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nano @nanobii Earth 🌍

Bedroom composer 🎶 I write fun synthpop as @linusfts ✨ Be kind.

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@tanukimusic Always wondered if you pick out each of those green pieces
@DLA_intl Gick det bra? 😳 @singtoconley 🥶 @singtoconley Tbh this is what I already do but I just record the humming straight into the DAW 😂 @denVuilenRat Singles @jacobcollier Making oatmealOne of these songs didn't end up on the EP 😅I always do checklists when I finalize EPs and they're so helpful. This is for the previous LftS album! know you need to write a checklist for a song when you realize you haven't really progressed at all in several… @itsmaeril That color suits you really well 👏🏻 @MusicContr0ller The infamous bucket cut... @ahultner @pyconse Kung!Adding details... @Quark_Type_M Here's another three ⭐️⭐️⭐️
@danielgoldade A little bit of everything @alexgraciapls Long for glory? @jin_2donate 🇯🇵🤝🇸🇪 @jin_2donate Next trip I’ll bring Swedish liquor 👏🏻 We can get drunk like vikings. @jin_2donate Yes, please! @jin_2donate おいしそう🥺Let me play live again
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@MusicContr0ller Yes 🙌 I’m happy for the people who already received money. That doesn’t happen often and must’ve come as a shock. @MusicContr0ller It’s funny how everyone’s joining now for the possibility of another payout but no one says it out… @MusicContr0ller Falling for a scheme... @MusicContr0ller Nopeanother heavypaint study with some added spoopy gals🖤 (ref from @/mhacalaki on insta )
Retweeted by nano @analogstik Cool! I’m not logged in or anything; just wanted to make my songs available for Geometry Dash since people have been asking ☺️ @Sixtroke I want to try alternatives at least. Been experience delay compensation issues lately that I don’t like at all 👏🏻Audrey Hepburn photographed for Love in the Afternoon, 1957
Retweeted by nano @sharpendmoosic Oh, really? I quite like it.My favorite thing about Logic is that it has clip automations that I’m used to. Lots of cool things with Studio One… @sonnybondsmusic @rymdkraft Yep, vocal comping! Reason has it too and it’s essential for someone like me. Studio On… @rymdkraft @sonnybondsmusic Ah! Still love Reason but I’m preparing for a switch 😅 Ableton doesn’t have vocal compi… @sonnybondsmusic @rymdkraft 😂 @pedroismyself Need one application for it all! I’ve had tons of delay compensation issues with Reason lately so I’… @pedroismyself With that said, Logic seems great 👌 @tanukimusic Yes! I have a feeling I might go with Logic in the end, but we’ll see! I’d prefer using an application… @tanukimusic @DLA_intl 👌 @tanukimusic Studio One has super cool features and I was a little surprised when I downloaded it the other day and… @tanukimusic Ableton Live used to be my first choice but I need vocal comping and preferably pitch editing straight… @pedroismyself I don’t like the thought of using a DAW not by a dedicated audio company. Studio One seems really pr… @DLA_intl This topping is delicious too ☝🏻 out Studio One and Logic... @DLA_intl Hopefully this is good enough 🤔 butternut mac n cheese @luminoxious This one 👏🏻🕊Think I’m getting a Telecaster in a month or so 🙏Endless metronome practiceThis isn’t so good but I figured it could be interesting for future references 😌 Only started playing this yearRight now I’m working on my timing and funk playing! playing is getting more confident! @telepathics @analogstik I added some songs, yes!
😌 @proteidaes These are all gorgeous 😌Some dreamy skies for your weekend! 🌜⛅️✨
Retweeted by nano @panbanana0729 I love your song!Late Friday morning
@programmable Why, thank you, kind sir 🙏 @djshimamura わたしも💪 @DJGammer Send. You need to hear what I’m working on too 🤫 @stuart_foy In your case it’s a rather beautiful oneReading a funny book @azio_group Here you go! @azio_group I can upload it for you. Here are the other nanomixes ✨ @Sweekuh I have no tools. Everything seems properly seated. This blows 😅 This weeks' been the first time using it in a long while too.I feel like it has to do with the power outletWhat do I look for? TR RACK DIED JUST WHEN I NEEDED SOME ROMPLER PADS
This song needs to start with a heavenly rompler pad @sevmus1c Wow, thank you! @reasonstudios Because even though it's only within said channel, the timing will be off as shown in my video. @reasonstudios Sidechaining things using input from other channels (like TrackSpacer and soothe2) is out of the que… @reasonstudios Cool! soothe2 was just an example since they have a delay compensation chart on their website, but i… it turns out staph is the culprit, maybe that's why my piercing never healed 🤔 Would explain things. Keeping my hopes up this works.I always feel off when I'm on antibiotics 😔 Taking it for my scalp right now (folliculitis and eczema that refuses… @reasonstudios I've submitted a ticket too, but feel free to show this video to the team as they might find it interesting. @reasonstudios Here's a new video using an envelope-based plugin. As you can see, the timing is thrown off. This wo… @reasonstudios Let me record another video so you see it has to do with timing. @reasonstudios If I were to draw my own sidechain using volume automation, that wouldn't work either. @reasonstudios It has to do with timing issues! I just used the mute automations to make it more apparent. This is…
I own more running clothes than I own normal clothes right now @reasonstudios Will you inform the team or where do I submit a ticket? This is a really important matter to me. @reasonstudios I know delay compensation is complex, but you’d at least expect it to work with a single track (no routing or grouping) 😭 @reasonstudios Basically if you place Saturn 2, soothe2 and Pro-DS on a vocal track, everything you do afterwards o… @Aethral If it was a few milliseconds here and there I wouldn’t mind but this makes it impossible 😅 @Aethral I understand that delay compensation is a complex issue, but I feel like I should be able to at least draw… @Aethral @Aethral In this case, not even the volume of the track itself is compensated and there's nothing I can do to make it align properly. @reasonstudios That it affects the mixer fader too was really surprising. I was using Synchronous to sidechain afte… @reasonstudios I love your DAW and I've been using it pretty much daily since 2008. This hasn't been bothering me u… @reasonstudios I recorded another video for you @reasonstudios So if I have Saturn with linear phase turned on, soothe2 and Pro-DS on a vocal track and automate th… @reasonstudios Basically anything after the plugins that introduce delay will be timed wrong.