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Nadia Bulkin @nadiabulkin Washington, DC

Horror writer (SHE SAID DESTROY). Non-objective horror movie takes. Rep by @awfulagent. She/her. Thoughts are my own.

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Retweeted by Nadia Bulkin1) "Llorando," Mulholland Drive 2) Car crash / plane crash, Fearless 3) Ending "strange and new" scene, The Sweet… @ChristophGolden Yeah I have no idea how I'm going to handle that week :/Ok but I'm barely holding it together as it is military jet flyovers during football games are one of those classic empty gestures to "support the troops… listened to this, and was SHOCKED ... that I actually agree with Troy Aikman and Joe Buck about something The p…
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What is it like being verified? Because from the outside it seems like you're constantly being hunted by fellow blu… @HaileyPiperSays Yup! This part was also really relevant for me (the black hole of doom): @SPMiskowski And to be clear, if others want to use it that way, that's totally fine - it's just not for me.I think this sums up my experiences pretty well. @SPMiskowski Yeah - I like Twitter because my feed is so curated and people don't write blocks of text and maybe be… @Charrlygirl I am! @Booksilike3 Yes, maybe a chair lift? replies to this tweet are the only things keeping me going @HalbertFiction I'm fine! @writerjencrow Yep, it's always like, "uh oh, here I go, am I going? Yes I am, let's try to not land too badly" in like two seconds @FiccionDeTorres Holy crap! Yes that was my first concern, not landing on the tail bone 😬 @TheKaufmann Lol would that it were that easyIf you voted for Biden already or you will, please retweet this status. I would just love to see how much positive energy is out there.
Retweeted by Nadia Bulkin @HaileyPiperSays True! I guess there's a reason it's used in horror movies and soap operas. @MikeH5856 Only my pride is wounded.I just fell down the last few steps of the stairs, which apparently sounded dramatic enough for my roommate to come… @LisboetaIngles Same. It's way too much for me. @TheNuminous1 That's good to hear! @marc_laidlaw Honestly, I HOPE that's true. But I'm not sure. @realbryanmiller Thanks, that's good to know.Disturbing WaPo story about the coronavirus task force.'s so tough because you're supposed to be available on social media if you're a writer, so I'm "friends" with a l… keep my Facebook account because my parents' friends use it and I need to maintain linkages with them. But I tal… @SarahTheHaider Nope. @Adam_Popovich It's on the Internet Archive though. @Adam_Popovich Nowhere, unfortunately. @EmmaJGibbon Oh God, good point! @EmmaJGibbon What was going through your mind that night?! Like, ghosts have been confirmed on national tv?! @EmmaJGibbon Oh my God! I can't imagine! @fabulousraye Right. There are scenes I can watch without wanting to vom, but they all don't have him in it. @EmmaJGibbon It's so special!Update: We're watching Ghostwatch 👻 @CSlatsky YES exactly.On the other hand, my roommate's greatest virtue among many is he can tell when I'm not engaged and tries to choose things we both like ♥️My roommate's absolute greatest vice is that he loves Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I fucking hate this fucking movie.
EVIL EYE: A superstitious mom worries that her daughter's perfect new boyfriend is the reincarnation of her abusive… X is Trump's best demographic? salary of a U.S. Senator is $174,000 per year. This is Joe Biden’s house.... seems legit 🙄
Retweeted by Nadia BulkinLet me break down why @brianschatz and I are asking you to donate to MJ Hegar today. She is down 3 pts. But among…
Retweeted by Nadia Bulkin"The woman clothed with the sun"“I need, absolutely, to be alone” Jeanne Moreau Photography © Giancarlo Botti 1963
Retweeted by Nadia BulkinAlso, I totally had a dream where JFK Jr came back at a Trump rally. Hopefully that doesn't mean I'm a Q prophet or anything.Was this... the return of JFK Jr? decided to watch Eyes Without A Face and now I can't get that demented carnival music out of my head @EmmaJGibbon I think I'm Bronte? Or Dickens.Day 17. Fall Forever : Nightmare (Sleepover)
Retweeted by Nadia BulkinMore than 330 coronavirus cases, including one death, are officially tied to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally but they…
Retweeted by Nadia BulkinNOCTURNE: A fine-but-not-great teen pianist at a performing arts school turns to mysterious forces in an attempt to…
I am the Governor's Deputy Digital Director. I see everything that is said about and to her online. Every single…
Retweeted by Nadia BulkinWhen people start tweets with "I'm sorry but" they're definitely not sorry. Not a judicious use of limited characters.A BRIEF DISSERTION ON TRUMP’S CORRUPTION: One place where journalism clearly has failed us during the past four ye…
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@muranofiction That sounds fun. I've usually found that people in the office are curious about the fact I write hor… @BrackenMacLeod Wow, I only got extremely brave @muranofiction Interesting! What was the structure/premise?How are you doing? @EmpireOfBloodRW @jmwilson529 Yesssss @EmpireOfBloodRW @jmwilson529 Yes! I think so anyway! @Joduckwo Agree completely @Carrie_Smatic So handsome! Yes my kitty is an anxious one too, so I hope it helps ♥️ And thank you! @WarShark4Eva Yeah my fave thing about it is how it really underscores the point that everyone matters. @Carrie_Smatic It's really good! Usually mine gets birds/squirrels in the morning, and then after lunch I switch to… of empathy. It's always about circles of empathy. phone today tells my whoooole story @DHS_Wolf I didn’t realize criminal aliens swear to protect the citizens, Chad. Fascinating.
Retweeted by Nadia Bulkin🤣🤣😭😭 job, America. Now as my roommate says, "let's do it again when it counts."—just like the last time @realDonaldTrump told us to cut off disaster aid $$ to California for political purpose…
Retweeted by Nadia Bulkin @stuartpstevens @BenSasse @GOP He has no strength of virtue or courage. Signed, a Nebraskan.Ok so I had to see what Ben Shapiro's stories were about. Feel like there's a lot of "parable" here.… @TheNuminous1 I rewatched this the other week! I always start off like, "hooray Silent Hill!" and then by the end I… to the CDC, almost all children who died from Coronavirus were Black and/or Latinx.
Retweeted by Nadia BulkinMr Rogers just hanging out 20 minutes after the end of his town hall, making sure he gets to everyone sounds like the grandpa you ask for advice from when you're in a bind. Trump sounds like the grandpa you don't introduce your kids to. @dlfTheCritic Yep, that's definitely the better option!Pretty telling that this crew thinks Mr. Rogers is the bad guy.
Retweeted by Nadia Bulkin @Meteornotes I definitely enjoyed them more than this lol @HillaryMonahan @Meteornotes If you like Conjuring 2, check out The Enfield Haunting (2015). Same story, much more ambiguous, and so good. @HillaryMonahan @Meteornotes I hated it in theaters because I hated the demon-in-a-bad-mommy vs diy exorcist thing.… @Meteornotes The nice thing about seeing it on tv is the jump scares don't get to me.It's the next Mrs. Trump! know you missed me. @mindofschwartz I think he was involved in writing them, at least. But that may be about it.Bahahaha this is the one that finally goes through???Twitter being down has allowed me to not hate-tweet The Conjuring.On one screen, @JoeBiden takes on serious Qs with substantive answers on #COVID19, the economy etc. On aother,…
Retweeted by Nadia BulkinSo we're starting to hear from people (Garrison Keillor, Michael Moore) arguing that liberals should just give up o…
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@JakeSherman @Twitter Good.Violation of the rules?? I thought only Democrats violated rules by contemplating that maybe someday they might do…
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