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Retired fast food cashier turned professional Call of Duty player. Founder and CEO of @100Thieves and @LAThieves.

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How’d this guy get into @Maven’s lobby? @DavidVonderhaar Any chance the Dark Matter for multiplayer will be updated like it was in years past? This is the…
100 Thieves Jam Collection drops tomorrow, what items you gonna cop? @RiggsBarstool 14 @Damonte You’re already fitting in here at 100T @100Thieves @tenacityna @KenviLoL @Ryoma100T @lugerlol @poomelol The boys are looking absolutely stacked. Let’s get it! @TravisGafford Big Bang HublotTOMORROW. @Tommey @George_Bowes Also never tag people with an @ in a YouTube title @Tommey We gotta work on this title, brother. “SYMFUHNY YELLED AT ME IN A COLD WAR TOURNAMENT” or something like th… @JERICHO I only watched about 15 episodes when I had the flu earlier this year and just felt like, “how far can the… @timthetatman @Symfuhny @TheElectroTV @Symfuhny This might be the worst take I’ve seen all year*Elf playing on the TV* @Symfuhny - “Is this movie any good?” I hate this guy. @Symfuhny I’ll take my $300 @CashApp, thank you. Absolutely smoked. @timthetatman but instead... 41 points @timthetatman we could be golfing @timthetatman hey
Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours. A year filled with ups and downs but still a year surrounded by an irrep… let The Mob look this good? @Treyarch AYOOOOO, HAPPY THANKSGIVING. THANK YOU FOR ONE OF MY FAVORITE CALL OF DUTY TITLES IN YEARS EVEN WHILE WE’… the last year or so I’ve made a conscious effort to go to bed early and wake up early in hopes of being more pro… @Enable @Kuavo @Attach the one and only @blakeir That’s fair @blakeir I’m insulted that you didn’t ask me.Who in the world set this NFL schedule for Thanksgiving? These match ups are awful. 🥴 @Attach Telling you bro, KSP on crossroads strike. You’re top fragging in scrims. @Attach KSP lowkey the dark horse short to medium range
Big W spam for my pops. 5 WARZONE PLAYER IN THE WORLD AND THAT’S A FACT. WELCOME, @Rated_COD! @un1uckyfps Definitely will play more Valorant. I struggle with spreading my time on multiple things. When I do som… @Ryulol Congrats on an incredible career, thank you for everything. @Attach @GabeJRuiz Worst game in CoD history besides Infinite Warfare @JesseWilcox12 @RiessBrooks @tansan22 Agreed @Froste That shit bangs for real @tansan22 I’m an idiot, I’m sorry.ELF WAS RELEASED AFTER POLAR EXPRESS. Y’ALL ARE MISSING THE POINT I’M TRYING TO MAKE.’RE TALKING CHRISTMAS CLASSICS. @GabeJRuiz I hated Black Ops 1 @ZooMaa Couple of those gun fights reminded me why I retired 😂 @ZooMaa Thanks, brother. You still got a crazy beam, excited to see you compete this year.The more I play Cold War, the more I love it. I think grinding for Dark Matter has helped me find a ton of variety… @OctaneSam Ayyy bro I was gonna host you but realized Kenny was live and you know I gotta take care of LA Thieves. I got you next time. GGs.My guy @Tommey has won 3 major Cold War tournaments since joining @100Thieves. Absolute legend.
@OctaneSam Not feeling it? @RohnJobinson @natenanzer Your office is bigger than mine at the actual compound so pipe down Robinson @totinos We gotta talk. I’ve been eating pizza rolls since I came out the womb and I didn’t get invited to this Col…, stop tweeting me screenshots of you in my office doing the L dance and eating popcorn. this is serious. @Rated_COD Alright bro, it's time. The dragons gotta go.Nobody is allowed in my office, I mean it. @Tommey @totinos @SimpXO @SlasheR_AL Yerrrr
100 Thieves Jam Collection 11.28.20. 12 PM PT.
Retweeted by 100T NadeshotThe pursuit for Dark Matter continues today as well as a $50,000 Twitch Rivals Cold War Tournament. Had another CO… Thieves Jam Collection 11.28.20. 12 PM PT. Thieves Jam Collection 11.28.20. 12 PM PT. View the lookbook:
Retweeted by 100T Nadeshot100 Thieves Jam Collection 11.28.20. 12 PM PT.
Retweeted by 100T Nadeshot @Pamaj Crossroads strike is superior in every way, modern day nuke town imo. @AlexWex Damn, you got a better setup than me. I’m taking notes. 📝 👍🏻📈
Watching new anime week to week is the absolutely terrible 😔 @Maven Every man needs a dream to hold ontoRapid test for COVID came back negative. Supposed to get a new tattoo this afternoon but out of caution, I’m probab… @Kuavo How did you end up in this lobby @Kuavo That’s actually the best stat line I’ve seen on Cold War thus far @Maven I think seeing animated dark matter as unlockables is a good sign, too. @Maven Me too, man. Praying for something crazy in the store when December 10th comes.Why are the zombie camos so much better than multiplayer 🥴
@iEliteShot It doesn’t function properly in the first place. Sliding and jumping produce clear, audible noises even…
Sorry, I meant auto sprint. @Tony_Flame Slide canceling doesn’t anymore if you’re using auto tac sprint in multiplayer after this patch, was this intentional? @Treyarch is the auto tac sprint slide cancel nerf intentional? @GabeJRuiz You got Diamond before me and now I’m furiousLate night Cold War Dark Matter Camo grind.
@Kross I’ve tried this a lot, it doesn’t work @bnwkr What if none of your work can be done at Starbucks 🥴Best practices or routines you use to stay on task when you’re feeling overwhelmed by the things you need to do or… is better than me at Call of Duty
Retweeted by 100T Nadeshot @Class You’ve been living here during a pandemic, your opinion is invalid.Lamelo bout to go crazy in the NBA
@Fwiz @THR We love successful Fwiz. What a guy. Congrats, brother!Welcome to @100Thieves, @official2HYPE! #6 Trending video on YouTube AND CLIMBING! The best is yet to come 🤯…
Retweeted by 100T Nadeshot
Taking out @official2HYPE one by one. @IamKrisLondon @CashNastyGaming you don’t know who @official2HYPE is, go learn yourselves something today. 2021 is bout to be the best year yet for 100 Thieves. 🚀📈🏆🔥I’ve got the best jump shot out of everyone in this photo. ⓘ 𝗢𝗳𝗳𝗶𝗰𝗶𝗮𝗹 𝘀𝗼𝘂𝗿𝗰𝗲𝘀 𝘀𝗮𝘆 𝘁𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗰𝗹𝗮𝗶𝗺 𝗶𝘀 true’all don’t understand what this truly means to me. Dream come true. Joined @100Thieves 🙌🏽 Thank y’all for making…
Retweeted by 100T Nadeshot @CashNastyGaming ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO SEE ITOfficially joined @100Thieves
Retweeted by 100T NadeshotI am so excited to welcome @official2HYPE to @100Thieves. A long time in the works, and an incredible merging of wo… heist commences...
Retweeted by 100T Nadeshot @SlasheR_AL @Clayster I was in disbelief when I saw the end of that round @CouRageJD @KarlJacobs_ Can I murder y’all’s villagers in cold blood?To Be Continued... via @YouTube
Cringe is the single worst word ever introduced into internet pop culture. I hate it.Dark Matter grind continues today on Cold War! Also competing in a 6v6 $25,000 tournament later today. Let’s do… @cloakzy Once you get used to the pacing, they feel a lot better. Definitely a few duds though, that’s for sure.
After learning the pacing of maps and unlocking more weapons and attachments, Cold War has been an absolute blast. Definitely growing on me!Old man still got some left in the tank. @CallofDuty @LAThieves up... - no PS5 - no girlfriend - no haircut - no goodmorning text - no 401k - hungry as hell just another day in the life
Retweeted by 100T NadeshotGoing for gold camos on the Assault Rifles and Submachine Guns. Let’s do the damn thing. @mikal_bridges Ayyyy that’s my bad 🤣