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@ElijaahMatthew @SUFFOCATEMUSIC JAH LMAOOOOi’m cute as hell
Retweeted by Nuka @AnnesaKate The cutest
✨You can delete but screenshots are forever ✨ @AnnesaKate @SUFFOCATEMUSIC I use to work at a cafe so I know how to make gas crepes🔥I’m pretty sure I ate a 8 pound bag of tater tots alone. It only lasted me less than two weeks :(Happy Halloween Eve to all my spooky scary skeletons!!!! @__jdollasignnn Limon laysTrying to get some of my favourite people to affiliate status on twitch so if you follow these accounts on twitch I…
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James is coming to see me this weekend 🥰going live in about an hour or so! doing a dark makeup look to get into the spirit of halloween! follow me so you d…
Retweeted by Nuka @nuudleboi I’m so excited for Cold War, the beta was such a tease!!I haven’t played cod at all this week 😭 I’ve been knocking out so early what the fuckkkkkk.
😍😍😍 cod and talking shit on @divinityUSA
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@jmossmusic You forgot to say you were coming home to me too @SUFFOCATEMUSIC @jmossmusic @mantikmusic Helloooooo
Idk why I just thought of the time my dad ran my leg over with his truck and left a huge tire mark on me like you see in cartoons @SOUNDWRECK_ Woooo woooooooy
Retweeted by Nuka @Naataaalieeeee @GRIME_FEST @HyperX 🐐
Retweeted by Nuka @Naataaalieeeee @HyperX YOU ARE WELCOME ❤
Retweeted by NukaWhere is GTA6? What hell are we all living in?
Retweeted by NukaPOCKET TEE’S AVAILABLE UNTIL 11/1 $32 // a portion of proceeds will go to @t1international 🖤 GRAB YOURS NOW!!…
Retweeted by NukaBIG SHOUTOUT TO @GRIME_FEST AND @HyperX FOR MY AWESOME NEW HEADSET!! DEFINITELY THE BEST IVE EVER OWNED, THANK YOU… game for anyone who is unaware: comments and likes help more than anything also FULL comments emojis do li…
Retweeted by Nukawhat if............ @40ozcult x @GRIME_FEST 😬😬😬👀👀👀
Retweeted by NukaHappy Friday everyone!! My TL has been a little hostile this week so I’m sharing one of my favorite videos to light… @jmossmusic Love you too! @kaiju_kam Spelled it right for you this time too!! 😂 @kaiju_kam KamI had a dream @Naataaalieeeee was trying to date me and she got me a PS5 with 2k as her way of showing she was serious.
Retweeted by Nuka @ElijaahMatthew I’ve been saying once your “gay phase” is over hmu 👏🏼 😂😂😂😂 @jmossmusic big W for u
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Retweeted by NukaI’m gonna take my boyfriend on a cute date cause he deserves itWhat the actual fuck💎 💎 💎 💎 💎
Retweeted by Nuka @Lacefield @divinityUSA it’s your time to shine!! 👏🏼 @cameronmayes__ Play with me and @jmossmusic @__jdollasignnn MoodHalloween being on a Saturday this year is such a fucking waste.
Truu 😔 @jmossmusic You love it 🥰 @ElijaahMatthew Why did you do that to yourself 😂😂 @wenzdaymusic @KannibalenRecs Stomp on it plsWould u let me break your heart?
Retweeted by NukaI’m glad I keep all my social media notifications off lol @kaiju_kam I’ll be on laterrr @nappyisCRACKED @SweetToothAudio LMAOOOO We should all do it 😂 @ChubbySixtyFine @vznnte Just be more responsible than that group was. You already know you’re risking it by going…
Retweeted by NukaMe: damn I forgot what I had to tell you My grandma: it must of been a lie then Damn nana 😂😂 @crybbygothgf I’m so proud of you! Keep me updated 😊🖤Alien shades stay ON during sex @MadiKauf Afterpay 👀 @therocksahead @TheFPIA @_kendallmm Exactly!👀
Retweeted by Nuka @TheFPIA @_kendallmm I honestly don’t think the drive in is even the problem. I’m assuming they had a pregame or a… @Testdubz We have the same mind!! 😂 @Testdubz it started vs. How it’s going @crybbygothgf She got famous for stealing a black creators dance tho @Simp4Sluts I know that’s why I say it 😂 @Simp4Sluts What a cool guy
WHATS UP TWITTER💕Just letting you know new music will be here soon! Me and Brooklyn love you all🥰
Retweeted by Nuka @jmossmusic HELL YEAHHHHHH!! @kaiju_kam It was so bad omfg I forgot 😂😂😂😂 @TraeErikson20 Yes!! I loved their fort episode 😂I get to teach all my coworkers different lingos cause they’re all old. Today they learned how to use gas so now th… @divinityUSA I love the dean 😂😂Insta saw it first🖤
Retweeted by NukaI can’t believe I slept on The Community for so long 😂Fuck @Algodubs Happy birthday!! Have a great birthweek, see you in the gulag soon 🍻me after I die in warzone zombies trying to be goated as a zombie
Retweeted by NukaTHE END LMAOOOOO @divinityUSA I heard mustard is banned therePlaying Verdansk @ElijaahMatthew You’re not responsible for other people’s triggers
Black Ops 2 Menu Theme
Retweeted by Nuka @AsiaVsTheWorld I would die for snowball (sorry I named him/her already) @helloimjaxx @SUFFOCATEMUSIC And he’s back to hating life againLast night of the Cold War beta!
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I’m inlove @HeklerMusic 🥁
Retweeted by Nuka @DackJanielsDub @divinityUSA I’ll pay him not to do that @ohnoloreo Super cute and now you have a weaponWhy did you do that to us?? @SOUNDWRECK_ THANKS PAL @ohnoloreo Hidden valley is the worst ranch tho :/ if it was a bedazzled Rods Ranch tho 👀
@jmossmusic Thank you cutieee @ohnoloreo That’s all you!!🔫 can you pick me up
On some real shit tho nuka be having some of the best burns
Retweeted by Nuka @mantikmusic 😂😂 thank you @kaiju_kam That’s literally how you looked like not trying to fall asleep on @autokorekt_’s couch KMAOLMFAOOO
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