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Actor. Director. Producer. Slacker Mom. She/Hers. #Vote like there is no tomorrow because, well... (gestures at everything...) #RESIST #bidenharris2020

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@coreyreynoldsLA I’m just so fucking TIRED of these people and this shit and That Fucking Guy. Aside from all the o… DEFINITELY have whatever they will someday clinically name the kind of tendonitis you develop from doomscrolling...
@brazenhussyrant I love this. I’ve been trying - and very much failing - to distill a similar sentiment into words… @JerasIkehorn @MusicNegrito She’s glorious. I kept looking at the wear and tear above her pickguard. That guitar was well worn with love and soul.
@Hainsworthy Don’t give him any ideas...
@coreyreynoldsLA Should humanity survive this year, and a few hundred more, the GOP of the early 21st century will…
“They said Trump has privately expressed concern with some of Giuliani’s moves and did not appreciate a demand from… @NSP_NickCardiff We’ve not forgotten. This guy is nothing if not on brand. @MusicNegrito The Grand Mother of rock’’n’roll...Trump is gonna stiff Giuliani on his bills. Does another language out there have a saltier, spicier word than ‘sch… @coreyreynoldsLA James Comey has become the living embodiment of an excruciatingly awkward pause.January 2021 is challenging democracy, decency and my liver
@ava Watch this one. She’s gonna make all kinds of #GoodTrouble ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼Queens Daily Eagle is the Queen of shade today... Queens man impeached — again think the #GOP have managed to quote ALL of Abraham Lincoln's speeches today without reflecting even for a moment… suppose it wouldn’t have been constructive to make a drinking game of #GOP hypocrisy at the impeachment debate to… hypocrisy and cynicism of the #GOP today in Congress is simply BREATHTAKING. And they know. They know. And they don’t care.Clear-eyed and to-the-point as usual, @danpfeiffer lays out in no uncertain terms what we need to do to save this c…, finally, Hollywood will STOP greenlighting movies about a lone action hero who realizes in Act Two that "it'…
In the space of a 3/4 mile walk, 5 women and 1 dude complimented my mindfully chosen hat. #impeach then there is @benshapiro yelling the quiet part out loud: “Voting is terrible for democracy!!!” all eyes look to DC, the virus rages in the west and is taking the tribal elders... @RepJayapal You are a fantastic representative, not just to your constituents, but to the American people. Wishing… you, Congresswoman.
About 15 million people are in for a huge and baffling letdown... But the beauty of QAnon crazy is that they will… timeline of the deliberate security clusterfuck at the Capitol that has led to Chief Sund taking the fall for all… ground zero. Thread.’d definitely have a beer with this dude...“They were dazed by power and limited in their conception of what to do with it.” This is magnificent. the shit these insurrectionists say makes it super hard for me not to feel intellectually superior. #wtfisgoingon @MatthewACherry Write an action movie and pre-cast this young lady. @marcformarc His nobe is cooode...
Just posted a photo @ Chicago, Illinois @ChiefRocka77 @MatthewACherry His name is #OfficerEugeneGoodman and he deserves the Medal of Honor.I’ve been looking for the name of the very brave black officer who faced off alone with an armed white mob since I… As the United States was distracted by an insurgent attempted coup, in Denmark the big controversey is w… control your expression on the Conan sword bit...Ok. LOOK. I get it. BUT. Rather than pick this apart and riddle this to bits with our searing lefty wit... let’s ju… ignoring social media for months now, before the #insurrection. Now aware that I’d missed #BeanDad and… @coreyreynoldsLA Cartman!!! 😂🤣I just want everyone to stop for a second and inspect the view through the Overton window that reveals Pence - a du… @itxaropena I spent my teenage years pretty sure I’d die from sex/AIDS or a nuclear holocaust. Reagan was president… @Cudlitz Boy howdy, darlin... @oliverbutler Awwww... Dammit. Today was seriously the first time I tried to use it, too. #latetothepartyWho had Alex Jones denouncing QAnon on their 2021 Bingo card..?
Knocked a chip off the iceberg, I guess... @DavieGreig Your left sounds like us in the US. We hardly need the GOP to wreck stuff when we are constantly settin… @Jim_Jordan Well, egging on a mob to sack the Capitol building in insurrection isn’t exactly a warm and conciliatory handshake, Jimmy-boy...This IS America. @oliverbutler The children are our future...Great #Thread ... @ArianMoayed Late career, Act V wacktasticness... CORIOLANUS without any of the sex appeal... @PattyArquette @kayleighmcenany “Jesus bring new wine out of me,” is... erotic in the creepiest, cringiest way I co… IN OTHER FUCKING NEWS... All of the jobs losses were women’s. ALL OF THEM. be. 🙌🏼 @tedcruz I mean, the only difference between you and the Nazis is, horrific and cruel and inhuman as it was, the Na… @JasonOverstreet Pretty sure he’s gonna end up in an E/R in coronary failure with his septum eaten away. @HillaryClinton Well played, Madam Secretary. 🙌🏼✔️
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@VictoriaMahoney @ReverendWarnock And, The outrage. The outrage.Can you even imagine Michelle and Barack and Hillary having to sit next to him? Though, W’s sotto voce commentary… @oliverbutler None?We definitely need to start calling #JoshHawley “Traitor Tot.” (Thanks to @GeorgeTakei for this one...)… sipping this victory tonic Stacey Abrams spent ten years brewing for us. Good for our battered souls. (Whol… cult members are taking this new video pretty well
Retweeted by Elizabeth LaidlawActual smoke rising from this tweet... #ByeBetsy @thedailybeast Will the nearest person to Tucker Carlson put on a second mask and please slap the shit out of him f…’all, Josh Hawley is getting kicked in the bank account with several pairs of steel toed boots and he is shocked,… how very grand of you, Bets. You are doing this “for the CHILDREN.” Got it. #bye
Wonder if the @crookedmedia gang is going to take credit/responsibility for the @eatmagicspoon & @jurawhisky @Cudlitz I think I had my whisky quota for the week last night...Watching Joe Biden follow his forceful repudiation of Trump by nominating 3 women/women of color - Vanita Gupta,… @thedailybeast Guess he’s scared of getting dragged out of the WH against his will.... @DeManeDavis @MsLaToshaBrown @nseufot @_LaTania @ytformayor ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻 @coreyreynoldsLA Hillary Clinton saw ALL of this coming in 2016. She’s on camera listing each and all of the horro… Supremacy is doing just fine today in America. but... Congress ended the session @SenSchumer. Congress went home and won’t reconvene until Jan 19... so...… posted a photo @ Chicago, Illinois has not escaped my attention that the day social media companies decided there actually IS more they could do to…
Retweeted by Elizabeth LaidlawDear @FBI - you recently tweeted asking for information on the insurrectionists: Here you go. Completely Un-Pro Tip… @brazenhussyrant I mean, they are issuing tweets asking for information on the insurrectionists, but they don’t see… don’t know why it helps to watch this exchange between like-minded DC neighbors, but it does. 15 year Black girl was sent to juvenile jail for not doing online homework.
Retweeted by Elizabeth LaidlawWhile most of us were at home staring dumbstruck at the horror Trump very predictably unleashed, 3963 people died o… @VictoriaMahoney I mean, it’s been a DAY, amirite? and they need their beauty sleep...How many people’s hearts stopped when Foghorn Leghorn stood to object to Wisconsin...?Anybody else attempting to remember the states in alphabetical order (without looking it up) right now..?Boy howdy... has shown police don’t need de-escalation training, they choose who to escalate on, that’s not a training iss…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Laidlaw @MsPackyetti ’s face speaks volumes tonight. #BlackLivesMatter #WhiteDomesticTerrorists if you think the Senate should #ExpelJoshHawley
Retweeted by Elizabeth LaidlawJosh “Haircut” Hawley takes the highly contested and thirstily sought after crown of “America’s Biggest Douchebag.”… never thought about how many states began with O until right now....You can’t describe what’s happening in the Capitol as a “small group of extremists” when they’re being supported by…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Laidlaw @coreyreynoldsLA I was so flabbergasted that, without really noticing, I slowly backed up off the couch and found m…
Turkey is advising us on domestic policy. TURKEY., y’know, both sides. #ImpeachTrump #Sedition