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🐰“i want to be really thin almost sunken” ★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★ -14- ★ wasian ★ gamer ★ stoner ★ edeetwt ★・・・・・・★

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@hoshisangels me too !!i’m hungry and tired @lem0nbat damnnn @lem0nbat NOOO WHO??it’s kinda fucked up he did this shit as i was reading a vampire ff kinda fucked up ngl @4ROUNDTH3FUR just so goofy @jhoeat @dietkoos STOP I SAID THE SAME THINGS @dietkoos nah but i would listen to tomorrow house of cards and first love @dietkoos dionysus and run bts @bluekookcals real @bluekookcals that’s just my entire tl @bluekookcals 🧟‍♀️ @loverxic IM THE BETTER AUD I MADE IT THAT FAR WITH JOONIE IN MIND 💪💪🧟‍♀️my friend said that my crush was weird 🧍 @loverxic DOITDOIT oh to be namjoons hunger game partner
@korokcals don’t slip @loverxic ME !!!yum yum munching on nicotine @fairy_luhv i get hella fucked up after nicwhoever keeps putting cats on my tl <3333you have pet the cat @yukiicals_ 70’fs @trixintreats vape tricks 🗣🗣🗣my stomach sounds like perry grgrgrgrgrgr 😩i would break my fast for edibles @bmi444 they’re lowkey mid @cutoutmyheart33 🧟‍♀️ @yeontual i only trust namjoon his music taste is godlygetting high and talking to the seokjin in my walls and running away from hands @BLUNTSPO i fucking knew itme and the homies about to have a long chat about how much food i ate to day and the starving plan for tomorrow NOT LOOK IN MIRROR AT 7AM DEAD PERSON WILL BE STARING BACK AT YOU REAL 🔥
Retweeted by a u d 🚸 @Strawberexic he has a cock drawn down the middle of his face
Retweeted by a u d 🚸fuck gum i keep biting my tonguewhere’s my jule girl was so rightall of these could fuck me up ong @dietrry @bunnspo ive been followed by so many men AT LEAST WAIT UNTIL IM SKINNY @jhoeat @hoyahugs @SEOKJINOMAD yes. i want her to throw me into a wall and break me until i’m numb in my entire bodydays where i’ve shit myself counter still at a solid 0 days @bluekookcals seokjins always stalkinghow am i gonna survive 2 hours of geo without my headphones to turn him out with @jhoeat 🥴🥴 @jhoeat caprisuns are the best juices @hoshisangels until you see a cockroach disappear into the darkness @jinsolsbody real @arcadecalz @radiomitskii binged when i was i high but now i have no appetite so ig it balanced out @jinsolsbody sometimes they’re genuinely appetite suppressants cause they’re so high cal and sugaryi’m already breaking down and school hasn’t even started yet @jiminliker2002 he’s not realllllMerchbox 8 Interview Photobook scan #rm 1/2
Retweeted by a u d 🚸 @hoshisangels 💪💪 @jinsolsbody i hate them and it’s the most sugary high cal food ever too 🗣🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️i need to feed my addictions @hoshisangels i only have good takes 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♀️ @vanillac4ls lucky @LI9UlD fuck yea watch it @LI9UlD aren’t there like sex scenes in it 🧍 @frenchpress33 marlboro fs
@starve4mae hihi 👹 @hoshisangels meeeee 🧟‍♀️ @LI9UlD in need it to be winter already @skinnyokay red flag depends on which animesi eat so much when i’m high bruhhhh @ruestarves good enough @bangchandiet NOOOOOOO @ruestarves lies, punch that child theyre gaslighting yougod i just wanna starve @ruestarves punch her @bangchandiet fast breaker fr 🙁 @irlcocopuffz i wanna go to your bday partyRT if you weigh less than the largest cream filed biscuit
Retweeted by a u d 🚸 @korokcals WHATTTTT LETS FUGIN GOOOthis is starving fuel idk why but it just is man @cals4jimin that really sucks i’m sorry to hear that i hope you feel better soon go easy on yourself for a while please
@cals4jimin are you okay? @Alanaa1313 oh to have that @Alanaa1313 a say this a lot but this has happened a few times and it’s the worst fucking thing ever @wh0r3sp0 🧍 @drainedgirlboss noooo that’s my entire diet 😩😩😩🧟‍♀️🗣
@maeedtwt good. @Yuji1hates1u i believe in you 💪💪my school is doing footloose !!??? AHHHHHHstop binging on food and binge on bangtan !! @luvluckii okayyy @99calsbitch energy drinks are nasty @luvluckii damn self centered muchdo your worst please 😘😘🧟‍♀️୨୧ clock app th1nspo that motivates me 🪡 for edtwt ₊˚ ࿔ ╰┈➤ rt nd ♡ appreciated!
Retweeted by a u d 🚸 @k00cals alr bet me too me too @jiminliker2002 HANA DUL READY GET SET GOOO @k00cals are you /srs 🧍 @bnnycal agreed @bnnycal i’m with her pied piper is an s tier song with drugs in it‼️ like is amazing but i’ve heard it too much i… @jhoeat tag me @jiminliker2002 alr bet