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Industry vet. Playlist master. #MusicSermon®️ creator/curator/Sr Pastor. Black music, ent and culture ✏️ @vibemagazine, @billboard +. (But don’t send me music.)

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I Can’t Find My Phone Becasue I’m on My Phone: Aging in the New Age
Retweeted by Naima Cochrane @troyswift813 I tried it. Got bored halfway through Ep 2. @fiercestripper Seen the first two, haven’t heard of the third @beyhivedc @njokingumi And I’m SO. TIRED. @SDY292 I feel like you can appreciate this @_OptimistPrime_ I’m not sure where you live, but in NY it’s illegal to not supply heat when the outside temp drops… @BlackXtian I remember that video. She had the govt plates, too, didn’t she? @MUAHCoupDeGrace It’s like Martin himSELF said “Not this weekend, you ain’t” 🤣 @Sifill_LDF AS YOU SHOULD HAVE!OF ALLLLLL THE BLACK PEOPLE... I’m sorry, but I am just too undone at how the universe works sometimes.… @celestialexec Ever.That conductor really couldn’t have picked a wronger one (yes, wronger) than the director of the NAACP Legal Defens…, go into #MLK weekend knowing this.
Retweeted by Naima Cochrane @BloggedByRain I mean, her being born and raised in Corsicana TX alone tells me that. Most of them likely are, TBH @BloggedByRain Oh, just checked IG. They have ONE Black girl this year. (But will she make mat?) @BloggedByRain Cis hetero* I meant @BloggedByRain I don’t see her working well with Black girls or cis Black boys. Small town Texas plus evangelical Christian = no. @BloggedByRain Is she that different than any other coach of a consistent national championship team though? @mrmess It’s called Gladiator, I think? I haven’t looked for it yet @mrmess Watched it today. I heard there’s another one from last year that’s stronger @BloggedByRain I loved it. And I think it’s especially important for people who DON’T know alot about cheerleading… @BloggedByRain Lol @mbizabeth Oh, I’ve seen that many timesI should also add I’ve seen Cheer, Holy Hell, watched Aaron today, the crazy ass Bikram joint. I keep false startin… @Dimitri246 I haven’t heard of this one! @pinkpopmash Watched that straight through last weekend. So good @TierraJoven Now you know... @SusanaBeezus Yup! I mentioned that in my tweet. EVERYbody it crazy in that joint @factaveli I’m on the fence about that. Worth the watch? @Iharris00 Seen both (mentioned EG in my tweet) , but thank you! @WritersFengShui Documentaries.... @4evaJen No! And I forgot there’s a new season. Thank you for reminding me! @mdoolittle It does! But I watched it straight through last weekend. SO GOOD @ATouchofJas Did that one the other month. That was alot lol @okMai Watched that earlier. Nuts @DCOGGODZ Watched that today @CheckMy_Degree Yes. And INSANE @ariannelyoung I did Aaron earlier today and I’ve seen Studio 54 but will add the rest to my list. Thank you!! @obsidianblue I saw Three Identical Strangers shortly after it came out. Still one of the most gripping things I’ve… @KMJeezy I keep trying with that one and turning it off. I’ma stick with it @SP_Marc16 Bikrahm? Saw that one.Ok, guys... I’m in a Netflix doc space. What should I watch? (That’s not Abducted in Plain Sight, The Keepers, E… @musing_about The handiwork of Tyler Perry lol @itsmelsslife He is FIIIINE, you hear me? @Jillian002 This is ACCURATE AF @naima Someone on this bird app said Mehcad looked likes the hood version of The Simpsons that used to be on t-shirts.
Retweeted by Naima CochraneY’all gonna stop caling me Velma 🤣 Also, Velma was wearing Ivy Park. A trendsetter! @photografitti90 Just... WHYYYYYI definitely never watched the He-Man movie. @CTConsigliere I never had the action figures, so I didn’t know about the comic until watching this @RidicBowe Ehhhh... I’m not sure I want to revisit. Lolohhhh, she was boring because Mattel and the consultants for child safety or whatever didn’t want her to be a bad a… @The_Real_Dannie Ha! Not even. At least I was occupiedShe-Ra was @Basseyworld And I didn’t find her remotely interesting. @trice10552 Yup! Called The Power of GrayskullI forgot how into this cartoon I was. @solomonmissouri LOL! NoThey’re also explaining how frustrated the writers were that there always had to be a “teachable” moment for the k… @DTHalliday I’m watching The Power of Grayskull, which is all about how the show came about. I’ll watch Toys the Made Us next I think! @jasonwindsor It was worse than Superman and Clark Kent @DeePhunk No, it’s called The Power of GrayskullI mean, the toy line legit came before the show was even conceived, so you’re not wrong lol. the Netflix doc on He-Man. When I tell you I stood on the biggest armchair in my living room everyday and… @CoquiTalksTrash I probably need to go TF outside 🤣 It’s cold, though
@Kat_reinnna @kim_penn @LeslieMac Awww, we’re sorry, beloved. Lol @anglib78 @106th I genuinely think it’s his idea of making them look better. Like Shemar was supposed to be a stree… Perry writes his own scripts with no help. Does he do everyone's wigs all by himself too?
Retweeted by Naima CochraneGot this man looking like Larry Blackmon circa 1986. His agent should have complained. @tiabbea @106th Maybe Tyler thinks that. It aged him up, to me @106th That was my NEXT TWEET. I don’t know WHAT it is with him and these wigs @Coolness1994 YESTyler needs to be jailed for his obsession with hideous fake hair.
Retweeted by Naima Cochrane @hessowellspoken I have NO idea in this case @ShaneAppling That was legit meIt’s as bad as putting Shemar’s fine ass in that uglass Jim Jones cornrow wig.I can’t believe Tyler Perry put Mechad Brooks’ fine ass in this uglass high top flat top wig for #AFallFromGrace. I… @killianfantasy I do feel bad for the guy because he genuinely wanted to understand @xidama @firefire100 @STaeMJ I almost don’t think he WANTED to thrive. He was doing what he thought he was supposed… know Robert Kraft was walking into the courtroom to testify mad as hell like... @GodisRivera If somebody scripted this, it’d feel like a cheesy Lifetime movie. It’s that crazy top to bottom. @MsRita73 It’s some real “Fck, I’m old” sh*t @kellywoodcobra It’s always Florida @Illustrious_Cee Oh, see nah.Update: my glasses were on the floor by the bed, frames down with arms sticking straight up, which means they fell… was trying to live a movie. Playing THE role. @msmarypryor @Misskellykellyy Also that. Suppression is a muthafucka. @firefire100 FINE. Shit.Every year, EV 👏🏾 ER 👏🏾 Y 👏🏾 YEAR, #yall insist on straying further from God’s light and MLK’s legacy 🤦🏾‍♀️, so Aaron Hernandez was CRAZY crazy. @JayePeso Wiping with the sock! @iMakeArtifacts @greenetee42 Definitely some deep seated trauma there @yonce_padthai @D0ntHurtY0self Mine are a light brown - close to my skin tone - so same @WeGotGame2 I’m not sure. I only know who I’ve seen on my feed @kim_penn @LeslieMac 🤣 @LeslieMac @naima And for the over 50 crowd, Part III: I can't find my glasses because they are actually on my face and I forgot.
Retweeted by Naima Cochrane“Who moved my wallet and my keys?” (Which are in my pocket) . . (Because I put them there)
Retweeted by Naima Cochrane @yonce_padthai @D0ntHurtY0self And these are Tom Ford frames and that is my exact fearGlasses still missing, so I threw on my backup pair and they’ll inevitably turn up somewhere I already looked for t… @D0ntHurtY0self They’re definitely somewhere in plain sight and I just don’t see them