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Former Club Penguin YouTube star, recent college graduate. Tweets about video games, theatre, cartoons, politics, and mourning the death of Club Penguin.

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@DanPovenmire Hello??
@pfmmlnews God I hope they feel compelled to sing a song about itDAN POVENMIRE IS A NATIONAL TREASURE Also looks like Vanessa is in the P&F movie!! 👀
@carphonic Among those who did not obtain the hat was singer-songwriter Nickelodeon star Drake Bell @jaarbutus Did the toucan show up
@mothmanbot @ashobirb is this your alt account @Babycrier_CP @AadilMoulvi He's a Phineas-Gary complex @FishmrCP @FlipprCPPS @BuddyCraftedCP I’ll still take a cutBIGGEST TWIST ENDINGS 3) fight club 2) the sixth sense 1) the song “row row row your boat”
Retweeted by Andrew / Nachoz Rule @FishmrCP @FlipprCPPS @BuddyCraftedCP I would like some cut of this @AadilMoulvi This is the most cursed thing I have ever created
@kayleefaith__ Details? @AadilMoulvi U talking Gary the Snail or Gary the Gadget Guy? @ashobirb Thank you ᴬˢʰ @clubpolarbear You’re not you when you’re hungry. @clubpolarbear But I spotted you at the Pizza Parlor yesterday 👀My parents: What did you accomplish today? Me: @Dilluscus Here's a Klutzy Jon to accompany him. For some reason 75% of my Photoshop requests have been both Club P…
@nachozrule This is the peak of the human race, it's all downhill from hill.
Retweeted by Andrew / Nachoz Rule @Dilluscus Enjoy @jaredthebobcat1 Finally am now taking Photoshop requests @music_allyy @Sam_E_Circle @mistborns boi @music_allyy @Sam_E_Circle @mistborns I don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy what is she like @music_allyy @Sam_E_Circle @mistborns I've always known I'm a Chandler but I am HONORED to be Tony Stark, also Sokka @TheMemeLozza I really like it! Mine if I Mimikyu?Thank you @MatthewPTaranto for creating this waaanderful coverWAAAA Happy April 1st
Happy to announce I’m remastering some of my channel’s best videos in HD! Here’s a sneak peek. @TheGreatClatski @BeeShellll Wow the first three are very me 💖 Also fun fact I have an image of the Flynn-Fletcher… grade art students created "Big Chungus" to welcome our students to the cafeteria after testing!…
Retweeted by Andrew / Nachoz Rule @ashobirb Garf was the only one prepared for the pandemic
I wouldn't be doing my job as @music_allyy's best friend if I didn't wish her a happy birthday on multiple social m… @Racheldoesstuff it’s my 22nd birthday today and we’re on lockdown so I can’t do anything to celebrate and getting…
Retweeted by Andrew / Nachoz RuleThis video is the best approximation I have seen of what working at an escape room feels like @gollygeemel Sensei from Club Penguin
Retweeted by Andrew / Nachoz Rule @AaronDJacob @mmonogram
Retweeted by Andrew / Nachoz RuleObservations from walking around my neighborhood: -Some of my neighbors indeed still exist -Dogs are still scary -M… @DJ_Singh13 Obv it’s bc of Love Händel of you living in Maryland: @GovLarryHogan just issued stay-at-home orders for the state starting at 8pm today… and Ross must feel left out a lot since Rachel Joey Monica and chandler all basically live together and are…
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Didn’t fit in the first post; here’s my randomly assigned freshman year roommates 💛 to all the incredible roommates I had throughout college. My four and a half years at UMBC had its ups and… @DJ_Singh13 Can we digitally meet at StarbucksHow students are going to graduate in 2020. #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
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@carphonic Igloos it together
Reminder that voting for a politician is not the some thing as endorsing that politician. You can (and should) vote…'ll never understand why there are people who have bank accounts and smartphones but still don't have Venmo in 2020 @music_allyy Thomas Jefferson figured out time travel and he accidentally ended up in a FaceTime call from 2020 @ma2wc That game was an excellent distraction and it was so fun to play it with youPSA: Download the Switch Online app to type from your phone in Animal Crossing
@NuggetCPR This is incredibleHow many therapists are learning about Animal Crossing this week
Retweeted by Andrew / Nachoz RuleWell that was... a Nintendo Direct. Smash getting an ARMS character is cool! It was announced really anticlimactica… @GameXplain Nice picture Andre! Hope I win 😁😁😁 @mishhap @GameXplain Woah this time you’re doing it for a channel I know and follow @ElsieLaura It’s his roof and we’re all living on it.Time traveling in Animal Crossing New Horizons
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@rixor14 I’m really curious to see how many of them will return through DLC. I mean some have been made redundant t… the fallen
Retweeted by Andrew / Nachoz RuleWeird Al in Phineas and Ferb 🙏🏻💯😍 @carlybella_ Just sent! And my gate is open rn
Happy 15th anniversary to my favorite sitcom ❤ @music_allyy Thanks 💕All of my social interactions for the last week have been with animals @music_allyy @toriisu They politely wait for you to change tools 🐝 🧰 @toriisu @music_allyy get good lmao
Quarantining has made me remember that I have a really nice neighborhood? With lots of walking trails and trees and plants?? Who knew @ashobirb That’s a compliment @ashobirb I legit thought this was a screenshot of Dora for a sec
@music_allyy Every god damn day of my life @wastelandwolff @ashobirbI gave @dman761 my cherries. I asked if he brought me his pears in return. #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons @walkinglastofus @SirSkyward @music_allyy @NoContextDT @ashobirb @joleecohen all 4 seasons of skam
i think this tops the list for the most effort i've put in to a dumb project
Retweeted by Andrew / Nachoz Rule @kertiss_c Sometimes I’m surprised that certain subsets of people existBlathers after I terrorize him with the 17 bug species I hoarded waiting for the museum to open… the Mother of #PhineasandFerb this is going to be an extra long summer. “Boys go make a vaccine. Candace leave t…
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I’m digging #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons so far but... where are the horn hats? 🥺 ANIMAL CROSSING IS FINALLY HERE AAAAA IM OPENING IT IM PLAYING IT RIGHT NOW!!!! 3:17am: okay. so i finall…
Retweeted by Andrew / Nachoz Rule @pfmmlnews @VinMan17 I see but like... has anyone from the show ever confirmed that? There’s no reference on the Wiki lol
@pfmmlnews @VinMan17 Is that a real thing? Wouldn’t that defeat the point of being a one-hit wonder lol @wardcantori I really empathize for you and all the other seniors. The end of senior year was a really important ti… @carlybella_ @mekaiprada_g Wow that was awesome of the Lumberzacks to put on a digital performance while everyone's in quarantineAnyone wanna grab a couple hazmat suits and cuddle?
Retweeted by Andrew / Nachoz RuleAnyone else feel like they're spending all day doing nothing and yet the day is still going by super quickly? Like…
“The Bubonic Plague’s impact resulted in wide-ranging social, economic, cultural, and religious changes. These chan…
Retweeted by Andrew / Nachoz Rule @LevanCarrie That’s an Ewok @grandmasterch4d Hello can you share pics pls
Help how do I cancel my digital pre-order @Shadowhunter997 @mishhap @music_allyy Crown is a homonym of Crayon ‼️
I know we’re all feeling a little on edge lately, so here’s a little music to calm your nerves.
Retweeted by Andrew / Nachoz RuleWe are all Doofenshmirtz right now #PhineasAndFerb #COVID19 @not_bananas Which Dem presidential nominee are you supporting since Warren dropped out?
@karinasaka It’s @ashobirbHere’s a guide on how to react now if someone gets too close to you
Retweeted by Andrew / Nachoz Rulehow Phineas Flynn washes his hands
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