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@samotango Yep, I also have their rice cooker. Also going strong!6 years ago today, we found out that Mike Brown and his family would not receive justice. That same night, I was st…
Retweeted by Nancy Wang YuenWho owns one of these? My Zojirushi boiler/warmer is my most loyal/longest working appliance, outliving past jobs a…
@letisha122 A new paper bag test? @ong_going Just rewatched 13 going on 30 today!
@CarrieCnh12 Sounds good! Here's the class I took. The classes are obviously on hiatus right now. a tasty and convenient soup noodle, packaged ramen is a staple. I usually add greens and drop an egg to poach in… eat pho multiple times a month. My favorite is oxtail, then brisket. of my most favorite Taiwan street noodle soups is oyster vermicelli 蚵仔麵線. I rarely find its equivalent in the U… (Korean knife cut noodles) with clams is traditionally eaten in summer. I love how Asians will eat hot sou… udon with a side of tempura is 👩🏻‍🍳💋 Yum noodle soup always hits the spot. The sour and spicy 🌶 combination is 🔥 adore bún riêu. Heavy on the 🦀 please! took a ramen making class last year and nothing compares to homemade chashu, bone broth and noodles. (We even mad… I dream of soup noodles. Here is a thread of my faves, starting with beef noodle soup. This was my nai-nai’s… @writerly_dee @heyhanawu He's on Mixedish! @Equill She got her U.S. citizenship!Though there are many more Asian gifs than ever, I await the point of representation when I don't have to do deep i… @DestinyDreadful @TiaPhD Also on what planet would duchess/queen even consider the pasty consultant dude over Nick… @DestinyDreadful @TiaPhD Exactly 😂 @PopCultureFreak Oooh, loved her in TNG! The way they killed her was meh, even though I know she wanted to leave. @FilmFatale_NYC Plot was so messed up.In a GIF or image, who was your first celebrity crush?
@JinXunGoh I think it’s time some of us actually write an accurate academic romcom. @ong_going @KAAZsociology @MarieMyungOkLee Everything tastes like cat in my house. @JinXunGoh I have never heard of this film! Worth watching? Even with the inaccuracies, lol? @theyoungjoo Look at those lashes!!! 😍 @mikiishikawa @queenkv Absolutely! @DevonRGoss So so good. @cmsimsphd @TheAcademy She was SO good this past week. I love her as Terran. I am dying to know what happened to her! @JVenook @TheAcademy Totally, I barely remember that film. I think I fell asleep in the theater. Now I miss falling… @JVenook @TheAcademy I think Regina King totally deserved the win, but did we really need TWO nominees from the sam… @JVenook @TheAcademy Yeah, that was a snub.Also, can @TheAcademy just give Michelle Yeoh an honorary Oscar already? @letisha122 💛🖖🏼 @TiaPhD Super cool!!! @zengarden17 I am a light sleeper unfortunately and any noise wakes me up. I should probably wear ear plugs, sigh.Thrilled that Youn Yuh-jung, a South Korean actress, is getting awards buzz for her performance in the Asian Ameri… has not been an acting Oscar winner that looks like me (an Asian woman) in my lifetime. That’s why Parasite w… living Asian female actor (the last and only Oscar winner, Miyoshi Umeki, was in 1957). could be us if only we had the right leadership. Everyone in Taiwan has been living freely (no quarantine) and… @gwenckatz 😻 @Prof_GraceKao That looks so good! @ClementYChow Ooh, fresh or canned? @ClementYChow OMG, I made thanksgiving (lunch) today too! @JazWilliamsNYC Agree! 😍
@ourobororoboruo In case you need more inspiration. @ourobororoboruo 😻Whoa, I am on Wikipedia now! Thank you Samuel for this well-researched page! @SamuelBaltz @Wikipedia @ReelInequality @AAPIsOnTV @WikiWomenInRed Thank you for your research! @MatrikaGhimiray @OpenAcademics This is a unique season full of challenges, but maybe it's also an incentive to rea… @vaish123456 Thanks for sharing. I hadn't seen this. @lindazge Such a great documentary. Have you seen their Elle photos? @minjinlee11 @inkookang Me too! @traciglee So sorry for your loss Traci.
@Skooter79 I eat as is! I actually love it without the salt and lots of green onions. If I need some more salt, I j… @tweetraychang 🛎 🛎 🛎☝🏼was a photo I took while eating in K-town on a rainy day exactly 4 years ago. This place only serves sul lung tan…, I miss hotpots, dimsum & Korean BBQ restaurant experiences. But what about a piping hot bowl of seolleongtang… @CarrieCnh12 This is too often the kind of response when marginalized communities ask for authentic representation.… @ValerieComplex I sometimes celebrate and sometimes hold back so to not come off as bragging. But it is my personal… @nedasoc That is really fantastic! You must be so proud. Happy birthday! @NaseemRdz @palapid I signed up to organize a session for my national conference when there was a possibility of it… @tweetraychang Americans: Do you get offended if you get mistaken for a different Asian ethnicity than your own? Like if you… Nick *Sagar. @NetflixFilm, please cast him in everything! #PrincessSwitch2 @AmJSoc Agreed. That was the only good thing about #PrincessSwitch2 lol.I finally saw the #PrincessSwitch and am making my way through #PrincessSwitch2 and I feel nothing for the prince b… @ohmgee Cute and nom!
Any Asian nurses/docs/dentist that can help, my sister (korean) is a nurse whose hospital doesn’t have any flat fol…
Retweeted by Nancy Wang Yuen @thegarygraham @ThatOliviaCheng for @ModelMajorityP was a true pleasure Grateful that she felt comfortable being vul…
Retweeted by Nancy Wang YuenAfter watching the #FreshPrinceReunion , I tried to do the Carlton and failed miserably 🤣. cried and cried watching the #FreshPrinceReunion tonight. Especially hearing Janet Hubert’s story. It’s a must se…
@iamcindychu hugs. @agnesquis @palapid @theyoungjoo Fascinating! Thanks for sharing. @ayl She is a STAR!!! @palapid @theyoungjoo It's great that you haven't gotten it, but I do think the "articulate" comment hits all BIPOC. @jumpedforjoi Love it! @palapid Love jellyfish!So excited to drop the teaser poster for my 1st film. #OneNightInMiami Coming to Prime Video on Jan.15th! Follow…
Retweeted by Nancy Wang Yuen @logainne I think the more the merrier! Loved Jodi Long in #DashAndLily, my friend Clyde Kusatsu and the incomparab… @logainne Yes, we need more inclusive representations of all generations of AsAms of all ages! @writerly_dee And good luck on the interview! @writerly_dee Time is no longer real during quarantine so I have been watching all of the Christmas movies and shows!#DashAndLily is a sweet Christmas 🎄series binge. Especially loved seeing Asian American elders Jodi Long and James…
@ong_going Yes, same. I think because there are Muslim names that cross national/ethnic groups. @ong_going Mostly because I grew up in an Asian American-dominant community where we all talked about our ethnicities openly. @tychuaco @YouTube So good. I love it when she starts doing the weird sisters from Macbeth. @anthonyocampo I'm sorry that happened to you. I definitely have problematic memories of Rice too, though they were… @ong_going Yes, but mostly East and SE Asian, and some South Asian. @semirose Wholeheartedly agree.
@its_willyu Yay!!! @atorres890 Oh no! I'm so sorry! @vsoe Well, if it's fresh made soy milk, then I'd say that's a winning meal! @vsoe Oooh, that looks delicious! And with the hot sauce, yum! @HeatherJChin Point! Ha! And I appreciate that the ones you order from the kitchen have photos too! @HeatherJChin I am all about the pointing. I didn't even know the name for the deep fried sesame balls until someon… @JPRequiro @dklcheng A sweet black sesame roll, I believe.