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Dude mogul money live is fucking amazing. I’m so happy when I get to spend time with my friends ^-^
the boys
Retweeted by Myth @TTenal U know I ain’t gonna let that slide….The OTV party was a real splash. 💦
@TheWillNeff holy fucking shit... I need to watch this.
@DrLupo @MrsDrLupo @AliciaR84184569 Appreciate u @bbitchbekah Thanks for understanding ^-^ @Class @hasanthehunHey yall, just wanted to let ya know that I'm gonna be taking a break from streaming for a little. Hope that's okay! See you soon.Fortnite Is ForeverRoad to Immortal w/ @Symfuhny @Nadeshot Facts
super low effort going live tweet by yours truly @brodinplett lets make a movie @mayahiga yes @knewthangs @chipolones @jenotorii @JhbTeam @mayahiga 😘 @JhbTeam @mayahiga I know jhb didn’t just take a shot at a version of me that don’t exist. I’ll cook ur ass boi. @brookeab hes coming... @YaOnlyLivvOnce They aren't ready... @TTenal @SilentMrDave ^^^ I agree with this the games begin 🏆 ⏰: Tomorrow, 7p ET/4p PT
Retweeted by Myth
BRAND NEW SHOW PREMIERES TODAY 🏝👑 #IslandOfRiches Ft. @andymilonakis @CrazySlick_ @cyr @Erobb221 @mayahiga
Retweeted by Myth @NICKMERCS LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL I’m live bitch @mayahiga Look familiar? @mayahiga You know what’s funny I probably know exactly how I was crawlingWhy is this what I have to wake up to? @mayahiga
@itsraechill Dear sponsor I’d like to formally apologize but I did try backing out of telling my story regarding ho…
getting real sussy this sunday @_Ambish Lemme know if u need a camera man @_Ambish Big dub bossman @RedFoxS3 ExactlyThe skye flash tech that pros don’t want you to know 🤫
Valorant then @LudwigAhgren FALL GUYS TOURNAMENT AT 2PM PST w @Valkyrae @Sykkuno @fuslie WOOOOOO @imaSpaceboy If you havent worked out regularly for some time you WILL be tired after the gym for 1-2 weeks. After… @slime_machine I wanna boop him @Subroza @ProdCM_ Sub mfing roza
250+ mass shootings in the US alone, and a woman’s body is more regulated than a gun. get fucking real.
Retweeted by MythGoing live from new desk setup, valo valo valo. @Epochi54 Chat was spamming “summit is in ur game”. I assumed the person that I was fighting was summit, wasn’t certain. @hasantwtlurker @iiTzTimmy @qtcinderella @XboxGamePassPC This is actually amazing @bbnomula @diplo This is about to be song of summer 2022. I can fucking feel it.
I joined a pop band with @iiTzTimmy and @qtcinderella. Run this up to 5,000 likes and Xbox will share the full… @kerr_julian Bro was not capping LOOOL, ggs bro, we fucking earned that W @jrush512 I’d rather this become a bigger issue then get fixed than have me just suffer in silence tbh. @Epochi54 His stream was not open on another monitor and I didn’t stream snipe him. @Mongraal Stop…I can’t believe there are this many people that would make me a fucking disgusting pb and strawberry jelly sandwich… I NEED TO SETTLE THIS ONCE AND FOR ALL. PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY, STRAWBERRY JELLY OR GRAPE JELLY? WHICH IS THE BEST?HEY THIS TWEET IS A GOING LIVE ON TWITCH TWEET AND IM PLAYING VALORANT @KING_BABYBAY Lets eat a lot of chocolate cake @carolinekwan
@crippyval I know ur 13 but u seriously need to just start uploading ur gameplay somewhere on the internet. Put som… went 8-1 today and hit Ascendant. LETS GO. VALORANT ACT TODAY WOOOOOOOOW @Symfuhny I carried youBro I just logged on Valorant being 8 RR away from Immortal and the fucking q's are closed???? WHAAAAAAAAAAT. @Nadeshot @HaleyHey_ IMMACULATE DUB BOSSMAN. Congrats!
I’m very proud of this tweet plz like it GAMING DAY TODAY, VALO -> FORTNITE -> FALL GUYS LETS DOO THISSS @brodinplett “So I comes home to tell my wife that I lost every thing in the stock market crash and we need to chan… @JustaMinx @hasanthehun Stop this slander you’ve been putting in work lately, Mike told me so 😡 @nmplol Lets go nick, it’s been time @cooperclip Good shit, keep it up. We all on our own journey toward what makes us happier people. 😤🤍 @grohlski 10000% agree. That’s the exact reason I didn’t mention it in my tweet. Definitely more focused on the thi… @despisefps Thanks chief @itsbloodymarie It’s put in manually! @mayahiga SEZ U @MattsThawtCloud GainClocked in at 190lb today. This weight has been a milestone of mine for quite some time. Lets keep movin and groovi… @MoistCr1TiKaL Throwback pubs w the boys @MoistCr1TiKaL Hey Charlie u wanna play mw2 sometime?
Spending my off day eating food, sitting in the sun and watching @LIRIK play dayz. Feels like I’m living in the 2010s rn. Lovin it. @qtcinderella Meep moop :(
@mayahiga What a loser lmaoIMMORTAL TODAY?
@SupremeeBrick @Symfuhny Fucking nasty ace man @KaleiRenay @hasanthehun today? Aware said “taste like candy, sweet like fruit, wet like water, can I love on you?” @qtcinderella Who the fuck actually puts their phone in airplane mode? @fuslie @FallGuysGame When we playing @Epicbombred1 Yes LOOLMy Uber driver is listening to dmca free edm. This should be illegal. @Bjergsen @denzelcurry Agreed
@hasanthehun God I love this man. Just look at him. 😍RR*rp*im 1 lp away form immortal... @AustinCreedWins <3
@lackingsaint @hasanthehun You gotta love the shirt my man is rocking as well @GFX_Fizz @jordanbpeterson Nah bro who asked LOOOL