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I’m so bored, I will actually take this job even though kids that age irritate me. @jilladams_ Eish @marie_osbon Vinyl yardIt’s just been a man, his mirror, and his various hairstyles during this quarantine.
Retweeted by Jelly Belly✨❤️ @_manji__ 😂😂😂 @naa_rogue_xx @viiolllaaa @viiolllaaa The pant I bought?God whenever you ready lmk.
Retweeted by Jelly Belly✨❤️ @_manji__ Lmaoooonot him having a debut album before normani..
Retweeted by Jelly Belly✨❤️ @_manji__ Block him"you cute asf hmuuu" my insecure ass:
Retweeted by Jelly Belly✨❤️If you ever throw my insecurity in my face or something traumatic that I’ve overcome, youre no longer welcome in my life.
Retweeted by Jelly Belly✨❤️ @youutwum 😂😂😂😂Ah herh???😂😂😂😂 please sign this so that your friends don’t get sent to detention camps in this pandemic
Retweeted by Jelly Belly✨❤️ @jilladams_ Herh @jilladams_ Mesee kwame2 weeks kraa minhu so labor of love took about 7 months hours to create. It is my reminder that with hard work + prayer, ANYTHING y…
Retweeted by Jelly Belly✨❤️The fakest people in your family are your Uncles and Aunties from your Father's side.👌
Retweeted by Jelly Belly✨❤️ @_gis_ela No @JZobi_ Yes. Block me @jilladams_ Trauma? @JZobi_ AhnnVery simple sturv @_kofiboateng_ 😍😂😂period ! @_kofiboateng_ Ahh you’re not serious. I’m coming for hotspot 😂 @_kofiboateng_ Let it finish eh? @_kofiboateng_ Ah wait 22G? Why ?😂 @_kofiboateng_ No credit 😂 @_kofiboateng_ That was me last month. You dier when you bundle then you send me some, nnipa ns3 hwee @_kofiboateng_ Ei ? Rn I fitnt oh😂 team 3gh. @TeeRomoke Ahnnn @_shorshor which is why Purple should be Nii purpko I second this movement
Retweeted by Jelly Belly✨❤️ @TeeRomoke Eh? @akoma__ Cement?😂 @_giselaamponsah Imu @_giselaamponsah Imu @efia911 I can’t read oh @sickofacebook 😂😂😂see you dear😂😂😂Ghana here? AhnnLmao Ei? @sickofacebook Ahnnn 2022 okay?😍😍😍😍 @mattondizzz Awww showing men @tina_ketewa 😭😂😂😂 @_Abieray @___nerlin 😂😂😂Nobody: Popees: same actually killed this challenge and y’all still wanna say team eden
Retweeted by Jelly Belly✨❤️Blocking Gisela is therapeuticLow maintenance friendships are the one man. We’re all grinding but the love will forever be there
Retweeted by Jelly Belly✨❤️abuela is how cardi b will look when shes older 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Jelly Belly✨❤️
Retweeted by Jelly Belly✨❤️ @king_leshurr1 😂😂😂 @king_leshurr1 @benhin_bb Women will show you. IssoraiIssa-me! Beyoncé! I-a singa the halo! The love-a issa right-a on top-a!
Retweeted by Jelly Belly✨❤️Me cleaning the house: Without music. With music.
Retweeted by Jelly Belly✨❤️ @king_leshurr1 Go away @_keren_x I’ve blocked her kraa 😂befire she blocks meI just want 5😔 @_keren_x @_giselaamponsah 😂😂😂block her back @_keren_x @_giselaamponsah Can’t say same. Sigh @king_leshurr1 @benhin_bb Ah so me you’ve aired me? @Ohemaa_bee You’re a good friend ❤️Pleaseeee go and Subscribe ohhh
Retweeted by Jelly Belly✨❤️Cos they’re your friends ?🌚 @del_asf 💀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂we went on the day. Missed them you remove me on one app remove me off them all 💕
Retweeted by Jelly Belly✨❤️😛lil miss
Retweeted by Jelly Belly✨❤️It’s love sense I don’t have. I keep falling for people who don’t want me 🤦🏾‍♀️
Retweeted by Jelly Belly✨❤️ @___nerlin It’s sweetie oh dear @youutwum I will look into it dear 😂 @mich__d_a 😂😂 @jilladams_ You’re laughing too hard. You’re not even part @mich__d_a I’ll send you tsina fuf) soon okay? @youutwum Hei! will be surprising them anyhow @august_peprah Soon dear, soon @mzdelah 😂😂😂When I see my friend tweet they want something, it hurts a little inside I can’t get it for them. Hold on dears! I’ll spoil you soonwhat ever happened to men working in the coal mines
Retweeted by Jelly Belly✨❤️Bringing art to life using waste. #askmckingtorch
Retweeted by Jelly Belly✨❤️ @_giselaamponsah Ei you blow oh me plug my channel sef😂 Meeba @spyda_woman ❤️ @buer_mele It can oh. I know someone who has bought 3 times @_fafali @iyam_carl @MichaelAmofaa 😂😂😂 @MichaelAmofaa @iyam_carl 😂😂⏫ @iyam_carl @MichaelAmofaa @_fafali Leave my aunty alone @MichaelAmofaa @iyam_carl Wose den? Waso s3 wele @iyam_carl @MichaelAmofaa She’s not my mate oh. I’m in Ghana @MichaelAmofaa 😂😂😂😂😂 @Brucey1 Everyone loves whales.
Retweeted by Jelly Belly✨❤️ @ivybents LmaoooNah don’t @MichaelAmofaa Aden anka 40?😂