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natalya @nat_bambi toronto, canada

*•°. small time esports commentator༓˚⁺‧͙°• .'*: •*ₜᵣₐᵤₘₐ ₛᵤᵣᵥᵢᵥₒᵣ⳾*⑅*❀⑅*:・✧sleepy musician

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@ariessqc @BLUEJAYS_Sports vs @EsportDomino 8pm UK time ESEA EU S36 IM 🎙️@mcrossy12 @nat_bambi 📺
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@BigFramesGG @Keith_LaFortune @PlayVALORANT OMG LETS GOOO @sforys92 Dude @TheAnnarf Thanks Anna thats very kind
@TheAnnarf Ya it's real weird rn :p I'm in school for manual therapy so we have to be in person sometimes and yeaaa @TheAnnarf Ikr me class lol
@megasofer Yes this is often what happens, or other costs go up.THE WAIT IS OVER, FIRST EU CS OF 2021 (UK times) 18/01/21 7pm - @Horus_Esports vs @BaeconGG 19/01/21 7pm -…
Retweeted by natalyaFellas. I got the pants.
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@sforys92 broooooo @sicksonya U don't need to. Let go of what doesn't serve u angel ♡Never stay friends with someone who broke your trust. @giraffley @mcrossy12 @Kimbeerlynelson @csgoruneHey this is exciting, I'll be doing co casting lots of EU games this season with @mcrossy12 ! @KOLER1337 Alternate heat and cold 15 mins then 15 mins, but mild like not too extreme temperatures bc its ur neck,… @melikazeeyada One (1) and its brady @_pixelpeach So cute
BBC: Christopher Alesund, professional Valorant player @GeT_RiGhT :
Retweeted by natalya @Jake_Hanrahan No this can happen. Some people respond like that to stimulants from time to time. I respond that wa… @Luca_AU_ Amen @MakzwellCS Huge @ipsychogirl YesqNew EP of Premier Preview out now! Ep 4 is with @BigChillinInc's @microT99. This video gives so much insight on In…
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2021 and who
Retweeted by natalya @alxtawa Nah @Reid_kauffman Pain @SwordsLMAO YuhJust chillin in my zoom class @Kxrinxw congratulations! glhf :)the next CSGO Major will be held in Stockholm with a $2 Million prize purse and broadcasted in 4K. it's unfortunate…
Retweeted by natalyawho else in zoom class rn @Guiiimond :) @ariessqc A friend of mine recently went to revelstoke and I was incredibly jealous. Been 3 years for me. I can hardly believe it. @sforys92 White people lmfao @sforys92 LMFAOO @AnnaM0ller Hi @ariessqc Same @tinycaitt Sooo cuteSimply lie until its too late and then keep lying 🤡 @ariessqc Not that u asked but kurt vonnegut, cat's cradleWHAT A GREAT DAY FOR @CSGO AND ESPORTS FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by natalyaoh my god
Retweeted by natalyaAnd then what happened?
Retweeted by natalya @heyitsFlorence No way @NattyCSGO Oh man I'm so sorry @klooowry if I may be so bold @frazerxyz yesUpdate: after facing criticism for removing a reputable LGBTQ2S resource, the TCDSB has reinstated the LGBT Youthli…
Retweeted by natalya @melikazeeyada @melikazeeyada Iconic @klooowry Omg ur so pretty @MoHamad21276485 Noooo this is A. Rackham
@lunarkats Gross @lunarkats Thats fucking awful and gross
Retweeted by natalya @ramuelcs LMAO @melikazeeyada BeerI am saving up for this immediatelyI've never needed an instrument so bad. @melikazeeyada So cute. This fit my fave @Iron_Cub Goodnight @lxisha_ Happy birthday beautiful
@ArktosCS @MakzwellCS Glad ur on the mend bb @giraffley This is real life.
@Keith_LaFortune @RLewisReports Don't watch the damned walrus movie.Happy birthday to the immortal God King Emporer @RLewisReports 🎂 love you forever🧸 @floppyCSGO Okay @melikazeeyada I'm laughing but I'm sad about this @ariessqc Ur gonna be sad u can't play valorant?
2021 make your own platform.
Retweeted by natalya @melikazeeyada i havent laughed in days, thank you.
@etohKP you're a genius
@DuckIover47 @smileybeef this do be meMovement players discovering Mirage in 2013
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Going to get off socials until esea 36 starts. Heart hurts too muchIt’s real sad that people like that exist
Retweeted by natalya @Mod645 First time I've smiled in 3 days thank uWe have entered the AC (After Champ) era
Retweeted by natalya @OVLScotsman Omgq @CP24 So do somethingOne of the most egregious CCP propaganda tweets I've seen - from a CNN dude. Absolutely deplorable comparison.… @Jake_Hanrahan Be safe jake, we love youThis is the best video I’ve seen on this crazy day in DC. It’s actually beautiful...
Retweeted by natalyaMerry Christmas Eve to everyone who's celebrating today and tomorrow. Христос Рождається
Retweeted by natalyaRemember the house hippos commercial that told kids to be careful not to believe everything they see on TV? We need… n the boys walking into Area 51 after seeing how well they defended the capital building.
Retweeted by natalyaMarks & Spencers, a failing clothing shop in the UK, is doing more for the Uighurs than the EU and the UN.
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25th ammendment timeWho could have foreseen that normalizing political violence would lead to escalations of political violence. Just crazy.
Retweeted by natalyaHit his ass with the No Look like J Kidd
Retweeted by natalya @RiotBallerina Whats wrong with thatYou know whats most ironic? While the capitol was being stormed, those riotors interrupted the objection hearings t… getting a bit chuddy when they put the audio on the speakers but it's a good feed to visually follow what eg…