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As the inventor of “logging off,” I am cursed to never enjoy its benefits 😔 ☆ Community Manager Orb at @Blaseball 😊

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@fabrickind ahhh def gonna buy some ikea chips next time :0 @fabrickind IKEA CHIPS?????ok so for real this time THE NORCO DEMO IS (officially) ON STEAM opening act to a point-and-click pixel hallucin…
Retweeted by Elliot 🔮 @meganroseruiz oh shit, looks fantastic! @trisetella damn look at you
@dawnbrigade goddess fucking bless u @vaugna16 @LowPolyRobot Yeah!! I think this is accurate, anecdotallyfly me to the moon @itemLabel
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Retweeted by Elliot 🔮It's a 24th anniversary of the Japanese release of FFT cake. It's a Father's Day cake. It's a combination 24th a…
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Retweeted by Elliot 🔮 @peacefulglade post brain if u dont think @hvnlyevan OH NO kind of same story, I didn't notice mine is expiring in a couple months until I also needed it for an I-9 @meatgirI this is nuts and i love this shit, i love your recent hard dive into simpsons because your redesigns of t… @meatgirI sorry, i should tell you more often @hvnlyevan haha same @christinelove hi christine looking good as fuck @itselliotsk8s gonna keep sending you all the elliot-based jokes that i made years ago every time i remember one @Sir5000 first DM is you sending me a google drive folder of Yakuza karaoke tracks @HedgeMom Honestly same @itselliotsk8s @sheepishsoph oh my godI miss my wife
Retweeted by Elliot 🔮Suda51's wife loves horror and she made Suda play the Fatal Frame series. He's notoriously scared as hell of ghosts…
Retweeted by Elliot 🔮This is the real hot girl shit
Retweeted by Elliot 🔮 @MaxKriegerVG i agree with this energyWhen I think of Juneteenth I think of the generations of Black folks who fought for a freedom they knew they might…
Retweeted by Elliot 🔮 @proteinkiss the good kind @MathewMatangi Prime 4 was announced in 2017, developed by Namco. Then in 2019, Nintendo said they decided to re-st… @aretteepls Clearly you do own an air fryer @Sir5000 wait wtf @meganroseruiz I like it :')Super excited for Metroid: Dread! Did a version of her awesome new armor. #MetroidDread
Retweeted by Elliot 🔮 @dialacina I like the Switch already but it still ain't shit until it fills every niche left behind by the PS Vitawill smooch for 1 Life Stone
Retweeted by Elliot 🔮 @cold_cheetos honestly yes you totally can @KuwaCos @proteinkiss lmao pretty much. But yeah his whole perspective about “you can’t achieve anything collective… @proteinkiss genuinely tho, i feel like they were dropping hints!! esp since that episode where he and his wife wer… @OyasuAmi @Zerggiee chainfelt man...... i need to see it happen僕たちは仲が悪いよ。だから何もしてないよ?見間違いだよ!がんぼるぞい! translation: We are not on good terms. Did you see us kissing? It's you misjud…
Retweeted by Elliot 🔮 @proteinkiss i mean look at him @OyasuAmi cum assassin#CollectorsFront #PS4 #ShinMegamiTensei It arrived. 🙏
Retweeted by Elliot 🔮 @TheRyusui THIS GUY SAID AMOGUS @Sir5000 @silencedrowns the internet has evolved in your favor because the breadth of massively successful tiktok marketing is JUST this @PiggyNukka BLESS @hvnlyevan GANG GANG @itselliotsk8s 💖💖💖 @gracebruxner Wow! I am lookin!!!We all need to immediately stop treating people like shit in order to keep our society safe and healthy
Retweeted by Elliot 🔮 @silencedrowns actually wait, the other people who have told me good things are also LOGH fans so this all tracks. lmao @silencedrowns oh shit hell yeah, i've been meaning to pick that series up since i've heard so many good things about it @FUJlKOMlNE I accept replies and ratios @Necara @projectakoto oh hell yeah thank you for the quick tipz @Sir5000 WHEN YOU SEE IT YOULL SHIT BRICKS
Retweeted by Elliot 🔮 @amiawerewolfyet DON'T BE A DUMMY. TUMS FOR UR TUMMY @ichigolemonade_ ayyyyyyy good pick!!! @projectakoto i need that VOLUME @amiawerewolfyet no im sure you look cool too, tummers rise up together @denego_ YEAHHH @geomiyoto @crystalblisters oh my god @mofumofumenace noooooo ;__;#friendsatthetable #sangfielle The Yellowfield Candle Factory
Retweeted by Elliot 🔮 @Sir5000 WHEN YOU SEE IT YOULL SHIT BRICKS @Sir5000 oh fu- @orin_jpg only real bitches kno @THICCSUCCYNN NOOO i'm so sorry cyn, that sucks ;_; @Zambicandy ZAMBI you're so sweet! I hope you have an even nicer weekend 💖💖💖😭Save the animals
Retweeted by Elliot 🔮 @vibratingsheep SOON @dahngrest plz @demolitionsugar oh shit cubescore is a coming of age metaphorhi, been trying my absolute best lately and hope you can too 💜 also every time I post selfies, I’m further implor… @pelicantpark Still true!!! @ennuionus @theinfinitejpeg @silkspacesuit @PuccaNoodles put salt in one and borax in the other, and you've got the… @q_woru OH MY GOD YEAHHH @friedmonti hi monti, love u <3 @end_spire thank you for the manga speedlines filter, it conveys so much emotion lmao @proteinkiss if you're ever in LA proper and want to know where to find a legit deep tissue thai massage with the o… @proteinkiss lmao @crystalblisters @geomiyoto yea can i get a uhhhhhhh triple sundae @geomiyoto @crystalblisters I was also like YO DRAGON QUEST 4???? @ChiggityChives dad just dropped an iron chef challenge in your lap and the clock is still ticking @OyasuAmi oh shit @nicoletters bro let's go to the Getty or something
@Sir5000 fukc yuochumbo sighting @TAHK0 try tasting it too. does it taste better or worse than a switch cartridge, we need to know for certain"Yonah i'm at façade with weiss and kainé its very cool -dad"
Retweeted by Elliot 🔮I am coming to you live from a Brandon, Mississippi Waffle House. I, a total loser, came in last place in my fantas…
Retweeted by Elliot 🔮 @canicuIa big agreeintroducing a flawless specimen
Retweeted by Elliot 🔮 @mystraven lmao i remember this tooNever let it be said that I don't put effort into shitposting
Retweeted by Elliot 🔮 @PuccaNoodles topshop deez nuts @canicuIa SAME & SAME @nicoletters F @VoidBurger now THATS what I call a """Achievement Unlocked""" :^)