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Naj @najjmahal Brooklyn, NY

Founder & CEO of @somewhere__good. I build thoughtful brands like @ethelsclub @formnoform. She/Her 💁🏾‍♀️

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“Black women have been writing speculative visions of the world for some time. Black women have in a sense always h…
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Retweeted by Naj @TheNYCFilmChick My two faves @ohmakeda & @aundrelarrow !!#Step aside platforms we have a new one coming through! Sign up early 🥳
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Retweeted by Naj @VernTheLegend Amazing!!!!!! I love to see it. 🤗 @rosenstein 🤗At a #TIME100Talks, Naj Austin, founder and CEO of Somewhere Good, talks about designing a social and wellness plat…
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Retweeted by Naj“In the times of COVID-19, I have discovered a certain level of appreciation for human contact...” by: @najjmahal
Retweeted by NajI’d be remiss if I didn’t call out that #HarryAndMeghan’s #Time100Talks provided a platform for women & particularl…
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.@ziwe would you be interested in your own show on Showtime? you’d be an iconic host.
Retweeted by Naj"@somewhere__good is reimagining what it could be if the internet was built by people who come from different inter…
Retweeted by Naj @annikaizora ☺️Yes!!!!!!! @najjmahal giving us hope for a better world! 🙏🏿❤️
Retweeted by Naj @najjmahal @somewhere__good This is the year of @najjmahal and @somewhere__good!
Retweeted by Naj @lyneka 🤗I’m excited for this. H/t @najjmahal
Retweeted by NajA couple of weeks ago I joined @ethelsclub and I’m absolutely thrilled to see @najjmahal featured by Meghan and Harry on their #Time100Talks
Retweeted by NajThis is a @najjmahal hype account press play and turn the volume up.
Retweeted by NajReally impressive work by Naj Austin and Somewhere Good. Just love this community. Positive communities are the pla…
Retweeted by Naj @ItsMorphinTime_ I feel like you were the first person to believe in me on here. 🥺 ur the best as always ❤️That’s my good sis @najjmahal doing amazing things for the culture.
Retweeted by NajGet. Into. THIS! Thank you @najjmahal for sharing your brilliance with the world and for creating…
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Retweeted by NajShooting my shot and applying to this. The imposter syndrome sits in heavy, but let's try 👏
Retweeted by Naj @YBelyayeva @somewhere__good 🤗🤗 @royal_suitor Thank you for all the kind words — I can’t wait to share it with you. @royal_suitor the @somewhere__good slack was fire last week, I hope they took it up a level today. Your girl @najjmahal killed…
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Retweeted by Naj @JuellStewart @najjmahal always doing the good work
Retweeted by Naj @chaiandpieco ❤️❤️WOW! So incredible to have this queen highlighted
Retweeted by Naj @courtgarrettco 🥺❤️ @najjmahal, I don't get the sense you'd ever find yourself in the category of "unreachable", but if you ever become…
Retweeted by Naj @toddbennings Not arsenio 😂😂Gotta protect @najjmahal at ALL cost. For real!!
Retweeted by NajSo truly and very proud of @najjmahal for the work she is doing with @somewhere__good
Retweeted by Naj @GoesByWalton Thank you for always being in my corner ❤️🥺 @kianamoods You’re the best 😭😭❤️
@TheTimWheaton 🤗❤️👐🏾Imagine a social platform built from a place of intention, meant to foster deep connection & designed to center our… @TIME I only knew about @najjmahal 's incredible platform Somewhere Good (a safe, uplifting social playground for B…
Retweeted by NajLoved the talks and also how they gave @TeenagerTherapy and @najjmahal a platform to show their work. Super interes…
Retweeted by Naj @NicolaBrentnall Thank you for the kind words! 🤗Important insight on positive interactions on and offline from @najjmahal, @safiyanoble,@tristanharris,…
Retweeted by Naj @ddarveyy I was introduced to @RachelCargle @TheLovelandFdn @ethelsclub @najjmahal through #TIME100Talks I previou…
Retweeted by NajThe next generation of social networks will look nothing like the current. They will be smaller, more private, and…
Retweeted by Naj @AnnyaSantana Coming from you this means everything! ❤️So in awe of @najjmahal and all@the greatness she’s building at @somewhere__good #TIME100Talks
Retweeted by NajCan’t say enough about @najjmahal and @somewhere__good. The world is catching on and WOW what a vision! Keep winni…
Retweeted by Naj @katsbreez ❤️I think @alexisohanian tweeted about @somewhere__good, by @najjmahal, a social media platform for PoC, and I signed…
Retweeted by NajFor @Time to just let Naj talk about @somewhere__good , and then weave in #TheTalk (still groundbreaking…
Retweeted by Naj @najjmahal #TIME100Talks @somewhere__good Bringing diversity of perspective into the ring❤️
Retweeted by NajThrilled to see @najjmahal of @somewhere__good on the #TIME100Talks!!! A brilliant visionary. A concept so necessary.
Retweeted by NajCaught a bit of the #TIME100Talks. @najjmahal your vision for @somewhere__good is so vital, beautiful and necessary…
Retweeted by Naj @BevAndreLMFT ❤️The rationale and vision behind @somewhere__good 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 @najjmahal #TIME100Talks
Retweeted by Naj @SussexPrincess I didn't know about this website coming... I'm here for positive engagements. Can we amplify this?…
Retweeted by Naj @mariammouna Thank you! ❤️It was so good!! @najjmahal The future looks bright with leaders like you. 🎉
Retweeted by Naj @safiyanoble So honored to be in community with you! @mikster Thank you Miki!Aah @najjmahal s story is each and everyone of us s story.... we relate and support the work.... I truly admire her #TIME100Talks #
Retweeted by Naj @najjmahal is talking about how to build safer communities online! #TIME100Talks x #HarryandMeghan
Retweeted by NajWow, imagine being fed a ton of content from people digging into misinformation, lack of care with online communiti…
Retweeted by NajWaiting for @najjmahal’s talk like... #TIME100Talks
Retweeted by NajHopping between sessions trying to catch @najjmahal on #TIME100Talks ugh. If I miss it, someone posts a video.
Retweeted by Naj @BevAndreLMFT You and me both 😭 I think I’m next! @DavidSpinks Might be a minute 😭 @kianamoods 🤗eeee cant wait to see @najjmahal talk to the DUKE & DUCHESS
Retweeted by NajWow the best conversation I have listened to in a while.... you MUST TUNE IN NOW
Retweeted by NajTapped in to Time100 talks, excited to see @najjmahal
Retweeted by Naj @onlymade_rs 🥳a reminder, @najjmahal is speaking with the royals, prince harry and duchess meghan markle, in t-10 min:
Retweeted by Naj @vsnaire ❤️ @GoesByWalton 🤗 @shidoshi 🥺 @pollyirungu @morganLOOKS Lol they got one job. I’m waiting for my sis to bring me the next platform @najjmahal @somewhere__good
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