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BloGger / Journalist / emerging contemporary art curator/ former new media strategist- UNICEF-Ghana #Kotoko #YNWA

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You don’t even vote. I beg leff this table for people who vote.⭐️⭐️⭐️ am excited to announce my new single entitled “Business Man” which drops next month! I would love for you to be…
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DarkoVibes!!!Guys if you know 'my tailor go sort this much cheaper' I beg don't text any other designer or tailor. EXECUTION, FI…
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantOdeeshi... iiiiissakabaaaa!!! If you know you know... #nollywood . . 📷: Nana Osei - 2019 . . #dodowa #accra’ll be chatting all things @LivesGreatMen with @seemasirohi this weekend at @boulderlibrary #ZeeJLFColorado2019. T…
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantTeachers who can make classes fun but still impart knowledge >>>>
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantHey guys, Been out the whole day doing #graffiti What do you think? 😢 RT
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12 o'clock in Accra, a day photographing Ghana's emerging dirt bike scene. A photo essay by @OfoeAmegavie for FADER…
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantSliding tackles will be flying from all angles. Lol y'all! Here's your reminder about the What's Your Flavor Day Party being done by @mamestastes and I. It's happe…
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantChale, we are here on 23rd!!! When @omithehomie is involved then you are assured of quality entertainment. See you…’s a trap, I repeat, it’s a trap!!! @MzDocktaBarbie Hahahahaaaaa... doing the lord’s work in all humility... 😂😂Please straighten you shoulders... it has kyia... @scury9 @Emmljackman @shang_hygh @klutz505 You de3 history dey bee you ooo...Kinda looks like the portal from Stranger things.
Retweeted by Ashanti Immigrant @NanaSirOsei This guy has been slept on for real man. New album is dope.
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantIf I say I like you then you’re lucky
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantB4bonah!!!
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantHi guys, Please I make salads, sandwiches, pancakes and waffles at really cool rates every *•TUESDAY•* and *•FRIDA…
Retweeted by Ashanti Immigrant @shang_hygh @MaameAba_ @_shorshor I beg let your anchor be steadfast... cos this work you start de3 e go ky33... lol! @MaameAba_ @shang_hygh @_shorshor Ei! @shang_hygh you are doing the Lord’s work well... lol
Juventus' Alex Sandro: "Many times I go out and spend 300 or 400 euros. Then, I think about how many Brazilian meal…
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantPlease read till the last word.. I died! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂
Retweeted by Ashanti Immigrant @JonnyStone11 Happy Birthday boss... have a great one!Sarah Silverman defends Dave Chappelle and humor that offends: 'That's comedy. You overstep'
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantWelcome to La Liga, Eden 🇪🇸
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Missing person(The Mum).😥Please Retweet.
Retweeted by Ashanti Immigrant @kwasinom Answer my question and stop your mmrantansem no... let everybody know, I beg. After collapsing Kwahu Unit… @kwasinom This news that you are sharing, are you so sure about its credibility?My week on Twitter 🎉: 14 Mentions, 58 Likes, 8 Retweets, 352K Retweet Reach, 2 New Followers. See yours with… short story of how I was targeted because of my love for breast. Breast will surely kill me one day, but not now.…
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantThis song is goooooood! ⁦@PAPPYKOJO⁩ entire week is dedicated to Picking 30 new artists who will get funded & incubation by @emPawaAfrica 👁🛩
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantOur biggest fans this week: wanlov, LaMemeGang, SkankeySBG. Thank you! via
@scury9 @klutz505 @shang_hygh Hahahahaaaaa... the penalty? I beg make you no talk about am again.Chale @scury9 I beg AC Milan get two players called Piatek? Cos I no dey see the one you dey hype no... lol! Cc: @klutz505 @shang_hyghSheffield United go fit score AC Milan easily...Wo feeeeeeeeeli... @affch_ We see you chale😎. #lokkohouse #Accra
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantTeach your kids your full name. Make sure they memorize your phone # and at least 1 other family member's phone #.…
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantI cleaned up my savings account because of medical bills. If you know of someone that needs a guest speaker, digi…
Retweeted by Ashanti Immigrant @scury9 @Emmljackman @xola1111 @klutz505 @last_Ewebender Ampa mome... me bleedi Wo ase3 h)! 😂😂😂😂 @Owula_Kpakpo Hahahahaaaaa... the Lord said “sharing is Caring” @scury9 @Emmljackman @xola1111 @klutz505 @last_Ewebender Hahahahaaaaa... oh Chale! I no check sef...Juninho: "(Roberto) Firmino is a new generation of number 9. Children in Brazil will look upto his style and his ef…
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantThat chocolate flavored vodka is 🔥🔥🔥 @Temple_GH @perryagyeman Lmao 😂😂😂😂! Ah wey misbehavior this?Lol.. I try to answer every one, but sometimes she dey ask questions just to catch me out 🤪🤪🤪🤪 so I for dey guard w…
Retweeted by Ashanti Immigrant @panjianoff 😂😂😂😂... you dey in the alert, Chale. I really dey feel how them be confident and fluent in their intera… @panjianoff Hahahahaaaaa... Ghaddafia de3 the kind of questions she the dey ask dey boast brains. Her curiosity lev… @panjianoff Chale your children de3 they are ahead ooo...Hi guysss Kindly retweet to help the girl find her mum. She attends Base Workshop. If you know anyone who teaches…
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantAttack 💥
Retweeted by Ashanti Immigrantthis My Toto remix I just found online will make your life!!! A pure funky party mix!
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Norwich City literally played with their second team... lol! @scury9 Hahahahaaaaa... historyThank You God for Keeping things Running Smoothly
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantNo Pogba? Issa lose for United! #EPL @omithehomie @Eddy__Marshall @kofiobiri Exactly!!! Best player in our team... @Eddy__Marshall @NanaSirOsei @kofiobiri Firmino came on and changed the game for us. And gave two vital assists for…
Retweeted by Ashanti Immigrant @kofiobiri Bro Firmino is a better player than Mane, we all love Mane but Firmino is just on a different level
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantSecond only to Mane
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantThat’s it Firmino is the best player in the Liverpool team, no one even comes close. What a baller!!!
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantThe Asantehene His Royal Majesty Otumfuo Osei Tutu, yesterday paid a courtesy call on the Secretary General of the…
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantWhoever scouted Firmino & Fabinho for us needs a 100% raise in their salary. What a players!!!!! #YNWA #LFCOrigi with a tactical muscle pull to force Klopp into bringing on Firmino who otherwise wouldn't have come until 90…
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantWeekend mood 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantFabinho against opponents counterattack 😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantSuperstar ⭐️⭐️... fa ma )mo!!! je soapy... @ofoli_kwei Hahahahaaaaa... poor club! Gonask Kotoko for loan.Lmao 😂😂😂... oh okay was damn ready😂😂😂😂😂 Must watch👊👊
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantAsantehene, mo piawwwww. #CultureofPeace20
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantThink you ignore their T&Cs... read them and you see won’t be surprised.
Don't just pass by this post, Retweet if he has never Failed you
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantAccount number:0017877122 Account name: Victor Oluwatobi Adaora. Stanbic IBTC. Tigo mobile money number:027938614…
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantWe dropped La Même Tape 1 on this day 2 years ago. What are some of your favorite songs on the project?
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantLemuella, Yaw Ming & Yaa Baby’s Dani Ceballos: “I’ve never seen anything like what I saw at Anfield; I haven’t seen a team that plays be…
Retweeted by Ashanti Immigrant...And we were ably represented by our CEO, George Amoako (3rd left from the back row)
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantFirm liable for business trip death during sex
Retweeted by Ashanti Immigrant @FreddieEMA Simple...Carrent ballnce... LoL retweet!!!
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantIn case of any in casities...UK-Based Ghanaian Singer @lionessofie1 Takes Us On a Ride With Motions
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantWhen VVD wins the ballon d’or some football fans will be pained papa... the “he’s not the best in the EPL “ people. lolAssemblyman aspirant Philemon Adotei Addo AKA Fish talking to some young footballers in his electoral area.… you for your help guys, she’s been found & she’s safe 🙏🏾❤️
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantHis Majesty, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, Asantehene has finally arrived in New York ahead of the United Nations Assembly…
Retweeted by Ashanti Immigrantsend this to them if they are not talking to you -
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantChina loves Africa 89 Acrylic on canvas 200 by 100 cm Thursday 12th September 2019
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantIt's exactly 40 days today since social media critic Dadiyata went missing. Steven Kefason has now spent 113 days l…
Retweeted by Ashanti ImmigrantPlease don't show this to any Nigerians, lest the truth hurts someone!! #History #Xenophobia #SouthAfrica
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Yesterday, I successfully defended my Ph.D. In physics at Yale. Since the 1860’s, Black people have been awarded fe…
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