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Luc Nakashoji - Japanese/French-Canadian artist from Ottawa, ON. I like comics. TK/TI-28401 of the @CCG501st {he/him}

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The new additions are by @TotinoTedesco, @heyjenbartel, @thealexrossart, and @MarkBrooksArt. They are all just incredible!Updated the wall today with the last four. @79SemiFinalist’s issues joining in. #captainmarvel #carolcorps a ton of thumbnails to try and get interesting ideas and compositions! I think it’s one of the skills I nee… @caroleighlayne Whoa!
@carolcollector Have fun! @79SemiFinalist @LaraWest @whoajordie This perspective is insane! Wow! @ErenAngiolini Oof that’s brutal to hear about!I have watched this every time it has crossed my timeline and I have no regrets. to try using lists to help manage twitter now. Do you use them? Do you have any suggestions to maximize their use?Okay, @rdauterman and @COLORnMATT. We get it. You guys are good at art. (But seriously incredible job on Giant Siz…
Retweeted by Nakashoji Art ︽✵︽ 🇨🇦Damn I keep retweeting stuff so often so if y’all could stop making amazing and beautiful art, that would - actuall…⚔️SWORDBREAKER⚔️ block print tees are now in my online shop! These are handsome unisex tees made from soft cotton a…
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The Black Widow — (modeled after Chris Samnee’s run) 🕷🕷🕷
Retweeted by Nakashoji Art ︽✵︽ 🇨🇦Kickstarter for the "All about that gay trash" patches is already at 47%! Check it out, pledge to get one and share…
Retweeted by Nakashoji Art ︽✵︽ 🇨🇦We had an idea to demonstrate the impact artists brings to a comic script. We gave artists a one page script writte…
Retweeted by Nakashoji Art ︽✵︽ 🇨🇦“Coffee at Candy’s” done with gouache on wood. Was really trying to capture her aura with light and color, I love h…
Retweeted by Nakashoji Art ︽✵︽ 🇨🇦Black Canary— with a splash of color for a change :T
Retweeted by Nakashoji Art ︽✵︽ 🇨🇦 @nikkrdoodles Yikes! 😳Issue 39 of Doctor Aphra. Really enjoyed drawing this issue. #StarWars
Retweeted by Nakashoji Art ︽✵︽ 🇨🇦Studying women in suits. with the color a little - like this better #padmeamidala #StarWars
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When your kid gets a little too pragmatic after learning about death. (Yes, this was a real conversation, just in F…
Retweeted by Nakashoji Art ︽✵︽ 🇨🇦A little Captain Rex sketch to celebrate the return of #TheCloneWars #captainrex #CloneWarsSaved
Retweeted by Nakashoji Art ︽✵︽ 🇨🇦I am late to the trends but here’s a #toonme anyway! Wasn’t crazy about the lack of contrast between photo and draw…
Retweeted by Nakashoji Art ︽✵︽ 🇨🇦hey all, tomorrow's my birthday! 🎂✨ i could use a hand, so here are some ways you can support me and my work! ✨ko-f…
Retweeted by Nakashoji Art ︽✵︽ 🇨🇦 @k1mbles I think a factor may also be I’m using a little tablet, so I’m not drawing directly on the image? But yeah… seem to have some trouble with my anatomy when drawing on the computer despite zooming out and flipping the image… princesses
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@carolcollector Ooh dang! Jealous! @blue_troller Ooh I really love the hatching on the upper lip!Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has liked, RT’d, or replied to my art stuff in the last little bit! It al…プリンターとおっかなびっくりなねこ様🐈 #猫の日
Retweeted by Nakashoji Art ︽✵︽ 🇨🇦Our cat looking very regal today. @akagicyrus I’m Leisl, a Canadian if Trinidadian/Jamaican descent, working in animation and on my first graphic nov…
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Second time making Mitarashi Dango. up, check twitter
Retweeted by Nakashoji Art ︽✵︽ 🇨🇦 @k1mbles Thanks Kim! Miss you!When your kid gets a little too pragmatic after learning about death. (Yes, this was a real conversation, just in F… x Shadowcat x Moonstar
Retweeted by Nakashoji Art ︽✵︽ 🇨🇦Our feature tutorial/artist for #LEARNUARY today is another beautiful group of drawings by the excellent…
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Oh...oh no. Captain Marvel AND Silk?! My poor, poor wallet. No one tell @CaryneNak shot at Yakisoba Pan for lunch today. little Captain Rex sketch to celebrate the return of #TheCloneWars #captainrex #CloneWarsSaved 😮
Retweeted by Nakashoji Art ︽✵︽ 🇨🇦A little look at the next comic. some sketching on an X-Men 164 cover redraw. Think this will be a nice litlte project to work on here and… @nikkrdoodles Sounds like my reaction when someone in an office doesn’t have their phone on vibrate!Here’s the cover for JONNA AND THE UNPOSSIBLE MONSTERS, the new creator-owned series written and drawn by me, with…
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CHRIS & LAURA SAMNEE Tell a Story of Sisters & Monster-Punching in Creator-Owned JONNA & UNPOSSIBLE MONSTERS Ongoin…
Retweeted by Nakashoji Art ︽✵︽ 🇨🇦 @hellocookie I’m at @nakashojiart just like here! I’m a Canadian artist looking for comics to draw!…🚨COMMUNITY FOLLOW THREAD 🚨 If you're like me and looking to grow your Instagram account, please join me in adding…
Retweeted by Nakashoji Art ︽✵︽ 🇨🇦...I did it again...”just gonna sketch a little bit and then head to bed”...45 minutes later...
I never show inks, but I love these and since they’re included in the IRONHEART: TEN RINGS TP, gonna share (These i…
Retweeted by Nakashoji Art ︽✵︽ 🇨🇦 @carolcollector @MahmudAsrar Now I want to try that! I’ve never tried to recreate a cover!Ok here you go. Ms Ahsoka Tano. Just in time for Clone Wars, Season 7. Am I allowed to draw Star Wars comics yet?…
Retweeted by Nakashoji Art ︽✵︽ 🇨🇦I am late to the trends but here’s a #toonme anyway! Wasn’t crazy about the lack of contrast between photo and draw… #PortfolioDay! I’m Sam, a freelance comic artist interested in making YA/MG, fantasy and sci-fi graphic novels!…
Retweeted by Nakashoji Art ︽✵︽ 🇨🇦Today's #501stPicOfTheDay comes from @CCG501st #501st #StarWars #Vader @501stSithLords @FISD501st
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I'm not crying nope nope nope
Retweeted by Nakashoji Art ︽✵︽ 🇨🇦Looks like I can finally share these #Avengers posters! (Apologies in advance, as this ultra-limited edition is onl…
Retweeted by Nakashoji Art ︽✵︽ 🇨🇦 @MKDouma6 Holy shit, panels 1 and 2! 😍😍😍WHEW, I'm gonna call this first redrawn page done! I'm using more crosshatching halftones than the origonal page, w…
Retweeted by Nakashoji Art ︽✵︽ 🇨🇦Another inked page finished! 🔥 also a reminder that your inking never has to be perfect (that’s what whiteout is fo…
Retweeted by Nakashoji Art ︽✵︽ 🇨🇦Playing around drawing digitally with this Star Wars OC.'m very pleased to be part of @LOVELACE_TGLA's "Winter Ladies": a charity artbook collecting illustrations of icon…
Retweeted by Nakashoji Art ︽✵︽ 🇨🇦 @ErenAngiolini @LOVELACE_TGLA Wha! Beautiful!
@caroleighlayne You’re welcome! @ErenAngiolini My pleasure!How can I leave these women out? @hellocookie @PlinaGanucheau @artbytesslyn @TaraOComics @ColouredBraids the voices of 10+ women and keep it going: @caroleighlayne @SaraAlfageeh @notdayle @ErenAngiolini! Went through the whole list of exhibitors for TCAF and followed a bunch! (Especially Canadians! 🇨🇦 ❤️)
I really want to collaborate with a writer, even if it’s for just a one-page story! (And a colourist too, that woul… colours on this Inktober piece for “Overgrown!” #marvelfanart #cassielang #stature #youngavengers I posted another comic last weekend! I’ll just jot down some quick notes on a layout for one of these little comics! It’ll just take a minute and th… an old Inktober drawing tonight! Flatted it quite a while back. Nice to try it again, even though I have no idea what I’m doing! @JoltStudios Ah cool!Oh my god I will defend her with MY LIFE!!!
@OC_Transpo @CBCOttawa Oh I meant west bound @OC_Transpo 18 minute wait east bound at st-Laurent? @CBCOttawa @JoltStudios You’re too kind! I do feel like I’ve grown a little in the past five years. I’m trying! Did anyone els… @jmbevington Thanks dude! Glad it landed with you! @JoltStudios Thank you Jamie!
@OMG_Dj_Judy @79SemiFinalist @CarmenCarnero Whoa that fabric you got for the upper part!Hmm not sure how I feel about this one. Might grow on me in time though! @nikkrdoodles Thank you! Yeah that’s what I tell myself!Parental doubts find a way of creeping into your life, but sometimes you feel like you’re doing an okay job, you kn…“I’ll just make really quick autobiographical comics for fun and I won’t spend a bunch of time overthinking them!”… think I am just thinking too much about the actual colour of stuff and just need to use it strategically when it’… @vanessasketch Nice!Well I learned tonight that I need to do some reading on colouring in grayscale!Karasuno no juuban! 烏野の十番 #hinatashoyo #haikyuu #karasunofight
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@MKDouma6 You’re welcome! I honestly hate having to sell tickets and I feel like I’m guilting friends and family in… @MKDouma6 IIRC, you just pay it and then they give you 20 tickets, so you’re essentially paying the difference.Went through the first 10 pages of creators for TCAF and followed a bunch of artists! I would really like to go, bu… @MKDouma6 I think the consensus is that it’s not a good idea and has been called a scam by a lot of people. I have… seems designed for @pantsmaryse @nikkrdoodles Oui, c’est correct! :)