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naerchan @naerchan Basically Canada

“Study hard what interests you the most in the most undisciplined, irreverent and original manner possible.” ― Richard Feynmann

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Digit is not as amused'm bad with names and associate people with their avatars.. I have absolutely no idea who anyone is right now.
Retweeted by naerchan @Zelse007 RipSigh 💜 @Zelse007 Primal, Excalibur :)sir aren't you cold me this game is too pretty hold up @Wonton_ I guess I don't really care about that, more so the going and exploring all of the world, progressively th… hi mini objective is my kind of happily exploring and slaughtering mindlessness and im not sure why ive gotten at… shall meet again my dude @Tzunamiss @Khaedia well, he rightfully rolfstomped me, in comical noob fashion. i knew he would at the level difference but lmao @Khaedia i was not prepared @Zelse007 level scaling werks gud @Khaedia what is he ?!?!?!?! why is he here ?!?!?!not all choices are smart choices I'm interacting with/following your abuser, you let me know and I will block them, no questions asked. I care about you. @lollyrots tomorrow is always another day. I'm having a hard time myself, and its always a meal/moment at time. Take care of yourself. <3
@Rebdul A bit different, but still the same. It was a time ago but it stopped and made me think, made me grow. @Rebdul One upon a time I was drunk and said “ that’s gay”bc Toxic and always growing tbh and all my friends flat o… @Hellfire_Club21 thank you! she really is a special fluff of cuteness🖤 @liopleurodonic i am like this but no balls to tweet it. bless. im in the dumps and this gave me a chuckle @trucqulent thank you! I hope we can get there for everyone.The level of admin required for accessing ADHD medication is...ironic to say the least.
Retweeted by naerchan @trucqulent I think it changes the way we need to interact with one another. Ultimately, I think we need to be able… thing is, these folks use things that are wishy-washy intentionally, to make it easily deniable it has any ill… in case you were wondering, if it was public knowledge by 2013 or not.... @BellularGaming There were a handful of public cases starting in the early 2000's @BellularGaming 🤨📸
Retweeted by naerchan💙 #ActiBlizzWalkout
Retweeted by naerchan @trucqulent Some kinds of guys that are trash tbh, and these are not ways to talk about your customer base during a… @jasonfj @Smirking_Lion and even after punishment, always will be. sociopaths gonna socipath....they are incapable… @GeekyEnthusiast I have anger and disgust, and I'm still not forgetting than woman who lost her life because of all this. @Namaslays before this goes away...hugs and support. You're doing your best by your son, and I hope there is some r… might interview the person I will write up for assaulting a woman I manage. I hope that day never comes. But you… work environments like this are ever changing, we have to do what we can to address things IMMEDIATELY and to N…'m almost in tears seeing the responses from my own team in slack re: the cosby suite article from Kotaku Everyo… this is bad. Via Kotaku’s Ethan Gach
Retweeted by naerchanI was 14 y/o w/ a tibial stress fracture, left alone w/ no cervical spine exam after this fall. I competed in the O…
Retweeted by naerchanIt doesn't have to be extravagant, but cats really benefit from food based enrichment. It helps their emotional wel… toy was boring and now it’s renewed. :) I was not directly impacted by the blizz news, it did bring up a lot of trauma. Something I think many of us… 💙
Retweeted by naerchan @Manglehaft It’s been in the high 80s/90s here since June, very very unusual (high sixties, low 70s is more normal)… @themermaidstyx I feel this. Im sorry you’re going through this. @intrinscbro i am not a big tequila drinker but reposado is much preferred. i am a whiskey drinker @djnifos im north of it entirely, but western UP is under our area of support coverage and often times they get som… @intrinscbro my body is not ready but my liquor shelf is @djnifos ah yeah it is going to get real fucky south of me though, yikes work in IT and this is illegalplease stop is PR and manipulative at best, and a retribution trap at worst. In short: do not take PTO. Do not accept it…
Retweeted by naerchan @thisaintnoel @Smirking_Lion the dream. im 53% noodle, 47% cheese @lockrocks80 blue tailed skins are one of my favorites. he is precious and smol. thank you for capturing this moment. @thisaintnoel @Smirking_Lion i don't like orange chicken lmao i actually just want to eat my weight in their chow mein noodle bastardization @Delebrin hey, this is coming from the player who is literally the worst trash ever but just sayin' @Snortingbacon lmao see my latest tweet but im unfiltered now famlmao @ all the people thinking that if their guild skips one night of raid prog well outside of RWF that it will ac… @thisaintnoel @Smirking_Lion my favorite fast food... T_T‘s #Rosé sounds amazing as she gives us a beautiful rendition of Alicia Keys’ "If I Ain‘t Got You“ SEA…
Retweeted by naerchan @lollyrots Our kitties seem to aim to be kicked it’s tragic pls stop @Sivation Tried and true prime99,heavens benchmark, memtest. I run each indecently starting in the opposite order.… @lollyrots @cosmicvalkyrie 💕we made it @cosmicvalkyrie @lollyrots (This small rant brought to you by a child raised without such things and struggled because of it ) @cosmicvalkyrie @lollyrots This is honestly heart breaking they need to model routine and structure to help their d… rare treat of the aurora during summer. 🥺💞Good morning everyone 💕 as an FYI. The company's stock price didn't drop when the lawsuit was made public, it dropped yesterday after…
Retweeted by naerchan @dahctor ive always let help desk guys take the good ewaste machines, knowing my extra income goes to Katbutt and t… I've been playing on a 2012 build that's been unstable for years, with a scepter tv for a monitor. this is an insane upgrade.One strategy that I did was I added a handful of the ones I was watching to my cart, and setup notifications for pr… passed all the benchmarks, it's been stable. I lucked out as it was a "brand may vary" build and got a ASUS TUF… @aertemisha excalibur :) @Rigear im here ! @Rigear i gotta get there first never been @Rigear well this shouldn't be too hard to find lmao @Rigear .yes this is my home i knew that all along @Rigear im just guessing that's my server i have no clue what's going on lol im still in a cutscene @Rigear also the fact that people can play instruments in the game is amazing @Rigear there is a lot of music usually too, its very pleasant here @aertemisha I dunno what server but I’m on primal I’ll have to check server @hexrogue Yes pls ! @ohgoditsranor this makes it awesome then - as long as it has some explanation im fine with it @ohgoditsranor what is up with his mask though wtf it's not nearly as intimidating like that story is giving me goosebumps (ff14) and has actually capture 50% of my attention, a modern miracle @clouded_vxle my former guild nickname for a time was narwhal lolnow that i can throw my shield, i am unstoppable
@Zelse007 Only on Wednesdays @veroicone I want to cry of happiness for you. You’ve worked so damn hard for this. @ayaenah I have my SAN at work, benefits of working in IT. We’re making a plex monster soon 😂 @dapg2 👀I can fill up 1TB pretty quickly with half a gig down, going to be honest. Whoops 😅 @Rigear You know it! @jasonfj I tricked FedEx lolMy PC arrived at the pickup location, it isn’t DOA and everything it’s supposed to have was actually included. Now time to stress test it. @lollyrots I’m so happy for you! I had hoped that was Digits problem but alas, she’s normal. They told me it’s comm…é speaking about their trainee dorm: 🐿: When I first came to Korea, we weren’t even set to debut yet and we wer…
Retweeted by naerchan @Ciscoandchai A automatic waterer for cats 😂