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Naomi Franquiz @naomifranq Meow meow meow, FL

Naomi "Franq" Franquiz, she/her + 🏳️‍🌈🇵🇷 Comic artist. PROCTOR VALLEY ROAD March 3rd 👻 Rep'd by @swindlesoiree /The Bent Agency.

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@inkybarracuda Draw week 👀 @inkybarracuda God that’s hot @inkybarracuda What’s OUR Jaeger name 👀 @troubledmn Omg YES EXCELLENT!! I’m so happy for him! ;; 💖💖💖💖 @inkybarracuda @inkybarracuda I have invested too much time into this, I'm no quitter, you delightful strange creecher B(( 💖💖💖💖 @inkybarracuda Babe ;; 💖 @gryzmoly 100% LOL @MrTylerCrook Juggalo Pomeranian. Pommalo? Juggaramian? @CatInSpats She is 💖 @yoshisquared No, dog. @seankmckeever she sees you, Seandog?? d̵̳̲̗̜̦̦̙̯̥̼́̓͊̓̏̚ȍ̴̬̰͙̩̦̟̾ģ̵̛̻̤͈̹̥̥͒̽̈́͑̀͑ 🅳🌊⭐️🐟
Retweeted by Naomi FranquizI had a random idea the other night for a horror comic about a guy who’s intrusive thoughts begin manifesting into…
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what if, #LOTR but little animated animals.
Retweeted by Naomi Franquiz @rebeccamock Wtf I’m crying 😭💕 uugghhh time to go rewatch the Digimon movie @Jrsosa18 @JulioAnta @JosephGlass @bwrites247 @weredawgz @j_xmas @SkyePatridge @hannahvardit @olmancampbell @VinceUnderwood 😭💖💖💖💖💖
@gozita2003 @3Tridents Ohmygooooood 😂Novedades de @boomstudios (Abril 2021). @therightram #FilipeAndrade @AlexChildWriter @grantmorrison @naomifranq
Retweeted by Naomi FranquizDaily reminder
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Art by Linnea Sterte.
Retweeted by Naomi Franquizmy scanner completely eats pastel colors so the background got annihilated but 😫 cute cat commission!
Retweeted by Naomi Franquiz[AA] doodles
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Marvel Comics - All-Star Creators Team-Up for WOMEN OF MARVEL #1 this April! By @MightyBrunstad @Nadia_Shammas_
Retweeted by Naomi Franquiz @MightyBrunstad @Nadia_Shammas_ @snarkbat @amely @mooncalfe1 @Alterici @SkyePatridge @eloelo @joannaestep @kei_zama is out! I'm building a new Women of Marvel anthology issue for April! With the likes of @Nadia_Shammas_
Retweeted by Naomi Franquiz @gozita2003 @3Tridents JdjskdjsjjFUCK. GDI 😂I'm working on my line clarityyyy. Clean lines take too much mental energy darnit 😭
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Thanks for watching my table Bernie.
Retweeted by Naomi FranquizGuess imma made a reference thread Feel free to use art friends!
Retweeted by Naomi Franquiz @Wizardsunicorns 👀👀👀👀👀"haha then what?" #HadesGame
Retweeted by Naomi Franquiz @izzyjowalls @izzyjowalls I LOVE YOU LOLOL 💖💖💖 @inkybarracuda years later and this Recoome is still one of the best things I've drawn.
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Retweeted by Naomi Franquiz @inkybarracuda Te amo, bbe ;u; 💖💖💖
Retweeted by Naomi Franquiz @blackat_greneys He’s a beautiful creecher 💕 @my2k Ahh thank you! ❤️ @batsabatsabatsa He lives up to his namesake LOL! @3Tridents He would have cried so much if I didn’t take him outside, even if I was just going to take selfies LOLThe TRUE beauty of this excursion, however, is my roommate’s cat Vash. makeup on my face for a Zoom meeting and then got bullied by my roommate’s cat to go on a walk, so let’s enjoy… @DanielHookerArt Awww I’m so sorry. I hope the boys are okay ❤️ @DanielHookerArt Chimkens!!! 😭💖💖💖 @quasimaddi Jkdkfjdjohno ;; gently scoops you back together 💖💖💖
Retweeted by Naomi FranquizSpent the morning practicing with a G-pen... added color and tone with Procreate 💫
Retweeted by Naomi Franquiz @quasimaddi Goooddddd your lines are so FRESH.They say you can’t go home again and yet @cullenbunn, @MrTylerCrook, & @naomifranq rolled out the southern hospital…
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Retweeted by Naomi FranquizThe MLK quotes *they* won't use but you should know, a thread
Retweeted by Naomi Franquizsure i can draw but at what cost #hadesgame
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@ryanlecount This is some kind of kitty betrayal 😭😭😭Hello! I'm offering a six-month mentorship aimed at helping you put a graphic novel pitch together! If you feel rea…
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@glshade1 Finding a watercolor that layers well helps! Good luck with your experimenting!
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Retweeted by Naomi Franquiz @anaya_sup @cullenbunn Thank you! I loved getting to work on Harrow County with Cullen and Tyler ✨👻✨ @glshade1 Both actually! Gouache for the opaque detailsThrowback to one of the best things I’ve ever gotten to paint. 👻 My ghoulish banshee wife from Tales From Harrow Co…
Retweeted by Naomi Franquiz @inkybarracuda I'm not wrong tho >B( <33333 FALL 2021 MENSWEAR COLLECTION [2/2].
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@Jrsosa18 GOOD LUCK MY DUDE!!! Sending good energy your way for these pitches!! 💖💖💖 @ArtofNickRobles Aaahhhh NICK this is gorgeous!! 🤩💖💖💖THE DREAMING: Waking Hours #9 (Cover Art) 🌹
Retweeted by Naomi FranquizI was thinking about Morrigan and her Scottish accent and then this happened
Retweeted by Naomi FranquizThe purely disgusting, visceral, guttural reaction that happens when you bite into food you just heated up but a pi…
@ryanlecount Honestly, stan(Pt1) Debated posting this on social media as it feels like I'm announcing to the world that I'm a weirdo, but the…
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@inkybarracuda Nfnsnfnsk HORRIFIC @Jrsosa18 So... so dry.... i just wanna close them.My next New Mutant cover has been revealed.
Retweeted by Naomi Franquiz @inkybarracuda Draw time ;0; 💖 @inkybarracuda Ilinca, @Jrsosa18 Jordan I still have no juice. 😭 @Nuellenore looking for eye drops: “Where’s the juice? The eye juice? The juice you put in your eyes? My eyes aren’t juicy.”Zuhair Murad backstage
Retweeted by Naomi Franquizhello, we are two trans people behind on rent and really could use some help. it’s piled up so much we can’t do any…
Retweeted by Naomi Franquiz @sanfordgreene Me 12 days into the month: @Trungles yeeesss save your arm any way you can LOL x__x;;;;; @Trungles That Hairpin Sable brush from the Frenden pack is truly my favorite right now💖 I also amped up my tablet… @Trungles Oohhhh her little nose! ;u; <33333New game: How long does it take me to realize it's not that my tablet pen isn't registering pressure, it's that I h…날개 조바위 #그림 #일러스트 #한복 #illustration #art #painting #CLIPSTUDIOPAINT #digitalart #digitalpainting
Retweeted by Naomi Franquiz @swindlesoiree Pfffttt Des plz. Tbh paper doesn’t come with line stabilization built into the software LOL @ryanlecount @ryanlecount Right?? It's my favorite. The Hairpin Sable (Dry) from this pack Los Campesinos! is playing in the background while my roommates chat upstairs. I muted it cuz I’m not tryin…👁 don’t blink 👁 #clipstudiopaint Dune Foxes
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I've always wanted to do a take on Judith and Holofernes, and I've always wanted to contribute my take on the Otomo…
Retweeted by Naomi Franquiz @inkybarracuda /drop kicks Fang, Mordecai, and Meriel into this list 👀 I feel like they would all have some fun and different street fashion