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Neil Shirtcliffe @N_Shirtcliffe Nordrhein-Westfalen

Biomaterials Science researcher and lecturer. British citizen working in Germany

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Nanocomposites of Bacterial Cellulose Nanofibrils and Zein Nanoparticles for Food Packaging Effect of Polyion Complex Nanoparticles on Gram-Negative Bacteria
Exploring Maleimide-Based Nanoparticle Surface Engineering to Control Cellular Interactions of Biopolymers and ZnO NPs for Controlled Release of Zinc in Agricultural Soils and Timed Delivery for M…
Biomedical Applications of pH-Responsive Amphiphilic Polymer Nanoassemblies gel grabs PFAS
@Otto_English There are people on the Brexit party mailing list still? I mean apart from all the fake ones. @Shortbloke Can't help there, I don't have it and I am not a thick posh young woman so not his type. @markoftheD I am interested in a morbid way whether there will be more deaths from things like cancer being diagnos… @ItsAndyRyan @Supervisor1_9_4 @DougleDee Also a left boot should not be the same as a right boot, they are differen… Bacterial Cellulose-Supported Quasi-Solid Electrolyte for Lithium Batteries @ItsAndyRyan @Supervisor1_9_4 @DougleDee Surely it depends what the hidden operators are. If it is multiply for ho… Flu Vaccine Developed Using Novel Nanoparticles @fascinatorfun @Otto_English It was on the German news last night, it would seem unlikely that many other tests are…
@Eddystone506 John Major.Combating Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilms by a Chitosan-PEG-Peptide Conjugate via Changes in Assembled Structure @I_an_actor @Zokko18 It is now. "That is a bit of a Chris Whitty take." @Zokko18 Don't do your eyebrows. @elrington1952 @maff_smithy @Rachael_Swindon @jeremycorbyn So hopefully next time a fighter will be chosen.A Synergistic Relationship between Polycaprolactone and Natural Polymers Enhances the Physical Properties and Biolo… @elrington1952 @maff_smithy @Rachael_Swindon @jeremycorbyn Which is why he was the wrong candidate for the job. @warrior_puma @Doylington @irisstylosa @Rachael_Swindon @jeremycorbyn To be fair that is a very low bar. May, Camer… @Doylington @Rachael_Swindon @jeremycorbyn Vote for Corbyn, get Johnson was pretty unfortunate though.
@FolPoliticsUK @jcm247 Pretty terrible options to be sure.Das Geschäft mit der Homöopathie @talkRADIO Not convinced he is really going away yet. @MiaSertima @talkRADIO @jeremycorbyn Except anyone with a slightly different idea, they got kicked out of the party.Fabrication of Tip-Hollow and Tip-Dissolvable Microneedle Arrays for Transdermal Drug Delivery @wgudbranson @va_shiva He tries, but his explanation is extremely weak. @toddjensen99 @mcfunny @oddytee977 @va_shiva People often die of bacterial infection in combination with viruses.… @DLynn4Freedom @va_shiva Shiva wouldn't know the truth if it hit him in the head. @KStateTurk @va_shiva He is a reality denier. @LarouxVandyk @AndrewLazarus4 @savageexecutive @va_shiva No more absurd than the one it follows and more grammatically correct too.Hey @MIT, time to distance your institution from this guy before he ruins your reputation. @markmcan @Takethatdoctors I am glad that is decided. @bobbytg1stu @VeritasEver @Takethatdoctors No one even mentions they have a Ph.D. in an unrelated subject unless th… @va_shiva Says guy who didn't study medicine or biology, but advertises his engineering qualification in the hope nobody notices.Tunable Color Coating of E-Textiles by Atomic Layer Deposition of Multilayer TiO2/Al2O3 Films @NatalieGrams You forgot "It is a genetically engineered virus made by (Jews, China, Russia, big pharma... select a…
Optical Illusion Created by Butterflies’ Wing Scales Is Secret to Ultra-Black, Lightweight Materials New Kind of Light in the Universe? “Super-Planckian” Material Emits Light That Exceeds Limits of Natural Law @darrengrimes_ It is ironic that you juxtapose Leaving the EU and all we have is each other Without seeing that… @maitlis It is your job to ask questions, so ask. Expect more criticism if you don't.
@SuperSySez @darrengrimes_ @MattHancock Most of the cabinet are thicker than Hancock though, so I don't fancy their chances. @Nacho60363774 @darrengrimes_ @MattHancock Grimes or Morgan, I can't tell which you mean. @joaniwalshi @GenderKoolaid @darrengrimes_ @MattHancock He got off because his lawyer claimed he is too dim to fill… @highfields2020 @JohnWest_JAWS @darrengrimes_ @MattHancock From people who mistake him for Owen Jones. @darrengrimes_ @MattHancock Did Piers go off script for a moment? What did you expect? @powell_desmond @veryangryhobbit @KaseySymmons @ElizabethHaggis @Nigel_Farage Some weren't, the ones in the UK were though. @LanceForman @ledredman Only if I get to define what a bad deal is. @LanceForman @ledredman They wouldn't now, and after a load of old people die even less will want it. @Beany_1 It is nought. What do I win? @powell_desmond @veryangryhobbit @KaseySymmons @ElizabethHaggis @Nigel_Farage The news is not supposed to glamorise… @Rat_1960 @Nigel_Farage Do you speak English? @Nigel_Farage Not you, luckily.Transglutaminase-Catalyzed Encapsulation of Individual Mammalian Cells with Biocompatible and Cytoprotective Gelati… @Lacanox Here's the story
Retweeted by Neil Shirtcliffe @ApacReach_James @MarieAnnUK That is what makes it unusual, he is going against his base supporters. @MarieAnnUK Piers has a continual record of being a total cock 95 percent of the time and a star the rest. @El86562179 @TheFabledAesop For the same reason Brendan ONeill was on Aus media. Incidentally O'Neill fittingly autocorrects to infill. @corgicorri @SockFresh @BorisJohnson Trump is one of the two leaders who have done this worse than Johnson. @Josh39807 @SockFresh @BorisJohnson Who could do a worse job now that Corbyn is out of the picture? @BigDaveHype @HarryEarthling @BorisJohnson Because of his mishandling of a global epidemic. @BorisJohnson Your bit is resigning.
@symmo1969 It is Brendan O'Neill, so he probably doesn't even believe it himself. @jcm247 @haversham_miss He looks like he lives in a cave, and eats whatever is too slow to get away. @berniespofforth There is a thin gap at the top and bottom between frame and puzzle in the early stages that they d… @markoftheD It is a superpower called hypocrisy, you can use it for nearly anything. @GrantWhiteTZ The type of people... @Michael__TS_ @NRA I don't see the poor exploited disabled woman here, just the exploiters. @NRA Guns won't help her against a virus.
@pastorlocke You are advertising that you are an idiot, which is not really a good thing. @jdpoc Very little panic buying over here either, there is some in the cities but here in the country not yet. @spikedonline Brendan is a professional moron. @markoftheD Extremely unlikely, conspiracy theories are resilient by nature, any evidence becomes part of the conspiracy.Just say no to made up medicine @markoftheD @VexNemorensis I am sure there are other overrated bands with the odd good song that specialise in whin…
@allisonpearson So your readers are going to take a hit then. @corbieres99 @alambourne2 @grahamoptional @JohnFielder1 @Tony_Robinson No, I didn't vote for Brexit, nor did I vote… @corbieres99 @alambourne2 @grahamoptional @JohnFielder1 @Tony_Robinson That just shows the Labour membership would… @corbieres99 @alambourne2 @grahamoptional @JohnFielder1 @Tony_Robinson Nobody would have noticed. @JohnFielder1 @Tony_Robinson Corbyn is hanging around despite having lost terribly. Using a crisis to hang onto par… @corkrite @Tony_Robinson As he is incapable that is not reassuring. @Warburydude @Tony_Robinson The other buffoon being the only other choice is the only reason this liar got there in the first place.
@JamesMelville Am guessing you meant Japan and S Korea.Homeopathy Doesn't Cure Corona @OwenJones84 Nobody would believe him, even his supporters know he is a liar. @EnglishmanAdam Get in the queue. @berniespofforth Countries will pollute less than they have for decades. People will think about local supply chai… @afneil Me, I care.
@Nigel_Farage How did it do that Mr thicko? Are you claiming it is artificial now, or do you think it is surprisin… @jcm247 @panamadip @jcm247 @panamadip Maybe this picture helps, it is a pregnancy test, but the principle is the same @jcm247 @fascinatorfun @BpsmithUk @tfoale @startmakingsens If they can make one they can make both. The RNA sequen… @jcm247 @fascinatorfun @BpsmithUk @tfoale @startmakingsens The linear flow device is deliberately simple to use and… @markoftheD I guess he found out. @jcm247 @panamadip This is carried further up by capillary action until it reached a line of antibodies to the anti… @jcm247 @panamadip Not really magic It is like a wick of string with, for example, the virus protein stuck to blac…