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BloGger / Journalist / emerging contemporary art curator/ former new media strategist- UNICEF-Ghana #Kotoko #YNWA

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3nne3 agyes3 Wo k) dwonso k) da ooo...!!! You are pained... nonsense guy! Brown Apologizes To Robert Kraft, Patriots In Instagram Post — Check It Out (via @NESN)
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantGreat turnout at the November 6 #China Forum! Notre Dame Professor and #SAIS alum @Joshua_Eisenman presents his re…
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantLooking forward to Spurs vs Chelsea and Spurs vs United. #TheSpecialOneGoing for mine to this vintage @worlasigh in high Accra traffic-kill-ity on my okada. #accraliving #accrastaybyplan
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Everyone has a high... . . 📷: Nana Osei - 2019 . . #capecoast #centralregion #ghana #africa #beach #adonko Girl... She (Sarah Acquah) was on an errand to Agona Swedru on Friday and hasn't returned till now. If fou…
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantOur grandmothers pray for us...When I said we are Running With Men On Horses, I meant it. We are here to shame the word impossible and we will nev…
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantPreach, Briana. 👏
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantBurna Boy: Tiny Desk Concert @akreana_ 💔💔
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantA Colossal Compendium of Brutalist Architecture Argues for Saving 'Concrete Monsters'
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You don’t have Gafacci tunes in your serato? Hit me with yo email 🙏🏾
Retweeted by Ashanti Immigrant @dadaeli_ JonkieMy week on Twitter 🎉: 19 Mentions, 6K Mention Reach, 96 Likes, 55 Retweets, 455K Retweet Reach. See yours with… are not in any position to call anybody a teef... sit down! Accra they don't show you, is that most people are struggling and unable to make ends meet because of how infla…
Retweeted by Ashanti Immigrant#SundayRead Les cent puits de Salaga se déroule à la fin du XVIIIe siècle dans l’actuel Ghana, à la période précol…
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If in Los Angeles please visit our @uniofbrighton Honorary Doctor @attukwei solo exhibition...and be inspired!
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantIf we don't wake up and shine our eye we'll keep pretending instead of ascending. #TheGamble
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantYou can get buried in a baguette thanks to ‘fantasy’ coffin-maker
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantYou can get buried in a baguette thanks to 'fantasy' coffin-maker via @nypost
Beautiful art from one of the most exciting contemporary artists around @Kunstlabben @Gallery1957 @MOTACGhana
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantWhen Kanye is done with “Jesus” and he dumps him, we’ll be here to read, rt & like your “christ-ified” insults and blasphemous analogies...Serge @attukwei Clottey’s “Solo Chorus” exhibition is opened at @themistakeroom in Los Angeles. This is Serge’s fir…
Off my upcoming debut EP, I serve you my first track, #LIBILIBI ft Yaa Pono @ponobiom and produced by King Stunn!…
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantGuys, before you save and enjoy my pictures here, can you kindly retweet my pinned tweet, so those into music can e…
Retweeted by Ashanti Immigrant @krooks_misfit Serious oo Chale...The Morocco there that you went to study de3, useless paa...’s not the only one “unhappy” with the poor state of roads in the Volta Region and Ghana as a whole... Yaa Mansa… s3 Wo d) Wo y)nko, Wo d) Wo nua s3 Wo ho a... week on Twitter 🎉: 12 Mentions, 111 Likes, 30 Retweets, 473K Retweet Reach, 6 Replies. See yours with… biggest fans this week: KOJO_Cue, RapRadar, Omotayo_Visuals. Thank you! via
My friend is chartering a Private Jet to Ghana this Christmas.. Direct Flight for £1399, if you haven't booked ye…
Retweeted by Ashanti Immigrant @_snazi Please give the stone to kukua to play on your stom... nvm. LolHahahahaaaaa... the stomach is like dru... nvm. - @Santandave1 #psychodrama TAKES 2 SECONDS TO SHARE! Police are continuing their search for missing 13-year-old Lemlem Earley who was last…
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantJoana Choumali announced winner of the Eighth @PrixPictet Award. She receives the CHF100,000 (£78,000) prize for he…
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantGhana Pro League, see your colleagues people La, their god la Kpa, son of nyongmo, and how they reacted to the missionaries who brought the ‘word of… @ofoli_kwei @Owula_Kpakpo Now they’ll find money for Coach... @ofoli_kwei E be me den you norr go dey the stadium there wey we go witness am together. Lol @Owula_Kpakpo I think they came back on some technical grounds... yet to hear Langabel day anything about it. @ofoli_kwei Hahahahaaaaa... that one de3 e be K! But we’ll enjoy the moments as they come. They’ll beat Hearts of Oak mome..I’m really happy that Accra Great Olympics are back in the GHPL.Me: “what’s your budget?” Client: “I don’t have a budget” Me:
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantSerge @attukwei Clottey’s “Solo Chorus” exhibition is opening tomorrow at @themistakeroom in Los Angeles. Opening r…
"Mene Woaa" world premiere! 🎞💥 now showing on @official4SYTETV Guys go check it out on youtube now!…
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantCongratulations to @joana_choumali first ever African winner of the @prix_pictet Award - Global Award in Photograph…
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantSo apparently, this 10 year old was told not to doodle in class, then got hired by a local restaurant to decorate t…
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantWORLA (the man and the god) —————————————— Album title - WORLA (the man and the god) By Worlasi AND SENKU .....…
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantA customer came by today and I saw this on his car, please retweet.
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantAshey opotoyi... #marlians#marlians come forward, the rest fuck off...💯💯💯! ⁦@gasmillawins⁩ @joojomoko Yeah Chale... his mum’s house is in my old hood.Oh chaleeee...#RIPChino we move.The Chinese military band performing Koffee’s hit song ‘Toast’ in Beijing. 🇯🇲🇯🇲
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantLight lord dients3
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantPET is one of amazon's best young adult books of 2019! 🙌🏾💥⚡️ i've never looked at the amazon reviews for it, but th…
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This album is a classic... Osei Korankye’s Music so good! @ofoli_kwei see your man.. a New Documentary on Ghana’s DJ Katapila✅ What’s not to love about Rigobert Song?😍 In Oct 2016, he survived a brain aneurysm and spent two days in…
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantJoy is such a good film. It is perhaps one of the best films with Nigerians I have watched in recent times. None of…
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantPorto: hadn't won the CL since 1987, he gave them the trophy in 2004 Chelsea: 50 Years without a PL he gave them th…
Retweeted by Ashanti Immigrant“Pep Guardiola is coming!" 🤣 Jurgen Klopp, ladies and gentlemen. 👓
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Live’s a bitch, and then you die...Looking back on the years as I turn 29 today. It’s been an unbelievable journey and I’m so grateful for the all ble…
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantVery sad! This is an awesome film... remember discussing it with the Norwegian counselor in @attukwei’s studio some… the Stadium-Sized Foundry Where the World’s Biggest Sculptures Are Made
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantThis is good news... amazing comedy show. @Ssan_I Oh! what I do you wey you dey diss me?OMGOODNESS!!! 😱😱 this guys are seriously Mad on another level. #uniben #badmout
Retweeted by Ashanti Immigrant“Frame a brother portrait in a gallery, and tell these kids the pain and the fame is for the salary...” @osarpong Sad you’ll miss him at his exhibition opening at Nubuke on 23rd... @swayekidd Oh Chale... long agothis reminds me of an article @NanaSirOsei wrote one time.
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantTailor Marique is official. Thank you @taleLento for this powerful accessory
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantYou people and entitlement
Retweeted by Ashanti Immigrant🤣🤣🤣🤣😄😅😅😅 rollll wit your ten toesss
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantLOOOOOOOOL I’m sorry but Auntie Christie has killed me
Retweeted by Ashanti Immigrant good week to us all... in 1995, the govt of Gen Sani Abacha executed Ken Saro-Wiwa, Saturday Dobee, Nordu Eawo, Daniel Gbooko,…
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Ken Saro-Wiwa and his 8 colleagues died 24 years today in their fight to protect the Niger Delta environment. The o…
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantLmao 😂😂😂😂 Bible is on the phone so allow... woman singing aloud from her apartment window and this was her entire neighborhood's reaction.... Mind blown!!…
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantJust thought to remind you that I make really nice suits 😁 Please retweet🙏🏾
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