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Natasha A @nat_echo England, United Kingdom

Highly Specialist Cardiac Physiologist (Echo)💕BSE Northwest Rep. MRes student at Uni of Chester - interested in valve disease😍 views my own.

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@The_Echo_Nerd @LynnGreigMiller Good choice of film!! @josopala @Markgreen433 🤣 how funny!! @The_Echo_Nerd Oh no!!! Wishing you a very swift recovery xxx @josopala @Markgreen433 🤣👋🏼 sorry guys!! @Markgreen433
A must read for all those working towards BSE accreditation or reaccreditation!! 👇🏽 Sadie has summarised everything…
I’ve been assigned the same room for 5 days, I’ve had 3 different patients in that room. All COVID positive, all de…
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If you have a high index of suspicion for COVID19, say a pre-test prob=90%, and if test has 70% sensitivity/95% spe…
Retweeted by Natasha A4000 beds, a kilometre long. Two wards, and two morgues.
Retweeted by Natasha A @DrDanAugustine Thanks for your reply @DrDanAugustine We get so many ?IE requests as we are a city centre hospital… - I mean inpatient referrals. As all our elective outpatients have been cancelled.TOE! What is considered essential in your departments? And what is your triage process? Have you changed where…⚠️Calling everyone with symptoms of, suspected or test positive #COVIDー19 , please answer this simple survey to hel…
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@The_Echo_Nerd Scary!!! @iand74 @BSEcho We have a physiologist or AP screening on the desk. Our trust have cancelled all non urgent activit…'ve released a statement on provision of #TOE during the #COVID19 pandemic:
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Exactly!! Tell us what you need answering, if an echo won’t add value: We won’t be doing the test! to ‘get the answer, get out, keep safe’. Remember a parasternal long axis view can image everything apar…
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Retweeted by Natasha A @The_Echo_Nerd You have to treat everyone as suspected! Not everyone is following advice to isolate and socially distance! @catherinemross @JesstheBMSAlthough not patient facing our lab teams including biomedical scientists ARE key in this fight. We are all in this… @The_Echo_Nerd I LOVE this!!
@GaryUsher_Chef For crisps only! No other valid reason to do this! @GaryUsher_Chef I married someone who does that! It’s sacrilege.We are wearing odd socks today as part of the worldwide campaign to raise awareness and reduce the stigma attached to DS.Today is World Downs syndrome day. Celebrated today on 21.3 as it signifies the Triplication of the 21st Chromosome… @The_Echo_Nerd Yes!! Definitely @D21Gill @londonechotech Yes! @guyll 🤣 ... other vendors and apps teams are of course available!
@GaryUsher_Chef I didn’t risk making my own ... got my favourite bread and butter at home instead 🥳 Is that cheati… super Apps team are always brilliant and I always have annoying questions! But they’re always super patient and… firends: anyone not already using PPE, please have a read of this poster from @PHE_uk . Quite easy to con…
Retweeted by Natasha ACovid-19 we’re ready for you! 🥳 you Katherine. Echo findings in Covid patients: Fuliminant myocarditis can be found. Read on to check what… @GWhalleyPhD @echoguru Welcome to the best side!!
Brilliant! @lpbadano Thank you!! Very informative @JonnyGE_Vivid @guyll Thanks J! I’m not on site today. I’ll ping you a message tomorrow if I get stuck! @guyll @JonnyGE_Vivid That should say clinical findings and echo findings don’t marry up ... @guyll @JonnyGE_Vivid Our handhelds don’t store images to our data manager ... is writing findings in notes enough?… @RobChamb87 Congrats!!
@cardiacLucy I ask the stupid questions so others don’t have to! 😆 I’d never really thought about it in detail b4… @The_Echo_Nerd Absolutely!! I see you’ve added it to @BSEcho community chat on the website also!! It’s super useful… @The_Echo_Nerd Great protocol!! We are now cancelling non-urgent electives activities to best limit exposure/risk b… @HaumannEduard Maths 😍😍😍 thank you for the explanation! @GoughCJ Ahh yeah that’s my level of understanding too. 4c/2C EFs must be calculated by area-length method. But t… genuine question echo crew: How is a biplane Simpsons calculated. I assumed it was an average of 4 and 2 chamb… mean it feels like we’re in a giant game of Lemmings... and the player in control isn’t very good at Lemmings.
2020 seems to be glitching. If we unplug it and wait 30 seconds then turn it back on again maybe it’ll resume norm…'ve made some changes for those accrediting and reaccrediting during the #COVID19 pandemic. Check out our updated…
Retweeted by Natasha A @The_Echo_Nerd Except I learned yesterday - ask patient to turn their head to the left when you get them take a bre… companies who can supposedly do an echo using AI... if we send the patient the machine we can do it via Skype?! @carron_hollie @kgzimmerman @lizziemcilwain @LVkuzava We routinely acquire a dedicated RV-focused view. There is a…
Retweeted by Natasha A @BonitaEcho @carron_hollie @kgzimmerman @lizziemcilwain @LVkuzava @ASE360 @robertomlang @lpbadano Thank you Bonita!…
Anyone worked out how to do a contact-free echo yet?! 😩 @girlymicro It’s odd isn’t it! But I met my husband before internet dating and swiping right (or is it left? 🤷🏽‍♀️)… @girlymicro Yep!! I’ve had this on twitter and LinkedIn. Inappropriate. Especially when they start with “sorry to… updates from #BSEcho for all #echofirst #cardiacPhysiology #clinicalscientists For #COVID19 patients a Le…
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@PerKarl14424229 @cardiodan @sturwohld Typically, trainees tend to rotate or move the face of the transducer latera… @cardiodan @sturwohld I agree it can overestimate dimensions IF performed incorrectly.
@RobChamb87 💓 triplane!Moderate LVH. Severe biatrial dilatation Rim of pericardial effusion Disproportionate apical sparing on strain ana… you routinely take an RV focussed view? Obtained simply from the A4C view tilting the tail of the transducer la…
@The_Echo_Nerd Oh no!! That’s a dramatic way to get out of conference run though 🙈 Seriously! Sending love ... but…
🤪 oh my! @The_Echo_Nerd @josopala @JamesWalsh60 @BSEcho @The_Echo_Nerd Come onnnnnn!!!! @josopala @BSEcho Echo does that to you!! 🤣 @josopala @BSEcho Happy anniversary, Jo!!! Has it only been a year?! @nic2610 Usually we would too. It slipped through the net.
@cardiacLucy I went with: No clinical question provided on referral. Please see systematic report below. @paton_maria Wouldn’t think it was 2020 would you!! We should be able to get them on an app on our phone 🤣Looking forward to inviting you to come and see what we do in Cardiac Physiology this morning as part of…
Retweeted by Natasha AYou win the prize for the best echo referral of the day. I’ll guess, don’t worry. 🙄 Conclusion: There is a hea…
Today our team have been discussing the new @BSEcho guidelines in our echo meeting lead by @Vish_Sharm Have you s… luck to all the candidates sitting our written exam today! Did you know that over 70% of our exam registrants…
Retweeted by Natasha AGood luck to everyone sitting the @BSEcho written exams in centres all across the country today!! 💪🏼 you’ve got t…
"...Say you'll love me again. Undo this hurt you caused..." Our next research seminar from @drtom_butler. Tom wi…
Retweeted by Natasha A @iand74 about how COVID-19 will affect all your echo needs?: check out the link below! All the info you need regar… resus training. I was the only one in group doing manual defib. Always feel like some sort of superhero when… @samjc1976 Excellent!! My birthday celebrations normally last a week. My 30th was strung out for about 6 months as… @samjc1976 Happy birthday!!I would choose #RoboticHeart as @TheBHF's #BigBeatChallenge winner! Which would you pick?There are both patient facing and lab based roles in various disciplines. Plus echoing (pun intended) my recent v… Healthcare Science week!! There are over 52 different disciplines of healthcare science, supporting medics,… @GWhalleyPhD Interesting!! I glove scanning hand in outpatients. Both for Inpatients. And I always wipe down the m…
@Garmin @GarminFitness @GarminUK my new vivoactive 4s has been out the box less than 18 hours and I’ve had so many… taken this whilst out for a walk! Man or woman. Be a rainbow in a world that sometimes feels grey. 🌈 😍 I… @BSEcho All of these #HCS women really keep me sane and are amazing at juggling work and home life @JudithLowry1
Retweeted by Natasha AThis could be a long one! The women who inspire me in the #echo world @paton_maria @nat_echo @The_Echo_Nerd
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@josopala @paton_maria @bheadparkrun Plus If you still don’t like running by October @oxborough77 is buying us all a pint! 🤣 @The_Echo_Nerd @samjc1976 Aww can’t believe I’ve missed you both!!! @josopala @bheadparkrun We can go for a BSE run in Edinburgh!Assume your exam is going ahead unless advised otherwise. Currently only March 22nd Practical exam affected at th… forward to following live tweets from this event!! Sad not to be there this year! Looks like an AMAZING l… than a tortoise 🐢 running through treacle! But I turned up. I still hated it. @bheadparkrun beaut park an…