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When is the EP starting for EU? @zecK_VAL Snfndjndjsjxhsnfndjd LOLIn all honest please stop with these, Valorant is great with abilities and agents. It's what makes it so fresh and… @FrostyValorant @zecK_VAL @BrimstoneVal @eVoL_FPS
Hey @PlayVALORANT can we get a night time map? Pretty please? @theKingFPS_ Yeah I just realized its new episode that's why, i'm braindead lolol @theKingFPS_ OH WAIT IM DUMB LMAO @theKingFPS_ Wait what is that recent? I opened immortal the previous act whaaat @theKingFPS_ nooooo WHAT LOLTeam completeeee for VCT Game Changers :') @theKingFPS_ I believe @HitBox_Hiros @tacobellcare BRO YOU ARE ACTUALLY ONLY ALWAYS EATING TACOBELL @Flybynight271 Feel better ma'am <3I've never seen someone as downbad as @theKingFPS_ he even carried it over to CS:GO and unlocked GN3, I feel so bad… @FrostyValorant Congrats kiddo 💕 excited to see you grow into the new roleI forgot to do one of these btw. Can't wait for the announcement :D @theKingFPS_ you're actually mentally downbad rn xD
@florscnt South East AsiaLF female SEA val players. - Sova OR Astra/smokes flex - Duelists. Ranks: D3-Imm+ For Game Changers :) RTs appreciated.So it's going to be like a Dota Battlecup? I the only one that thinks Annie Dro is really really PRETTY? 🥰Its insane to me how VCT game changers SEA comes as soon as I quit playing with my old team because of lack of slee… to see what it means to defy the limits? WATCH. Come face-to-face with Episode 3: RE…
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This is just perfectly accurate... #VALORANT
Retweeted by MythicaI'm so braindead.. @zecK_VAL: He's elbow. ELBOW. ELBOOOOOW. Me: *forgets what elbow is and starts wondering where… @mleQT_ @maddiesuun @anniechanhee you're craaaacked 💕So many underrated female teams coming up on the top this VCT GC. Makes me happy!✨ @MadySmacks Keep grinding, you'll definitely get more Ws 💕 @Analyzrr @hsbtheking He knowsI wish I could play Game Changers @ShopifyRebels ON TOP???? YAAAAAAAASI feel this tweet today. LOL I think I have 12 Ls in a row across all my accounts today only. @MC_Lelicious @Cloud9 lfgggg @gharamjasim @lyekuu I still can't like him @zecK_VALSo someone really got cancelled for a deez nuts joke? @hsbtheking PyaaraDownbad in ranked these days @Frizbyx I need TEAPeope I find in ranked: "Are you mythica?" Me: "No what?" 😭 @flinchedd Don't really have a choice but to mute 🤷‍♀️if you hear the absolute weirdos I have had to deal with ever… so weird to play with my mic completely muted in solo Q, so fun. @chloe_hime7 Cracked fr fr @YourPrincess Jayden the prettiest valorant agent UwU
Ranked is making me lifeless @RealStrongLegs Wasn't Zedge a thing? @24HavenVal @MadySmacks @N2LVAL @NoShotVal @LanaLMA0 @Slandyyyy @VerninaEllana @MissBlueJay Wow all the hot girls in one team?3-0 groups with only 5 rounds lost. The ladies looking clean today! @ValorantEsports @TSM #TSMWIN
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@LouVLRT_ 😥Do you ever miss hearing your s/o's voice so bad that you're cranky asf?The meta is definitely shifting towards more gunplay with the price decrease in most weapons and price increase for… AM HAVING SO MUCH FUN MAKING LINEUPS HELPAll the killjoy swarm lineups work for KAY/O's pulse grenade. @LouVLRT_ G @gharamjasim you won't have accessSTREAMING THE NEW EPISODE ON FB: @alee_jaffrey I think breach is buffed if anything @mintaims yesI don't think omen or reyna needed the price changes or any updates at all. They were already the least picked agen… is even more meta now. You don't want to reveal your location when shooting the sonar dart so you don't get…
Retweeted by Mythica @jenvalorant I LOVE YOUUshe’s spittin!!! oh my god i love her
Retweeted by MythicaTwitch really has just turned into entirely something else fucking go @jenvalorant @regan_travis @A77_tv @9nerve @ibelunar @v1c_cs That's actually so fucked, I'm sorry you had this experience Travis.The meta coming up is going to be pretty good I feel like from what I've understood so far. Can't wait to live stre…
Initiator meta is happening @saltHATZ @VALORANTClips You're cracked but holy those comms would piss me off if I were you @ApeX_vaI @WaltzOT watWHAT IS HAPPENING ON TWITCH????????!!!?!?!?!? @laandreyuhh @TeamSerenity Js your DMs are off 👉👈🤷‍♀️ Sogo: I have 1 bullet what do you want??? Everyone: 1 tap em Sogo: I CANT I CANT trust me the phantom doesn't like me???????????? why do I have babysitters what i've understood so far since i'm getting the access itself, the knife affects abilities and I think it mi… @mintaims Riot picks people themselves @SaltRaja YesMy brainlag made me type tomorrow twice, I will go kms now.I've been invited by Riot to try the new agent KAY/O before the initial release. Going to stream the gameplay tomor… @aimlab It's okay just be more thoughtful next time, cute parents though 💕 @aimlab to intrude on your parents privacy like that and post it on the internet wow aimlabs I did not expect that :( @aimlab what possessed you... @mediKaGG +1I- @missrage What an absolute unit this cutie @shirleyyyylmc What is ittt👁👄👁 playing @NodwinGaming VCC with the boys on 8 july @TrickAIM @xComp1ex <- @zekkenVAL Moms are niceHe needs this and he's talented
@BetrayedFPS @janglerr @WaltzOT @47GLYPH @TrickAIM I hate that I relate to this tweet so much???King in his name and in the server. @athxna Me 👉👈 @kayavlr @ShreyaxPE @OfficialBoaster For anyone wondering: could fall asleep to @OfficialBoaster singing a chinese song... holyAsian female player^^ DM her it only gets worse depending on how successful women become... grow up and open your mind up to what should be…
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