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my only goal in life is to see 30-50 feral hogs ruin some children’s game of hopscotch within 3-5 minutes

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Due to COVID-19 concerns, EV ballot apps for 2020 General Election will be sent in late July to all Douglas County…
Retweeted by Be BetterJames Garcia was killed by Phoenix PD on July 4th!! For Americans to trust the police, we need FULL TRANSPARENCY. P…
Retweeted by Be Better“there’s no ethical consumption under capitalism,” i whisper as my closed fist enters the tub of Breyers ice cream.
Retweeted by Be BetterI look forward to working with Vice President Biden to help him win this campaign and to move this country forward…
Retweeted by Be BetterI’d be like😧whaaat lol
Retweeted by Be BetterWhy is 'religious liberty' so rooted in the freedom to discriminate?
Retweeted by Be BetterI made these vases:
Retweeted by Be Betterzendaya accomplishing all of this at 23 she’s just that girl
Retweeted by Be Better @Lila_J_ @sadiealexandra_ I was pretty proud of it!!thinking abt this guy on tiktok that read a bible verse in john mulaney’s voice while wearing a suit in his bathroom
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@MidwestListings SEEEE!!!!! You should feel sorry for me!! @sadiealexandra_ This is what I replied with so that’s cool!! arguments of the other side is Black people are rich and famous so there cannot by systemic racism because they… is the first twitter link he claims is a fact debunking systemic racism having an open dialogue with an older brother about the BLM here was his responses to my last email giving him… Letter To My Younger Self acoustic video out now. I flipped a new second verse that I wrote when we originally ma…
Retweeted by Be BetterMaybe I’m a goddamn bleeding heart liberal hippie but I would definitely pay $0.50 more for fries if it meant the p…
Retweeted by Be Betterhey. when lockdown hit a week after my album drop i stopped promoting my record. it felt wrong & still does to me.…
Retweeted by Be Better @17MINUTESX Heyyooooo
with all going on the world, and how anxiety inducing it can be, i’ve found some bliss in prioritizing myself, my h…
Retweeted by Be BetterCute propaganda. In reality Bezos's mommy and daddy gave him $245,573 to stop Amazon from failing in 1995, but you'…
Retweeted by Be BetterLead by example.
Retweeted by Be Better @alyssa_schoener Maybe not hook up with these awful Alabama frat boys...their dick cannot be that greatJake Gardner shot illegal warning shots from a gun with an expired license before murdering James Scurlock and he w…
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yalls president been real quiet about a U.S BORN CITIZEN — a HISPANIC WOMAN WHO SERVED OUR COUNTRY AND DIED ON MILI…
Retweeted by Be Better @Keli1424 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️“Life’s A Mess” with @JuiceWorlddd out now #lljw
Retweeted by Be BetterAdams County District Attorney: Justice for Elijah McClain - Sign the Petition! via @ChangeCity of Aurora: DA Dave Young Needs to Resign Following His Handling of Elijah McClain's Death By Police - Sign the…“It’s me.” 💔
Retweeted by Be BetterIlllinois Governor: A Transparent Investigation Into the Death of Eric D Lurry Jr. - Sign the Petition! via @Changewhy can’t I sleep like a normal person?
Retweeted by Be BetterTrump sure did spend a lot of time with child sex trafficking pimp Ghislaine Maxwell and it would be such a shame i…
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Honestly the year the clowns tried to kill us was better
Retweeted by Be Betterno president next term, america need to b single for a while to focus on herself
Retweeted by Be BetterMy HAMILTON hot take is that every Broadway musical should be recorded and made available to the public so they can…
Retweeted by Be Betteri chimed in with a haven’t you people ever heard of wearing a goddamn mask
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Dear Breonna: I’m sorry this is taking so long; even more sorrowful that you’re not alive. You should be here. 🖤…
Retweeted by Be BetterThe real Independence Day will be on November 3 when we defeat the most un-American, divisive, wreckless, heartless…
Retweeted by Be BetterJuly 4th seems like... A PERFECT DAY TO ARREST THE COPS WHO KILLED BREONNA TAYLOR.
Retweeted by Be Betterwhy would we celebrate 4th of July when All Days Matter?
Retweeted by Be Better“Today has been a proud day to be Lakota. We shut down Mount Rushmore. We put this place in lockdown for three hour…
Retweeted by Be BetterShe said No so am wearing my shit
Retweeted by Be BetterIt’s disability pride month, and did you know disabled people in the US with Medicaid are not allowed to have more…
Retweeted by Be BetterThat’s right baby!
Retweeted by Be BetterThere is no COVID-19 in Ba Sing Se
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Baby you’re a fiiiirework! Bc my dog hates you.
Retweeted by Be BetterMac Miller be like this is a really good song maybe I should put intense sex noises at the end of it
Retweeted by Be BetterMy 5 year old niece voice messaged me the other day and I texted her back. This was her response lol
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@17MINUTESX I will literally pay you to record it so I can use for my wedding I want to walk down the aisle to it!!
My boyfriend and I are approaching 3 years, and after all this time, he has never EVER raised his voice at me, call…
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Retweeted by Be BetterYou prohibited Nebraska cities from requiring masks in public buildings, which can reduce the spread of Coronavirus…
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@_cinnamonro11_ I think she was talked to about her hideous video enough she took her account down or something!! T…’m shutting off from life for a few days...between the overwhelming unknown of what the new school year is gonna b… love incense
Retweeted by Be BetterThis is the same person, right?
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@AlasynBarwick @halsey @Kehlanijojo deserved the career justin beiber had tbh
Retweeted by Be BetterSomeone prolly already did this but Dance practice Vs Final Performance
Retweeted by Be BetterHow did I come from such a secret racist ignorant family and I turned out the way that I am?!?!?
Arrest, Charge and Convict the cops who murdered Breonna Taylor
Retweeted by Be BetterJust when you think Trump cannot be more vile or racist, he outdoes himself. This morning he shared a video in whic…
Retweeted by Be BetterI’m beginning to think “hindsight is 2020” was some kind of message from a future time traveler that we all misunderstood.
Retweeted by Be BetterIm surprised you guys aren’t making an uproar about that sex trafficking ring that the police are a part of in Milw…
Retweeted by Be Betterget in loser, we’re succeeding and breaking generational curses
Retweeted by Be BetterIn HS I was one of two people on the yearbook commitee & the supervising teacher never showed up so we filled it wi…
Retweeted by Be Betterwhoever did the pr in the 90s about cutting open plastic six pack rings so they don’t choke animals did an amazing…
Retweeted by Be BetterDogs are always vibing
Retweeted by Be BetterMasks are for sheep
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dude I’ve been on the internet so long and it’s starting to feel like everything is paying off. I can support mysel…
Retweeted by Be Betterharry potter puppet pals mysterious ticking noise
Retweeted by Be Betterashley tisdale he said she said lyric video
Retweeted by Be BetterFun fact: Gay marriage has now been around longer than the Confederacy.
Retweeted by Be Better @keeney799 Me but for my mother
Two years ago today, I went from waitress and organizer to winning a Congressional primary while outspent 10-1. Ev…
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holy shit, they’re looking up complaints against the officers who are there right now, announcing them with a megap…
Retweeted by Be Better#BreonnaTaylor was Essential: Sign the petition demanding #JusticeForBre @LMPD, @LouisvilleMayor @GovAndyBeshear was Essential: Sign the petition demanding #JusticeForBre @LMPD, @LouisvilleMayor @GovAndyBeshear can tell a neighborhood is past its prime once the residents start paying to psychoanalyze their cats
Retweeted by Be Betterboys dont spend a 3rd of their pay checks on therapy because they are stupid like bugs ♻️50.6k ♥️1M -…
Retweeted by Be Better @thotdem0n quicksand. I was so stressed about quicksand.
Retweeted by Be Better @cynthiaruth95 100%This literally looks like an episode of Parks and Rec.
Retweeted by Be Better @JordanUhl Turning your back on God's breathing system.
Retweeted by Be Better @JordanUhl Is there some flaw in the human psyche that allows for such distorted conspiracy thinking? I mean, have…
Retweeted by Be Better#JusticeForBreonnaTaylorI am a huge lobster supporter so sorry guys my mind has been changed MAGA
OKAY BITCH ! my Bratz been scissoring since ‘04, it’s about time they came out 😌
Retweeted by Be BetterI'm reposting this video every time I see it b/c you can see how kind his spirit was and his life didn't deserve to…
Retweeted by Be BetterI’m in a bad place rn 😣😢😔 not mentally, I just live where Pete Rickets is governor
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This is my cousin. He was found hanging from a tree and the Lasalle County Police department ruled it a suicide and…
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Damn, that's wild about the mannequin. They've found 5 actual black people lynched over the past 2 weeks.
Retweeted by Be Better @crewcutallen I saw one the guys that was legit a part of the concert crew creeping on 16/17 year old girls before… @QUEENBIlTCH I was diagnosed in fifth grade OH MY GOSH this hit my heart so hard! May I ask where you did most of your research?Go check out this documentary on Hulu “Out of Omaha” very eye opening
The cops lied and said they saw a gun on him, when he was an unarmed security guard at the auto shop, he ran cause…
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