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@__bigmike___ I accept sweedy 😭 @johlyn__ hmm with how much he needs me, I hope you don’t mind if i carry him on my back to the linkop?🥺🙏🏾Keep your head up young king ❤️ it’s a day my man would be okay with🙈 same niggas that watch pirated movies pretend their too law abiding for THINGS.
Retweeted by nthis effect was so cool, where it go?? WANTED to make a bad film but acrimony...🤝posting at odd hours cos i be shy’re the only one who gets me like this 🙈😔
@Malaxhi77 @gyebi8 @Earn_Gambino @Stairfax this is too funny to fap to @gyebi8 @Malaxhi77 @Earn_Gambino @Stairfax thanks 🙏🏾lmao be careful around that one @DYB__ 1 2 3 4 5 6 @Earn_Gambino @Stairfax @gyebi8 Full link?One day, we’ll have a conversation about how your fave is as toxic as they come and litters his path with broken gi…
Retweeted by n @Dictasavage @Gdn432 mind ya business smh @Gdn432 oop 🙈 @Dictasavage you movin?🙈 @Gdn432 hmm the text before that was me saying i couldn’t eat someone because i had a pErSoN at the time smhNbs morality gymnastics
Retweeted by nIsn’t saying morality is relative contradictory to Christian teaching which dictates morality is absolute and is ba…
Retweeted by n @_staque_ it’s in top 15 of my tweets so it has to stay upLiterally nobody cares
Retweeted by nearly mornin advice from my sister to y’all 🙏🏾 @gyebi8 said i have too much funds 😔😂😂
@mr_quaye @Queen_Lii wooow 😔😔😔lmaooo leave me ALOONNEENSJWIUDUE 😭 question. everyone knows you eat Nutella by itself, out of the jar is literally the worst thing anyone has ever said to me smh has highlights of our best conversations on her ig. i don’t say it much but that shit gets me right in the feely bone 😔😭bro im trying new things and my friends keep calling me a pick me😔fresh out sorry iyanya 2 korra is actually unwatchable @Dictasavage shadaappp @fynnba_ 🙈❤️❤️i was really feeling like one that day 😭😭🙈 @yung_d3mz application forms are 200 cedis 🥺 @OGEbenK @issaintle 😂😂😂😂😂 @LIFEOFKJR what does a pitza mood look like? @SmylyThe3rd hmm @Fiifi_007 why? @90sReject kaish jeff bigalow @90sReject why can’t you guys just accept me 😔You never RT my wins Gideon @lordtee that’s why I said mid 🙈bro that tweet is what gets me tf up outta here 😭doesn’t mean it belongs on everything , sometimes put the ketchup ketchdown 😔 to sugar mummy auditions 🙏🏾 @lordtee mid iq tweet 😌- *Ernest Hennyway*
Retweeted by nYou haven’t stopped this thing?? @nickisodd she didn’t lie?LET US RISE !!! said females and expects us to take her seriously
Retweeted by nprison food does that bro. chills’s take down his account’re the third different person to send me this 😂 the Bible is your moral compass. the life and values of Jesus Christ if you want more wiggle roommorality is...not relative to your people my friendlmao @__aello this is our common enemy @ara_omb You see the lightdo you think you should enjoy basic hunan rights with this? never see elite juice pass Ceres before
Retweeted by nseem like you’ve forgotten that you’re a n*gger
Retweeted by nhemsworth before pine but okay @theflowerpapi lemme express myself smhim rewatching season one korra. am i allowed to say daddy aang?give it to him @LabaranHamduni 🙈🙈 @Dictasavage can you help herDont try this at home 🌚 #GoForGold
Retweeted by nPainted my fingers black and my toes white because bonsam kyia me kraa me ni Nyame na 3nam.
Retweeted by n @LIFEOFKJR eihmm 🙈 mean things. it’s important we stop hiding behind fake niceties and a being a welcome wagon literally no one… don’t have to shuck and jive to every beat, Nana hoh want him to pick you instead? @Gdn432 @90sReject @The1TheyCall_E you’re such a cutie pie 😭 @ritaluciabackup happy birthday darling ❤️It is true, I don’t cheat 🙈all the way round I’m loyal''meaning the thing was there but it was covered so when you take the cover off you see what God did. So discovery…
Retweeted by nme age 8: Hemingway vs Ernest Hemingway that did it for Burna Boy will do it for Odunsi
Retweeted by nSince we all want to be fools
Retweeted by n @2suktg be strong brother 😔😔 mpa feels big? Ene3 due.
Retweeted by nit’s nice to have dreams @diane_eeee add me smh @MaxMichael_ @Dictasavage oyiwa @cedricbans you’re scaring the hoes,broy’all are psychos