing machines. What a time to be alive.
@kimcheesal @MrDelicious13 Hope you had a great Turkey Day asshole! @MrDelicious13 Not sure I have ever written an article either... @SportsTalkRyno Always funny. @thebennettk I mean, I saw the halftime score, so I was trying to be a little funny. @thebennettk Me and the wife have been watching other stuff.Haven't been watching the #BearsvsPackers game. Bears looking good or what?Me too. Unless you make your bets with @PointsBetUSA and use the code 108ING when you sign up. Then I am VERY inter…
So....3 108 #BlackFriday Cup orders left to ship. 4 cups left. Yep. My high ass forgot to include a cup. Contact… my inner ⁦@MySoxSummer⁩ at work this morning. #SoChoice
Retweeted by My Illini Winter 🏀Started the @fromthe108 #BlackFriday shipping. Had a micro dose mint and it's kicking in. If your order is wrong.… remember waiting in line for a Sox garage sale and him pulling up and asking where he should park. He had Minnie9… one... Cc: @MrDelicious13 & @JeffPassan @D_Goldberg312 See. You know your stuff. If you like stouts. Give the regular one a try. @Mookie1119 @NWI_Steve Oooooooo...extended mix! @jsram311 @GooseIsland @fromthe108 @SamDavisJr5000 Only what ya see... @HurriKayne26 @GooseIsland @fromthe108 Gonna have that next... @D_Goldberg312 The regular is good. Just had the #4. It's amazing. @Ogie86022994 100% used to be. Still is with Prop. That's the hard to get one. Now they make enough for most everyone to get a few variants.My review continued.... In conclusion, I'd be 100% ok with this being the official winter beer of @fromthe108 .…
@kdgg09 @MrDelicious13 @GooseIsland @fromthe108 I ain't going anywhere after this sir. Who the fuck you think I a… review on @GooseIsland 's Bourbon County Brand Special #4 Stout. Boozy smell. Nice dark caramel color. Not too… @kdgg09 @MrDelicious13 @GooseIsland @fromthe108 We are celebrating 7 years tonight with a front room picnic with th… just for @Aussiesoxfan .... "If you like stouts aged in bourbon barrels with coffee and maple syrup, you'll… @TapCityBaby @GooseIsland @fromthe108 myyyyyyyyy.....#108ing we fucking go folks.... beautiful...#108ing @cfunkadelic84 BINGO!Wife went to Whole Foods today..... TEN PARLAY IS LIVE!!! Yes, Alabama is in here, I couldn't pass up a chance to bet on a team that has a coach r…
Retweeted by My Illini Winter 🏀I decorated....'s a GREAT DAY to deposit at Pointsbet (using the promo code below), get $250 free when you deposit $250 and b…
Retweeted by My Illini Winter 🏀 @KenWo4LiFe They were shooting by the post office on Wed. @BigSexxy_75 @punkyspizza Girls didn't get a vote tonight. @Mookie1119 @NWI_Steve Loves pilgrims, hates festivus.... down on a little @punkyspizza...#108ing
G-ELITE-O 🔥RETWEET for a chance to win an autographed Lucas Giolito jersey. No purch. nec. Enter by 11:59 p.m. CT…
Retweeted by My Illini Winter 🏀Bring it! win is a win..#IlliniNation @chorizy @GooseIsland @fromthe108 Dropping off 10 boxes of @fromthe108 merch at your place in the next hour.... @JamesFox917 @theresa_fox4 Congrats!Beautiful. @chorizy @GooseIsland @fromthe108 NICE. You drink that prop without me, we're no longer friends. @sam_mendelson Yup. That's age...Gonna find out how good this #Illini team is now....#MakeAdjustments @SoxUnprotected INI! Gonna be 3-0 soon enough.. @buehrlecat @GooseIsland I ain't worried man. I just hit local spots that I figured maybe would have it. Anyways, I was in the area.Haven't found any BCBS from our buds at @GooseIsland yet.... But have found tons of this. @stevekniss @Mimelife1 @MrDelicious13 I try to limit exposure to new shows...but fuck it. @MrDelicious13 @Mimelife1 They haven't watched it in like 9 months! Maybe more. We're a Peppa Pig / Barbie house now.Sexy gear for the whole family... much nostalgia, so much terribleness, come join us with this DRAFT
Retweeted by My Illini Winter 🏀
@Mookie1119 @NWI_Steve I mean, the similarity is uncanny...The family Zoom calls have begun...#HappyThanksgiving2020 @NWI_Steve @Mookie1119 Who wore it better? were the final results @deb922? 😀 Fixed your sign. #HappyThanksgiving @_dbrown_23 @MrDelicious13 You right about that. You at the game today? @ltaylor_22 69.. @MrDelicious13 You've seen them plenty... @buehrlecat I'll box some up and toss them to ya on a slow roll... can't even front on my appetizer game....#Thanksgiving @SoxofWhite I promise to try to try. @SoxofWhite @moderndaygrswld @MrDelicious13 @chorizy @fromthe108 @grayeyesdontlie How do you really feel? HaWe Bet Loins on Thanksgiving because this is AMERICA!!! Sign up at Pointsbet..PROMO CODE: 108ing…
Retweeted by My Illini Winter 🏀 @MrDelicious13 @bdfonseca16 I'll take.... Mid 90's Jenna Jameson Gianna Michaels Siri @_AlohaMrHand @msox12 After some reading, it's not about Alanis, just her music. @AlexeiPetrova @TheKeeleyShow Bringing it all back... @KindaBleu Me too! The wife went from "I love this.." to "This is creepy.." in record time.And now a #SavedByTheBell reboot? the #MacysDayParade with the family. In passing they say "New Broadway show Jagged Little Pill..." I was l… @TheInfamousMarv You're right. The fake wood grain table is too much. Miss you Marv. And your sidekick @Unklegrmpy 2020 was a turkey....#HappyThanksgiving2020 @KenWo4LiFe @SSideQuimby @kimcheesal Yeah there was a limit. Unless it was a permanent subbing position. @SSideQuimby @kimcheesal I think it was like $50 a day in 2000. In 2010 it was up to $75 and once you hit 10 days it went up to $100. @baby_nashville @CoveysBurner @MrDelicious13 @baby_nashville @CoveysBurner @MrDelicious13 You can't get rid of him.... @SavesTuesday @SavesTuesday This doesn't shock me....
@ChuckNaso It was a fun game to watch. Great warm up. @JoeyDoughnuts_ @MrDelicious13 @chorizy @WasteOfMind00 @SouthSideBardo @ChiSoxFanJimmy At 1st? You have Abreu, Grandal, Collins and Vaughn. They won't, bu… @WasteOfMind00 @SouthSideBardo @ChiSoxFanJimmy Gotcha. I would be surprised as I don't see him playing anything but… @WasteOfMind00 @SouthSideBardo @ChiSoxFanJimmy I think it's an incredible long shot he joins this team anytime soon… @NWI_Steve @kimcheesal I might have some experience in this area. @WasteOfMind00 @SouthSideBardo @ChiSoxFanJimmy Based on what info or tape gives you the impression Jake Burger will… @deb922 Oh Debbie....I mean, this shouldn't even be close. of #WhiteSox bobbleheads for $1,000 Alex.... @kimcheesal @fromthe108 Shocking I know. I submitted my name, no calls. My dad talked to the superintendent, I work…, as the #Illini #Basketball is starting up today, just a reminder that #BrucePearl is fucking trash. He was… @WasteOfMind00 @SouthSideBardo @ChiSoxFanJimmy Again...based on what? @ChiSoxFanJimmy Based on what exactly?Oh damn...#RIPIP #LouDo @kim_nowakowski @soxmachine_josh @KRamos25