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i’ll keep you in my heart ‘til the sun burns out 👼🏻💕

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ok that’s really weird but okkkk @sdozee no i thought the same thing but the i in her @ is an l lol @sdozee still funny tho @sdozee it’s not her real account lolmy anxiety is slowly starting to transform into full blown depressive episodes and i am straight up not having a good time
i wish i could go to work barefaced lololidk what to do with my makeup i’m so uninspired!! @babyxstorm YES
@babyxstorm i feel this dude. but also i’m the opposite. i wanna do mine brown but i haven’t had brown hair in so long idk lol#SSH #StraightShotHome #NewProfilePic
Retweeted by megan🌙A dad and son are here at the airport waiting to go to LA. They have a bag w muffins. Kid says “Can I have one of…
Retweeted by megan🌙ok technically not a date but i went to the movies with this dude and we were kinda digging each other so we both s… just stole my pillow what the heck dude @Austlog_why do i always get the worst anxiety at the stupidest moments
@TraeK_ @iGoble_ @LepreVinny @kyndal_turner honey i’m from louisiana, trust me i know how they coach. the differenc… u guys ok u can walk into literally any frat and find this exact man
Retweeted by megan🌙 @iGoble_ @TraeK_ @LepreVinny @kyndal_turner these kids are in HIGH SCHOOL they are not professional athletes, most… @CaraBroooke i love you toodamn i wish my life was boring like this
Retweeted by megan🌙 @ThomasBeautyy i always thought it was like the perfect age. and now that i’m 24 and climbing i wish i was still 23…
i’m hurting so bad i do not want to be at work i want to be at home with a heating pad and ice cream
@Cfaith_93 it’s been wild so far @Cfaith_93 ori and the blind forest lol @BOlszewski51 @OrangePaulp no one is making fun of illnesses in this one. HE is making fun of the actual nurses that are. @BOlszewski51 @OrangePaulp pretty sure the guy in the video was just joking
@delabrumee that’s where i’ve gotten all mine from. they have such a wide selection! @delabrumee 💛💛i JUST started this game and it’s already pissed me off and got my blood pressure so high i’m shaking. 100% thought… @abbeystrohmeyer is kind of telling too a lot of times @abbeystrohmeyer at work, i work at M*C and we are trained to match from jawline to neck. obviously there’s also ot…!! want!! to!! scream!! @ariannajassmine @cIowncultist @muvagoddesz even still it’s a shitty thing to do @annabellle_x her faaaace 😂😂 @meauxgana tell me about it dude lol @PSYCH0SANCHEZ @BrandonWalden10 @randommaria25 @chilleramas @BramtyJuliette @PSYCH0SANCHEZ @BrandonWalden10 @randommaria25 @chilleramas @BramtyJuliette she literally said “omg i just pranked luis SO good”why is a random reply of mine at 1500 likes and climbing @annabellle_x i’m pretty sure it’s majority religious people that says it. so idk man @annabellle_x i mean i know some people do that when they’re posting about it on their own but i’ve never seen some…
partner to be paranoid and doubt everything like why would you want to create that kind of environment in your relationship??idc idc idc how you feel about it or even if everything went well with that youtube couple after the prank but W H… @randommaria25 @chilleramas @BramtyJuliette shitty way to make money @breatheKara i’ll have to try! @randommaria25 @chilleramas @BramtyJuliette i don’t give a fuck. you DO NOT prank like that. it’s cruel. it hurts.… @chilleramas @BramtyJuliette not to mention even after it’s revealed to be a prank, the s/o might still have trust… @Austlog_!!!! it was really bad. it’s scares me. and i don’t know how to stop it.thanks to my awesome bf i got a solid 5 hour break from this inSANE anxiety i have had the past couple of weeks.
@_tylerschmidt_ dude YES. after i watched that episode i was like WHAT THE FUCK SHE JUST KEEPS GETTING WORSE. @lwljesse i’m so proud of youcan i get a muh fuckin uhhhhh hug
Retweeted by megan🌙
@dustinphillips debt lmaowhat is wrong with black cats??? why don’t people like them?? they’re the most beautiful creatures?? eye-this is in relation to june harris on lost in spaceSeeing Nikkie Tutorial’s new video titled “I’m coming out” and clicking fast expecting her to say “I’m bi” but bein…
Retweeted by megan🌙thiiiiissss fuuuuuccckkkiiiinnnn biiiitccchhhhhh @_tylerschmidt_ she deserves to burn on that god forsaken planetYou never have to work another day in your life. You’re not filthy rich, but your bills are all fully paid and you…
Retweeted by megan🌙but also don’t spoil anything i’m only on e7s1i cannot fucking stand this bitch june harris in lost in space please tell me she fucking diesfor the first time in a really long time i am SO proud for the work i did at my job. i absolutely KILLED it today. @spiritualsiren_ we’ll get through this 💪🏼
@annabellle_x see this is why i wanna be a labor nurse so bad!!just had a dream that honestly opened up a huge rip in my heart that wasn’t even fully healed yet. i’m sad.serious question why do people equate tattoos to “bad decisions” lol?
Retweeted by megan🌙i cute my bangs on a whim
if you’re wondering what it is it’s the rose gold line from BLISSto only spend money on necessities and so i’ve been using like samples from work to get me through and my skin is i… i FINALLY found a skincare combination that works absolute wonders for my skin and it’s not too expensive and ki… @uziburp i had to google what that was and eye -i grew up watching my mom handle any obstacle life put in her way. she went through shit i’m sure kept her up cryin…
Retweeted by megan🌙are we not going to talk about the fact he says to BUY his song MULTIPLE times?? bf / the gf he’s kinda hot or whatever @annabellle_x bitch u lyon u boff look otherworldly. 10/10 perfect couple
@chelslynnc_ my favorite one to date was when it said “you’re trying too hard baby” lmaodid i really just cry my eyes out from watching steve propose to DJ on fuller house? really megan? why @chelslynnc_ it is. and every full moon i get notifications from “moon” and this is tonight’s lmao of me really would like to start drawing again but like what @sarahmcgphoto okay but like i 100% thought that’s what she was asking for until i read your second reply LMAO
how do you convince a toddler to stop listening to billie eilish i think my head is gonna explodeeverything doesn’t feel okayas if my anxiety hasn’t been bad enough and then i come across THIS SHIT?! man wtf @annabellle_x oo she thicc
@CaraBroooke i mean it really doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. they act like girls don’t watch porn lmao @annabellle_x i relate heavily to this. if you need anything i’m here we could rant back and forth 💛💛This is the banana of luck, don't ignore it and tomorrow you'll get good news.
Retweeted by megan🌙 @CreampuffZucch1 she’s 18 now! @CreampuffZucch1 well my doctor doesn’t make me pay that it’s just she’s so far away from me @annabellle_x gladly @CreampuffZucch1 my doctor is in columbia and the urgent care here makes me pay like $50 upfront even though i have…
@annabellle_x just when i thought you couldn’t get any cuter you prove me wronglike i ate SHIT and my leg folded in a strange way and it was fine up until yesterdayso like new year’s day my stool broke out from under me (it was only a matter of time it’s old and the legs were su… @annabellle_x if she asks again i might have to take you up on that offer lmaoolivia wants to call billie eilish how do i tell her it’s not possible @Sherpdird ily sending so much love and shit your way 💛💛💛
remember when travis mills went by t.mills
it’s really funny that some people who share things saying “you don’t even know what happened” in relations to the… this before your girl sees.
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