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@markmobility Let’s hope that the third wave of Covid-19 will wake up the voters to vote out Trump! @Clay02911789 Yes I’m sure he doesn’t like any constructive criticism, but he can dish out lots of politically motivated crap @Jansant @Utopiana Yep life long learning is what it is all about @AnnieGabstonH @maladamus Dealing on any level with a Psychopath will put you in a losing position @Clay02911789 Why would Tim Smith bother? Obviously not enough in his life to keep himself occupied? @carlyfindlay Rest recuperate say all good things to yourself, surround your self with supporters and those that care for you🌺IF WE ALL VOTE IN THE NEXT 10 DAYS, JOE BIDEN WILL BE PRESIDENT. PASS IT ON! #VoteEarly
Retweeted by Narelle MacPherson @Cairo67Unedited @BillyBaldwin @realDonaldTrump WOW 🤩 @maureenchuck1 @albericie @ScottMorrisonMP Because they are men! When one of the boys get caught out it’s a shame job, so be quiet about it! @DrEricLevi I’ll ed near there once. One day a stranger parked in our drive blocking us out. We pushed the car out… @davenewworld_2 Yeah! @eileenchongpoet As they say don’t sweat the small stuff. You can just get unfollowed for just drinking tap water a… @GarciaRosalind The darling boy is powering ahead despite his tough inutero experience @GarciaRosalind Phew, it’s the retired midwife in me that keeps up the advocacy for women babies and children @TrottChicago There are heaps of others here was a brief overview. All the best. Go to reliable Health Sources for more eg CDC @TrottChicago Oh yeah I left out fomites ie surfaces, money etc can survive 3 days on stainless steel and glass for… @GarciaRosalind Daughter and baby now looking well. If she is brave enough to ever have another please get her to s… @TrottChicago Food for thought. New information about how COVID-19 survives, transmits, damages bodies post infecti… @joncoopertweets He’s had some make up try ing to cover up that bruise on his lip @terrymae @melissakchan @yashar Never ask if things can get worse, because they can @TrottChicago Well I don’t think they filter out virus particles on nano size. Because now no smoking they’ve dropp… @TrottChicago That is the worst! Recycled air, to be avoided flying until at least 2022. Europe and UK second wave.… @TrottChicago Just putting out the message again through your tweet about the Population/ Public Health Messages,… @Unilever BS look at all the plastic containers you use to sell your products! @TrottChicago Vaccines will only protect you depending on your individual seroconversion. Some people don’t serocon… @carlyfindlay Carly I’m so sorry that you have been the brunt of the disgraceful and abhorrent trolling attack 🌺 @HeidiSelkie @carlyfindlay I do not even expect this attitude in primary school @dannyteejay @wallabies Certainly if they refuse to be humble and kneel @sncrlynotsorry Wish the nurses were! @IndigenousX Cold and rainy thank goodness 😅 its been too dry @polarsprite Certainly hope so @Sooriclover @notcapnamerica @NBCNews Yeah just read the Latino vote for Biden in Florida could turn that State @Sooriclover @notcapnamerica @NBCNews This interview does not sit well, it is going against the polls and the numbe… @ABCIndigenous @pauldutton1968 Bloody Rockhampton Council Bastardry again! @JenniferNassour Both of the Biden’s have always worked @TracyWesterman Thank you 🙏 Dr Tracy @DeepStateShu 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @sloyoroll01973 Republicans live in another world of entitlement out in space off this planet @msanonymousme Yeah, one fellow was going out to get messed up really bad so I said my safe sex talk us a condom if… @gotsthebug Thank you she will appreciate that @dieworkwear @Johanvanderslam WTF has he had foot surgery? @RobRobbEdwards @WgarNews Just awful, sign the Petition against this happening @gotsthebug Even my Sisters miscarriage 42 years ago. It was never offered to her to take the early baby (foetus) h… @peggymel2001 @PhilCygnus The Labor Party is mostly to blame for dismantling rural and regional services, also reme… @clairegcoleman It was a question what big news event do you first remember. A journalist was seven when Harold Hol… @lindaha96123336 @luapyelrab I thought it was 1 million? @tinagutierrez04 @MeidasTouch @ProjectLincoln They’re asking for it, retweet!Jared and Ivanka’s lawyers are threatening to sue @ProjectLincoln for putting up these billboards up in Times Squar…
Retweeted by Narelle MacPherson @TeeBiggs Nasty slur on those who struggle to afford food 🥘 @Eiggam5955 Deep breathing techniques as other medication has the opposite affect on me! @eileenchongpoet That is good advice! @wheelswordsmith Don’t be a wuse my car looks twice as bad as that and we have red back spiders 🕷 where I live, the… @LovelyB49752674 He certainly can catch COVID-19 again. Reinfection has been well documented @eileenchongpoet Tell him cease and desist or an AVO will be coming his way if you hear from him again. Have you sa… @19Dumptrump I’d say he’d had a fall, or medical treatment, however could be defence wounds protecting himself afte… @gotsthebug As I do for my Niece who died five years ago then my Mum who followed 12 months after her. It broke my… @SuzeQKnits Ooh 😲 gas pain and increased hyper mobility of the gastric system! @Julius_Kim Yep 👍 @TeeBiggs Yuck 🤢 @DeepStateShu Don’t 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @eileenchongpoet The Psycho is stalking you, he has stolen your info or got it from someone working in the festival… @laurence8645 @cjensen_MT Don’t 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @cjensen_MT Stay safe and if there are women involved, wear a condom!
@Outofthewoodsi1 @StevenO94564673 @blakandblack Unless it is self taught Aboriginal History and Culture evades most… @HougenJ @DesignationSix 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @AmyAThatcher 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @Bill19300155 Precious 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @GuyRemorganised @queenymom the magats don’t like it when i say > 266,900 excess deaths > 9/5 but they also don’t…
Retweeted by Narelle MacPhersonCurrently I’m being bullied by MAGA CULT members due to publishing comparative adjusted COVID death rates between A…
Retweeted by Narelle MacPhersonJoe is trolling trump and I'm here for it 🤣
Retweeted by Narelle MacPherson @TeeBiggs 🤣🤣🤣🤣 good on you Terry! @davenewworld_2 Obviously had some medical treatment or a bad fall to get that amount of bruising @gotsthebug @engagedpractx Is this person possibly looking for more prospective vulnerable partners to control, cer… @gotsthebug @engagedpractx Oh bugger 🤬! @TeeBiggs That upsets my tummy! @gotsthebug @engagedpractx Certainly a Quandary, what do you suggest? @gotsthebug @engagedpractx That is so wrong. Police checks are a way of life now, most jobs require one, and so int… @gotsthebug There needs to be vetting of students into Social Work @gotsthebug @engagedpractx How in the heck did they get into the course? Is there no preinterview for vetting appro… @gotsthebug Unfortunately this happens, why ? are they trying to debrief themselves from their own psychological mess ? @Bill19300155 Shit what next! @CharleeSueFrail @GiordanaHrga @IndigenousX It’s worse than we can imagine, even when you know a lot. A special uni… @pauldutton1968 I’ve spent a lot of time besides rivers where Aboriginal people have lived in the past as freshwate… @pauldutton1968 @CharleeSueFrail @IndigenousX This has been going on for decades, through both politics parties. Th… @CharleeSueFrail @GiordanaHrga @IndigenousX The MDBC has been an unmitigated disaster. I specifically studied water… @debg97 @maxblackhole @AnthonyCole68 I used to mentor a Sudanese family so I know what they went through to get her… @maxblackhole That is so sad I love to hear what Nyadol has to say about things @Numbers28 That’s me a kind person @DeepStateShu He’s obviously never been without bread 🍞! @Kevswatching Psychopathic pathological liar 🤥 @JackBear62 Hi Jack 🐻 Bear! @orangepeel18 Also for anyone with a chronic illness. @blakandblack 🤮🤮🤮🤮 @EmergencyBK I follow decent and kind people those who abuse get unfollowed those who cannot accept differing views… @EmergencyBK That kB needs to get a life @Outofthewoodsi1 @blakandblack I’ve been so blessed to live it most of my life connected to country @Outofthewoodsi1 @blakandblack The Labor Govt in Qld are environmental vandals. Through the Vegetation Plan they ar… @LanaMurphy @RandaltsRandal @9NewsMelb Coronoidiot @RatsEveryHour Aaw baby 🍼 rat 🐀 @BagdMilkSoWhat @nazuzuwin She cannot stand PDA with Trump