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100T Nadeshot @Nadeshot 708 to the 310

Retired fast food cashier turned professional gamer. Founder and CEO of @100Thieves and @LAThieves.

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@QuarterJade I feel this on a spiritual level @JoshNissan Lmfaooooo
GGs Seattle Surge. Another W in the books for @LAThieves. guy @TJHaLy is different. @MyKcuL a wins a win @Temp you just went off no kizzy @Hiko Is this a sign for me to stream early in the AM and steal all your viewers @Yung_Jefe_Mayne @RiggsBarstool @maxhoma23 Read the thread it’s attached toYou see somebody do this at the range, what do you think/do? @RiggsBarstool @maxhoma23 @SpinnaSpence @kjcosca Booker got snubbed, crazy the lack of recognition he gets. Smh.The 1v1 never happened but the @100Thieves wrap came together better than I could have ever expected so I’ll let th…
Please not Tiger#FreeTommey, world. ❤️ 🐶 @drdisrespect Putting this screenshot in my first title and video, thank you for the clickbait my friend.If I were to start a Road to Radiant YouTube series on my 2nd channel like a did on CS:GO, would you want me to sta… or what does Gary love more? Me, the peanut butter treats or the @JBLaudio Quantum One headphones? I think it’s…
@SiMP_ZACK @100Thieves @CouRageJD Congratulations! @RiggsBarstool We gotta go play your favorite and most expensive course, company expense right? @100Thieves @barstoolsports @Chen @PlayVALORANT My friend is awesome and really good at video games. Congrats! @DaDSHoT @Fwiz @shibbyrw
Shot my lowest round of golf ever yesterday at Pelican Hill Golf Club with a 78. Really wish I would have grabbed t…’s go, congrats man! 🏆 @maxhoma23
Stop anime gatekeeping ❌🙅🏻‍♂️ @BIG_Bxly Already caught up @JERICHO CAN JUJUTSU KAISEN BE THIS GOOD? 😱 @thundoerfist @RiotAzael 😂😂😂😂Let me jog a memory for all my millennials that you didn’t remember you had @ThatDork91 @Enable Would it be a Nadeshot video if I didn’t?🛑 the 🧢 @Enable (I picked up the trash after the video and did not litter at the Cash App Compound)
@SpinnaSpence Remember when we were friends?
If your answer isn't Legolas, you're wrong. CAMOS @NAMELESS 2nd shot was kinda snappy though ngl
Hustle recognizes hustle. Thanks to @RockstarEnergy I'm passing the spotlight onto four lucky streamers with 100 su… @Hiko @nitr0 @diceyzx @nitr0 @Asunaa @100T_Esports DUO QUEUE WITH 100T PRO PLAYER @JoshNissan Come watch me make an idiot out of myself.… @IamKrisLondon @H3CZ @H3CZ 😂😂😂😭😭😭
@H3CZ How’d you get this photo of me @AlexWex Let’s see it bro!Need the production team to put together a blooper reel on this one ASAP, we were dying on some of the outtakes. 😂😭 you I was in the commercial. Welcome our newest partner @RockstarEnergy! #HustleOn #Partner’re back! Road to Radiant! @YangCLiu Yessir. 15500ST Royal Oak. is back, too.’m back. @DaDSHoT Made it safely to LAX, we’ll see what’s in the cards for us during the Uber ride. If something goes haywire, he’s yours.
@BasicallyIDoWrk Probably my favorite of all time, you won’t regret it. @BasicallyIDoWrk Leorio goated5 hours of delays, 1 broken plane on the tarmac, and now we’ve boarded a new plane hoping to make it back home. Uni… @100T_Esports @Ceice @ElevateFN Best of luck, boys. Appreciate you representing us so well throughout the last coup… @mattmawcho You’re pulling that damn thing, let’s get it. @Shiphtur That was cleeeeeaaaannnnn @deedeefaaat Tomorrow or Tuesday my guy, thanks for checking in. @ashhhpascual @100Thieves Love it! @Kuavo Bro, that’s wild. Enjoy it, man. Stay off the road cause people in Texas don’t know how to drive in that but… @Kuavo Is this in Texas? @Jutty_Cheeks @RiggsBarstool Love this @ShadyG Let’s get it bro, can’t wait to see. @HyperHexx @100Thieves 🔥 @Trumpsbotfarm @PurelyBald Some good lookin pups right there! @RiggsBarstool Name the course and date, I’ll bring the booze. @RiggsBarstool can we please golf together? I’m your biggest fan. away from our puppy for a couple days makes me wonder how I’ve lived my whole life without a dog. I love this… @drdisrespect Beautiful couple, firm handshakes. 🤝 @vertex_04 Explain👀📈💪🏻💪🏻📈 @CouRageJD ...My Valentine ❤️ @nitr0 Kid is already Radiant and he doesn’t even know it yet. @Symfuhny @brookeab It’s time to grow up, man. This is absolutely unacceptable.
@bridges_brock @maxhoma23 Guy is torching the last couple tournaments, I’m not getting within 100 feet of him with my shanks @maxhoma23 that 2nd shot on 18 took me six to midnight brother, fun watching you playTHERE IT IS BOYS! #100WIN A strong showing by the squad with the W coming just shy of the 31 minute mark. Feels g…
Retweeted by 100T NadeshotHuge win vs. Team Liquid. Currently 1st place in the regular season standings 🔥🥰 @Kuavo 😂😭Deadass, I’m putting up more kills than every player on #LAThieves when we hit Raid Hardpoint and SND. If they brou… @Temp Let’s get it Brodie @Maven @JoeDeLuca Love both of you, great work guys.Just like that. of Legends, Valorant and Call of Duty. @100Thieves and @LAThieves both competing on the same day in differen… @nitr0 Great work brother, I wish I could shoot as straight as you.
@Treybana Smh 😂🥴 @Lukedutchh So attractive @3Deity That’s hard afBest looking player in the lobby! Love everyone sending me tweets repping #LAThieves on Call of Duty. @RohnJobinson @TheMaelk☃️ @Hiko @Kuavo I’m on vacation, man. Save these terrible takes until next week.
@CharlieGW4 Good looks