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Naima Cochrane @naima In my damn house. Still.

“Culture” is not a buzzword. Game veteran. #MusicSermon. Storyteller. Curator. Black girl. ✏️ @vibemagazine / @billboard / @essence +. $musicsermon.

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@SylviaObell @DavidDTSS @JustinTinsley @taylorcrumpton @KianaFitz @TheQueenBRI @nprmusic 🤗So many of my favorite music writers contributed to canon on southern hip hop. @naima @DavidDTSS @JustinTinsley
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@goonpoett @strongblacklead Search "Sam Jay 3 in the morning" @YNB There's one child in this photo that had a whole different convo with mom before she walked out the door...
Retweeted by Naima Cochrane @MrGrinch619 @strongblacklead It’s SO FUNNYGot Sam Jay: 3 in the Morning on as my work background right now and this. shit. is. HILARIOUS. Shout out to… is so spot on I got angry listening. I’m so tired of the armor. Being “strong” overrated and dangerous. @naima
Retweeted by Naima Cochrane @boozepaper You know...So DeSantis and Trump are asymptomatic carriers, right?, I grieved Nelsan Ellis like I knew him. It felt SO unfair to imagine all he had to gift us with. @Felonious_munk Happy Birthday, Munk! And thank you for your transparency in your journey with us over the years. Y… @MsMookie HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOO!! The person who gets the jokes & references, remembers the parties bc you, too, were… @LWavghist And can’t NONE of them get shit done @Kozza @JamalJimoh 👀 @weallscrewed NEVER. Definitely feels like an old man in a 16 year old body @beatrix_aku Correct. Named directly after @rrmndr No, I’m old, but not THAT old @DrByersDNP 😂 @UriahMorrow Like you were really gonna distract Jesus @MsPackyetti Thank you, Brit!!! 🤗I need Five to figure out the right calculation already so the Hargreeves kids can put the timeline back in order a… @saynotofuckboys He gives me so much Nelsen Ellis/ Lafayette energy.#PValley is the show I’ve been waiting for but didn’t know I was waiting for. And Uncle Clifford is helping fill… "safety plan" I've seen that would allow public schools to reopen requires that kids behave in ways that no c…
Retweeted by Naima Cochrane @neosouldude I just think you have to remember twitter’s still a conversation - I just need a little context to understand you, that’s all. @neosouldude I’d never heard of it, but now that you *explained* instead of just tweeting me a blurry picture, I’ll look into it! Lol @neosouldude I mean the tweets you specifically send to me or tag me in @neosouldude Like I LITERALLY usually don’t know what you’re trying to show me, tell me, share, etc because you offer no context @neosouldude No argument; nothing to argue about. I’m just never able to follow your tweets. @neosouldude Actually, nevermind. your tweets are almost always unrelated to whatever you’re replying to @neosouldude What is this very very blurry thing that seems unrelated to my tweet? @Fatassery YUUUUUP @ItsJustKent We live in the same city and absolutely not. I wouldn’t waste my money or time. @MrDespicable A fucking igit, he is. @AngryBlackLady I also just peeped how he dropped in that the current number one book is about Trump - without noti… @_CourtneyAHill @RealJusticePAC @FlipTheSenate @grassroots_law Yup! And his book’s gonna be a best sellerAlso note (I almost missed this) how King ups the ante by noting the current #1 book is “about Donald Trump,” becau… @dag825 @RealJusticePAC @FlipTheSenate @grassroots_law The money comes from the people he sends the emails to... That’s the point. @SweetMigraines @2speak_easy @ReignOfApril @RealJusticePAC @FlipTheSenate @grassroots_law @TheNorthStar A Black jou… @Starchild203 @mcgarrygirl78 I’m not sure how you got that when I DELIBERATELY didn’t mention questions about his r… @aboutrunning I figure there are Shaun Kings from multiple dimensions somehow overlapping here. And each one of the…
Retweeted by Naima CochraneDoes Shaun King have a time machine? Because I swear no one can type that many long-winded e-mails in the 24 hours…
Retweeted by Naima CochraneI like this theory guess when the formula works... @iamHBY The formula.“Can we have a heart to heart? I neee to focus all my attention on electing these DAs, so I’m going to make the maj… King is out here yammering about how his book needs to be number one like it’s a cultural imperative. LOL. W…
Retweeted by Naima CochranePretty sure this is literally spamming. @chrislhayes @eunique I feel like you’d have an answer to this 👆🏾I’m going to be thinking about this for a long time:
Retweeted by Naima Cochrane @chanelrefa Lol thank you! @rrmndr Lol... nah, I don’t have a landlineI know I’m getting old bc I heard thunder and almost told my mom I needed to get off the phone bc a storm’s coming. @FredTJoseph I’m so EXCITED FOR YOU! I remember when you tweeted this!The book includes thoughts and experiences around racism and white supremacy from people such as: @JoelakaMaG
Retweeted by Naima CochraneExcited to reveal the cover for my debut YA book "The Black Friend: On Being A Better White Person"! I was asked…
Retweeted by Naima CochraneWhy is twitter talmbout “rate limit exceeded”? Fail whale back?Look at this manifestation. And with @nprmusic at that. Rumble, young Bri, rumble. to @nprmusic “celebration of southern hip-hop.”wrote about the lineage of Dallas, mississippi, houston,…
Retweeted by Naima Cochrane @callmedollar @AndreaDMorgan Thank you!! @Luvvie Lol!!! Thank you my sister! I accept it most days, but you know every once in a while.... @FarsightedGirl Thank you, sis! I appreciate the energy you and so many others have sent my way here. It all helps… @The_Real_Dannie 😂 @rahmonicar Thank you for that!
@anildash Thank you Anil!! That means alot from you! I’m humbled. @Charlezton_Chew I think (hope) when you saw Black folks use “chillay,” it was making fun of the WP saying it that… @Charlezton_Chew It’s how southern people say “child.” Like, “Chiiiiiiile... lemme tell you what happened.” @kimcwashington Thank you!! @TheKimAlexander Oh that’s pretty! @brea55055 Bye, egg. @brea55055 No, dumb ass, the way “child” is pronounced with a southern dialect THAT LONG AGO. It has ZERO to do with 🇨🇱 @talldknluvly My ex didn’t even LIKE cheese until he started dating me. Now he be having brie, manchego, gouda, all… @Mzsma Thank you! I am an entertainment exect transitioned to writer, but as a friend told me I was always a writer… @TheKimAlexander I had one that had a couple of different types of grilled shrimp last year that was tasty @hessowellspoken I JUST GOT SOME ON FRIDAYIf anything, some good charcuterie components are what you want right now. None of it requires cooking and they’re… @MrDespicable People who don’t understand how fcking delicious they are @sincerelykemab Apparently they think it’s exorbitantly expensiveI heard about that - they need to either take that up with my greatgrandmama ‘nem and the generations of BW who’ve… @Karnythia Listen, I eat charcuterie of some type almost DAILY bc it’s easy and bc it’s all the things my fat ass l…’s mad about charcuterie boards now? Oh that’s my cue to go get some work done, cause dried meats, cheeses,… @octothorpe 😂 @Blackamazon @yeloson Thank you sis! @Honey_l3 Thank you!! @redclayscholar I’m WITH THATWhen the book drops, we should do like an authors meets the critics roundtable discussion.
Retweeted by Naima Cochrane @taylorcrumpton @_brandoc @redclayscholar Right?!But when you’re tapped along with the people you’ve read like “Yo... I wish I could write like that”... and it’s li… @taylorcrumpton @_brandoc @redclayscholar Don’t feel bad, I stayed home bc that was the week Rona got real in NY.However, this is second canon I’ve been part of this year alongside dope scholars and writers, I’m about to jump in… but #MusicSermon, something I started just for fun and out of my own passion and nostalgia, launched my actual… part of NPR’s Southern Rap Canon was significant for me in ways I don’t know if I can really articulate.… @taylorcrumpton @_brandoc Haahaha!! I KNEW who you were, though! I should have BEEN following. I’m humbled though, thank you.One a seperate note, @redclayscholar @_brandoc and I keep getting tagged in the same writers groups which means we’… was in the group chat like “AYEEEEE!!!” 😂 fun things about writing this project with so many ppl: - working international players anthem like an actual…
Retweeted by Naima Cochranea few of my favorite pieces were: @DavidDTSS on da drought 3 @KieseLaymon on ANYTHING mississippi (finishing heavy…
Retweeted by Naima CochraneMaaaaan my siblings and I were left alone all the time 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Naima Cochrane @KMJeezy Several, even.