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When the honeymoon phase with your favourite toxic person ends
Retweeted by Blair BassImagine not being Ghanaian 🥴🥴 di ghetto
Retweeted by Blair Bass🥴 what is wrong with that family? just want adventures and cuddles.
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Retweeted by Blair BassNeed my hair done, makeup done, nails done, lashes done. I’m tired of looking tired
Retweeted by Blair BassBHM: DISCUSSION Next Monday we will be holding a group discussion on the topic “Is Black History Month still relev…
Retweeted by Blair BassForget stories, I can never open the snaps @amaserwaa_x sends to me in public. She’s constantly wildinnnnn🥴, someon… have sickle cell & lupus. Both cause organ damage & pain that’s debilitating.I sell jewelry to pay for expenses (…
Retweeted by Blair BassMy 70kg is in my breast 😂
Retweeted by Blair BassI will no longer apologise for my emotional responses, even in institutional spaces, to the historic and continued…
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not being able to send funny tweets bc you’re on bad terms <<<
Retweeted by Blair BassIf she didn’t die and she came to tell her story.... would you guys have been this “upset” and “disappointed”? Woul…
Retweeted by Blair BassWhen u thought it was beef meat but it was kidney meat😖
Retweeted by Blair Bassi love my siblings so much, thank God for them man
Retweeted by Blair Bass @toyinabox @ayomideosi Happy birthday babe❤️
I'm just a soul whose intentions are good please don't let me be misunderstood
Retweeted by Blair BassIdc this album has been on repeat since it dropped
Retweeted by Blair BassWhy is it so hard for you lot to understand how a message is delivered can affect how it’s received not matter how valid the point is
Retweeted by Blair Bass💜💜💜💜
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Me Speaking twi 🤝mixing English for words I don’t know
Retweeted by Blair Bass‼️PLEASE KEEP SHARING‼️Today marks 1year since my beautiful girlfriend karlie went missing, 1 year ago today I woke…
Retweeted by Blair Bass @_basmah_i 👀Not at all because what I lack in the back, I pack in the cat xo
Retweeted by Blair BassGet that piercing sis, fuck your parents
Retweeted by Blair BassSaying ok instead of arguing with someone>>>>>>>
Retweeted by Blair Bassstressed and I miss being cute so
Retweeted by Blair BassThe amount of tabs open in my head is too much rn.
Retweeted by Blair Bass'I don’t know how I will fight this but I will fight it'. -Me 😊 The Home Office declined to comment 🙃
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🥴🥴 @trigga_drai 😂😂😂My friend is beautiful😩😍 he doesn’t gass you when you look nice just throw him away
Retweeted by Blair BassMen 🤝 switching things back on you when they’re clearly in the wrong
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Me going out vs me in lectures
Retweeted by Blair Bass @majdizzles Lmao it’s not a good mix at all🥺A mood🥴🥴 you @EqualityUoE for inviting me to speak today on Self Identity & Mindset!🙏🏾
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@_Yasmania_ Thank you babe!❤️That’s my blood. 💞
Retweeted by Blair Bass @QuenneBee_ I LOVE YOU🥺❤️❤️just wanna be a slim ting but my genes hate me.
Retweeted by Blair Bass @nerdymaths @ExeEducation Thank you Sira!❤️❤️❤️ @_naomicbrownx Love you❤️after much deliberation and procrastination i’ve finally recorded the first episode to my podcast, he’s the link be…
Retweeted by Blair Bass @moiabode 😘😘❤️ @rivtclub FrrrrrThat’s me right there!❤️. Proud of how far Exeter has come🤩
When your half swipe fails and you’re forced to reply to the message
Retweeted by Blair Bass‘i’m on it if you’re on it’ gets me into trouble omg
Retweeted by Blair BassPrincess treatment or leave me alone.
Retweeted by Blair BassI hate seeing someone feeling excluded
Retweeted by Blair Bassthis is the opinion of the authority meant to investigate such cases. & yet people believe when you report, they do…
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I actually love staying home because as soon as I step out I spend £250.
Retweeted by Blair Bassy’all like to fuck with younger girls because females your age see the loser in you
Retweeted by Blair BassDon’t complicate what has been made simple, wise words @auto_yoda @omoluabi_x 😂😂The man interviewing him told me to my face that he’s a chief misogynist. So I’ll just leave that there. A fucking…
Retweeted by Blair Bass?🥴 stupid stupid. @DaoYannick Some men still don’t get it🥴As part of our Islamic Relief Charity week me and @kiwismalley will be taking part in a sponsored silence for a wee…
Retweeted by Blair Bass‼️ @DaoYannick For real. I’m really realising that now @RossyRoslyn HonestlyyWhew I’ve never been so angry, I just needed to walk out. Justifying these lecturers attitudes, if a girl is being…“Women harass men more than men harass women by showing cleavage etc”. If I lose my mind Hmat this point we really have to band together as women and just start whooping niggas asses in broad day, collectively
Retweeted by Blair Bass“We didn’t inherit our mothers silence” Big ups to every woman speaking up on sexual harassment!
Retweeted by Blair Bass @_basmah_i He said he’s going to sue BBC, imagine
Lmaooooo omgggg. The last time I tried to audio record this man, he was saying all the proper things but his leg wa…
Retweeted by Blair BassWhy can’t some of you just shut up? You’re dumb.
Retweeted by Blair Bass @gothichadassah Brooooooo it’s actually disgusting!!! Let me even keep my mouth closed, because the type of arguing…‼️‼️‼️ It’s no coincidence that men who do this are almost always “pastors”. It’s like they use their love f…
Retweeted by Blair Bassimagine you wake up every morning, studying your courses with any free time you have only for your grades to sudden…
Retweeted by Blair BassWHY DO MEN FEEL SO ENTITLED. ain’t my final form of peng, it’s still coming
Retweeted by Blair BassHonestly! In the office today they were arguing about how it was unethical to film them, imagine! Look at the disgu… week when i saw people my age laugh along with a lecturer after he made a distasteful comment about rape (not…
Retweeted by Blair Bass @torylaynes Lmao for reallll😂😂For those searching for the BBC #SEXFORGRADES 🎥 Documentary here is a #THREAD for the Video as it unrolls ; this…
Retweeted by Blair BassI don’t know how to handle @torylaynes not picking up my ft calls. Long distance is hard😖🥺 @torylaynes Oh you’ll stop when you start to see a fupa on your skinny ass
First year me wearing wigs in my flat lasted like a day😂 have a phone for nothing like all i do is go from app to app.
Retweeted by Blair Bass😻 it louder
Retweeted by Blair Bassdo you ever just forget to hide your expression for a minute and you’re like woah I did not mean to make that face out loud
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My schoolmate went missing Monday, please help raise awareness! Thank you💛
Retweeted by Blair BassYou don’t know how to stay still!🤣 🤝 being dumb and annoying as fuck
Retweeted by Blair Bass🥴
Retweeted by Blair Bass“Whether you’re a mother or father, or a husband or a son, or a niece or a nephew or uncle, breast cancer doesn’t d…
Retweeted by Blair Basswhoever is listening i want my name or initials on a necklace please
Retweeted by Blair BassI haven’t checked my bank account in time because I am living by faith and not by sight 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Blair BassListening to summer walker’s album like
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