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sweeeet caroliiinee... @nasthenonrapper stranded on krypton. need ride


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Which ever is my good,in my case best,side when I’m taking a photo Shapiro is trending, which means it’s time for me to tweet this video once more. Thank you for blocking me ov…
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M’not ready
sherlock was only good for episodes one and two, season one. lets accept that mayne tbh this premise is booty cheeksanything henry akwasi cavill is involved in, nana ama is also present... lezgeaauuuxxx guy be hater pass. Them give am ‘Away 👏🏾’ for stage top in GIS so he dey hate on any other rappers he see tryi…
Retweeted by sweeeet caroliiinee... @theotisprice @The1TheyCall_E samething i wanted to ask you bro...i doubt i even know you
Retweeted by sweeeet caroliiinee...jeffrey slander is why i reactivate @2suktg @theotisprice bro no be small 'myself' i was up to. at least i know i'm dark in complexion hmm @theotisprice haha hashtagdontrushchallenge, amirite? @theotisprice is this new internet slang??
@6ryte your screen name,lmfaooo...lmfao baako suro and it's me tbh @jenny15luvs1D omg not sweet caro PLSthey hated on jesus too,smh @Gdn432 jack told me to reactivate tbhyezzirrr @theotisprice oh jeffingham, y wud i do dat? @cedricbans @kwasibonaparte hmm unprovoked unno? @kwasibonaparte Bonapeezyyythis account not being deleted after all this time only means twitter personally likes the bs i tweet.
I’ve blocked so many of you who don’t even know I exist because someway somehow your tweets found themselves to my…
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i really love @quiethandfilms. what a unique actor
Retweeted by sweeeet caroliiinee...soryy guys, got possessed by the spirit of Alexander the Great. my bad y’all
i log back in for egyir @SmylyThe3rd @90sReject what did i even do??? @SmylyThe3rd @90sReject the secret will be revealed to you when you stop. collaborate and listen
Just a friendly reminder from your Auntie to stay home. #StayHomeSaveLives
Retweeted by sweeeet caroliiinee... @Maayaa_O yes. @Dictasavage girl i hate you💀I've never screenshot anything as fast as I did this. Lol
Retweeted by sweeeet caroliiinee...Normalise beating men of God
Retweeted by sweeeet caroliiinee... @_wolowski you’re bored ampa😂 @jenny15luvs1D on my wayyycoupled with the fact that he knows it doesn’t sit well with the african obsession with humility and letting others… to terms with the fact that burna boy is better musically than your faves even though he hasn’t been out as… do you wanna be? @Dictasavage which video do you even speak of? everyone knows i haven’t shown my face on camera since the fire nation attacked @Dictasavage do you know i have the ability to chew my phone if need be?if your birthday is this month, all you’re getting is the gift of life apparently 😔
@imaraceline @niiapa left a legacy?
i hate it here ngl.don’t know how it happened but it looks like tom cruise is my favorite actor
@imaraceline mwahit’s like you don’t know me
that’s all, folks @Dictasavage i shy give youcoming to a bio near you @kwakzzzz 😂😂saving all my tears for when i see imara again because WHEWkwa kwa kwa, bravo 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 @vawltaire hmm these youthScott Lang @Gdn432 teeheehee @90sReject am back baby @ohenzyko sorry 🙈💀Unc-El @Earn_Gambino listen here you little shit... @_itsMrSam @MrDontoh chiillldishhhh😂dammit me see your shouting!!
Retweeted by sweeeet caroliiinee... @Nig_BMT hmm @FlavaFlavswife they’re not ready ooidk what this tl is about cos my queens reply fast and know how to make conversation. you people just don’t like these girls smh
Retweeted by sweeeet caroliiinee...i’m gonna nap now @Queen_Lii even the men are tired @Firstwives_ @ the police @Raphaela__R good godyou stoners better stock up @Firstwives_ they’ve gone to report me to teacher 🙈👀 @Nii_Noi ? @S_tage that makes more sense 😂😂😂😂 @90sReject missed uWhen one of your friends coughs except it’s reality tv (w @whatchaeden)
Retweeted by sweeeet caroliiinee...these things happen @kwasibonaparte 😂nahh i maintain it’s a man behind that account because lmfao bitch what? @kwakzzzz it looks like your handwritingthat brownsugar girl is becoming unbecoming, which tl dude is behind the account? speak upFastest pit stop in F1 history (1.82 seconds) by Max Verstappen (Video slowed down to 1/8x speed)
Retweeted by sweeeet caroliiinee...Beyoncé isn't better than Rihanna, Beyoncé is better than everybody. Why single her out & always compare her to thi…
Retweeted by sweeeet caroliiinee...alexander the great would know exactly what to do in these times...i miss him.for the time being, texting me and using the ‘💀’ emoji is a threat
there is powerful niggatry afoot
@Okimma like ugh, just dm the person you wanna eat already damn @90sReject delete’s been a week without me and she feel weak without me she wanna talk it out but ain’t nothing to talk about un… @brutus_bih_ learning from you ma @Queen_Lii thank you 🥺 @imaraceline this is me now????
bro u live in the uk rn it’s too hot for this