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Educating about narcissistic & antisocial personality disorders; the master manipulators, pathological liars and serial cheaters; the psychopaths and sociopaths

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@RepSwalwell Change is an impossibility. That’s his pathology.‼️NEW‼️ “...when Trump realized that [using secure WH lines] enabled [former WH Chief of Staff] John Kelly to comp…
Retweeted by AntiNarcopathyPharmDPsychopathic cruelty and sadism. word for Trump is not unorthodoxy. It’s narcissistic psychopathy.
@RobertJMolnar @BrianKarem @realDonaldTrump His must be the biggest and grandest to paranoia over poisonings to he’… @Nutcaseman1 @BrianKarem @realDonaldTrump Precisely. This is pathological enablement of complete and utter dysfunct… @BrianKarem @realDonaldTrump This would get a stat work up. Someone this disorganized should be assessed for ability to live independently.When is the media going to start framing these dangerous acts of corruption and constitutional shredding as a threat to the nation? Nah.
Retweeted by AntiNarcopathyPharmDWe have one party acting like serious adults and the other running around, breaking the law, spewing Russian propag…
Retweeted by AntiNarcopathyPharmD @atrupar It’s GOP strategery. @notmyfalconprez @DMRDynamics He will cause as much pain, suffering and destruction as possible no matter how he go… @geyoungs Yes I’ve talked about all those pathological components for the last 15 years, 3.5 years on Twitter. @brandonlpierce @gtconway3d My sister is a negotiator in disputes. She has to tell people this regularly. They’re t… the actual list of everyone Trump has smeared, discredited, fired, sued, or destroyed — those who have cri… @LindseyGrahamSC @SpeakerPelosi Someone is living in fear but it isn’t @SpeakerPelosiAt some point in a relationship with a narcissistic psychopath you realize either: experts, war heroes, career law…, mirroring (pretend to be like their targets), talk with authority without commensurate expertise, ca… of exploitive personality disorders mistaken as leadership qualifying: charisma, glibness, boldness, bom… not underestimate how deep a narcissistic injury getting formally impeached in the House will be to Trump. It i…
Retweeted by AntiNarcopathyPharmD @HoarseWisperer Yes well Fox has touted the “uniquely American holiday of Thanksgiving” which started 50 years earlier in Canada. @Jordiew His affect strikes me as PDish but I’d have to see lots more of him to comment specifically. @MischaGrey11 Lol truth @loutrebrule Lol many times along with my vial was in my coat pocket and someone swiped my coat.This sounds just like a drug seeker trying to explain to me how his 30 day supply of Ativan disappeared in a week. @Jordiew I did not see a whole lot today. I can only say that his affect did not seem appropriate to the situation…’s Bar-ely tolerable. pun outrage = manipulation to claim victimhood of the narcissistic mind(s).
@narceducator It's worse that that. This is the test _every_ authoritarian rulership metes out, to all subjects.…
Retweeted by AntiNarcopathyPharmDImagine if my husband as a vascular specialist asked someone bleeding out on his table who they voted for? Only Tr… lyin' liar little crooked sleazy clown crazy nuts fraud fake wacky dopey overrated unethical failing cry… Romney doesn’t like names. @GOPChairwoman @realDonaldTrump Pocahontas lyin' liar little crooked sleazy clown crazy nuts fraud fake wacky dopey… @SBMcCallister @narceducator Honest and ethical leaders don't worry about cameras.
Retweeted by AntiNarcopathyPharmDMemo to the United States - good leaders have a conscience.• no empathy • no guilt or remorse • easily angered with rage • paranoid • need for stimulation, easily bored • ris… because narcissistic psychopaths are: • conscienceless: no internal or external behavioral control… and psychopaths will do ANYTHING outside the realm of normal, humane, conscience filled existence to ma… all narcissistic bullies, @realDonaldTrump can dish out, but can't take it.
Retweeted by AntiNarcopathyPharmD @JuddLegum Treating rules and laws like they don’t apply to them and being brazen are two significant traits of sociopaths and psychopaths @docrocktex26 Exactly.Turley says half of the public is being “left behind” due to the speed of the impeachment process as if the Republi…
Retweeted by AntiNarcopathyPharmD @tedlieu @POTUS No. No respect for abusive men. None. Ever. @PeterAlexander Someone’s pants are always on fire. @PeterAlexander This should have been happening continuously for the last 3 years tbh.It may come as a surprise to narcissistic and sociopathic white men in power but there are many of us intelligent,… @MollyJongFast But just like an antisocial PD.Many faces. regimes view police as a protection racket that provides safety to supporters that is contingent on t…
Retweeted by AntiNarcopathyPharmDI can’t remember the last time anyone, let alone a president of the United States, was laughed off a continent.
Retweeted by AntiNarcopathyPharmD @PhilipRucker Yes and that two hours is why everyone is laughing with mortification. @HoarseWisperer You are the medical student we loved having on rounds.This is like telling a chimp to use a bidet instead of flinging its feces.
Retweeted by AntiNarcopathyPharmDTriggered
Retweeted by AntiNarcopathyPharmD @JuddLegum Well done.Just wait. He’ll have a laundry list of retribution like more tariffs, cancelling NAFTA 2.0 and revoking Canadian green cards.Narcissistic injury is hard.“Two-faced.” Now there’s the ultimate narcissistic psychopath projection. @narceducator @Mimirocah1 @DevinNunes
Retweeted by AntiNarcopathyPharmD @Mimirocah1 @DevinNunes The most amazing trait of narcissists and sociopaths is how they will resort to denying rea… @gtconway3d @MollyJongFast @jwgop You’re strong. Don’t be moo-ved. @atrupar The President suffers cognitive impairment because he detaches from reality when his cluster of personalit… depths to which I’ve always loved and cherished the CBC but never more than today. is an example of why I stand by my statement that this President needs a full neuropsychological work up. He i…
Retweeted by AntiNarcopathyPharmD
@YardMarty @realTreeHugs Rocking is a sign of cognitive impairment/dementia. He’s also using stimulants which cause… President of the United States is not cognitively intact by any standard. This thread is example after example… is acting exactly like Trump.
Retweeted by AntiNarcopathyPharmDWhite billionaire men***Kamala Harris leaving the race, while two white billionaires exploit, oh sorry buy their way in, is exactly what’s… Devin Nunes had an ounce of decency he’d resign but alas... he’s a sociopath.Rudy Colludy and Devin Fellon did a treason?
Retweeted by AntiNarcopathyPharmDI’m not inured. I’m as outraged by the bombastic, racist, sexual assaultive, conscienceless, exploitive, criminal… @gtconway3d Stimulant giving him his cocky, macho intimidating attitude and mydriasis.That he says China like the jina in vagina will never stop sounding grossly exploitive to me.Manchild is an accurate lay term for a narcissist halted at the developmental time when the world revolves around t… having to endure Trump’s projection smearing Schiff, “I think he is a maniac. I think Adam Schiff is a dera… @AlekaKalena @sevatividam23 concerted efforts of NATO leaders providing sustained, public criticism leading to narcissistic injury, could e…’s narcissistic injury to being challenged oozes out of him. Retribution coming. @ThePlumLineGS It’s the narcissistic abuser, violator and exploiter defense of DARVO: deny, attack, reverse victim… will to subvert the Constitution & the rule of law, ignore objective facts, & smear, destroy honorable people,… believe Trumpism is at Dr. Lifton’s most concerning and dangerous level of cult criteria — that only those who be… @YAppelbaum How about mental health care professionals? Trump’s impeachable behavior is a direct result of patholog… @Alyssa_Milano Buck is exactly the type person who should not be granted power over others. A civil servant dumb en…
Our Daily Dispatch from the Abyss (aka Chronicles of Malignant Narcissism): -sadism
Retweeted by AntiNarcopathyPharmDAggrieved victimhood... like a narcissistic psychopath deflecting from his corruption and wrongdoing? Like a cult l… @locoharfield @realDonaldTrump Yes. He is a conscienceless, sadistic narcissistic psychopath. @leahmcelrath Trump is an exploiter and destroyer of humanity. are joking about this because dark humor is a much-needed coping mechanism. But I can’t. I just can’t laugh…
Retweeted by AntiNarcopathyPharmD @realDonaldTrump You will go to any lengths to smear and discredit someone because you know your Presidential win was not legitimate. Sad! @MollyJongFast @TheRickWilson @realDonaldTrump He’s scared of strong women.Spot on. @ejeancarroll @MollyJongFast @NatSecLisa @ebishopphoto @mindsplain @docivanhoe No worries! Glad to be included in any discussions sharing knowledge. @ebishopphoto @mindsplain It’s excellent but I don’t know the source. Similarly from @docivanhoe “In his project… @Morphius691 @gtconway3d Politics, religion, business and economics are just the vehicles for the exploitive power… @jennahannee @gtconway3d He meets criteria for psychopathy. @lgdodds This is not surprising because of the resources required to deal with US health insurers.