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Self-proclaimed Leader of Team Mystic | Modernizing Mental Health @willowcommunity | Yes people still play Pokémon GO 🌍

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@NikkieTutorials Sending love your way💙HOPE YOU ALL HAD AN AWESOME COMMUNITY DAY!✨ Also... Pokémon out here trending again😏
@timthetatman any shinies today? @Ninja I GOT U FAM + raids for milleniaMY GREATEST DAY OF POKÉMON GO ✨SHINY Deoxys ✨SHINY Staryu ✨SHINY GIBLE 💯HUNDO Rayquaza 💯HUNDO Deoxys & THERE'S MOR… I caught ALL THIS during today's stream... WHAT A DAY🤯💯 LOOOOOOOL I PULLED PHILLY I'M DECEASED☠️ AM THE KING OF SHINY POKEMON✨ WHAT IS HAPPENING TODAY🤯
SHINY DEOXYS DAY 1 LET'S GOOOO✨ WEEK IS HERE AND WE ARE LIVE RAIDING🌟 $1,000 ON POKÉMON GO... My account actually got locked from buying coins LOL! ALSO BIG SHINY HYPE TODAY✨… JUST HATCHED IT YAL OMFG TODAY'S LUCK TURNED AROUND QUICK🤩IT🤯 FINALLY🤯 HAPPENED🤯 @NianticHelp Thank you for listening to feedback!💪 @AASuicidology The unbiased and honest attempt to understand the complexities of modern human life and society and… SO power in my apartment will apparently be turned off until around 5pm... ..which means I can't charge my devi… @MYSTIC7
Retweeted by MYSTIC7In today's video today: ✨Shiny Deoxys ✨Shiny Unown ✨Shiny Staryu LET'S GET IT! @Swiftor B R U H😍 @TheKruseShipYT I GOT U BROTHA✨
@CeddyLG @GFuelEnergy 💪💪💪AY SHOUTOUT @GFuelEnergy FOR THE CARE PACKAGE💯 FULL DAY OF RAYQUAZA! Good luck everyone🌟 @NICKMERCS Hate on success and it will hate on you🤷‍♂️ If you spend all your time focusing on tearing down the acc…’s 2 ways to look at somebody else’s success. Either we get jealous, or we get fuckin’ motivated baby. Had to…
Retweeted by MYSTIC7 @guapdad4000 @JTGily AY LET'S GO YA LOVE TO SEE IT✨🔥
SHINY RAYQUAZA DURING SEASON 5 WARZONE LET'S GOOOO✨✨RT FOR SHINY RAYQUAZA LUCK✨ @duckybtw @GFuelEnergy yo thank you brotha! Looking good with that checkmark btw😍 @MYSTIC7
Retweeted by MYSTIC7 @MasroorSyed10 @GFuelEnergy @KingKryptix Breh idk who that is but I know Chef Boyardee🤷‍♂️ @NoahJ456 A 98% shiny Rayquaza might be the most bittersweet thing I've ever seenShiny haul over the past 2 days has been WILD🌟 @FLWvideos these are the things you love to see THIS TO GET MORE SHINIES IN POKEMON GO✨ Today I got 4 SHINY RAYQUAZA in 1 day with a NEW shiny Pokémon strategy…
⚡️ MYSTIC7 x G FUEL ⚡️ Can't catch em all if you don't have the energy. Use code MYSTIC7 at checkout for 30% off!… @timthetatman @Frozone I see we're having a splendid Tuesday @TmarTn bruh this is so dope wtf👀🤔👀😍OMG @MYSTIC7 GETS A GIRLFRIEND!! Their first date was a disaster, how did he turn things around?? Find out: 👉…
Retweeted by MYSTIC7👀 HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT TODAY 👀I disagree with my friends’ politics quite often - still my friends. 👍
Retweeted by MYSTIC7
MY FIRST SHINY OF DRAGON WEEK IS... Dragon Week is here and FULL of amazing potential shiny Pokémon! How has your… @Nadeshot Happy bday you absolute legend🍾 def tryna be where you're at by 28!The Santa Monica Pier is OPEN! MORNING EVERYONE let's have an AMAZING, PRODUCTIVE, and FUN week💪 @chamath What’s a guy gotta do to create the first vlog on this aircraft 👀 @DisneyGamer_ L O L ya don’t edit/watch my vids on an empty stomach😂 @GusBorrayo Agreed but unfortunately not that simple ESPECIALLY in the US - lot of strong opinions here lol @GusBorrayo Extreme times cause extreme perspectives from all sides of the political spectrum🤷‍♂️
It's so dope to me that I get to live through the most technologically incredible time in human history. SPACE YAL… take some time to do something that brings you joy! Too many people spend too much time dwelling on things t… you know you know @scump SpongeBob The Movie is a requirement to be seen by 70% of jobsHappy national girlfriends day @laulauhiggs ❤️ @Ninja Also many countries experiencing a large spike in cases atm which is (unfortunately) not just a US issue
The home run theory of careers: What matters is eventually hitting a home run, and the way to do that is training…
Retweeted by MYSTIC7Pokémon GO Fest ROUND 2🔥 Did you attend Pokémon GO Fest 2020 and not get all the shinies you wanted? WELL HERE'S YO… was an incredible social media experiment that I look forward to seeing redone properly! Make sure to suppo…
Preparing for Magikarp community day @JessicaBlevins Hope you two had an awesome event!✨
Hey you Have an awesome day today💯Now that GO Fest is over... what do we do now? #PokémonGO THIS IS AMAZING!
@trnrtips 😉 @DisneyGamer_ LOL honesty not a bad idea🤔in case anybody was wondering THE SAUCE CAME OUT FIRE! MYSTIC7 confirmed authentic Italian🇮🇹
@theSupremeRk9s @RickyPDillon It’s just so blue😩😍 @RickyPDillon @theSupremeRk9s Not in me house m8 @RickyPDillon U LOVE TO SEE IT✨ @theSupremeRk9s @RickyPDillon Would a shiny Gible via text message be a possibility 🧐HERE'S WHAT WE UNLOCKED AT POKÉMON GO FEST 2020👀 Although GO Fest is over, the HYPE IS NOT! Get ready for 3 weeks… @RickyPDillon yo how was your weekend haul?? @PokemonGoApp So like I have a lot of these but I'm kinda down for more of the Shiny That Smiles Back🤷‍♂️SHINY MAGIKARP COMMUNITY DAY UP NEXT✨'s Tuesday the 28th and I still don't have shiny Gible. Sad times my friends
@TmarTn Ay really appreciate that brotha💪 @AlolanBunny AMAZING job to you and the team! Yal did so incredible and deserve praise and a week off lol we appreciate you💙POKÉMON GO FEST WAS INCREDIBLE! SHADOW Mewtwo😈 Victini🔥 NEW Shiny Pokémon✨ WHAT A DAY! #PokemonGOFest2020 my Pokémon GO Fest 2020 video now! Came out to a WHOPPING 37 minutes so grab your popcorn🍿 Huge thank yo… @TmarTn will trade for a shiny pokemon of your choice @elonmusk As a democratic-leaning classic liberal and moderate I agreeThank you to the millions Trainers who joined us for #PokemonGOFest2020! We’re delighted to say that based on the t…
Retweeted by MYSTIC7Pokémon GO Fest 2020 was the GREATEST in-game event we've ever had EVER🔥 Other than some server issues and low shi…'S A WRAP YAL! WHAT AN AMAZING EVENT🌟 #PokemonGOFest2020
bruhhhh #PokemonGOFest2020
Retweeted by MYSTIC7POKÉMON GO FEST DAY 1 + DAY 2 INFORMATION🔥 Day one went WELL... hoping for a shinier day 2! Speaking of... DAY 2 IS…✨RT for DAY 2 SHINY LUCK✨Finally back up in the Bay Area! THANK YOU ALL FOR A RECORD BREAKING STREAM! GO FEST HYPE💙
3 YEARS AFTER CATCHING MY FIRST ONE AT GO FEST 2017 WE FINALLY GET THE SHINY🤩,000 VIEWERS FOR THE FIRST TIME + SHINY ON SCREEN HYPE!✨'ll be LIVE on twitch for Pokémon GO Fest 2020 in a little over 1 hour! (9:45am PST)HERE'S WHAT TO EXPECT AT POKÉMON GO FEST 2020! There are SO MANY great spawns AND new Shiny Pokémon to look forward… MORNING AND GOOD LUCK GO FESTERS! LET'S HAVE AN EPIC EVENT🤩✨💪POKEMON GO IS ALIVE AND WELL BABY🔥 @Drift0r there's not much going on right now to like other than the potential of aliens unfortunately lol @Drift0r So I think what the issue was is that the Antifa/Anti-American ideologists would get names/badge numbers a… @LabibYasir but Marx saiiddd