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Olga Piehler @mywyio She/Her | Black Lives Matter

Be seen; see others. Curious wonderer. The unknown is revealed through the questions we ask while our perspective is constrained by the answers. #Listen ⭐

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@TMWohlfield @frmreyes @iamjulieturney @conmkw @Paula4Harvey @doublempeacock @traciespon @wyndall93 You are wonderf… @traciespon @iamjulieturney @HarmonyInsights @hacking_hr Was this the event referenced at @iamjulieturney lunch dat… @BrysonTenma Enjoy the butterflies of new beginnings 🦋- very excited, happy and proud with you @BrysonTenma Congrats Bryson!"Hard connotes strong. Soft connotes mushy. They’re not mushy skills. They’re necessary life skills and we use them…
Retweeted by Olga Piehler @MattProvostHR Well ... I did see the bday card you got him for his bday ... @LeAnnKrzyzanow1 It warms my heart each time I see it. I'm not even sure he completely even understands what I'm sa… is something incredibly endearing when your little brother likes every-single-one of your posts in #LinkedIn.…
@DangerousMere Now I have that song in my head!!! #ABBA 😂 @Patrick__Novak @VirginieG @johncaswell @JonathanCCook You got it! #BoldMoves #BigDreams ☕ I recall you already had our logo and tagline. @ThisIsSamAdams I hear you! Keep staying you and true - the message will resonate with the people it needs to find.… @ThisIsSamAdams @ThisIsSamAdams - I'm enjoying your content on LinkedIn!!! @Patrick__Novak @VirginieG @johncaswell @JonathanCCook Congrats on this accomplishment and step on your journey. @DangerousMere Freedom within the frame... @SelenaGovier She got busted big time! @coachzoelewis ... and she knows it!!! 😂 @mjmullady She has her Halloween spirit on!"No mom, I didn't have my nose where it didn't belong" @GaryPDawson @SharonGChiara @LnDConnect @srjf She is the best Gary - knows so much about so many things. Curious, g… I was grateful to host an incredibly rich hue-man exploration with @HungLee @mywyio &…
Retweeted by Olga Piehler @GaryPDawson @SharonGChiara - would you have any recommendations for Gary? @TheRealGappa @sbrownehr @wyndall93 awwwww @Jon_Thurmond A7: HR is my passion and I'm not in HR <3 😊#HRSocialHour @LifeLessonsHR @wyndall93 @mjmullady @doublempeacock @Jon_Thurmond That's the key I need ... Tweetdeck!
@TheRealGappa @sbrownehr Chris!!!!! I go to the round tables!!!!!!! @TMWohlfield @mjmullady @doublempeacock @Jon_Thurmond hahahahahaha Love it! #HRAwesomness @wyndall93 @mjmullady @doublempeacock @Jon_Thurmond It's so strange - one would think it would be easier... so much for assumptions ... lol @Jon_Thurmond A6: as we've moved from a complicated world to a complex one the leadership model has shifted: leader… @Jon_Thurmond A5: we are emotional beings. Our decision making is heavily influenced by our emotions whether we're… @mjmullady @doublempeacock @Jon_Thurmond I can't find the questions fast enough!!!!!!!!! @traciespon @Jon_Thurmond Hi Tracie!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 @doublempeacock @Jon_Thurmond I'm doing it on my laptop and I'm having trouble keeping up! Who would have "thank" i… @Jon_Thurmond A4: I've become more wary of anything that paints the world into labels/categories - specially when i… @Jon_Thurmond I know!!!!! 😖 @Jon_Thurmond A3: It helps us understand human behavior, and how to build awareness of self / others. It can be ext… @rashmir Thank you, @rashmirFEEL ~ feel everything KNOW ~ listen to the knowing inside of you IMAGINE ~ spend time with your future-self LET G… @jenntsang Jenn, I am going to try that. Best part, I will think of you and feel you there cheering me on as I look… @jenntsang And they are full of wisdom! @jenntsang It takes a long time - no easy, quick fix. Practice creates plasticity & helps start to create the "spac… Just another stunning truly hue-man conversation with @HungLee @VivalaViveNL and @mywyio.…
Retweeted by Olga Piehler @MajBinDE @jenntsang ❤❤ @jenntsang I struggle with this at times - have had to dig deep and work through the inner critic and get through t…
@rashmir Made me think of your playful provocation @rashmir! @Scruffy_Nick Thank you for writing this @Scruffy_Nick - right alongside you. @DangerousMere A bit under the weather (horrible migraine and slight fever) Hope it passes soon. I adore your writi… 👇🏼 RT @nilofer @TMWohlfield @wyndall93 @frmreyes @BeTheRipple2020 Ready for your talk @wyndall93! ❤ @GracePlaton Hi Grace ☺️🤗 @GracePlaton @TrueSelfWisdom @janewatsonHR Yes! As I breathe deeply... thank you. @DangerousMere Gorgeous & full of insight, Mere. Left me with the questions: would I have "heard" the observation?…"Imagine a work culture that allows everyone to buy into a pool of knowledge so that lateral thoughts and observati… @janewatsonHR This tweet just gave me the insight that I need to stop beating myself up for the things I do (or don…
@frmreyes A wonderful question and for someone like you who has met a trizillion wonderful people this year, probab… @HRLlama That is an empowering question @ThinkHuman_EcB That is a great question, @ThinkHuman_EcB !!! @brigidrussell51 @charlie_psych Thank you for the invitation. I found this quote last week by @charleshandy25 which… @brigidrussell51 I listened to Futurist Rob Johansen talk about shape-shifting in org. structure as he spoke of lea… @TMWohlfield Simple and meaningful and intentional can be the most impactful #HRAwesome @ChrisPLP1 @ChrisPLP1 - a wonderful inquiry to detect assumptions or limiting beliefs/thoughts and reframe oneself… @MunaabaDouglas1 Thank you for this contribution @MunaabaDouglas1 @BayHeartMusic Wow - thank you for sharing this story @BayHeartMusic - I have been reflecting on the power of quest… @myndfully I can see how that would make someone pause and reflect!I love to invite you to share in this reflection: What is a great question you have been asked? #HRCommunity #Blog post: Climb Every Mountain. An HR Professional's Navigational Guide. Travelling up our respective moun…
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@HRLlama @MattProvostHR @sbrownehr @SelenaGovier You were amazing. So insightful and informative. I'm so thankful f…
@IanPBuckingham YES!!!!!!! #CoachingConversations XVII - best intro ever. So glad to see a 📸Looking for #DEI champions in #InternalComms #HR and #Diversity to follow? @ErinLThomasPhD @mjmichellekim
Retweeted by Olga Piehler @HeatherRYounger So glad it found you! xxI'm doing this 👇🏼 programme. If you're interested in learning more about #motivation and #emotions & a framework to…
@carolinemvernon @SabrinaLBaker When I saw the Tweet I was going to forward it to you @carolinemvernon @jeff_weigh @BeTheRipple2020 @cognitize 🙋‍♀️ @HAC_Holly @shiftyes @HowdyOutrageous We just keep walking our talk! 😉 @shiftyes @HAC_Holly @HowdyOutrageous And let's just say one more time that @HAC_Holly is amazing AND someone who I… @conmkw @BrentonCheri Happiest of birthdays to my astrologiest friend 🎂🎂🍾❤ in my teacup, 2 reflections emerged: 1. Everything I need is already inside of me - I just need to water it…
Beautifully provocative by @DangerousMere "Thought lovers elicit the companionship,respect,& interest of other thin… @SelenaGovier You Rockstar You!!!! 💥⚡❤ @DrSteveMarshall Even if it is a "juice camera" 😉 Lots of beautiful wisdom in this message about life in general.…
@DangerousMere It was absolutely wonderful to see you. I felt joy, Mere. A lightning of joy at the recognition. We'… @CreativeDynamix See you in a minute!!! ☺️ @brigidrussell51 @charlie_psych A deep sense of gratitude to you and Charlie and the other 5 hearts present in the space that day.A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to participate in #SpacesForListening. Here are some insights & the questions…
I seriously loved being part of this 👇🏼 project AND I'm in love with the end result. What a great conversation. Tha… @IanPBuckingham @resilimum @killick_alex @JennyStreeter36 @AprilSymko @thedavidogilvie @BeTheRipple2020 Just got to… @CreativeDynamix @dermotcasey Just adding to the anticipation!!!! @k8bisch
“Cultivating serendipity is first and foremost about looking at the world with open eyes and seeing opportunities o…
Retweeted by Olga PiehlerA9: There's empowerment and caring in creating genuine space to witness someone's voice. I learned from @nilofer th… Before engaging take a moment to: *Be mindful of your motivation for participating *Be aware of the impact you… @ConsultBox Just as bad as ... "I'm too good for doing that" (below my pay grade) attitude - #PeopleSkillsChat! @ConsultBox Ian - I didn't think of avoiding responsibility or accountability - which I correlate with fear as well… @jandis_price @garrydolive @KateNasser @PeopleSkill Good morning Garry! Hope you are staying safe out West #PeopleSkillsChatA5: Anything that would reinforce the inner critic on the other person to sit at the table: * Judgement statements… @MajBinDE The ? really stopped me & reflect. I thought about myself - why do I at times engage while others don't?… Entering a conversation with: * Willingness to change my mind * Vulnerability that I don't know everything * Op… A big challenge to conversation is EGO: * Makes us unable to listen * Creates attachment to our thoughts (infle… Engaging conversations create the opportunity to expand our experiences as we share our inner worlds with other…