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@Jvlen0 @Jvlen0 Fuck off. @chaz75 I hear @anntfkk in every clip @notrxchel mines worse @MoonKiller_VAL #ebroken @PrincessIcyTV man.nice. dont even want to open this. @TrickAIM I didn't know this guy was cheating and he added me a while ago. This is his responds to "what happened t…
@Azianned go asian boy gothe feminine urge to hype up trash teammates in valorant to bring the vibes up. @anntfkk @chaz75 @FatalGlytch they are still improving and they can't if when they are learning to peak they instantly die. Smurfing… @FatalGlytch I mean why does it matter how many accounts someone has. Plus the accounts being im immortal has no ef… @izuminsx who r u referring too because if you are the frosty or noli ur completely in the wrong. Proof was shown t… @edensarcade @1EDEN_ are u the same eden @Nighty10k @Choms___ hey @jakeeVAL @ProfessorSoop @774saturn LMAOOO @Rye1k why did u like it @minr6s LYou can only like this tweet if you are above the height of 5'7. @psykieXO reynaI hope my next blink is my last one. @AthensBtw nothing, @AthensBtw i read this wrong. @MyyneR6s mommy @mangosmxxthie pnk @whosmichela no u @chaz75 @AspireUnit lol @Asunaa what about comp
you know when you're about to cry then someones says "are you okay?" Then you burst out crying... ;-; @mangosmxxthie nah u changed. Lost Respect @chaz75 peak some bitches @chaz75 u clip in unrateds I dont wanna hear it @chaz75 i have a glitch where my enemies shoot back @anntfkk ? @Skrrtfps @playgirllashley down bad @_novaVAL @notrxchel my bad @notrxchel damn @faetxd holy...
@mangosmxxthie <3 @mangosmxxthie D R I P P YMaking a Twitter GC for diamond+ so people dont have to solo q. If enough people want in then ill make it @mangosmxxthie ur done @AthensBtw why is this on my tl @sarah_frags all good. @jellyfish_val @lilstarro @vansiire 52-52 4:3 15 DPI
"Reyna you didn't even entry, go back to the kitchen you sl*t" That's on me. @NotMatcheww SHE SOS PRETRTTYY @kizhybtw @OdiFps my bad sorry @Choms___ lol @OdiFps @crabmusturd ok @lumafps @1EDEN_ im so sorry here for u <3 @OdiFps who r u @rvuCS_ thanksIm glad a took a week break from this game. :) @jellyfish_val bro u a victim @Koolshiesty @MyyneR6s what does gender have to do with this LMAO @RaizelSensei 3* in the post I made @RaizelSensei No. @Koolshiesty no thats bad wtf. @AeroValorant 16 and 18 depends what grade they are in. Like a soph and a senior hell no. But like a junior and a senior is not bad @AeroValorant my dude said "age of consent is 16" LMAOIs 16 and 19 ok? (I need to see something) @h2nnyu @weirdkidong LMAOOOOOOOOO @OdiFps @ProdigyXiXi who r u @OdiFps "Odi I HAVE NOT SEEN-" @acez2k who r uINSANE PISTOL ACE IN VALORANT @ignovercook hi bobby
@anntfkk @chaz75 iz joke. @chaz75 L @chaz75 no bitches @chaz75 I stole it from the comments of a post but still. U took my post and remade it >:( @chaz75 from who? @chaz75 fuck u @anntfkk @chaz75 bro. I tweeted this but with Twitter. @btookess @minr6sI love you > ily @iffeeval stingy? ur art is art no set price on it @iffeeval take your time <3 @h2nnyu Lmao @WondrousFPS i mean ok but its easy views @WondrousFPS u gotta start doing the tiktok format to get views just uploading clips are just not consistant
@tuxxse @1EDEN_ @xefiyy :) @camilleettv stunning @h2nnyu u gotta atleast have 4 rings smhh @h2nnyu bro
@milkteaboards hi @xefiyy sorry @anntfkk 21k WHAT THE DUXK @whosmichela my bad @11tzuki banger @cloudyerin_ NAHHH @cloudyerin_
@minr6s :(only 103,000 man.