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bi🏳️‍🌈, he/him 16 year old musician and producer from australia

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@HaywardSings Well deserved ❤ @nokkusuu I play minecraft 😳 @DanilCupcha @iFeaturemusic @LeslieWai @hyp3rsleep @flawxmusic @OfficialKaijo @jayeskar @AvenzaOfficial @floopymusic OwFinaly... @viznode 😌 minecraft! @FoxChildMusic @skybreakedm True
@RealMarcixV Wtf @abisoos Blue 😳#平沢唯生誕祭2020
Retweeted by M3ry ChristmasHappy Thanksgiving, here are some god awful snares
Retweeted by M3ry Christmas @phritzmusic I can just tell this is gonna be my favourite song of the year @HaIcyonLV i recognize like 4 people lmao @Darby__Music yeeaaaaaaah!!!!!!!! woooooooooooooooo
@phritzmusic Omg yesss!!!!!new @RealMarcixV is nuts!!!! don't miss this!!!! year is finnaly over aaaaaaaaa im so happydads sneeze so loud bc it’s the only way they know how to express their emotions
Retweeted by M3ry Christmas @Parable_Collect also: i dont like me remix :P @Parable_Collect Viznode Wordcall is nuts
@theepictheymer H @revenant_music @DOVVEmusic Hi @DOVVEmusic ???? @realatagdubs 🌌 @inkwillmusic hi :3 @phritzmusic how do get as good as you lmao @bendelmusic shit tonne of micro edits, and individual tracks for every single sample
@pleegmusic PLEEG on rushdown??? this is seriously unexpected, but I'm hyped!!! @glaiv3 04 @mistrrrmedia hehe @imcloudcage Better days ahead is so amazing. your such a talented producer and you make such beautiful music <3 @aspectsound fuck, forgot about that one. yeah probs wont ever come out at this point haha, unless some label wants… @Equator_Media <33 @Equator_Media hi hi! @aspectsound hey @bendelmusic Hows it going bendel @felimosmusic These Nights I Spend Alone Are To Be Better Spent, just... crazy. i don't understand how you write this stuff @itscoffeerun "nothing more" is absolute sex @Ohthatkazuki Cuts is one of my favourite songs of the year. you're so fucking talented man❤️ @feelingseasick1 Steel Jaw goes very VERY hard. sound design is nuts @imblindboy Lost in the wind is fucking awesome!! Im such a sucker for the electronic/post rock style and you did it so well @iamsnowghost Into the unknown, its just so amazing!!! @astralysmusic Wasnt expecting that one to come up 😳 super glad you like it ❤ @itsdadscomputer "I already know it" is so amazing, i love it so much!!! @feelingseasick1 I cant find any of your music on twitter, could you send me a soundcloud link? I think i know what… @kleynaa I'd forgive you is very cool, love the lofi electronic mix you did with it @Mivias_Music Her world is very pretty, im a sucker for those ambient piano peices haha @Darby__Music Nightlife of the glowing forest. That last ambient drop gets me every time. Such a pretty song ❤ @PaperSkies_Sc I know it just came out, but it has to be edges. Its such a great song and its been stuck in my head… @aethoro Hi @astralysmusic :) @SekaiTunes ILY is such a vibe, its so adorable and so well written. i just love it so much its so cute :) @shirobeats_ Why are you so far away is very pretty @DbclWaffle Hai @OfficiallyMizu Its 5am and thats ok 😌 simply beautiful @imnotnabil Monopoly is a slapper @Octaviiaah Very underrated 😎 @Equator_Media Your Duality remix is lutteraly next level. One of my fave heavy dubstep songs of the year. (I think… @its_vedra FLAWS REMIX FLAWS REMIX @Octaviiaah Heyo @jacobtidrick Good @hi_stumpy Home is super cute! Love that whole minimalist stop and start vibe you went for. Sound choice is superb 😎👍 @Blujamin @DansDemand_ Ok :p @Quackson666 Run it is just, such a bloody banger. It goes so stupidly hard and i love it!! @Blujamin @DansDemand_ A sample pack will be more benificial for fans on all DAW's, not just FL @HaIcyonLV Box 😌 @DbclWaffle Your entire piano album is fucking amazing. I listen to it very VERY frequently. Its helps me get inspired :) @MooreKismetBass Flair/they changed, its honestly so hard to pick, they are both such amazing songs ❤ @notcodly your long way home remix is absolutely insane aaaaaa @nebita @vampiric_shirin Hi Nebita @jacobtidrick this was really hard to pick since every song you make is insane. but it has to be CYAN, it's just fu… @bendelmusic Solace is so beautiful, it really inspired me in some aspects of my style @aethertides Drown is so amazing, so underrated 😍 @Knoir_ Spitfire was my jam for like a full year. had that on repeat when walking to school haha @iameuphorian Angel goes so fucking hard. we need more good mid-tempo like that in the scene @XeudoCode Lies is an absolute bop @Shpeaboy Your apocalypse remix is super unique @realatagdubs everything's gonna be alright SLAPS so fucking HARD. @floopymusic Seedles Strawberries is so cute and so pretty! @itsasymmetric Synthetic Horizon is just SO beautiful <3artist mutuals reply to this and I'll tell u what my favorite song by you is :) @aethertides :3 @jacobtidrick Hi :) @HaIcyonLV you probably could if you uploaded a song onto your own account. i got like 50 followers from releasing…
I KNOW YOU KNOW WHO I AM THE ALBUM 12/12/2020 who's ready
Retweeted by M3ry Christmas @JPEBROmusic @aethoro Yeah @akosmotunes :) @Knoir_ Im feeling like that rn :/ @Darby__Music :) @torrmusic very cool @Darby__Music :(
i'm 20 today! here's a messy charli xcx edit i made like a year ago
Retweeted by M3ry Christmas @Knoir_ wait what😳 @DansDemand_ sample pack 😳 @phritzmusic Your music always sounds super amazing, every song you make sounds super interesting and dynamic. In t… @phritzmusic I feel like i have the oppisite problem, i have such terrible attention to detail it makes my music so…
Really enjoying ableton so far!
This is why i moved to ableton @skybreakedm Rip @light_shard 👀 send