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Join us tomorrow at 5PM PT / 8PM ET for a conversation with leading literary agents Jin Auh, @mere215,…
Retweeted by Natalie Lima @GraceLP Yessss!!this. poem. gets. me. every. fucking. time. by Wanda Coleman
Retweeted by Natalie LimaStarting soon: classes with @NatalieLima09 @MindaHoney @hannasusj @tennessee_me @AnnieNeugebauer //…
Retweeted by Natalie Lima @DianaSpechler Thank you, friend. 😘Highly recommend. ✍🏼 👩🏽‍💻 ❤️
Retweeted by Natalie Lima @krysmalcolmbelc 😂 @vanjchan I think this is how incels flirt. -signed, A Pretentious Fat Cunt 😂
A critic recently called my work “dazzlingly uneven” and you know what, it’s okay, cause that probably took them *years* to write
Retweeted by Natalie LimaI’m ready lol @BenPurkert Oooh @morganapple & Tommy Pico at the @UAPoetryCenter a couple of years ago. They both opened by readin… Longreads peeps have started a new mag 🖤’s a new year, and I have plenty of room in my heart and on my list for new voices! it’s also been a while since…
Retweeted by Natalie LimaWhere does one send a 100-word cnf piece that is a semi-list with a long title? 👀
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@thealinemello Yesssss!! ✨✨
what doesn’t kill you makes you weird at intimacy
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Just ran into someone I haven’t seen in months at Trader Joe’s. He asked how I was doing. I said I was a little dep…'s been hard to read in a pandemic but @dellegeller's new book, Dog Flowers, held my attention steady. This is a…
Retweeted by Natalie LimaIt’s so humiliating, being a writer
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@Vanessa_LaLoba Exactly!!!Was talking to a dude online about Jersey Shore & he tells me how much he hates Snooki, so I tell him that Snooki i… @vanjchan @katiejdevine @ginathechung Love this. 🖤 @vanjchan You look just like her. 🖤 Sending you so much love today and always xx @livesinpages 🙋🏻‍♀️Just signed up for the voice class. Natalie is a gift.
Retweeted by Natalie Lima @SarahXman22 🖤✨✏️ @The__Workshop 🖤Take a class with our brilliant friend plz.
Retweeted by Natalie Lima @jennyleeSD 🖤🖤🖤Also tempted.
Retweeted by Natalie LimaOhhhh I’m tempted.
Retweeted by Natalie Lima @AxliWrites There’s still room in both :) @OselPlante @onbrandbrandonn 🤗 such a great week!! @tashaaaaaaa 🖤🖤🖤 @maria_i_alvarez Yes, that’s where I’m at. That voice that’s finally like: No more excises, stop playing yourself @megpillow Thank you, Meg. 🥺🖤🖤🖤😘This woman is brilliant. Take her class!
Retweeted by Natalie LimaOk, I don't wanna be this person, but my OCD is killing me. I'm 6 followers away from 4k! Please retweet so I can get there!! 🙏
Retweeted by Natalie Lima @onbrandbrandonn My first time seeing Portland during the summer. July 2019
Natalie is an incredible writer and I have a sneaking suspicion one of the best teachers too....
Retweeted by Natalie Lima @Lizard_Eyes 💕Can’t wait!!
Retweeted by Natalie Lima @soynuevayorka 🖤🖤 @sambria Yesss @neesers7 So terrible. Why why why @iscripsi 😂 oh man, those early days of the pandy were roughHi y’all, a quick reminder that I am teaching a 4-week workshop on voice! It begins Monday, Feb 1. ✏️✨✏️ @MauriceRuffin Lol, I think so @CMcLeodMartin 😂Creamer without fat isn’t cream. How does this stuff exist???? 🙃 @Bristy @apapertrail 🙏🖤🖤 @LDBogart Thank you, friend 🖤🖤🖤 @daniellovesyooh Wow, thank you so much! 🖤 @AxliWrites Thank so much 🙏 @maria_i_alvarez Ty bb 💕 @wordsmithpraise @WOCSpeak Wow, thank you so much 🖤🖤I’ve made some dumb mistakes but accidentally buying fat-free creamer feels like the biggest mistake of my like at 8amReboosting this bc yesterday's timeline might have buried it--if you're a WOC with a flash fiction/short story coll…
Retweeted by Natalie LimaI am going to bookmark this thread forever. Thank you all for your words. So grateful 🖤 @kamuleosaurus Yesss 😂Preferable with some funny- looking people. And some broke peopleI want to write for a tv dramedy within the next couple of yearsme attempting to date again:
Retweeted by Natalie LimaSorry I know I share this essay a lot but it’s been a kind of pin in the weeks just following the 2016 election and…
Retweeted by Natalie Lima @CarlPeel Thank you 🙏🖤 @doylejacq Thank you 🙏🖤🖤 @reenashah 🖤🖤🙏 @kellathornton Thank you so much 🙏🖤 @EmilyMGoldsmith Thank you, boo 🖤 @Ursulaofthebook 🖤🖤🖤 @TaylorByas3 Thank you, bb 🖤🖤🖤 @bkolcow Thank you, bb xx @Christopher_All Same tho @MrBearStumpy @BostonFreeTweet Yay!! @apapertrail Thank you, bb. Looking forward to your future work 💕 @ruthlefaive 🙏🖤🖤 @litmagreject Ty bb 🙏🖤 @marimachaspeaks Love this lol 💕 @bruceowensgrimm thank you and likewise, friend. <3 @MindaHoney <3 <3 <3 @WSWinslow Thank you 🙏 @AaronGilbreath Thank you, Aaron 🙏🥺 @kamuleosaurus Ugh thank youuu 🥺🙏 @Karen_Palmer @gaylebrandeis 🖤🖤🖤 @gaylebrandeis Thank youuu 🖤 @yodelnyc Thank you, boo. Means so much 🖤🥺 @emilyfmaloney Hi friend. Thank you for always saying these things to me xoxo🙏 @DrEmilyRSmith 🙏🖤🖤🖤 @roseandersen Thank you, friend. Love your words so much @suburbanprairie 🙏🖤🖤🥺 @ESilvermanMD Thank you, boo 💕 @Blindnikkii 🙏🖤 @hmvanderhart Thank you, boo 💕 @robhollywood Thank you 🥺🖤 @iamkatmann Such a great reminder @chillipadimum 🖤 @mtoddcohen Thank you. Rooting for us both @clairemiye Thank you so much 🙏🖤 @damleon24 Thank you, friend 💕 @JKTWrites Thank you Jordan. Can’t wait to read more from you