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MYSTIC7 @MYSTIC7 Los Angeles, CA

Self-proclaimed Leader of Team Mystic | Modernizing Mental Health @willowcommunity | Yes people still play Pokémon GO 🌍

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SHINY RIOLU REDEPTION😈🌟 @ItsFleeceKing absolute MONSTER! @hquiroa2111 @tgang_29 nahh the dude was trying to belittle me because I never went to college, and my point was th… @lemedina88 @tgang_29 Asshole reply for an asshole comment? I agree - our education systems are somewhat beginning… @hquiroa2111 @tgang_29 The point flew right passed you my friend Those people didn't get into those professions for money, neither did I. @ana_perezz5 @tgang_29 I do believe the no college route works well for a minority of individual people, but not fo… so looking like this is YouTube-wide which means: If you're a content creator big or small making money off the… @tgang_29 I make more than my professors would so @vincey1991 No stress my friend! This is another thing I've been anticipating, and it's totally understandable. Hop… @YouTubeBrock More people are watching tho so that's good for growth! Great time to get back into it. Grow that aud… @ShaneMichaelSm4 Nah I think advertisers are putting less into marketing due to COVID and massive drops in sales @aDrive_tK @Patterrz @OMGitsAliA Well lads we've been recession-bound for a while now, and COVID was the straw that… @Casey Going for our first pasta dinner takeout date tonight... safe to say I'm quaking with excitement @AndrewYang and Clean Up Your Room👍 @OMGitsAliA Is that a Q2 thing? Figured after the first 3 dead zone months of the year it was only upMy fellow YouTube friends - I'm seeing an 11% increase in views and 18% increase in watch time, but a 12% decrea… is LITI HAVE NO WORDA EXCEPT I LOVE YAL💙
WE JUST HIT 900 SUBS WHAT IS HAPPENING🤯🤯🤯 HUGE shoutout to the homies @ShaneMichaelSm4 and BoneyToney @briannekimmel The COVID situation is fueling that fire at a wild rate @_ZoeTwoDots AY HAPPY BDAY TO YOU!!!🍾Those who got Shiny Sudowoodo and were tracking encounters, how many did it take for you?Found an artistic depiction of the spawns of this April Fools event! @Glacenair @copitlikeitzhot Some people don’t have friends. Some people don’t have family. Some people never get to… @tyleroakley Emotionally loaded words prime our minds on how to think and feel about a situation, so using a positive perspective is KEY!My FIRST EVER Main Series Pokémon Experience! Time to dive into Pokémon Sword⚔️ #PokemonSwordShield
Retweeted by MYSTIC7This meme hits different @RaZziYoutuber well my old work schedule had me at 2-4hrs of sleep per night.. one step at a time lol @DisneyGamer_ @MaryJ022927 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!🍾 @copitlikeitzhot There's many sacrifices for success. Think of things like time with friends/family as a luxury. Ap… @TravisWarfield3 💙So I'm back on my 12-16hr workday grind but doing things a bit differently this time so I don't burn out again: -… SHINY SUDOWOODO TODAY... spawns lowkey suck:( WHAT WE DID GET was over 750 subs on twitch, another gym badge in…
THIS IS NOT AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE🤯 I'M LITERALLY SO EXCITED FOR THIS EVENT U HAVE NO IDEA... GOOD LUCK HAVE FUN EVERY… @DisneyGamer_ Lmao not yet but I'M NOT SLEEPING UNTIL I GET ITToday is the best day of my life. @trnrtips @tyleroakley @garfep Am I the only one without this shiny🤣 I'LL TAKE EM ALL!!! @garfep You absolute unit literally name ur priceCRAZY to think by this time tomorrow night I'll have a Shiny Sudowoodo after YEARS of waiting🤩
@PokemonGoApp if this is an April fools joke I'm uninstallingSHINY SUDOWOODO CAN BE IN THE WILD THIS IS THE GREATEST DAY OF MY LIFE🌟 JUST BROKE 500 SUBS ON TWITCH WHAT IS GOING ON I LOVE YAL💙LITERALLY WHAT IS GOING ON THIS STREAM✨🤯✨🤯 HAPPENED NO WAAAYYY✨🤯'RE LIVE ON SOME SWORD BABY LETS GET THIS🔥 have our FIRST stream highlight video LIVE!🔥 Will be posting these videos on the @MYSTIC7Plays twitter from now…ÉMON GO IS CHANGING... what does this mean for the future of the game?🤔 #PokémonGO update live! We got - Loading screen - Today View SUDOWOODO I SEE U FAM🤝 to help out my small business please! ***Attention parents, if you’re interested in enrolling your student in on…
Retweeted by MYSTIC7I can't wait to wake up and stream
THIS IS MY BIGGEST FAIL YET OMG... Today picking up some NEW Pokémon, SHINIES, and a massive L! Join the streams to… @johnhanke Great moves 💯Some MASSIVE changes coming to Pokémon GO!👀 @theweeknd Ay let me know if you're tryna get some shiny pokemonAfter 8 straight hours of Pokémon Sword we have... - 1 new PGO shiny - First real gym leader defeated - 400 subs on… SUBS LITERALLY WHAT IS HAPPENING huge shoutout to Dragonmaster and Doleo for that final push🔥🔥🔥 no words.
FIRST EVER MAIN SERIES POKÉMON JOURNEY BEGINS! @CallForCongress @tyleroakley Ok so question - Marxist socialism ended in the murder of literally over 100M (spec… @TmarTn Nice to see another tarantulapreneur SHOUTOUT @DisneyGamer_ for the amazing stream layout graphics🔥
I am now a professional streamer✅ ZONE QUARANTINE✨ Super interesting playing a Safari Zone from home.. WENT AMAZINGLY! New shinies, new Pokémo… @ReadySetToast Depends on what you want to do, which will dictate how you run each platform. If you want to be a s… @trnrtips 🍾🍾🍾 @ReadySetToast I think the same rules apply for growing an audience on Twitch, but yes my pre-existing audience is… @PokemonGoApp GG my W/L ratioWhat I've learned about growing a Twitch channel so far: - Play games you like / that are trending - Stream as con… @FaceOfBoaz Source? Energy depletion due to anxiety is true as is “ego depletion”, but I’ve never heard of the tra… @PowerGPUcom Would definitely love to add to the business! DM?What an amazing day. @PokemonGoApp Slight work @duckybtw @NZXT @PowerGPUcom Ducky out here saving my stream career one aspect at a timeAlright jk I need a PC... Yo @NZXT SOS
So my incense just reset... anyone else?🧐STREAMS ABOUTA BE PROFESSIONAL AF FINALLY🔥 MIND CURRENTLY = 🤯 @TheKruseShipYT That they are shiny day today for PGO😈✨Thank you to everyone showing constant love in the streams! Means so much yal💙 No stream/video tomorrow. SATURDAY… @DisneyGamer_ That bonsly😍
ALSO NEW EMOTE HYPE! Shoutout @DisneyGamer_ just waiting for that @FaZeClan / @100Thieves recruitment email FOOD IS BACK IN STORES LET'S GOO! all my twitch people - how do you stream for hours a day and not ruin your back/joints?My Strange Addiction: Animal Crossing edition WORK
@SUKnives if we're being honest @robykenobi oh u right lmao during streamQuarantine tip: make a schedule! Made one today to help keep my days organized and productive while helping allevi… enjoying this whole twitch thing @pokimanelol Appreciate the insight Professor🤝LET'S GO BABY BIG CATCHES ONLY
NEW FEATURE INBOUND! Pokémon GO is doing the most to try to keep this game playable and enjoyable, honestly loving… @Carl_Duffy1999 dope it will happen this week! Also working on repurposing the second channel ( for stream highlights💯 @DopeWik17 @Patterrz not yet🤦‍♂️