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namchu @namchu The Republic of Offendia

Illustrator to Copywriter to Chief Creative Officer to Have-gun-will-travel. Turned 50, moved to Florence, Italy, and COVID19. My timing is impeccable. Always.

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Go West? #KanyeWest @NutAshes Yaaay! This is good for us overweight people! Sick of slim fit!Precisely why things suck. @chatak @neerajbassi 😂 @ramkid No biskoot? @Troll_bol @ranjona @mohitoz You purist!
If we slip up — the virus will spread. If we stop social distancing — the virus will spread. If we ignore scienc…
Retweeted by namchu @AnantRangaswami Equivalent of “The product will hit the market in 4 months but we need the film in fifteen days be… dinosaurs roamed the earth. 2005 AD, McCann Erickson, New Delhi @sacredeastwind Moojay patta hi. @sacredeastwind 😡I have issues with people who can’t spell. It’s “Katilon ka Kaatil” not “Katilo ka Kaatil”. It’s “Maine Pyaar Kiya… @TandooriCutlet @TheSoothsayer_ Now I blame both of you. @visitjamie @piyushpankaj No words. @iloveleen almost clicked on the 'Request a free quote' button. I was expecting a quote by Rumi or Hemingway or the unknown… @iloveleen I think you have to blow them out of the water. @ramkid 😂 @omni_nomad Jo bhi bola sahi bola hoga. 👍👍👍 @thesatbir They create. We buy. We sell. We are shopkeepers. @ramkid GOLD @KingKhanna @mohitoz “I love the smell of napalm in the morning!” @neerajbassi @piyushpankaj @thesatbir @priyankasehgal7
@solomonwheeler 👍 @GabbbarSingh GharHere's a tagline for #GlowandLovely and #GlowandHandsome @HUL_News @Pallavika18 Ah that one. @Pallavika18 Ko chai ho ni? @mkobach Whatever happened to 'work only as much as you feel like'? @bhatnaturally Even when you are writing a rather long tweet, in parts. :-)🤘🤘 @ThePrintIndia @onemorerachel Yet another 'Before and After' story from #HindustanUnilever.
@VikkiRossWrites This session is being recorded for future reference. @Tweet_Dec This session is being recorded for future reference. @DilliDurAst @vinayaravind @ThamKhaiMeng His ‘Totoro’ is still a favourite! @ajay43 Natural weeding process.You can have an edit button when everyone wears a mask
Retweeted by namchu @ZONEPHYSlCS The weight of the bottle working to hold itself up. Nice! @dhunji @ramkid Ours is a people's business. And people are cost. of the most serious problems with the advertising business is that people think advertising must be a serious business.
Retweeted by namchu#GlowandLovely #hul #FairandLovely
Retweeted by namchuYet another 'Before and After' story from #HindustanUnilever: #FairandLovely and #FairandHandsome are now… @ramkid Heard ya! lesson in crisp copywriting from New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo. Hopefully it’s copy that converts.
Retweeted by namchuChickens 🐔 know everything. #FoodieTwitter
Retweeted by namchu @ramkid If you ever need a not-so-young copywriter, holler. 🤓 @ramkid There's already a yet-to-be-named 'consortium' of ex-agency people looking for assignments on LinkedIn. @slinan Damn, it’s getting hot in here! @prernachettri And word play. @piyushpankaj @DalbirX @thesatbir Just a warning: You don't get these at the shoots for toilet cleaners and mosquito repellents. 🤪
#Olympus gets out of the #camera business. All the more reason to hang on to the 40-year old camera that Dad would… @piyushpankaj 🍒 toh main aisehi khaaleta hoon. Supposed to be good to control uric acid, or so I have been told. @beastoftraal Meanwhile, my HP printer cartridge packaging is printed in Germany but the product seems to have been… @priyankasehgal7 Just a prank @NutAshes Especially when spelt “wifi”.While Akshay Kumar has deleted all the Petrol Jokes he used to Crack before 2014 whenever Price Increased, Amitabh…
Retweeted by namchu @babitabaruah Hmm. Not a very good idea. Stay safe! @piyushpankaj Banana+Yogurt in the mixie 🤓 @priyankasehgal7 That was back in ‘98. He’s happily married and quite successful now. And haven’t heard of another… @priyankasehgal7 There was a copywriter in my team who disappeared without a word, and then returned after three da… post-TikTok life. @vitiligowoman Yeth ith ees. @desaisantosh And their telephones! Like the Ericofon from Ericsson. Fun read, @desaisantosh ! @prernachettri Avocado and cherry tomatoes on toast with banana-yogurt shake. 🤓#breakfastFirst tweet of the day should be a happy tweet. Baad ke tweets baad mein dekha jaayega. @SunshineOnRent Nope. @piyushpankaj @Zodiacclothing Good pitch, @piyushpankaj 🤓
Not once have I heard anybody say 'ghar me guske marenge' all throughout this nearly 3-4 months long India-China st…
Retweeted by namchu @impossiblecool RIP Mr. Reiner. @lifeofbryony 50, and the 1980s. @RollingStone To get rid of the weird music that passes for country these days? @priyankasehgal7 Kyun, ab Kya hua? @Harveen_A @priyankasehgal7 Apparently, of the 15 Anheuser-Busch breweries outside of the United States, 14 of them are positioned in China. @priyankasehgal7 Budweiser peete ho? Bottle ya can check kar ke dekho. @shivens @Adani_Elec_Mum HAHAHAHAHA! @shivens @Adani_Elec_Mum Has it hit everyone?War games. @robreiner I remember Mr. Reiner from movies from my childhood like "Oh, God!", "Man With Two Brains", "History of…“If you don’t like wearing a mask, you’re not going to like wearing a ventilator.”
Retweeted by namchuRenaming road where Chinese embassy is situated after HH Dalai Lama would have been more gutsy decision than this
Retweeted by namchu @BDUTT This is unforgivable.My Traveling across India for 3 months in Age of Covid underlines the reality of the Missing Indian Politician. Whe…
Retweeted by namchu @thesatbir Ji! new printer cartridges. How get them? @jaipal999 I don’t think so.
@priyankasehgal7 Make 'em. :-) I'm still trying to get it right. @priyankasehgal7 Only 11:27 here. :-)Dinner date with the Queen of the South. Some grilled chicken with fresh greens, radish, olives tossed in some Dijo… God It’s Monday. @thesatbir 👍👍 @uditkulshrestha Hehe yeah @thesatbir Even before she completed her sentence, you were already up. Lagta hai aap aur hum same team mein hain. @priyankasehgal7 @thesatbir Yeah. Which explains the shapes.🤪 leftovers from last night, fried for breakkie.There has been no prime minister who was perfect. Even if one were to come along, we wouldn’t let him, or her, be one. @sunainak @thesatbir @thesatbir has no problems with calories. All the extra calories in his food and drink fly off…