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Naomi Romero @NaomiRomeroArt They/them 🇲🇽 🇵🇷 in Ohio!

Hispanic Character Designer! Dog Handler! @anxiety_fox! Clients: Nick, SesameWorkshop, Hasbro, SpinMaster, etc! Repped by @ashliterary!

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@ponpon_2501 So cute! @chadomiihu 私も😂今年30歳になる😂 @chadomiihu So cool! 🤩
@gingashu I’m going to cryyyyyyy 🥺🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @gingashu OMMG ARAANNOOOOOO 🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @kalitapaws I looovvveeee BBB so much so it is great to meet other fans 😭 I drew way too many BBB dogs HAHA @kalitapaws Here is one of them! @kalitapaws I LOVE CHAIN AHH! I drew a lot of her! I just need to find them! @viri_idiana I am going to cryyy you draw little Megumi so cute ;; @ZulayaWolf MISS YOU IM SORRY I HAD A BAD DAY AND COULDNT COME YESTERDAY GDFGD @Zambicandy Thank you! ;;Icon Versus Owner! Excuse my quarantine hair, LOL, can't wait to be green again! Birthday, Leonardo Watch from BBB! I drew a lot of BBB dogs a few years ago that I never shared here.
Retweeted by Naomi Romerowoof! @x_NekoMew_x This sticker is such a good fit ahh! Thank you so much!!! 😭😭😭 @Zambicandy KAKAKSjejsjsjsAHHH THANK YOU ZAMBIIII ;-; @thewolfmaria I am sooo glad, ahhh!! BBB is one of my favorite anime and the fanbase is so tiny so it is always awe… @PonkichiM Congratulations!! @rufflebanger WHAT @euqinimodart Sooo goood 🥺🥺🥺 @_siro_22 Thank you! I want to draw more BBB dogs again. 🥺❤️ @MikeMcFarlandVA Thanks, Mike! Loved you as Deldro! @willsdarklady @Aaron__Dismuke @MikeMcFarlandVA @iantweeting 😭😭 @heckyeahbirds Thank you so much! ;;
Happy Birthday, Leonardo Watch from BBB! I drew a lot of BBB dogs a few years ago that I never shared here. @onigirisyokupan Leo! Happy Birthday!!!!! @philmizuno AAAHHHHH!! @92zaku AHHH I am glad more bird are visiting ur house! Send me photos once the pretty blue ones comes!
@832honeyart So cute!!! ❤️❤️❤️ @priyatori I NEEEDDDD
@akatora_senpai LOOVEEDropping out of college for a degree in criminology to do this art thing ! Also, deciding to get into the crazy w… @phalangieee Don’t worry, I got hardwood floors redone and they are actually dingy cuz DOGS AHHHH @phalangieee Also, LOVELY floors! @phalangieee This is SUPER cute?!? @TrueBlueMerle Yes! 🤩 @Punk_Dawg Thank you! An honor coming from you!! @lafcreative @randomhousekids @penguinrandom @penguinkids This is so amazing! Congrats, my friend! @Owo1C Good boy! @megansimas Thank you so much! I am so happy to read this!! ;_; @Arcad3n I am so honored, thank you, ahhh!! I try to exaggerate features a lot, especially breaking limbs to help w… @_kness yes! treat!!!!!!! @Arcad3n gdkjgfhdkjg I WISH I COULD I just sort of wing it AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA @aCynosureArt He protec and is a good boy 🥺 @trisketched WAAHHH thank youuuuuu ;—-; @Nezujira Yes! @RioSculptures WAAAAAA @LightDoggo5 Thank you!!! ❤️❤️❤️ @carrotplush The bestest 🥺 @eskbl SOO GOOODDDWOOF @zakeno SAME IT IS KCIKING MY ASSSS
@nofreakintime @Dliok @snanakuma Suuuureeeeee buddy 😂😂😂 @nofreakintime @Dliok @snanakuma Nah, you’re way more boring cuz you literally created This account to attack this… @nofreakintime @Dliok @snanakuma Yeah, you’re not fooling anyone, idiot. Boring as h/ell. @nofreakintime @Dliok @snanakuma You’re so weak as heck for creating this account just to talk smack to Dliok 😂 what a coward @denkimouse WAHHH @heartleaved Thank youuu!!! ;-; means a lot!!! @SrahCazares Oh that is so nice!!!! @Scribbled_Death HhhhhHHHHHH @Nightlinez I wonder if directing ppl to the pinned post instead of linking to Patreon will help AHH Thank you for sharing! @Nightlinez Twitter is actively trying to k/ill artists ighhhhh @Scribbled_Death Maybe I have to talk a lot more here???? @anxietyantlers Does it make a difference? @zappBEASTxx Algorithm whyyyI am curious if any others were able to beat it and get back to regular engagement? It is always stressful being t… day I will rescue my main twitter’s algorithm. It seems like all my recent posts are performing so bad? Hmmmm.A quick illustration of a good boy ! @bawkyart OOOOO yes!!!!! The medium breeds really need it! I’m boring and will stick with one breed! @bawkyart also, congrats on getting a shikoku ken!!Trying to keep a good balance of art + dog photos on my main twitter but I still love sharing my Japanese Akita ken… @Kurioms I get it, the dog world can be stressful 😭When I saw this cutie... Omg, I knew immediately that I gotta draw her. I LOVED her little nose freckles..! 😭 I als…
Retweeted by Naomi Romero @Sakeozo THANK YOU SO MUCH I AM GOING TO CRY DKDKKDDK @Sakeozo SO SORRY FOR BEING SO LATE AHH!!!! I love this SOOO MUCH OMG?!?!? I love your style so much and how you dr… @Kurioms I try my best 🥺🥺 you going to AKIHO?? @832honeyart Honeyちゃん、ありがとうございます!!❤️❤️禰󠄀豆子はいい子です!❤️
@Sakeozo Thank you!! And yes! Here color are here! 🥺 @zakeno Yes please 🥺 @zakeno Thank you!!! I need to get her comic done ... eventually... @gallerynucleus @anxiety_fox thank you again for carrying these! ❤️The new line of @anxiety_fox and Friends plush toys are finally here! This large fluffy calming kitty plush by…
Retweeted by Naomi Romero @whatsbrakebills I’m glad! 🥺 @appleshampooch Thank you! 🥺I need to share more pen sketches! Here is my OC, Focus! I don’t draw her enough! @Xylophagous AKITA AKITA AKITA @MrCreepyPasta0 YOUR CAT @iveselle All this meowing and no video
@pooniverse CUUUTEEEEE @TasteofEnvy It depends on the task! So far, the Japanese Akita breed club in the USA hasn’t had any good prospects… @akatora_senpai A friend made it for me! I’ll DM it @JinkxyJ Thank you! I have a few studs in mind that will bring more bone and substance to Nezuko. Usually, I’ve see… @akatora_senpai YES FOR KNY THEME! She has a Nezuko themed collar too! @alexabosy GET A PUPPPOOOOO @Mikutiekins Isn’t it really fun?!?! It is such a fun sport!!! @Nayeliefox I vacuum so much 😂😂😂 @Mexxie_ I will spa/m Twitter with puppy pics!! 🤩🤩 @SirusCoyote Thank you so much! She is in heat now so I can’t do Fast CAT until she is done and I’m all uugGHHH I love Fast CAT, haha!!!!Nezuko did so well during her first Fast CAT title, ahhh!!!! Nezuko will be expecting her first litter at the end… @sunflwrsheltie Oh wow I LOOOVE your kennel!!!!!!!