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Comic Writer and Brooklynite. Creator of CORPUS antho. Author/Co-creator of SQUIRE (HarperCollins,2021) Palestinian-American. T1D. She/her. Rep @comicsispeople.

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@shannondrewthis @SageCoffey I don’t blame you but man. Season 2 was perfect @SageCoffey @shannondrewthis I tried but season 3 I could not get more than like 2 episodes in do not even bother
@afwassel I’m so sorry adrian! Please let us all know if you need anything at all @thejimgibbons Congrats Jim!!!! @EricaFails I need that pentagram body suitme plotting new comics projects
Retweeted by Nadia 'Summons' ShammasI’m fostering an apparently purebred Anatolian Shepherd for a week, so if anyone in the NYC/tri-state area is inter…
Retweeted by Nadia 'Summons' Shammas @jonnywaistcoat I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these!!! @ariajdv Lmaooooo @ArtofNickRobles Oh you’d LOVE IT Nick @six6jiang if its not gay i'm not doing itI want to do a love story between two eldritch entities. Just two horrifying undying creatures tied together in a d… and Guildenstern Are Vibing
Retweeted by Nadia 'Summons' Shammas @oldgodspod YES!!!
A hallmark #auntieeditor moment: the first time one of your books gets reviewed in the New York Times! Congrats…
Retweeted by Nadia 'Summons' ShammasThis poem. 🔥 @Haz_Fahmy in the new @adroitjournal.
Retweeted by Nadia 'Summons' Shammas @softnadjah_png @oldgodspod it is EXCEPTIONAL. you're gonna love itFINALLY caught up on @oldgodspod and my fellow horror fans, this is the next big thing, keep an ear on it @The_Narrat0r_ ahhh ok yeahi've never played an Uncharted game but I thought Nathan Drake was like, 35-40As a New Yorker, I am so goddamn sick of hearing about Rudy Giuliani's junk.
Retweeted by Nadia 'Summons' ShammasI have a lot to say about the ClickHole piece that came out at Wired today. To begin with, calling a consistent pa…
Retweeted by Nadia 'Summons' Shammasstop regurgitating this language of 'cannot be found' and instead imagine the resources that would be poured into…
Retweeted by Nadia 'Summons' Shammas @hottestsingles @oldgodspod JORDAN!!! Yessss
@adiba_j @ab_varaham congrats omg!!!IT'S HERE 🎉🎉 Check out the cover of HANI AND ISHU'S GUIDE TO FAKE DATING, along with an exclusive excerpt of the f…
Retweeted by Nadia 'Summons' Shammas @sambeckdraws WOOOO CONGRATS SAM @linhtropy get me out of herei keep expecting like "oh yeah once ~this date on the calendar~ happens I'll finally be able to get back in the gro… has been........a week @TheJenya If comics writing, editing, or collaboration would be interesting (I know there's probably preference for art, here) let me know!fictional cartography is one of the coolest fucking things
Retweeted by Nadia 'Summons' Shammas @UnburntWitch I want to have my books have fictional maps SO BAD @TimDanielComics @lianakangas @lisa_sterle You all.......if Jennifer's Body the comic happens someone ALERT ME#blacktober day 21: student! I did a Yu Yu Hakusho screencap redraw of the two best boys.
Retweeted by Nadia 'Summons' Shammas @thisquietcity its almost a challenge on whats the most uncomfortable and unstable surface they can plop their enti… @ArtofNickRobles @whatthe_shea this is the greatest cat @itskindred STOP
@emilypearsonart im so glad to hear!!!! @jenn_woodall I'm sorry you're feeling that way, I get there a lot more often than I'd like. if it helps at all, yo… fantastic interview with @Paul_Cornell about our upcoming comic from @thevaultcomics !!
Retweeted by Nadia 'Summons' ShammasComing October 24-25th: ShortBox Comics Fair! 20% discount happy hours, out of print books and zines, fair-exclusi…
Retweeted by Nadia 'Summons' Shammasme awaking from my depression to have one exceptional day on Halloween @dezinpub I would get itSending this around one more time. Thanks to everyone who responded thus far!
Retweeted by Nadia 'Summons' Shammas @robochai G A L E!!!!!
@troubledmn yesssI miss away messages
Retweeted by Nadia 'Summons' Shammas @_Yaniir_ oh this is a FAVORITE of mine @CharlesPulliam I think something people need to learn is that racists can have sex with or sexually desire BIPOC w…
Retweeted by Nadia 'Summons' Shammas @weredawgz what i'd GIVE @HassanOE @IsaacGoodhart Hass you ruleAaaalso lettered A WELL-PRESERVED THING, by @Nadia_Shammas_ & @IsaacGoodhart. I am Nadia's biggest fan, and can now…
Retweeted by Nadia 'Summons' ShammasI weaselled my way into another set of stories in this second issue!! They are all wonderfully terrifying and grote…
Retweeted by Nadia 'Summons' Shammas @IsaacGoodhart @HassanOE A WELL PRESERVED THING is a comic about taxidermy, stagnation, and collapse. It was deeply… @afwassel extremely well deserved, man @DialHForHagai @IsaacGoodhart @HassanOE i hope you like it dude!! @HassanOE @IsaacGoodhart thank you, this was definitely one of my favorite concepts to work with latelyguess what! I’ve got a story in here with the incredible @IsaacGoodhart and @HassanOE! So honored to be part of suc… @MatthewErman lmaoooo Matt we still gotta fuck with cowriting again thohonestly? So many black and brown friends of mine often find themselves pigeon-holed into doing one kind of work, u… Island!
Retweeted by Nadia 'Summons' Shammas @six6jiang i am flashing back to the time i hugged a boy in public and my parents freaked out because what if a neighbor saw @six6jiang WOOOOO THIS TWEET SISI
@thisquietcity Same @caswell_ashley Hey guys welcome to Ratcast your vegan vampire comedy podcast today we’re sponsored by THRST you kn… @caswell_ashley Ethnically and locally sourced @caswell_ashley Blood orgies as praxis @heymolls God....ouch
@aatmajapandya happy birthday!!!thread of my fave takato yamamoto art pieces bc im exploding
Retweeted by Nadia 'Summons' ShammasIWWM has ended up hitting so much closer to home than I expected, especially over the last two months, and it's bee…
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Retweeted by Nadia 'Summons' Shammas @oheysteenz someone could have brought box mix and won @ImpreciseWords Happy birthday!FYI the press release/packet for RAZORBLADES #2 just went out. If you’re a pal *in the press* and didn’t receive it, DM me 👀
Retweeted by Nadia 'Summons' ShammasBROOKLYN: BAM has been feeding our community all year and they need our help to be able to continue. this is an exc…
Retweeted by Nadia 'Summons' Shammas @PlinaGanucheau You’re amazing @DTNart Baby!!! @alexdecampi @MiMoccio We have a comics discord group to play but I can only imagine how absolutely brutal children must be at this game @MiMoccio Mike you sniped me SO HARD two other times though I wanted to kill you lmao @troubledmn HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING!!!Kate Bush dressed as a bat (1978)
Retweeted by Nadia 'Summons' Shammas“Watching the Amy Coney Barrett hearings left me almost entirely numb. Even a pandemic couldn’t bring these people…
Retweeted by Nadia 'Summons' Shammasmmmmmmm @summabis the first time i had no idea they meant zaatar @summabis RIGHT????????
Hi y'all, I'm a book editor looking for a queer illustrator for a ⚡️special gay project⚡️ related to LGBTQIA+ humor…
Retweeted by Nadia 'Summons' Shammas @rycady @BrenttHarshman AMAZING CONGRATS!!!i have to be up in 3 hours but I have finished packing. woo.hows moving going well I just spent two hours bubble wrapping about 100 zines
Retweeted by Nadia 'Summons' ShammasIs there any feeling worse than not being able to find a commission
@Seemo @tha_rami I drink coffee desperately to feel energized in daytime but my mind only responds to “oh is it nea… hire me to write any Miles Morales: Master of Bodega Cats stories or Miles Morales: Sneakerhead stories I beg of youthis game is going to kill me with how incredible it looks no reason whatsoever, y’all can buy, read & share my newest debut GRAPHIC NOVEL ‘TWINS’ that I co-created with…
Retweeted by Nadia 'Summons' Shammas @ohotnig Cruelty!!! Give her the cheese!!!!I really love indie games and there's a lot of them that are either in development, coming out or are already out t…
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