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noah @n0rmaIize 10/9/21 β™‘

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@_xupy YESSIRRR @karxoo unless it's 16 kills in 21 seconds 🀭🀭I actually don't have wistful wtf @florscnt @tylerthecreator so real flor @mangosmxxthie UNLUCKY @PrimeMCD you've always been cool yetHahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Cyber Bullying Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Walk Away From The Screen Like Nigga Close Your Eyes Haha
Retweeted by noah @whosmichela FUCK I'm unfollowed πŸ˜”new song out nowwww link in replies<3
Retweeted by noah @chlofps @shuboxs I think I'm good now ty πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @izzypuff well HAPPY BDAY anyway πŸ₯³πŸ₯³ @lylacVAL @karxoo I never wanted to delete so bad @jesibears @minnieism1n1 @shuboxs @chlofps mm alrighti just want a relationship that lasts longer than the honeymoon phase, why do all you mfs give up as soon as shit isnt perfect anymore
Retweeted by noah @jasm_ineee @chlofps it wasn't a take @ChiptoManiak YAA 😭😭 @shuboxs @wraithvo @s3wagepizza @chlofps @MakeItAQuote fuckk broo 😭😭 @s3wagepizza @wraithvo @shuboxs @chlofps @MakeItAQuote aren't u the one crying abt it who hurt u 😰 @cycotic @cloudyerin_ @chlofps they joined me in it wtf 😭😭 @cloudyerin_ @chlofps Erin y did ppl take it so wrong I didn't say I was uneducated neither did I say any opinions… @Naturres @cloudyerin_ @chlofps LOL @Ev3ly6 @shuboxs @chlofps I DIDNT SAY THAT WTF @Ev3ly6 @noxufps @s3wagepizza @shuboxs @chlofps OMGG 😭😭 @s3wagepizza @wraithvo @shuboxs wat does that have to do w being able to take a joke 0_0 ... unless u mean like wat… @s3wagepizza @wraithvo @shuboxs @chlofps @MakeItAQuote threatening lives over twt aswell I'm sorry but I can't keep… @cloudyerin_ @chlofps WTFF @xxelitism @s3wagepizza @shuboxs @chlofps don't act like u know me personally amanda I never even said anything goi… @xxelitism @s3wagepizza @shuboxs @chlofps TYVM @s3wagepizza @wraithvo @shuboxs do u know wat a joke is tho I don't think u do LMAO @s3wagepizza @wraithvo @shuboxs @chlofps @MakeItAQuote calm down it's twitter and it started with a tweet wow that's crazy @wraithvo @s3wagepizza @shuboxs @chlofps @MakeItAQuote WWW @92jakey @s3wagepizza @shuboxs @chlofps LOLOL SHHH I HAD TO HIT HER W THE TRUTH @s3wagepizza @shuboxs @chlofps and ur still triggered while this guy is atleast throwing some facts at me w a stron… @shuboxs @s3wagepizza @chlofps but i didnt say anything... i jus asked chloe y she was terrified @minnieism1n1 @shuboxs @chlofps real @s3wagepizza @wraithvo @shuboxs @chlofps bc u cant spell lmao @s3wagepizza @shuboxs @chlofps okay so isnt it that simple !? y is everyone getting triggered πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ @s3wagepizza @wraithvo @shuboxs @chlofps LMFAO @s3wagepizza @shuboxs @chlofps ooo o yea ik i wouldnt have access to that if i was a girl at my age lmao @s3wagepizza @shuboxs @chlofps that easy accessible? @shuboxs @chlofps i get all that lol wat @Australissss @chlofps im not like a woman btw but like yea this would be my exact mindset @Australissss @chlofps THISSSS @Cliptomaniak ya and i didnt even do that yet LMFAO @presidentdove @zekeiVAL @chlofps id be experienced w watermelons if i was a girl tho 😏😏 @haileyhargreeve @chlofps yaaa i mean ik its not right i personally dont think it should be banned from america lik… @Cliptomaniak ya basically i cant ask a question anymore lmao @shuboxs @chlofps yea theyre not banning birth control bruh and condoms wont 100% work but only sm u can @Cliptomaniak hope this is talking abt wats going on w me rn lmao @haileyhargreeve @chlofps yea @zekeiVAL @chlofps ig ppl dont get it but im asking her y shes terrified lmao @okazyey @chlofps ?? @Nighty10k MOSTvalorant
Retweeted by noahIs this considered rock or rap?
Retweeted by noah @Imcryonic @Cliptomaniak ya @Imcryonic @snot i had i got tyler for mine @Imcryonic @snot WWWWWWWWW @Imcryonic @lylacVAL WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW @Kezyyz @lylacVAL NOOO @qtkiro @lylacVAL ur sexier tho 😘😘 @FlareGTS @JukzYT @lylacVAL YEAAAAAAAAAAA WOOOOOO WOWOOWOW BABY WOO YEAAtonight - JKER // valorant montage edited by the best bf ever @n0rmaIize 🀍 + ♻️
Retweeted by noahMY GIRL IS INSANE GUYS RTRTRTRTTR @_bubxa OO OKAY @_bubxa not really @chlofps wym ? @xefiyy @chlofps oh true 😰 @lylacVAL @anntfkk @okazyey OKAY @lylacVAL @ThyHighway @okazyey jkjk... unless 😳 @lylacVAL @ThyHighway @okazyey testing how much bleach i can drink 🀞🀞 @_novaVAL @okazyey @lylacVAL im going to block u nova @anntfkk @okazyey OH NOOO ANN @ThyHighway @okazyey @lylacVAL HUH WTF @anntfkk @okazyey AHAHHAHAH ANN @okazyey do i @ her πŸ™ˆ @whosmichela NO, Y U WANNA SEE PPLS SO BAD ANYWAY @qtkiro twt qual lol @mangosmxxthie @mistmie @1kotaaa BUT BUT @mangosmxxthie @mistmie @1kotaaa NO @1kotaaa VOUCH
@774saturn nonononono 85 ... @zt0LVAL jk it acc really do tho like I feel so bad ngl I couldn't even hit anyone idky @zt0LVAL not mine I qd next one and went positive and won πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ @TerrestrialVAL @lylacVAL frr @PhysiFyee IKR I SKIPPED LEMONADE EVERY TIME @vybaroonie @cloudyerin_ YAA OFC #1 @vybaroonie @cloudyerin_ whyy @PhysiFyee WOWW I ONLY KNOW THE FIRST SONG @wunjii @cloudyerin_ Lil tecca lmao @cloudyerin_ @NORMALVAL_ lemonade aint tho @NORMALVAL_ he is he isIon even listen to gunna or doom and HOW IS LEMONADE MY #1 SONG TF @lylacVAL OFC I DO @lylacVAL WDYM @lylacVAL 88k and top artist Tyler :D @bbylapras OH MY GODD @181RAYS @ameialuv @Saulsrevenge UR THE HATER @181RAYS @ameialuv @Saulsrevenge he jus follows jus anyone now smh