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l have reached peak African auntie cause I watch Seinfeld everyday now. Time to bring Fraiser into the fold. late than never 😂🥰 #bussitchallange
Retweeted by hood textureshis name is Yasiin Bey @wowiwrite It is ostentatious but I like Anna. Everyone else is ridiculous lolEverything I’ve learned about Armie Hammer has been against my will.Watching Bling EmpireKilling Eve is such a good show. Almost done with season 2!
2021“it’s all over”
Retweeted by hood texturesThe way this is unironically my brand. I strive to be as chic and unrelatable Gwyneth Paltrow is
Retweeted by hood texturesWhitney Houston. Vibe Magazine, 1995 💜
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I hate the smell of coconut for one reason and one reason only...
Retweeted by hood textures @_Zeets @Jouelzy I don’t feel bad for them at all!The way people have become obsessed with “branding” is so dark to me.Those Bali girls were eating on TikTok but they got greedy and decided to bring their joy to Twitter. Big mistake!Twitter is not a place to brag because people will get you out of here.One Night In Miami is so beautiful shotWHO: just 25 Covid vaccine doses administered in low-income countries - The Guardian Spector defined the toxic music svengali – a figure that persists today - The Guardian grown ass bitches on a Walky talky app talking bout ppl. Lonely asses!
Retweeted by hood textures @sylphmon Martin Luka King @kissmeriver Sabbat is just walking around with MLK’s face
I’m online so much that my brain is completely fried! @chrisisclueless They deleted the tweet, the replies were kicking their ass’m still dying at the color photo discourse around MLK. I really hate the internet.Greatest character development on TV right now.
Retweeted by hood texturesThey need to just cancel the inauguration and start the presidency!last day of capricorn season. the sun enters aquarius tomorrow, 1/19 at 12:33 pm PST.
Retweeted by hood texturesMartin King finds no rest even in death. The state has absorbed his likeness, has declawed his scathing critique to…
Retweeted by hood texturesShoutout to my hating ass 10th grade English teacher who thought it was “inappropriate” to salute Dr. King with thi…
Retweeted by hood texturesThe Alienist is such a strange show but I’m intrigued @fancytomboy I’m dying cause that’s what sparked this question🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️ @altaredvision My bf wants to finish cause we started watching together and we are too far in nowYour Honor is possibly the worst show on television!looking for new interns for spring 2021. if you’re passionate about music and culture, know the internet like the b…
Retweeted by hood textureshow it started vs. how it’s going
Retweeted by hood texturesNEXT WEEK | In celebration + honor of the legendary Jack Whitten 🪐 In Conversation: Fred Moten and Legacy Russell 🎨…
Retweeted by hood texturesI can’t believe the show 7th Heaven existedBabyface Ray is Drake for street niggas
@WrittenByHanna Lmao someone said they thought Levi didn’t exist in the 60sThis tweet and the replies really got me questioning what they be teaching y’all in these schools lmao wasn’t about being in the streets if you never took the Bolt/Mega bus to DC or Philly from NYC.
Retweeted by hood texturesDonald Trump won’t take “no” from America. But, as E. Jean Carroll writes, we could have avoided all this—if we’d j…
Retweeted by hood texturesNot y’all comparing diasporans going back home on vacation to colonialism........ words mean things.....
Retweeted by hood texturesEveryone should read “A Small Place” by Jamaica KincaidY’all logged on this app to equate people visiting their families in their home country to colonizers.’s the projection for me like y’all really don’t know anything and just like to propagate myths for RTsy’all really say anything on here miss being in the same space as people I’m casually friends with cause this pandemic makes casual friendships nonexistent 😞I don’t flash money or guns but they know it’s aroundfuture almost 40 nigga it’s time for jazz
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@fancytomboy nah these ppl are moving mad“asianfishing” didn’t read the label of these chips before I bought them and why are they really GHOST PEPPER chips? My mouth is on FIREEEEEEEthis is how you call up two female rappers and do a proper remix ☝️
Retweeted by hood texturesI use my air fryer like a microwave @WrittenByHanna I just drove past it in LA! That man is sick sick @sxylk it has to beis it crack?’m openly Blackwhat a cute little storewatching the colette documentary @chrisisclueless okay follow me back so I can dm lol @chrisisclueless what’s your @ boo? Sending TikToks is my love language
The @NRA's claimed financial status has finally met its moral status: bankrupt.   While we review its bankruptcy fi…
Retweeted by hood texturesnot to be dramatic but I despise every person who has been taking this virus as a joke.
Retweeted by hood textureshappy birthday to mlk jr. anti-capitalist, anti-war, cut down in the prime of his life like so many others. he told…
Retweeted by hood textures well:
Retweeted by hood textures there a way to file a restraining order on someone who is harassing / threatening you online? feel like the non kink shaming discourse serves as armor for a lot of abusive people that hide behind sex positiv…
Retweeted by hood textures @chrisisclueless you’re so beautiful!!!! u can't pay $15 an hour to your employees, maybe u shouldn't own a business
Retweeted by hood textures @champagnamamii @SHUKNITE @deeekss chile who is that
Can’t believe we gave up hunting n gathering to pay rent
Retweeted by hood texturesno ❤️ i like avant basic ass design as much as the next dummy but who the hell asked for "lexapro but make it aesthe…
Retweeted by hood textures @MikeishaDache It’s ghetto!!Franklin ain’t build this shit brick by brick for y’all to disrespect him like this..
Retweeted by hood texturesI don’t even care about kink shaming tbh cause we kink shame around here!!! Some kinks need to be shamed.I can’t believe the Armie Hammer stuff got reduced to kink shaming when he really was out here grooming young girls… Shaka Zulu-El