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Ash @NagiAoee west district

19. yuri enthusiast.

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@yamaenjoyer yeah ahha i totally know them @KENNYG0LLADAY yeah they needa control themselves @yamaenjoyer ??? what even is that @ImmanuelJewkley NO WAY @evastfu @kureijiollie all good ollie! @OtakuLachie there we go @spacek1rby i will but im listeing to this wild ass space rn @spacek1rby i havent slept in over 24+ @OtakuLachie lets hold hands @Gamergod29 well issa no @Gamergod29 nob @Gamergod29 no @Gamergod29 THATS NOT ME @oovoojaeger @OtakuLachie damn shawty @Ashtheone9 tuff titties @V3Kenny that mf brandon @Slaaaysterr thats not me @Yoku_09 no i just make it on my laptop and save it for personal use @Yoku_09 knew youd like it @KENNYG0LLADAY you bout to be $1000 richer @KENNYG0LLADAY its showtime gi @Yoku_09 idk maybe you should ask her @KENNYG0LLADAY thats all you gi @Yoku_09 @KyeEnjoyer i dont have the space available for me @C4TG1RLSUZ @C4TG1RLSUZ @PradaLuvScars go suzie go go suzie go go suzie go! @KyeEnjoyer everything is a joke now kath 🙄 @C4TG1RLSUZ ewwww then youd get all your nasty spit on it and then hes gonna smell like spit and then youre going t… @C4TG1RLSUZ we get it hes hot af @AsukaTroll sorry hacked @AsukaTroll firegiprengitwngitwngkfdmsklgntrkhitrwhi @AsukaTroll 2 am??? @seinenjayy 😬 @iSaintsreal gn chris @EmiliaShiori gnnn @seinenjayy @kunoichi_backup @stupiddslut @KyeEnjoyer sorry but white boy summer had to do its thang @oovoojaeger @ayanamisthighs 2 years @spacek1rby hi hina @oovoojaeger woah @ReturnofASH yessir @luckyhope_mako 10 people want to give you money? jesus thats sad @BensSingle gnnnn ben @Emiliabestgirl yeah that was a bit out there m8 @luckyhope_mako @shonennsteven THEY THINK THAT IM TOM CRUISE @Emiliabestgirl alright cool youre free to go now thank you @stupiddslut yes @PingShortex gnnn ping @elotraV5 gnnnn ❤️ @seinenjayy @ro0550 @shonennsteven racism isnt cool jacob @ro0550 @seinenjayy @shonennsteven definitely some racism going on here @stupiddslut im chillin on twitter listening to some toons @kavrimichi @BensSingle @SW1TCHBLXDE appreciate it @seinenjayy @shonennsteven dont dont this to steven ☹️ @kavrimichi @BensSingle @SW1TCHBLXDE dont worry bout this conversation its just some normal bro talk with the bros @kavrimichi @BensSingle @SW1TCHBLXDE whoops @kavrimichi @BensSingle @SW1TCHBLXDE hacked by BensSingle @stupiddslut wasians are hooooottt afff. anyways whats good friend? @kavrimichi @BensSingle @SW1TCHBLXDE FUCK SHES SAW @BensSingle @SW1TCHBLXDE you cant make this shit up @BensSingle @SW1TCHBLXDE ah ok so efriends with benefits arc i gotcha ben @luckyhope_mako youre trying to make this sound dirty @Emiliabestgirl i need you to go rob a bank for me 😈 @BensSingle @SW1TCHBLXDE well youre knocking on the door of it rn you must not think its that gross @BensSingle @SW1TCHBLXDE you live in Florida she lives in like up way up north area right? it is most certainly edating arc @BensSingle @SW1TCHBLXDE yeah yeah we know… ben having an edating arc just feels wrong @SW1TCHBLXDE @BensSingle isnt the first time ben has somehow been able to receive pictures from egirls @BensSingle @SW1TCHBLXDE fair enough @BensSingle @SW1TCHBLXDE this a W but at the same time have some shame @luckyhope_mako hope all is well with Mako as well 😃 @Emiliabestgirl yeah youre mine now @BensSingle @SW1TCHBLXDE @goldiswim do wish nothing but the best tho 🙂 @HikuHitsugaya @goldiswim ohhhh nvm then. @goldiswim lil love triangle never hurt nobody. usually goes well in the manga @BensSingle @SW1TCHBLXDE i have to keep showing you this when WILL YOU LEARN @ANHachiman first time seeing that name. cigarettes and watermelon sounds gross af she trippin @goldiswim hi there @SW1TCHBLXDE @BensSingle also he shouldnt be talking either but we’ll let this one slide @Emiliabestgirl did you just slap me with your penis? @BensSingle @SW1TCHBLXDE hes playing with fire ben @ANHachiman sir i dont need a slave. i have myself @SW1TCHBLXDE im sure they wanna talk to the 5’2 dude who wants to fuck his mom and cousin @pIaybibi nicr @ANHachiman omfg 😭😭 well sadly im not in college so i dont think your help with education would be of use to me and… @luckyhope_mako gmmmm mako im doing swell @pIaybibi what if i told you this made my day better @BensSingle contagious shitty spelling syndrome @ANHachiman i do appreciate the attempt buuuutttt @Gamergod29 @JameisTroII hes such a cool dude @ANHachiman sorry, haha what up timeline where the asian women at? there we good now? @ANHachiman