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someone please send this to him. he has me blocked which is why this is funnyas u can see i redownloaded twitter to b petty’m in his head rent free. notice how he ain’t say the author of the tweet lmao
@Guari1x 😈😈😈 thank u
new shit soon 🕊🕊🕊🕊
@itsFAUZIA ❤️❤️❤️no new music from me or ossx tomorrow also taking a much needed break from twitter and y’all soap box tweets. bye!!men b like how dare u mention something I did that traumatized u it hurts my feelings to remember how I hurt u
Retweeted by NO ME JODAthe divide between ppl who have experienced abusive relationships (family, romantic, professional etc.) vs. ppl who…
Retweeted by NO ME JODAeuropeans be like ï wöüld lïkë mørë cöńtëxt after a woman says someone is an abuser. as if them knowing more abt th… venmo has a 5k limit per week. molly has hit the limit and is grateful for everyone who sent her money
i literally do not give a shit abt my record not dropping - going to do it myself in the future. just trying to get… those of u not on venmo i just got molly’s paypal please continue to send/boost from molly (victim of dave from vanity press) she would like to thank all of you for donating to her venmo… birthday @KarenNyameKG one of the most comforting smart and inspiring people i’ve met in this music realm. a… A.G merch! 😳 A.G - ROSES 4 U long sleeved t shirts available now via @keephushuk 🌹🌹
Retweeted by NO ME JODAHi if you have funds please consider sending to (Venmo): @ Molly-DeWind who is recovering from a domestic abuse si…
Retweeted by NO ME JODART i know for a fact vanity press records has not shipped anything since may 21st 2020 if you ordered something ple…
Retweeted by NO ME JODA @UMFANG just spoke to her on the phone she’s safe thank god. recoveringgoing to see if refunds are even possible. and also may post the project on our own bandcamp sometime in the future.ossx is withdrawing from having any records pressed by @vanitypressrecs after learning of the abuse and violence c… upsetting news this is disgusting
I'm not putting out a new project this week cause I needed a break but feel free to buy all 7 of the bandcamp relea…
Retweeted by NO ME JODAlive rn b2b @elise1111111 on @foundation_fm til 5 🐳🐳🐳🐳 @DJErikaKayne damlive on @foundation_fm w my bff @elise1111111 4pm nyc 9pm uk me and my bestie @n00mejoda_ doing a b2b today for @foundation_fm / it’s heat / that’s really it tune in 4pm…
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@MoMa_Ready @iReyBear ridiculously good trackbxbdmndjcjxndhxjxmmssmd a skinny legend I’ve decided to be the smaller person in all future scenarios
Retweeted by NO ME JODA @TAH_HEAUX lmaoootrack name idea: sorry u feel that way🧡the yardies giving us content for a month i am deceased @Guari1x shapeup sharper than a blade @suarez_acacia truementally i am here
hey venmo and cashapp are better alternatives for quicker access to the funds. also pls don’t tag daria’s socials o…
@kush_jones_ @drmathys_ @DownByDfault won’t change anything at all in my life @kush_jones_ @drmathys_ @DownByDfault mans from a whole different hemisphere. just hop off dick it’s simple @DownByDfault lmao person who tweeted blocked me and kush because we aren’t burial fans @kush_jones_ @Leonce ima see u wearing these and u gon b mad abt what i say @ChickenGaynors bangerhere today gone tomorrow @elise1111111 this hurts so much now to my friends for yesterday and anyone who tuned in. if u missed the partee yesterday u can watch back/everyone…
Retweeted by NO ME JODAbeen mourning too much @bok_bok @elise1111111 sooo cursed man i couldn’t believe it i still can’t @kush_jones_ smh
rip fishybroooo fishy literally just died during the stream this is so cursed wtfstreaming w friends til 10 pm @kush_jones_ on rn 🙃'm about $200 shy of making rent this month. I'd hate to be that girl especially at this time of the month but I r…
Retweeted by NO ME JODAfishy when he make his cameo tonight
Retweeted by NO ME JODA @elise1111111 hxhxjsjmsnsmshate when i hop onto the bus or train and someone is like 👁👁👁👁 like yes that is my weed continue playing candy crus… mix out today for my Australian friends at @pointblankgroup 💙 Get into it:
Retweeted by NO ME JODAyea u see it u fuckin sucker @kush_jones_ it’s by total freedom
It’s Casual Play w/ @Spinorita & Chris Equiss @n00mejoda_ with an exclusive mix of CDJ and Vinyl - lock in for the…
Retweeted by NO ME JODAlive rn on NTS 2 😟 in less than ten mins on nts 2 w a vinyl + cdj mix for @Spinorita show 🧊 🧊 🧊 played some house, ukg, breaks.… logical solution... but no america must conduct class division by any means @amad_dot_png fire @wavy_bagels u make me wanna ft mariah is goated🙃 to the WNBA for leading the charge again and agaim despite getting fractions of the pay of their male coun…
Retweeted by NO ME JODAfree trial has ended 😕
@Guari1x @kush_jones_ fans @estrogenpill smfh disgusting pigs @aerielist LITERALLYYyyy makes me want to scream @aerielist immediately thinking abt all her shade towards dw during early covidFor August's Introducing, Crystal Mioner [@cry__stal__] gets to know @hueymnemonic, a producer who represents a new…
Retweeted by NO ME JODAIf u one of them DJs or music people that get trainers from @Nike @nikelondon can you link my G to someone that kno…
Retweeted by NO ME JODAWe just dropped another single, “Reconstructed Club” from my forthcoming EP on @foolsgoldrecs! Nothing But Net EP o…
Retweeted by NO ME JODAKentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, whose job it is to decide if there should be charges brought against the…
Retweeted by NO ME JODAjust woke up from a dream where don’t care didn’t ask was in a nike commercial or some shit and it fit so well.... how do i make this happen @FREEDDDEM not khia 😭😭😭this friday on twitch con mis amigos @Leonce i can’t read this i’m high
@djswisha_ thanklmao u kno the vibes is every dj on hotelradioparis did this tweet make me scream would finesse hella bread from only fans cause i really got the chevy tahoe sized ass™️landlords r dumb and should be executed publicly @TAH_HEAUX now u can vote for trumpreally grateful for any translations of our dweller writing, so thank you @Julianna_move for translating biztech in…
Retweeted by NO ME JODA @TAH_HEAUX lmaooooo @HONCHOBRANDO we swipin my brotha @TAH_HEAUX lookin at all ur friends like 🤷🏽‍♂️ learn how to appreciate pisces @TAH_HEAUX happy to say this don’t apply to me @HONCHOBRANDO the fuck Incase you’re up and feel like raving at home featuring tracks by @TAH_HEAUX
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@kush_jones_ it’s cause u be on that damn phone @wavy_bagels lmfaoooolmao when did i do this on Thursday with me 🥰
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