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Founded 1909, the NAACP is the nation's first and largest grassroots–based civil rights organization. Over 2,000 volunteer-run branches nationwide.

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#Primetime 1930, the @NAACP fought Herbert Hoover’s nomination to the Supreme Court and won. 90 years later, we are fighti… is #NationalVoterRegistrationDay, a great time to answer these questions. Are you registered to vote? Is e… @EmperorMovie Producer @reghud and star actor @DayoOkeniyi joined us at the 111th #NAACPConvention to discus…
#EmperorMovie, is a riveting story based on the life and journey of outlaw slave turned freedom fighter, Shields "E… #2020Election is the most important election we’ve seen and it will take all of our efforts to get a desired ou…
ICYMI: @EmperorMovie Producer @reghud and star actor @DayoOkeniyi joined us at the 111th #NAACPConvention to discus…, is a riveting story based on the life and journey of outlaw slave turned freedom fighter, Shields "E… consider this notification that your words are now being used against you. If a President is in…’s still time to #BeCounted! The #2020Census decides the disbursement of over a trillion dollars of government… Ruth Bader Ginsburg was second civil rights lawyer to serve on Supreme Court, after Thurgood Marshall. Tr…
Retweeted by NAACPA major loss in the fight for justice and the push for equal and equitable representation in this country. #RIPRBG
Retweeted by NAACPWe are devastated by the passing tonight of Supreme Court Justice #RBG. Justice Ginsburg was an incredibly accompli…
The nation has lost a great hero in the fight for equal justice & a legal legend for the ages—on & off the Court. T… Are Done Dying ✊🏾 #NAACPConventionThis concludes day 6 of the #NAACPConvention! Thanks for tuning in for our imperative conversations around voting.…“We have to manage our success, successfully and start owning all of who we are. We have overcome tremendous odds,…“We need is a community centric approach to address the systems that are against us.” – @DerrickNAACP“I’m not entitled to an office, but as an American, I am entitled to a vote.” - @StaceyAbrams #Allinforvoting“We have 41 states that currently will you to vote by mail with no excuses. We have 40 states that will allow you t…“Politicians respond to three things: money, peer pressure and attention.” - @StaceyAbrams #Allinforvoting #NAACPConvention #WeAreDoneDying“Voting does not fix anything, but voting is the only way you get to be a part of the solution.” - @StaceyAbrams“We have to be honest with people about the fullness of their power and their worth.” @Angela_Rye #Allinforvoting“We as African Americans must take our destiny in our own hands to define the path forward. Political parties are o…“If we go backwards, this democracy will not look the same. It may not be able to survive.” - @DerrickNAACP“We also need to be vigilant and hopeful. We need to think ahead, make a plan and mobilize.” - @misscortes“We have to push forward a value proposition and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.” – @DerrickNAACP last day to fill out the census is September 30th. Online at By phone: 844-330-2020“Filling out the census is how you get what you deserve.” - @StaceyAbrams #Allinforvoting #NAACPConvention #WeAreDoneDying“If you under count black and brown communities, those dollars don’t disappear, they just get redirected to wealthi…“…because Black folks were under counted in 2010, we got less of the resources we needed in 2020.” – @StaceyAbrams“The census is the one way we have consistently gained access to power and privilege over time.” – @StaceyAbrams“There is an intentionality to exclude our voices in this democracy.” - @DerrickNAACP #Allinforvoting #NAACPConvention #WeAreDoneDying"The right to vote is what under girds everything you have in a democracy. It is the key to our power.” –…“Don’t let anyone steal your voice.” – @lizgarbus #Allinforvoting #NAACPConvention #WeAreDoneDying“What we wanted to do with this film is trace our history to let people know that what they’re facing are features…“It’s going to be the people who saves us. This is the time now to be educated about the issues, make a plan and mo… at in now for a special preview and discussion on the newly released documentary All In: The Fight For Democracy,…"If you see a good fight, get in it! This is a moment. You are needed." - @RevAlvinHerring, Faith in Action #NAACPConvention #WeAreDoneDying"Justice is what Faith should look like in public." - @RevAlvinHerring, Faith in Action #NAACPConvention #WeAreDoneDying"As you vote, make sure to adhere to the CDC rules to protect your health." - @Jamal_1978, VP of Civic Engagement,…"A voteless people is a hopeless people. Vote." - @MarcMorial, CEO @NatUrbanLeague #NAACPConvention #WeAreDoneDying"You can be revolutionary and also takeover what presently exists." - @Jamal_1978, VP of Civic Engagement, NAACP…"It ain't cool to not vote." - @MarcMorial, CEO @NatUrbanLeague #NAACPConvention #WeAreDoneDying"If you are not at the table, you are on the menu." - @MarcMorial, CEO @NatUrbanLeague #NAACPConvention #WeAreDoneDying"We have to understand what our power really is as Black men while also upholding and applauding Black women." -…"Today is National Black Voter Day. We have to lift up what it means for our community to exercise our power." -…"November 3rd is the marker, not the endpoint." - @Jamal_1978, VP of Civic Engagement, NAACP #NAACPConvention #WeAreDoneDying"We have to pivot from voting based on candidate and vote based on the issues." - @Jamal_1978, VP of Civic Engageme…"We cannot be tricked and bamboozled into not voting this year." @MarcMorial, CEO @NatUrbanLeague #NAACPConvention #WeAreDoneDying"Voter suppression played a role in the 2016 turnout." - @MarcMorial, CEO @NatUrbanLeague #NAACPConvention #WeAreDoneDying"If we are going to move the agenda for racial justice, voter turnout will have to be higher than 2000." -…'re continuing our voting conversation with Where Do We Go From Here? Part 2. Tune now at"Let's commit to you plus 2, in getting to the polls." - Debo Adegbile, Partner, @WilmerHale #NAACPConvention #WeAreDoneDying"Be hopeful and make a plan to vote as early as you can." - @vanitaguptaCR, President and CEO, @civilrightsorg"We need to restore the Voting Rights Act." - @vanitaguptaCR, President and CEO, @civilrightsorg #NAACPConvention #WeAreDoneDying"Voting happens every year. Local elections are the ones that are the most proximate to the people in the community…"If you care about criminal justice reform, it is critical that we use our voice at the ballot box."…"We're dealing with weapons of mass distraction."- @Gilda_Daniels, @adv_project #NAACPConvention #WeAreDoneDying"There are over 300 Covid, voting related cases in litigation."- @Gilda_Daniels, @adv_project #NAACPConvention #WeAreDoneDying"We need to ensure that people can cast their votes, safely." - @Gilda_Daniels, @adv_project #NAACPConvention #WeAreDoneDying"Everything is at stake for our communities." - @vanitaguptaCR, President and CEO, @civilrightsorg #NAACPConvention #WeAreDoneDyingAs AG Barr, continues to down play the #BlackLivesMatter movement we push forward #nonstoptonovember!…"We have to make sure that voters have confidence in our democratic process." @vanitaguptaCR, President and CEO,…"It's Russian interference targeting black voters and the sharing of misinformation that we are also fighting." -…"The Election Protection line is available for people to share their experiences: 866-OUR-VOTE."@KristenClarkeJD Pr…"We encourage people to activate now with a plan for how they intend to vote."@KristenClarkeJD President,…"The challenges that we face are simply unprecedented."-@KristenClarkeJD President, @LawyersComm #NAACPConvention #WeAreDoneDying"This is a logistically complex election." - @Sifill_LDF President, LDF #NAACPConvention #WeAreDoneDyingIn recognition of National Black Voter Day we are hosting a series of conversations on voter suppression, voter eng… the question is, what can we DO to combat intentional efforts to make it harder for Black voters to vote?…
Retweeted by NAACPToday as we kick off #BlackVoterDay we also announce our partnership w/ @Snapchat in the effort to increase voter p…"If this year has taught us anything, our vote or lack thereof has real-world consequences on our livelihood,"… we’ve partnered with @BET to kick off #NationalBlackVotersDay, a day to ensure that you, your family and your…
There was so much valuable information shared in our Black Health & Wealth conversation! Special thanks to our pane…"The most critical consideration at this time is to vote." - @DrGCChristopher, NCHE #NAACPConvention"Health has to also include mental health. We have to put a priority on mental health." - President @DerrickNAACP #NAACPConvention"We need to use this pandemic to drive policy change. There has never been a public health crisis like this in my l…"Ultimately, what drives courage and determination is the heart." - @DrGCChristopher, NCHE #NAACPConvention"There is no center of gravity for facts anymore." President @DerrickNAACP #NAACPConvention"Freedom is a constant struggle. Nothing is perfect, but we all have the capacity to do extraordinary things." - Pr…"Understanding the history of this country is essential to dismantling the systems of racial hierarchy." -…"The choices that you make often depend on the choices that you have." - @DrRichBesser, CEO @RWJF #NAACPConvention"We have to get beyond the political and social divisions that are being manipulated." - @DrGCChristopher, NCHE #NAACPConvention"There is so much racism embedded in our politics." - @DrGCChristopher, NCHE #NAACPConvention"The student loan crisis is debilitating to so many individuals." - President @DerrickNAACP #NAACPConvention"We talk about America like this land of opportunity, yet healthcare is dependent on employment." - @DrRichBesser,…"We have to provide economic opportunity, intentionally." - @DrGCChristopher, NCHE #NAACPConvention"We have to examine the why behind the disparities." - @SWestatWRF, CEO @wrfound #NAACPConvention"What is happening now against women, particularly Trans women is terrible and no one is talking about it." - @DerrickNAACP #NAACPConvention"Public policy is often shaped by how we see one another." - President @DerrickNAACP #NAACPConvention"Black lives matter. Not that other lives don't, but Black lives matter." - President @DerrickNAACP #NAACPConvention"Education, health and economics all weigh in a big way in terms of life expectancy." - @DrRichBesser, CEO @RWJF #NAACPConvention"We have to bring together a critical mass of people to re-imagine a new agenda for the health and wealth of Black…"We have to have specific strategies to end separation." - @DrGCChristopher, NCHE #NAACPConvention"Self-compassion is a prerequisite to compassion." - @DrGCChristopher, NCHE #NAACPConvention"Overcoming bias and challenging our stereotypical perceptions is enabled through engagement." - @DrGCChristopher, NCHE #NAACPConvention"A recent study found, the infant death penalty was reduced by 50% when doctors were of the same ethnicity as the c…"The more fuel you give to fire, the bigger the fire gets. We have to acknowledge our past, heal from it and move f…