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Weekend dump 🚮 📸
@DAMIADENUGA Successful woman telling the truth. It’s not easy being a woman & trying to pursue career & motherhood at the same time. @rileyj_s 😂😂😂😂😂 @verge They’re going all in on AR.I feel like putting this icon  in my bio. It's not my intention to give people a wrong impression. I don't work at…‼️LISTEN‼️ Dear designer, Apple has dropped design resources for iOS 17 on #Figma. Go grab this free resource 👇🚨 Job alert 🎨 UX Design Intern 💼 Roadie 📍Remote 🔗 Apply 👇🏼
Dear designer, need inspiration for your portfolio?...check out this killer portfolio examples👇🏼 @LuisvonAhn @duolingo 👏👏 congrats. @davidemi07 Nice 👍 @0xgaut This can't be real. @sdw @round I'm here for the glass...Gosh I love glassmorphism 🥹if I see "Spatial Experience Designer" title in any bio on this bird app, especially those claiming "50yrs" of expe… @EmmaBostian @FrontendMasters Awwwwww this is so cute 🥰Create accessible spatial experiences spatial SharePlay experiences for spatial user interfaces‼️LISTEN‼️ Dear Designer, in conjunction with the release of Apple's Vision Pro, Apple has also released videos on…
@ProductHunt I'll not be surprised 😂 @PicturesFoIder Ayo, time to go diving 🤿 @itspaulh I think this is just for first generation adopters and developers to build on, they probably gon make it… @joinbento Just concerned though, hope Bento won't change or turn into linktree (b*ring design) 🤭. Forgive my lan… @BlazingMoj I wish I was 😭
@lindadong The excitement 😂😂😂 @peterhajas Such a flex, nice peter. @MartinBekerman 😂😂😂😂😂As always the website is giving... @itspaulh Yeah I know. Vision pro even has a feature called iSight. @joinbento Awwwwww nice one Bento. 👏👏👏👏 @J3nnie_C Some of the tweets are annoying, but some are also good recommendations ngl.AI bros after they get Vision Pro will turn into AR bros. Next thing the whole TL will be filled with thread abou… @_TommyMason I just said this to someone. Give it some time, 3 to 5 years and we'll get even better iterations. @andrewhoyer 😭😭😂😂 @kunalstwt External battery @JordanAmblin 😂😂😂 u people r not nice. @mthblt Brilliant work. I'm inspired.Think about it, which would u prefer to own? @k1ng0mar22 Don't even try it bro. I still remember the buzz about iphone5 during my uni days 😕. Imagine what Visio… @tim_cook Wow Apple really bringing all those things u see in the movies to real life. Y'all really hacked this experience design thing. 👏👏👏 @briantong It's the way they reacted at the price 😂😂😂😂Like this tweet and watch how the heart glows #WWDC23 @ianzelbo The son of God 😂... @IsaacChibuzor And next year when they add "max" to the name, U know the prices will go up 😂 @imPatrickT I think it's detachable or I hope the charging is. That wire already looks inconveniencing. @jv3o3 😂 @chrisdsn_ Yeah I know. I'm just thinking, imac, iphone, isight 😁I honestly think Vision Pro should have been called "iSight" #WWDC23 pro is pure magic 😳.....omg my mind is blown #WWDC23 @icreatelife 😂😂😂Sun kissed😍 @Dj_WinnieRoyal I use products from "The Face shop". I highly recommend their "real nature face mask aloe vera".As someone who plays chess, I say the king is very useless on the board, a burden to the entire army that has to be…
@ormanclark Sleeping, watching kdramas, going to the gym, play tennis with my friends, relaxing in the beach or tak… @o_richad No it's Cotonou.
@gmail Done, thanks alot 👍Dear @gmail if I block an email address from sending me mail, I don't ever want to receive emails from that addres… @chris__sev Nice team 😂 @NathanLands 😂😂😂😂😂😂 @ChidimmaFaith15 😂😂😂 @ChidimmaFaith15 Ask chatGPT 😁 @ehikian if everyone hates u, does it mean you're doing it right.This website is giving me inspiration 👇🏼 @oguzyagizkara Nice 👍 @alsterfalter @nurijanian Fr, u r so right. @nurijanian 🤣🤣🤣🤣 but why?Dear designer, are you job hunting? Here's a UX hiring resource by a recruiter that can give u insight. Also Includ… stressing over alignment, corner radius & aesthetics…some questions u should also be asking…. ur d… @DataChaz @KMartenon 🤣🤣
@laytoshg 🤣🤣 @Stray_Kids Y’all better stop censoring dwaekki, I mean we know the man is a #maniac & #oddinary…we want to see him… @kingfuhad1 Press my phones, or my Laptop or my tab. 🥲Just realized I've been living in this house for over 3months now and I've never turned on the TV...Not even once. @FELIXCharts @Stray_Kids Yongboks giving stay the perfect guide🤣🤣
One day I’ll post all the crazy stuff u people drop in my DMs…🚶‍♀️ @jennmakani @Stray_Kids Awww so cute….Baby stay 🥹 @Stray_Kids 😂😂😂😂 love the skzoo… can’t wait for 5star to drop @TheAnkurTyagi Thanks for sharing Ankur. @novikoff I just imagine the designers working with those founders. Really reminds me the most important part of my… @KassandraSanch lol 😂 @GiftOKOH2021 I have learnt my lesson, will not repeat the same mistake again. @thereal_samuel6 😭Google meet really did me dirty. Was having network issues and I joined a meeting, I know I clicked to switch off m… @aleksliving lol🤣 @aleksliving lol. where do u start from? building the color scheme?Happy new month people., and thanks to the 39 people following me. 😘
@Stray_Kids yongbok's hair is giving, love it.Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. Keep pushing 🌻 @UnclePamilerin Deep.
🎧 'Too Good to Not Believe' - Brandon Lake
@IftahazK Thanks @Kyle_dml I should make thread on how u use other designs as inspiration? U can ask ChatGPT though 😬 @4tune4official Thanks @PicturesFoIder Lol this is not supposed to be funnyThis website is giving me all the inspiration I need.
@NoContextHumans OMG I screamed so much watching this. 😩......Man was trying recreate titanic, be romantic & propos… @primevideouk 😂😂😂 u people are tr*lling.Nobody...absolutely nobody. Me: *Unmutes mic* 🗣️ same as yesterday, thank u. *mutes mic* lol 🙃 @Arix_Ki Meeting everyday and saying u working on the same shuff as yesterday...😂😂
@jamiros Hahaha…lol. @jamiros Not interested in what counts though. Btw I found this on the internet.