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🗡️Espresso Loving Loot Gremlin into Horror, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi. MMORPG Focused. Warcraft for 17+ years. New World/Classic TBC = Main Squeezes.🗡️

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Picked up a handful of followers today thanks to @Namaslays and @belghast bringing people into #AETC. Welcome aboar…
Retweeted by Namaslay 🗡️I love that you can toggle off and on with "G" the new/old graphics. #Diablo @NeinballGamer Haha thanks I genuinely didn’t know and watch bitching on my way back making fun of myself5️⃣ MORE DAYS UNTIL YOU CAN #PLAYNEWWORLD!!
Retweeted by Namaslay 🗡️ @cordonus @kremlincardinal hahI am playing Classic Warcraft (TBC) and Diablo 2 right now and boy what I time to be alive. @MaekaGaming Haha yeah by then it was Warcraft and only Warcraft @MaekaGaming My mom wouldn’t let me have it!! @ArawulfTweets Lol same I was like what is this?! @BloodEagle_Ent 😂 @Scarybooster1 Grampy checking inOkay here is another one. I thought chat was trying to troll me by telling me I could "run" in #diablo2 because it… @_Gneisha I had a boss pounding me in there xD @Nightveil I did lmao I was trying to loot and run and realized it wasn't a thing @BoxPressRadio at the bar already @HeyItsBWags 🥺 @_Gneisha I tried to loot it at then end and died fast. Realized I gotta kill shit off.. loot and run. @_Gneisha NOPE I only ever got to play D2 at a family members house so I never really "played" before.Today I learned if you die in Diablo 2 you gotta walk your ass back and collect your shit. Today was hard. *pours wine at 1 PM*I am sorry to any boomer gamers I have ripped on in the past. Love you all. Time Diablo 2! Let's go! @willsohard @Praxis123 @Leafsongx @playnewworld @Grakulen Ooooh yes @Praxis123 @Leafsongx @playnewworld @Grakulen Yes you should totally stream and come play with us if you need a home. @immortalarashi You see my pumpin speed. Don’t feel bad my upload is like 10-15Only a few hours left!🤩The Blizzard Sorceress has been one of the most beloved characters to start your journey int…
Retweeted by Namaslay 🗡️ @maxrollgg Thanks for this was just trying to find a good starter build. @Jade_Playsgames Most non-official IMO have power hungry mods that actually don’t care to clean up the toxicity. So… @RocketBearLive We are going Midna last I looked @Lexerus_OG Yeah. :(🚨PRE-DOWNLOAD UPDATE🚨 You can get yourself ready to #playnewworld by pre-downloading the launch client starting…
Retweeted by Namaslay 🗡️ @Admiredplague Yeah agree. Just have this weird thing where I am more into it if I can relate the character to me lol @Admiredplague Sorceress. I am petty and only play female classes or I'd be Necro lol @Leotas_ 11 AM ET @Admiredplague I think it may be ok!Here we go! #Diablo2Resurrected @Admiredplague I honestly thought i'd wake and play then looked back through my feed saw ZERO hype so found their time sheet.. like whelp. @Admiredplague 11 AM is late into my morning. It's just rude. @Grummz I wanted to but really couldn't find anyone with a server I could use to mess around on. Didn't wanna play solo. @Admiredplague ....i've already done laundry and dishes... @Admiredplague I wake around an hour ago. Hi. Welcome to productive mom hours. @Admiredplague I am excited for all of these! @Grummz No are people not feeling it? @Admiredplague I may have to grab it eventually. I am so overloaded with games right now it's come at such a bad time. :(
@BloodhuntCentrl It’s so good! Go catch up. @Nightveil I was just chilling.. like oh wait wrong spot @mattplanet It’s super good @BloodEagle_Ent Oooh my guild already has our pick but thanks for the link!!Where is everyone going?? @therealbabx I will sent a link!Posting this again for anyone still looking for a group to roll with for #NewWorldMMO We are a 21+ community Leveling | Classic TBC hoodie came in! @sloth_mcduck @belghast @Grakulen @Accomp @Broximar Ah yes the best kind right next to the leeroy kind @SirBumbles That sounds super interesting!New beer to try! to get that Moonkin grind on this morning before I run errands. #ClassicTBC!!!! @Scarybooster1 Hah you can’t change or fix them @vbarreirojr @mattplanet @AjaxBlackjack @Grakulen I see! @mattplanet @vbarreirojr @AjaxBlackjack I don’t know are we all with @Grakulen @AjaxBlackjack Yes :) I’m talking about an actual community focused group of PvPers going to one placeFIRST DAY OF FALL WAKE UP SPOOKY GANG.
62 on the Moonkin now! #Warcraft @Accomp @Broximar @Grakulen the gang is all hereVibe to the sounds of Hell. 🔥 🎶 🎧
Retweeted by Namaslay 🗡️ @itschynaduhhx Awesome will have to give it a shot. Started the first episode but never finished it. Got distracted. @nohitjerome @MMORPGcom Aww! I love chilling out to classic or instrumentals. @nohitjerome @MMORPGcom You mean you don’t just listen to pump it up on repeat?Game of Thrones composer Ramin Djawadi helped create the sound of Aeternum, collaborating with Brandon Campbell on…
Retweeted by Namaslay 🗡️Let us in early, today, the dark lord would want this. @Syberkai Not yet!Sign me the fuck up for this. getting there @FerlinnaTV Nice did you grab it on Steam? @TheBloodraptor I played it back at launch on Epic but sorta stopped because no one I knew was playing. I will most… @VicariousPR Agree!A little unknown sci-fi survival game comes out this afternoon. is like no hype or talk for #WorldWarZAftermath on my feed. I want you guys to know this was released today. @eluvianna Yes!! I was like wtf I want to be proposed to by Diablo. 😤 @GingerProblemz Haha nice jobI’ve done something wrong in life to not be receiving cool #Diablo  items in the mail. I won’t stand for it. 😂👿 @GingerProblemz I had these back in the day both of them
Got my trinket first try! @OfficialKat I mean is there any other reason to be here? @StitchedByAras @cypheroftyr Beautiful!All my shit is done for the day. Leveling my Moonchicken in Classic TBC all day. Also got that New World hype feel… out for errands. “The Errands” (Turkey and Brie w/raspberry mayo on baguette) @WindsingerEU Yep we got it back to unlimited! @AjaxBlackjack Cox @BloodyPopcorn Damn I am not near that one. I’m gonna go scope it out anyway. They need to get on the ball. They pu… @MaekaGaming Yeah we have one option here @HeyItsBWags Yeah!! @gothmog Thanks I haven’t had a single issue with them my 4 years here. I just found it add hey randomly added a cap. @MaekaGaming Well they totally did and my husband was not happy lol @ToffeeSwirl Yep same here @Scopique @belghast They didn’t even give us a warning the removed us from unlimited as we had always been unlimite… @belghast We have 4 of us downloading games, streaming, watching shows lol 😬At some point our internet plan switched to a data cap. Anyway in attempt to see if we could switch back to unlimit… @meesherbeans I have straight ignored all HOA chair invites and open spots. Like noppppe. No thank you on the mega Karen role. @andrewgriesmann I do the same