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Shiv Ramdas @nameshiv USA (Previously Delhi)

Storyteller. Ignyte, Nebula, Hugo finalist. Work in @strangehorizons, @firesidefiction, @podcastle_org etc. Asst Editor @escapepodcast. He/His.

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FTR the Evil Burger is Chik-Fil-Aa Beyond burger implies the existence of a Good burger and an Evil burgerI'm always fascinated by people who look at a two party system & fascism on the table & say "How dare you choose th…
Retweeted by Shiv RamdasNEW TURNBULL NOVEL OMG SO EXCITED @itsneonyang lol this me but sports @N_S_Dolkart just use it to feed next Clifford"Having a dog like Clifford is great!" NOT SO GREAT NOW THAT YOU HAVE A NINETY TON CORPSE TO DISPOSE OF, HUH EMILY…
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A day later than I’d hoped, but a very rare long thread following a #FIYAHCON2020 panel, The Art of Self-Promotion…
Retweeted by Shiv Ramdasshared because that artwork is hilarious @benbbaldwin @CJTDevil a middle class man's Russell Wilson @YoungSimba12795 I speak both and it's Tamil @SeaSportsBros @cmikesspinmove John Madden wanted to be a Seahawk @cmikesspinmove Brock would have made it to the midlist at the very least as a fiction writer. Excellent instinctive grasp of narrative. @vaniIlaessence but he did Kaatilon Ke KaatilThe Modi 6PM speech is India's version of Trump Calls In To Hannity @virtualsue @duolingo It doesn't! it's sad tbh. @AlasdairStuart call me weird but these scots gargoyles running all over the place with midwestern accents made get… @Brenda02605544 I think the sincere try is the imp bitSomeone hire Cheeka to report on the Philadelphia 76ers pleasepleaseplease"process, process, Enna podalanga process" hahahahahahahahahaha I'm still dedDED. PS: 100% truth. Knowing Tamil adds like minimum 50k hrs of top end laughter to your life. There may not be a… @grapefruitzzz but fun fact: "student loses hearing in x ear after teacher's slap" is like a 4 times a week headlin… @grapefruitzzz oh, lots. @grapefruitzzz you become a statistic and they mock you and use you as an example for future classes I'm not even… @grapefruitzzz home? lol its 3 hrs fully supervised without toilet breaks if you forgot water too bad you won't be… @The_Flaneur16 there were best bits?Medium: I see... I see Hitler: what do you see M: I see a man called Boris. H: And? M: He will tank the UK econo…*read* Now you know how I used to win essay competitions with my spelling. It was the maths teachers.The only other system comparable to the lolsob ghoul show of US Healthcare is Indian Education. Like who but us wou… they should just play the Jaws theme in the background of the 6 PM speeches to properly set the moodLike the faces of Indians each time they see that line scrolling on TV is like that of the person who just survived Jaws"PM to address nation at 6 PM" should be the title of a horror movie lmao."“Mispronunciation is a matter of limited tongues. Dispronunciation is a matter of limited hearts"’s a dereliction of duty to write about this fake Hunter Biden scandal without mentioning, up top, that Trump was…
Retweeted by Shiv Ramdas @effies I mean, I'd vote yes @GabeFeycat @no_frankly @AnnJord95446925 tbh mine too PB is like one of my fav movies everSo this Blood of Zeus on Netflix is basically just.... God of War Without Kratos- The TV Show??? Bold move, Cotton. @jeanmarie01240 first? @crataegus with someone else in the role I mean @crataegus It's the exact same movie without David BowieWould you watch Labyrinth if it didn't have David Bowie in it, but instead some British dude you've never seen before? @jascollins Yess!Have any of you had the impression when talking to someone that they're overquoting jargon to impress you with how… @priyachandscifi Like this much freedom of movement its basically empty lol @AZCardinals This is basically empty for a Bombay local tho so I'm not sure if this means what you want it to mean lolThis is basically empty for a Bombay local tho so I'm not sure if this means what you want it to mean the 90s and 2000s kids were straight up buying speed OTC from the chemist shop(pharmacies) in Delhi lol. the hands lowerin people down the unclimbable walls is a full on brilliant device, like wow, hit it out of the park there. @cmikesspinmove ok, changed my mind. give em both lifetime deals.also in case you've ever wondered, yes, JK Rowling totally stole the name"Hogwarts" from this movie's best characterUnpopular Opinion: all these years later, the dungeon crawl sections of Labyrinth not only hold up, but put several… @rapte81 @LightHealing I don't even need to, it has lemongrass so I already know it won't work for me @LightHealing @rapte81 lemongrass ruins everything tho. If its 2 items then it must be adrak elaichi @LightHealing @rapte81 bhoot pickle or GTFO @LightHealing @rapte81 ketchupanyone saying you can't do this,, remember thats just like their opinion, man. be well soon, Dude. Rooting for you. @MaxMayhem000 @SQLPi which is to say, boil the tea @MaxMayhem000 @SQLPi but you could be boilin the tea too is the point. @IndyJaws1 In leap years @dropgop86 I mean this Kyle guy has like 80% of his yardage on 2 passes and missed like 80% of the restThe Dallas Cowboys should be made to play all their games at 6 am EST for the rest of the season
Literally went to the very top of my reading pile this moment. The TOC looks incredible and Brent is a legit buddin… @LightHealing @ilouh7861 @ChonkyCat3 I'm obsessed with pepper mebbe @TheFarmind @LightHealing @ilouh7861 @ChonkyCat3 pepper @LightHealing @ChonkyCat3 when in Rome, skip the theplaVrabel is some kinda rules savant because now each season he pulls some shit out of his ass and experts be like "we… @ilouh7861 @ChonkyCat3 @LightHealing I do! @LightHealing @ChonkyCat3 I don't hate it, its just ok and life is too short to settle for ok @priyachandscifi surely pounding booze is unrelated to this assumption @ChonkyCat3 @LightHealing tbh I'd put naan like 2nd last on that list @TheOriginalTWuG @LightHealing its fruit drink concentrate @LightHealing @ChonkyCat3 just lookit them on the map, over there on the side @LightHealing @ChonkyCat3 tbf thepla is niche for Indians too ,lol. @LightHealing @TheOriginalTWuG DUDE. Squash jfc do I have stories on this mixup. @TheOriginalTWuG @LightHealing ha, I drink this often! Its nice! @LightHealing @ChonkyCat3 first teach them what these are lol @ToraYome1 @LightHealing oooh is that the actual meanin? @ChonkyCat3 wait what's that? @LightHealing @ChonkyCat3 it doesnt bother me 1/2 as much tbh. Naan is a kind of bread. Chai IS tea @LightHealing @ChonkyCat3 I think everone filters. Its the Uniter of Worlds. @ChonkyCat3 @LightHealing loose, then filter out leaves. also, my apologies for this but it's just chai. chai literally means tea @JudithFlanders toucheI used to think I liked drinking but lockdown has taught me what I actually liked was bars @GazeHoundAstrid @SQLPi Neither do we. but there are stoves, no? @ericksonma Sure isn't those RBs @ericksonma tbh I think Kirk might be the issue @DaveFernig no for chai one literally adds all ingredients and then the boiling starts. For 30-60 min.tea plus coffee is just toffee @ToraYome1 tea plus coffee is just toffee @LightHealing this is why I don't stan teabags tho lol @LightHealing I'm dead serious rn @LightHealing if its less than 30 its not fit for consumption. @LightHealing tbh I do 2 of water and one of milk but I also boil for like 45 min. 30 min is minimum. @LightHealing I once watched 2 uncles argue at a party about whether UK or India was better and the winner used the… @ericksonma Is Zim in trouble? I kinda like him. @LightHealing pls just do 1 tbsp of loose with 1 cup water and 1/2 cup milk and sweetener and boil the fuck outta it. Its the best. @LightHealing is loose leaf hard to find there? @SQLPi