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@Lennyyy445 Happy birthday 🎂 @Laurent_Burg The kick in Meant 2 B is a distorted 909! But it's not hardstyle. @Laurent_Burg Hardstyle kicks can be based on 909s! A lot of music was and is 😊 It's just that distortion doesn't equal hardstyle. @Laurent_Burg I'm doing a series of 90s inspired happy hardcore if you missed 'Meant 2 B' @Laurent_Burg Of course not.Obsessing over 909s and I found that emulating 12-bit samplers using @xlnaudio's RC-20 is very important pre distortion.
I can't not say "suppose" in a British accent @Thomas__Grant Human... @theadamalesch I suppose I do!I haven't used perfume or deodorant since I was 12 🧝🏻‍♀️Musk as in a short form of "musik" which--believe it or not--means music 😅Like '96 musk
@yaoidoujinshi Listen to my latest song and you'll be CONVINCED!(I AM)BRING BACK SILLY MUSIC @chrisfecci Or Chemex for that matter! @chrisfecci It's a good starting point at least! Depending on if you have a Hario or Kalita there are lots of good… my laptop out of the window in 5 minutes @kiloHearts 😁A must... working at a high latency)Realized that it might be this setting once again. I ALWAYS have to turn it off when exporting because otherwise th… @ranzormusic Might be because of this that often causes trouble for me... Always have to turn it off when exporting. @ranzormusic It does widen the signal for me, strangely enough. @ranzormusic @DJGammer Ah! I can get rid of it by only using the mono input and output it seems (Reason is good that way because… Little AlterBoy supposed to widen the signal? @HyperPotions Thank you! @aubreypostier @chrisfecci Consistency 🤫 @chrisfecci I use a 1:16 ratio most of the time. That's 16 grams of water per gram coffee! Often it's 16-17g coffee with 260g water.
I feel smart for coming up with that spelling while writing this tweetFigured out the the FOURTH n9n0bii single today 🤫Meant 2 B passed 10k plays on Spotify! @Jakka_B It was posted 3 days ago for $300 and seemed to be in good condition. Really missed out on that, huh. @Jakka_B Damn it!It's sold 😩 @MUSTDIEmusic THE PIANOBABY LUV CAN TAKE UZ HIGHAFingers crossed the Juno 1 that I just stumbled upon isn't soldParty like it's '96
@luminoxious Men lilla vännen 😭 @Lennyyy445 カボチャ🤤
I think that opportunity passed now. Oh, well. I'm so grateful for your love 💛 Plenty of similar songs to come and… and Sus4 chords never sounded better...Writing M1 piano riffs @eigenscalar 🧡 @1997_lyndsay 🥲今週がリリースした👏🏻
2021 CLOSE 😭 Keep listening so I can finally pass Rainbow Road if only for 24 hours 🥺 @shadient Subreddits are the closest thing to traditional forums I can think of, but the vote-based design isn’t as inviting to discussion. @shadient At least it has helped making it easier to reach out to a wider audience for me as a creator. It does com… @shadient I do miss the forum days... @kiraku_synthboy @hair_kid You can even make it duck only the mono signal of the pad. @kiraku_synthboy @hair_kid Have you tried Trackspacer?Good morning ❄️
Thank you all so much‼️ @Cr0nOfficial 100%. I’m not looking forward to running in the summer. Overheat easily. Love, love, LOVE running in cold weather. @misskittymelon YAY ✨ @Lennyyy445 Aww サンキュー. Inspired by Scooter and Blumchen. I know you like them 😌 @TheNumberLion That is what I aim to do! It used to be so much more fun sounding!There are EURO RAVE POWER stickers available on Bandcamp for $1.5 each and shipping is under $3 internationally. Yo… @aubreypostier Quite so, quite so 👵🏻I have a Discord server if you didn't know! vocals are mine, even the girly ones towards the end!Who’s that pudding 🤤 running in -6 degrees
@MUSTDIEmusic 😎Spent today recording the vocals for #2 🤫Released this little thing yesterday 😊 @_tenby_ But... I only want it for :') 😅"Aww, please feel better 😂"The worst thing I know is when I write :') in Discord and it turns into 😂 @AislingLoulou Thank you! 🤩 @shirobon Yes, the feeling of dread knowing it's the first of 20. @S2TB_korsk サンキュー!🥰 @rogerclark Wow @everdaydreaming 💛 @tanukimusic 🥺 @mrk_rbnsn @rogerclark 🥰
@pedroismyself 💛EURO RAVE POWAHThis is just the start, I’ll tell ya!The animated Spotify video looks gorgeous! @I_make_bangers 1-2 months!Photo is taken by my friend @ahultner at his apartment 📷 We took 1500 pictures in total... @JAKAZiD Thank you very much, Zid's Jack! @Aiobahn THANKS!BABY LUV CAN TAKE US HIGHA @HECKSCAPER That means so much! These songs are meant to balance between authentic and modern--my take on a sound t… @stuart_foy You're doing GREAT! @skyerocket That is a COMPLIMENT!Please add it to your Spotify playlists and tell all your friends about it 😆 Fun music is the best music and I aim to bring it back.The amazing cover design (and video effects) is done by @stuart_foy. We'll be working together on all of these songs. It's so much fun 💛You can purchase a EURO RAVE POWER sticker along with your digital download on Bandcamp for $4 including international shipping.⭐️Meant 2 B⭐️ The first of a series of songs inspired by the music I grew up with 👊🏻 I spent a ridiculous amount o… @djshimamura ありがとう😭 @jin_2donate Thank you 💜 I'm both singing and MC! @christianthon Of course!