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Retired fast food cashier turned professional Call of Duty player. Founder and CEO of @100Thieves.

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Best Kar98 in the West.
@LandoNorris Congrats, man! Absolutely crushed it.
@Contractz you’re a sick sick man, congrats on the win. Throw up that C9 emote again though and we’re gonna have a 1 on 1 in my office. 🙌🏻 @poomelol POOME GANG. Congrats man, watched the whole match. First notch in the belt, many more to come. @PGATOUR @RocketClassic @matthew_wolff5 Locked in. 💪🏻 @DaDSHoT @timthetatman Lmao @timthetatman TOUGHJust an update, I still suck at golf.
Happy birthday GOAT @OpTic_BigTymeR Still convinced I’m better than you at H1Z1 and CSGO @JKap415 @RocketMortgage YOU KNOWWWWW 🗣 @CenturyOG @RocketMortgage 😂😂😂😂 @xDrTaco @RocketMortgage One take wonder, ask @SymfuhnyI’m dedicating my @RocketMortgage Shot for Heroes to all the healthcare workers who continue to sacrifice their tim… @Classify You’ll be back to 100% before you know it, brother.
I didn’t know Reckful personally but it’s clear that he had a tremendous impact on the gaming community. I’m sorry… SEND TODAY, BOYS. COME WATCH THE BEST KAR98K IN THE WEST TURN UP BEFORE THE 4TH OF JULY.… @mstrymxer @RobbieAmell Thank you mstrymxer for clarifying.Do me a favor and go show Robbie some love. I’ll see you guys in the chat. @whatsinside Also, I checked out a couple of your guys’ golf vlogs. You and your son are great together. The kid ha… @whatsinside @RickShielsPGA @erikanderslang Been watching both of them consistently over the past few weeks. Great… @RobbieAmell I know you’re a good guy when you tweet something like this and blanantly ignore the 4 triple bogeys I… day I’ll be good at golf and that will be the greatest day of my life @Blackbeard @100Thieves You’ve been absolutely crushing. Always helping a helpful hand even if it isn’t a part of y… @100Thieves @Hiko god damn
A little sauce after a week break from Warzone. trying to go live for over an hour now 🤦🏻‍♂️ @Avalanche100T we stan a happy king gifted subs for the chat if I’m not live by 8 am PST tomorrow @timthetatman @DavidVonderhaar Big if trueHappy birthday to my brother from another mother, @scump. This guy single handledly won us championships when we co…
The Kar98 got a buff today? Does that mean @timthetatman is the best player in the world now?
Wanted to follow up on this thread and give a big thanks to Jahn over at @pxg for reaching out and making me feel l… @Connor__MN @Shallx10 @pxg I hit two different heads for clarity’s sake. Still, a ton more issues from the experien… @Shallx10 @pxg The fitting was blocked off for two hours but he only had a 7 iron for me to hit out of 5-Pitching w… @Shallx10 @pxg He only used two different shafts in the fitting from my understanding. That was one of the problems… @clubchampgolf @DuZuRVe What they said 👆🏻I’m sure you guys can understand that golf can be an expensive sport. I’ve worked hard for my money and so when I’m… canceled my fitting with @clubchampgolf because I had already made up my mind about buying @pxg irons so you can…, y’all know I don’t complain much on Twitter but I can’t help but share how disappointed I was with my @pxg clu… is a top 5 Drake song, no cap.
@RobbieAmell @Priestahh Hahahaha, we gotta work on your link my guy. 😂 Just copy and paste that from here on out. @jordanfisher 🤯King 👑 don’t quit.
@Priestahh happy birthday goat @Limass_ 84 @BMiggs @ramboray He’s much better than meI missed the putt @Xavier_Sanchez4 @SidelineIcons @DaDSHoT @100Thieves @StaggHighSchool @StaggAthletics I’ll come on your podcast, se… @o5edgar Yup. Balled my eyes out in front of the entire freshman women’s volleyball team. High school was lit. @timlad03 Me and your brother were friends in high school. I hope you, him and your family are doing well. 🙏🏻 @Hiko We take those. Great work, brother. Good luck!I didn’t hit puberty until senior year. Thank god for Halo 2 and Gears of War. @CashNastyGaming Man, you really been crushing these last couple years. Love to see that shit my guy.
@MrSavage 💪🏻 TOUGHThe @ChipotleTweets Challenger Series is back! Sign up for the qualifiers THIS weekend and the chance to play again… @PacmanJT Great, but take up a lot of space. If you have the enough room, go for it. Otherwise, stick to a couch or chair. @AlexanderOkami @timthetatman @DevinBook That was unintentional, video monetization is enabled automatically on vid… @msepso happy birthday uncle Sepso, thanks for being great. @timthetatman @DevinBook @timthetatman @DevinBook This is gonna go to his head for sureAm I breaking any HR policies by firing someone publicly? @Hiko Slacking already man I can’t believe it @EzekielElliott @timthetatman @cloakzy @IzzyGtb I really got left in the dust, man. Can’t believe this. @100Thieves @Hiko @Valliate @veneratedZR @YaBoiDre @Pridexd Welcome to the team! Can’t wait for y’all to get to work. @100Thieves I’m transferring Jhb from his current department over to my full time intern from here on out, effective in immediately. @Froste Nice post, GGFrosty! @MrBeastYT
@thundoerfist 🤦🏻‍♂️ @cloakzy
@JhbTeam Sex iconThis aged well. @100Thieves @Valkyrae Congrats, Rae! @RickShielsPGA Congratulations, man! Huge accomplishment. @FaZeRug Common Rug W. Congrats, man! @MrAdamAp Happy birthday, old man. @Cole_Cook Hyped for you guys! @Whea7s really thought taking a shower after winning Twitch Rivals would cleanse him of his sins of openly cheatin… years later and I’m still getting disrespected, can’t believe it 🤦🏻‍♂️ @LoganDodson Hold up now, where in the world did these photos come from lmao. Looks like we did a year book shoot. @DaDSHoT @PhillyD Great recommendation, dad. Doubt he has heard of that one.
$50,000 Twitch Rivals Warzone tournament starts now. DAY TODAY. Competing in the $50,000 Twitch Rivals tournament with @timthetatman and @JamesCrowder. Come watch… truly is invasively terrifying how well ads are targeted towards us these days on social media. @kjcosca Hahahaha, this thread is awesome. Love it. Where do you live? @MrSavage @100Thieves Congrats, my man. This is awesome to see.
why is every male in america in their early 20s developing a severe to moderate golf addiction
Retweeted by 100T Nadeshot @LunkersTV George StraitMonday Monday Monday. We’re live to start the week on Warzone.
@JhbTeam Great tweet, JhbTeam! @hudsonwisler Love this, so happy for you guys! @DrLupo @StJude You’re the man, Dr. Lupo!The lie detector determined that was a lie. @maxhoma23 I concurHappy Father’s Day to the man who sacrificed every single day to provide for me and my family. Up at 4 AM Monday th…
2013 OpTic Gaming
Retweeted by 100T Nadeshot @Behzinga Happy birthday my guy. Keep crushing.
What an insane game... broke my kill record! Video tomorrow!
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