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Retired fast food cashier turned professional Call of Duty player. Founder and CEO of @100Thieves.

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@ZooMaa they don't understand TommyMy Sony A7S III has been delayed and doesn't have an estimated shipping date... so much for pre-ordering. 😩 @hitchariide @JKap415 Appreciate the invite but I don't have an Xbox. Good luck with the tourney though, Davis.If you stream snipe teams that are playing in tournaments, you truly are the lowest of the low. @Nadeshot I’m 14 years old I’m and looking for some way to get into the competitive fortnite scene, all I’m asking for is a chance
Retweeted by 100T NadeshotBIG DAY. HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT GOING DOWN IN 5 MINUTES IN MY STREAM. THEN A $210,000 WARZONE TOURNAMENT WITH… @Cole_Cook I’m so sorry, that’s twice now. My brain is fried.Discord 🥴 @ItsRyanGonzales 🐐It’s only Wednesday and I’m exhausted somebody send some help
Need 2 for the $100,000 @ROKKR Warzone tournament.100 Thieves x Rogue Company "DIMA" Coming soon.
Retweeted by 100T Nadeshot @Loony Congrats homie @Froste god damn where did that jaw line come from, Happy birthday king. @JoeDeLuca God damn @Ninja @brookeab @CouRageJD @Valkyrae @BasicallyIDoWrk @jordanfisher @DrLupo @fuslie @H2ODelirious And I copied Jack’s 😂TONIGHT! 6 PM PST. Among Us. @brookeab @BasicallyIDoWrk @jordanfisher @Ninja @DrLupo @Valkyrae @fuslie
Cooking up something incredible with Rogue Company. @IshaqKai @ACHES #1 Football Recruit in Ohio his Junior of High School. 60 receptions, 1200 yards and 16 touchdowns… @ACHES I don’t think people truly comprehend LeBron’s level of athleticism as a high school player up until his pri… think I might be the worst Among Us player on the planet
I just realized there's a stain on my crewneck and now I gotta have a word with my girlfriend for subjecting me to… and Among Us @Casey I have 3 tabs open on iOS14 tips and tricks. I’ve never felt more overwhelmed in my life.Looking to put together some fun groups on Among Us for this week, @ or DM me if you're interested. @MLozada @LtRoyalShrimp I was just there this morning 🤔 @LtRoyalShrimp Yerrrrr
Congrats big dawg @b_dechambeau 🏆 @Jebaiting❤️ @maxhoma23
Bump. @hitchariide @blakeir I know you were getting smoked on Guardian @brookeab You either love 100 Thieves or you hate it, I can’t yet tell from this tweet @TheRealRyanHiga RedI grew up here Wolff gets absolutely no coverage from the PGA. Guy is in contention and haven’t seen 1 shot from him in 3 days at the U.S. Open. @timthetatman you’re a great guy @MrBeastYT You are the Mr. Beast @_happyjake @100Thieves The OG!
@KyleMcCarthy Yes
@Maven It’s actually mind blowing that I have 1GB upload and a dual PC setup specifically for streaming but I can o… @Maven Incoming “95% of US households can’t support 1080p at 7K bitrate so you’ll never need to stream with that much intake and bandwidth” @MLGSundance I always knew I was better looking than @shibbyrw. Love this! @geoffkeighley Why did you tweet this out and not text me Geoff @Kuavo @probvictoria What artist? @MSA_Vision Still only get 140 frames on Warzone 😂Alright well I’m 0/2 on PlayStation 5 preorders. When can I preorder the 3080 from NVIDIA?
@Crimsix Holy shit bro, that is a straight tragedy. @KeviSkillz This is something different but I love this too$210,000 Vikkstar Tourney with Crimsix and Nadeshot. Let's go. has been awesome for me. These tournaments that I've been playing in over the last few weeks has given me a… Max HomaMatt Wolff going off this weekend at Winged Foot in the U.S. Open — save this tweet. @patbev21 I guess I should extend this Cancun invite since I haven’t made my arrangements yet 😂😂😂
Retweeted by 100T Nadeshot @MKBHD best parts of 2014-2015 OpTic Gaming comes back together tomorrow. @Crimsix and I will be competing in… @CouRageJD Mr. and Mrs. Dunlop just killed that, I’m so full. @Maven You hear this shit? @Crimsix @Maven you better say some prayers tonight, you’ve got me 1st round.
"cactus jack sent me"
Retweeted by 100T NadeshotDrop into @ChipotleTweets Challenger Series feat. Fortnite w/ your friends! Sign up for the qualifiers on 9/17 & 9/… @Knockables yeah, didn't want to deal with that headache today @JoeDeLuca I deleted. I feel like map awareness and game knowledge would be the biggest hurdle and would take some…’re on a tear right now, momentum building... @100Thieves 📈 @Crimsix Finally the truth comes out. I'm debating between you and @Rated_COD as my teammate for Vikk's tournament…
Warzone. lost some money on a bet while drinking a few sunday fun day margaritas which led to this angry tweet, I still love football.NFL is ass, refs are blind. Thank god for NBA playoffs.What did I just witness @JessicaBlevins That’s when we buy @DaDSHoT
Joe Burrow is a stud, don’t matter what happens from here. What a drive in his 1st game in the NFL.No Camping X Nike Shoe design based on @100Thieves No Camping Merch Collection Made with @OTOY HD:…
Retweeted by 100T NadeshotI miss Vince Vaughn in movies, what happened to that.
@Blackbeard Pure trash what you just threw on my timeline @Blackbeard Garbage compared to Halo 2 @RobbieAmell @italiaricci Love this. Happy birthday!I love beating @Nadeshot in tournaments.
Retweeted by 100T Nadeshot @itsraechill 😂 @SlasheR_AL 😂 @Maven Lmfao, I’m crying. @Classify @tide W
@exzachtt I really put you on, huh @AccuracyLA Glad someone understands @OhLookItsRaab FACTSAs a fully grown adult, I can now confirm that this is the best dessert ever created. (specifically the ones sold b…
I beat @Symfuhny in a Warzone tournamentBIG DAY. $210,000 Vikkstar Warzone tournament in 30 minutes with @Rated_COD and then Among Us with an incredible… tournament with @Rated_COD and then Among Us with an incredible group of guys. Stoked to say the least.
WARZONE WITH @scump @Rated_COD and @DylanEnvoy. watching all my friends play Cold War proud of what @Valkyrae has accomplished over the last year. Took a risk in moving over to YouTube, worked h… at 18,000 viewers today. Had a blast throwing it back on Warzone with my old teammates — @scump @FormaL. Sho… @aphromoo Happy birthday brother, hope you had an amazing day. Miss you, man!All we wanted to do is play Black Ops 2 and relive the glory days... but some dorks had to ruin that for us. Lame.