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namchu @namchu The Republic of Offendia

Was an illustrator once. Became a copywriter. Was a Chief Creative Officer @ Havas Worldwide India until recently. Continue to be a husband and a father.

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At these prices, our representatives should all be down with food poisoning or a severe case of Delhi Belly. @VikkiRossWrites Here, in India, most clients think the proposition is the headline. Which is why a multiple-headli… @agentgreenglass If you can, head for the foothills of the HimalayasThere’s no denying that South Dakota has growing meth problem. 🤦🏻‍♂️ @1followernodad Tootsie @1followernodad First Blood and everything else that followed. @nickparker Saving the world, one bland post at a time? @beastoftraal think was in 2012 when the good folks at the ⁦@BBC⁩ really ticked off two-year old Kayomi.
@Lk_Gupta is intrusive by default. The least we can do is offer work that is intriguing, relevant, beautiful, respectful, and enjoyable.
Retweeted by namchu @thebeatles Abbey Road @meajay Early morning lesson Ke liye shukriya. @marcellacomedy This is why they should allow scissors on-board. @agentgreenglass Or Hot Rum Toddy @agentgreenglass Brandy. @VikkiRossWrites @davetrott Fray Bentos. Must remember to use it the next time a brief riddled with purpose comes flying in. @ramkid 😀 @ramkid Thank you. I was told if I used pictures of babies and pets, I could get away with almost everything.
Before we call it a night, a message to all my friends from Kayomi, when she was only nine months old. @AnantRangaswami They graduate into news channel presenters.
@sourabhmishra @Oinx_roy @anirban_m No originals man. Never had the time. Now I hope I will. This year for sure. @anirban_m Now how far is the studio? :-) @anirban_m 🤘🏽 @Oinx_roy @sourabhmishra I’m not very adventurous. I stick to Darjeeling. It’s either that or a Balvenie. 😊 @Oinx_roy @sourabhmishra Try a pot of Darjeeling, instead. @twinsighter @ashishbhasin1 Carry On, Narayan!
@beastoftraal 😂😂😂If you are in Kashmir and trying to do something that requires an OTP, you simply can't do it, because SMS on postp…
Retweeted by namchuNothing like a Friday afternoon briefing session to get lil Kayomi in a good mood. #advertising @solomonwheeler So accurate, it’s beautiful. :-) @thefullmohanty 😡
Man buys 15" Macbook Pro in January 2019. Apple launches 16" Macbook Pro in November 2019. AND DISCONTiNUES THE 15". WTF??? @beastoftraal @thesatbir Best looking phone I ever had. Winner design. @thesatbir Yeh toh ghatiya ho gaya.As the song goes, "I've been through the desert on Horse with No Name". UP Cops Ride 'Imaginary Horses' During Mo… @Asphixiated It is. The Epiphone EJ200-CE.Smile On! Smile Off! #Gurgaon #AirQuality #AirPollution @Dr_Draper 😂 @sacredeastwind Good decision. The air here is foul. @sacredeastwind You not in Dilli? @Dr_Draper HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!Jupiter in disguise. @ferzad @Apple @tim_cook And I was thinking for getting the wife to get me one for my birthday. 😂 @ferzad @Apple @tim_cook Uh oh. @LloydMathias @TiEDelhi @geetikadayal 👍 @bhatnaturally Nowadays, everyone is looking to move every 2 years. Which I believe is a phenomenon that started oc… @LloydMathias @TiEDelhi @geetikadayal Any masks? @shivens @thesatbir Very, very. 👍#ChaiPeelo in the daughter’s mug because it’s #ChildrensDay2019
@sonalkalra The true boomers ate sookha Nespray and Lactogen and spent the rest of the afternoon trying to dislodge… next time someone tells you something no longer works, ask them to explain how it was supposed to work and why that’s no longer true.
Retweeted by namchu @thesatbir Just received an email from school saying that school’s shut till Monday and I feel like crying. It’s no… @dassudhir @ranjoydey @IndiaToday Playing Live in #Gurgaon. #AirQuality #AirPollution opticians in one small market. The world must be going blind like it’s going out of style. #Guhlayriah #Gurgaon @anirban_m Contrast and brightness controls. It’s all salt and pepper, brother. @anirban_m @anirban_m Main toh FB aur Twitter pe tag karde ya hoon. Phir suney ya na suney sochta nahin hoon. 😂 @anirban_m Album cover toh hogaya tayaar. Aur gaane? @anirban_m ऊफ 2"You're depressed? That's good. That means you've been paying attention." - Andy Haynes @babitabaruah 👍 @thefullmohanty 😀 Kahaani mein twist. @ramkid 😀 @Dr_Draper 🤘🏽😂🤘🏽 @babitabaruah I hope nothing too serious. @testicleas Out here, it’s usually presented as “cuntent”.After that ‘severe++’ ? #pollution #DelhiAirEmergency #DelhiPollution #GurgaonAir @ramkid Guess he got tired of Wankhede and left Eden before Eve could get there. @ramkid 😊 ‘Mnemonics’ and ‘daughter’ reminds me of my own daughter’s sick sense of humour. @ambimgp @TheAdClub_India @AnantRangaswami @RohitOhri1 @bedee0805 Over the years, heard so much of Mr. Ray from peo… was then. Over the years, Kayomi has grown kinder.
@ramkid @RanveerOfficial Just saw it. Fun stuff. The hard work doesn’t show. 👍👍👍 @Dr_Draper @thefullmohanty @SagarRa28358245 😂 @prernachettri 🤓I wonder what’s the budget set aside by the government to keep the government offices well supplied with all those… @schmmuck 😂 @piyushpankaj @SlyandSulk Nope. Cheese. @NutAshes 😂 @NutAshes Cafe StayWoke, South Point Mall.#ChaiPeelo and brunch kar lo.“Go ahead, make my day!” - Kayomi, age 3, anyone?, anyone? @thesatbir 🙏🏼Best wishes to all, especially my Sikh friends, on the auspicious occasion of 550th Birth anniversary of the First…
@davetrott 🤘🏽🤘🏽 @piyushpankaj They saw two of me. So.You are not alone. was definitely a Monday because on that day, Kayomi (age 2) also said, “I hate Mondays.” @NutAshes Precisely.