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nadiyah @nadiyahrs Southeast Asia

She/Her. Illustrator & comic artist rep'd by The Bright Agency US. (illustration inquiries to my agent @rbrosterman)

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@pengenikutnyaut catch me spamming your tl using my side accountsad girl hour day 22 i miss them so much :( @airgita If only I could ask a spirit to possess your cat @airgita @mitatweets please take gita’s drawing tablet i’m begging you @Fahrizakp Azula!stembros love to compare stem girls to screwdrivers when they only shower twice a week
@commiediputar I'm an open book bb you follow three twitter accounts of mine already :* @commiediputar and me always😔😔😔
@monamiCROISSANT I suddenly want to learn klenik @airgita A curse has been laid upon you sisterSomeone please take Gita’s drawing tablet off her @airgita He quoted Marx @airgita Wait but did you know that he organized a union for the workers in Quark’s Bar day 20:
@mousukoshi_de belum tidur hhu masih nugasquarantine day 19: the paper i was reading mentioned darcy friction factor and i can't stop thinking about him @leilasedai gosh i’m so sorry 😭 that’s awful @leilasedai ...are you still receiving emails about it????? @menghanyurkan What biology ma’am have a comic up on @thenib today, about the way sports creates and enforces gender binaries, and the violent harm…
Retweeted by nadiyah @angewwie Biologically what @slownotions ugh @airgita Look, it’s not looks, maybe it’s because of your weird obsession with Cats (2019) @airgita A dyke wants to join ready to date again
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@lavieentot Trus filmnya itu2 aja... @APKhariza Kayak kucing akuuuu🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 @airgita LOVEEEEEEE
@AlbertKRS hshshs udh kudm beb @AlbertKRS with a message or an electric chair? @AlbertKRS omg u masih bangun aku mau curhat dong @planetzaiinab does he take public transportationEMANG ADA YANG NGEREBUS MIE INSTAN PAKE AIR GITA??? @airgita
For a lot of people, there will be nothing to return to at all. We have to create something new and better and not…
Retweeted by nadiyahWhat are we actually talking about when we say we want things to return to normal when this is all over? If anythin…
Retweeted by nadiyah @JesnCin @airgita Goor morning ✨✨✨ @airgita @JesnCin I thought your tiktok was supposed to be for sailormoon transformation vids @airgita @JesnCin At least I know who was eating the apple @airgita Did you though? @JesnCin @airgita Haha sorry I was late, rest well ❤️❤️❤️From this To this @JesnCin @airgita @airgita I'm my own PR teamYay jam with @JesnCin and @airgita ✨ I like that we get to learn from each other!!!
writing helps me process (1/4)
Retweeted by nadiyah @MahameruLee @caiguntara You could send them a dm -> @caiguntara 😊 @amabelemillavta Next time we draw together pls draw these!My crush and I always send each other pics of what we cook everyday during quarantine and after this is all over I’… @charisloke Haha charisss I just cooked stir fried tempe for lunch @caiguntara @hartatahtapizza Vers rights! @monamiCROISSANT @caiguntara YOU DEFINITELY SHOULD @caiguntara Noo thank *YOU*!!! Drop your commission info later here 🤩
@mrymjameela SudaahThis powerful artwork from @nadiyahrs and @airgita tears me up. We're having hard times for now, if not since fore…
Retweeted by nadiyah @Fahrizakp I feel you. I hope we can get back on our feet again 💪🏽Gotta love the thrill of not knowing when you’ll get paid 😔🤲🏼Oh to be a freelance this economy....😔✊🏽
@APKhariza You are if you think you areOops just realised I wrote it wrong...I used up all of my braincells on the paneling I’m so sorry @airgita @TGRRBBT Di Trunojoyo ayo habis ini semua selesai aku ajak kesana 😘😘😘 @zahraamalias Social media distancing is needed as well... @JesnCin GOSSSHHHH 😍😍😍😍😍 @pyrocene Hey when are you gonna let me follow your nsfw art account @nisrinadas Iyaaaa @anaidbasiratnu @Pashatama Wuaaa makasiih🥰YaAllah aku kangen cici claypot 😭😭😭 long-awaited podcast! Jarang sekali kan, ada yg bahas soal perspektif komikus perempuan? Simak di sini 👇👇👇💖
Retweeted by nadiyahOne of my hobbies is making comic out of my friends’ tweets...(because I can’t write) @WriteSomeGood @cole_eliot thank you <3Today’s doodle @reversecausal Thanks for the info! I don’t think I’m qualified but I’m tagging @charisloke and @gambarnana who might be interested 😆 @txtdaridepok Ckck @airgita @airgita
I'm preparing myself for the possibility that a few people I know, even tangentially, will die because of COVID-19.…
Retweeted by nadiyah @amhabe kalau mau murah beli di betterworldbooks. gatau bea skrg kaya gmn tp disitu murah heheu pernah beli 30 dolar dpt 5 buku (secondhand) @keinesasih Turut berduka mb Ines 😢 @Adriandhy We don’t deserve you.. 😭😭😭😭
@Adriandhy I gasped 😭😭😭😭😭 so good! @triopambudi Designed only for DPR @nisatyas @Matarael 🤣🤣🤣Ok who wants to go first @kuskus_maskus It’s not finished lol @timmerman91 Ssssh 🤫Trying out this 3D modeling CAD on iPad so I’m making a guillotine draw something to show issues happening in Indonesia currently related to spreading of #Covid19. Check it out and…
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Indonesian government should get the priorities fucking straight. Safety for the doctors and other health workers s…
Retweeted by nadiyahA taste of Isyana's writing, illustrated by @nadiyahrs. The intro is in Indonesian, but the piece is in English!
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@angalace @rickycaesario I didn't take the video, I'm homeMe: Gita you nailed the hands omg Adele Haenel's fingers look so delicate Gita: That's because she's a lesbian ☠️☠️… realised that there's a layer missing (the fire) tf did I do 😭😭😭 @airgitaArt jam with @nadiyahrs: in which all those years spent doing still life studies came into fruition
Retweeted by nadiyahAnother film still study with @airgita ☃️ together with @airgita (again) @airgita if you can animate the waves i painted when we drew together i will let you talk about Cats for one monthIt took less than 90 mins for my dad to drive from Bandung to Bekasi this is a new record man @raviopatra Looool sorry quarantine ruined my body clockShit is real when Cihampelas isn't packed on a Sunday afternoon