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AJ @n0stranger Milwaukee, WI

Illustrator. General weirdo. he/him Icon by me

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Damn inio asano this sure was another one there's no way Ghost Trick is as good as I remember it being Ghost Trick:
Retweeted by AJI made goat cheese stuffed burgers and they came out so good I'm so happy and full
Retweeted by AJpull up a chair the animal crossing direct is coming
Retweeted by AJ @olivebrinker I'm 33 but don't worry mid starts at 25
✨ Save the date! CHILDREN OF THE SEA is coming to theaters this April. Check out the brand new trailer! 🐋💙…
Retweeted by AJ @lunyma @Boooworth Oreo!Update: she's delicious
Retweeted by AJSomething I always imagined in the back of my mind since I was like 5, finally built up enough courage to draw it.
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@TheBlackNerd🤯 The origin/making of the Seinfeld theme. So much to unpack here... First: This dude. Second: He re-recorded it…
Retweeted by AJHave you ever heard Sean “Hot Ones Host Man” Evans laugh? i mean a geniune laugh. have you ever
Retweeted by AJwhat if slender man just wants to be your friender man
Retweeted by AJbabey
Retweeted by AJDang it doesn’t anyone here know how to cook umber
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@TurboBurpo @vaughnpinpin I never played sun and moon postgame and I cannot believe this is a real Pokemon @Juleshortstuff Easy to get lost on the zero even when you know the directionsToday on @tbrblog31, @mertenladybugs shares why Camp by Kayla Miller (@kayke) is a favorite among her 4th graders.…
Retweeted by AJ @jansonl Sure I'm interested! assembled! :D Akuma's Quest (1991) Instruction Manual
Retweeted by AJ @iammarcpi @areallydumbbish I legit did not know this was possibleI just earned the 'Land of the Free (Level 51)' badge on @untappd! just earned the 'Beyond a Shadow of a Stout (Level 2)' badge on @untappd! just earned the 'Cheers to Independent U.S. Craft Breweries (Level 37)' badge on @untappd! @rsdream12 You love to see it @rsdream12 Did they catch the shrimpWhat should I call my RPG Engine? 🤔
Retweeted by AJI just earned the 'Pucker Up (Level 5)' badge on @untappd! just earned the 'Brewery Pioneer (Level 26)' badge on @untappd! just earned the 'Hopped Down (Level 16)' badge on @untappd! just earned the 'Middle of the Road (Level 35)' badge on @untappd!
I see storyboarders charging per panel, and not an hourly or day rate and I’m curious why that is...
Retweeted by AJ @denniebright The really good ones charge per stroke, extra if they add line weightI just earned the 'Riding Steady (Level 12)' badge on @untappd! Division 2 is $3 on PC right now
Retweeted by AJ @denniebright Even life has vfx since all birds are fake @TSeestadt Last October! Over a year, man hahaThrow him a "What's up DePiglio? ✌️"
Retweeted by AJOur valentine beer 🍻 just earned the 'Photogenic Brew (Level 54)' badge on @untappd! only B+W example is currently under NDA so I don't have anything for that at the moment, but please PLEASE commi…
Retweeted by AJTAKING COMMISSIONS DESPERATELY I'm on my last legs trying to recover from how bad the last couple paychecks have b…
Retweeted by AJI just earned the 'Land of the Free (Level 50)' badge on @untappd!
My valentines gift to my wife and also myself ;D @Heatonist @firstwefeast valentine’s day to gamers only
Retweeted by AJask not for whom the baja blasts; it blasts for thee
Retweeted by AJHappy Valentines Day!! After 5 years together, this is the first one @n0stranger and I actually get to spend togeth…
Retweeted by AJ❤️
Retweeted by AJ @ohcararara @ykarps Ahhh it's gonna be warmer later David @denniebright You're right and you should say itRobert Pattinson should have been Terry McGinnis but DC is too much of a coward to make a Batman Beyond film.
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Retweeted by AJ @yourpaltabby I'm on it I'll keep u posted
@yourpaltabby When I was sick Monday and Tuesday and did all those mini drawings it REALLY made me not want to come… @lunyma Not this time, it was this stuff I ended up with lilac and I love them!! 💜 (Drawing on my phone is .. hard)
Retweeted by AJ @lunyma @Boooworth He started doing it recently and really likes going up there @lunyma Yeah it was really good
Retweeted by AJGet ready to relax and experience a grand adventure. DRAGON QUEST YOUR STORY, the first CG-animated feature-length…
Retweeted by AJ @SirWaxnberg happy birthday sir another one downダークソウルに比べてブラッドボーンになると、どの方も全体的に色味が暗くなるの面白い。
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DRAGON QUEST XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age BRING ARTS Sylvando & Rab Set (Square Enix Limited Version) $127.49 via S…
Retweeted by AJWe had cheesy shells and it gave me heartburn like drawing on my phone but every time feels like the first time also that's just drawing in general these days huhGwah
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Retweeted by AJretweeting for my new eternal mood
Me as a cranky cool alligator villager from Animal Crossing. Based on multiple suggestions.
Retweeted by AJThis is still blowing my mind lol Close your eyes and imagine the face of the man who you know is standing in the…
Retweeted by AJOur latest app, AR Pianist, uses machine learning to superimpose a virtual pianist on your piano. It works with any…
Retweeted by AJThey came out really good!! Basically it's just chickpeas cooked with garlic powder, oregano, paprika, and cumin!
Retweeted by AJNo drawing for this slice of life, chickpea gyros!"You're a weeeeird computer."
Retweeted by AJI lead an exciting lifestyleTried to nap while Jess in shower
Doing these on my phone btw love having a use for the s-pen stomach is louder than the game Twitter works
Retweeted by AJI finished my first embroidery! It was a kit but I ended up changing the cat into Porter :3c
Retweeted by AJDorohedoro is so good
Retweeted by AJI guess I'm drawing today national pizza day is the Green Day of rap I will not be elaborating
Retweeted by AJHow many people who voted for parasite going to go back to their extremely nice houses though
Retweeted by AJPARASITE “making history” by being the first korean film nominated for / winning an award for any specific category…
Retweeted by AJThis picture of Ray Ramano chatting with Olivia Colman and Rami Malek is the Laura Dern of still images
Retweeted by AJWatched the ni no kuni movie and it was like watching 2 hours of cutscenes of a 50 hour game like it was fine but oof that pacingVagrant Story is 20 years old! It is not only in the conversation as the best game Square has ever made, it is a to…
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@gavinovz Appreciated @olivebrinker I haven't seen cats and yet I feel it is notably missingI just earned the 'Cheers to Independent U.S. Craft Breweries (Level 36)' badge on @untappd! @gavinovz It's doubled turned off the heater but Porter don't care just earned the 'Beer of the World (Level 4)' badge on @untappd! @Sonic9jct Oooh if you're down lemme know next time you're up here we could hit up lakefront or something!