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@GreyGnomeGames @UnfilteredRnG @thegamecrafter I will check it out! @beardedrogue I really enjoyed it. I think I've seen 2 seasons. Hopefully we will get more. @MtGSPete You might try a kitchen supply store. When I lived in Seattle, there was one on 5th ave where the statue… @GamingRulesVids That is quite direct and to the point. 😀 @AshLaycock That looks interesting. @FriedmanCassie I saw you playing that during the live stream. It looks pretty cool.
@mrsaug @RavensburgerNA @MFGCast Nice use of black & white! @VitruvianGamer Ha! No. It's not possible. 😆 @beardedrogue @kjrevia Impressive and I see why it's your fave. @debdeb Wow! Looks delicious!I have brain burn. Working on a rules set. I need a meal break and maybe I'll watch the next episode of "The Boys".… @jackson_pope On the way... I'm sure. @BGInquisition I think that's a good idea, actually. Get your appetite for gaming primed! 🎲Working on a game design but I'm gonna take a ride during this break in the rain. 🌦️🚴‍♀️🌧️I will return refreshed a… @GamingRulesVids I will add it to my list on you recommend! @IndieCardboard I really love brick-n-mortar shops. That one is particularly inviting, too. @VitruvianGamer Looks like you're about to do a magic trick. "Watch me pull a rabbit out of this box!" 🐰 @FriedmanCassie I love stacking stuff. @jackson_pope Indeed. Like a little bee sting. But the the next backer is like a band aid! @Boardgaming_FTW 😮 @CptJW_Shinbones That's my favorite game that I've not yet played. Really anxious to try it. The old Universal mons… @TheDragonTable Two interesting options. @GreyGnomeGames Oh, wow, that looks awesome! @LeviMote @HashtagMote @KittyKaBoom25 @ToxicAssAssun @BNerdyCreations @pnwbeard @awesome_sebas Nice way to start things off. @Boardgaming_FTW Whoa. During hurricane Irma, a couple of tornadoes hit ground here. One trailer community took it… @SarahDarkmagic Almost makes me feel like if I touched it, I'd pick up ash on my finger. It's awesome. @Boardgaming_FTW Oh, snap! 🌪️🌪️We're just getting rain on my coast. @jackson_pope Henry Ford would be proud of such an assembly line! @NorthStarGames @Boardgaming_FTW I really enjoyed @BGInquisition 's video on this game. Looks pretty cool! @beardedrogue @BoardVersus @dnlnwmn What a great feeling it must've been. I remember visiting Franklin, Indiana for… @GamingRulesVids @creakingshelf @slicker_drips I look forward to listening in.Nice, rainy morning in Florida. It's still dark but windows open while the sound of steady rain on the roof of our… you haven't checked out Flick Fleet, now is a good time as they close in on stretch goals. @jackson_pope Streeeeetch! @BigBadOverlord Seems like a nice touch.
@EuroGamerGirl @sac_bb @SetToBuild That's really cool. Wow. I will be sure to check it out if/when I visit London.… @GamingRulesVids You need more wires. @critshappen @kickstarter Anything that can make you say "unique" is good. I'll have to look at this more closely. @Boardgaming_FTW My roommate is in North Carolina on vacation, driving home this weekend. He's gonna go right throu… @EuroGamerGirl @sac_bb @SetToBuild Sounds like fun. Yesterday I was watching a video about attractions in London an… @SarahDarkmagic That is cool. I love all the work you put into the scales. @RobtheCramer Write one sentence. I had writer's block a while ago when I was a screenwriter and this advice worked… @WGTabletop Sounds reasonable. @C_M_Young Superman @EuroGamerGirl Mermaid is a good descriptor. 🧜‍♀️ @IndieCardboard We want pictures or it didn't happen!!! @GamingRulesVids Looking good! @japanese123 Wow. とてもきれいです。 @TabletopGamesBl @MLordsGames Very unusual looking. I await the unboxing. @MtGSPete Ugh. @GameMinimalist @London_on_Board What a great-looking place. @VitruvianGamer This is weird. The Tweet in my feed right before this one is about Wal Mart selling goat feed. What's with the goats? @BigBadOverlord Goats gotta eat. @MFGCast Plus the expansion that adds pirates and zombies.
@ithayla Chocolate ice cream, the universal cure. @jackson_pope Oh, man, I really love King of Tokyo. Talk about a game that just gets everyone around the table tras… @inquiry_meeple Nice. It's in the 80s here. It's a nNice day but 68 sounds very "October" to me. @Rick_Lorenzon @worldofwomenbg Very nice! @EuroGamerGirl Very good advice, indeed! @BigBadOverlord I knew cappuccinos were evil! @BGBrainKatie I eat oatmeal for breakfast every day. I've done so for many years. I think it's just become a habit… there can be a zombie expansion.In order to follow trends, I think someone needs to make a game about Vikings going to Mars to battle Birds and Cats. @BGInquisition I think I just replied to this but it ended up in a different spot. 🎃👻👽 @BGInquisition Um, strangely, I thought I was replying to your other comment about the tickets... Twitter fail! @BGInquisition Round trip tickets to Germany, Geneva and even London I found for less than $600. I need to make up… @kjrevia Sounds like a good movie opening. @BGInquisition These things tend to be like getting into a swimming pool. The water looks cold, you dip your toe in… @kjrevia At first, I thought it was something about oats. 😆 @BGBrainKatie All the best! @kjrevia My uncle lived there for several years. I'd say visit the waterfront and, of course, Chicago is famous for… @BGInquisition I priced tickets to Germany last night. It's pretty cheap. Not for Essen, just for tourism purposes.… @djisom Wow. I had no idea what happened until the replay. That was amazing. @BGBrainKatie The crust looks nice and crisp! @EuroGamerGirl Hope your headache is cleared up by now. Pretty good step count! @beardedrogue The elderly neighbor across the street from me has taken to organizing the garbage cans for everyone… @EricBuscemi @GamingRulesVids One of the best channels. I always look forward to seeing new content from Gaming Rules pop up on my list. @FriedmanCassie Ahhhh! So frustrating.
@SkyhammerS Did these give any inspiration for "Cardtropolis"? @GamingRulesVids No. But I say that so you will feel like you have to prove me wrong! Go, go, go! @jackson_pope Those first print prototypes are always exciting and filled with anticipation. @beardedrogue And, I associate you with your recent development, "Kabuto Sumo" @beardedrogue I don't know many people on Twitter well enough to be associated with a game other than my own "Have… @critshappen @beardedrogue Tox, of course I would associate you with "Sheriff of Notingham" because I picked it up… @BGBrainKatie Oatmeal @EuroGamerGirl he/him/Cthulhu 😀 @FriedmanCassie 😆 @EuroGamerGirl Nice! @jackson_pope Impressive! @FriedmanCassie As I am commenting, I bet it's already funded. @jackson_pope Woot! 🎇🎆 @GamingRulesVids I hope he keeps improving. @GreyGnomeGames @thegamecrafter Whoa.
@lizzayn Wow. So cool! @GameMinimalist True! @EuroGamerGirl That is awesome. It reminds me of this clock I saw in Tokyo... @jackson_pope 😆 @jackson_pope @kickstarter Fossils are cool. This image is from my trip to Tokyo at the Tokyo National Museum. It w… @FriedmanCassie Ah, gotcha. I didn't know that was an option! @EuroGamerGirl I made a game called "Errands" years and for a second, I thought you were talking about the game. H…