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this big stupid medical bill is really bumming me out but looking at my stationary makes me so happy 。◕‿◕。
Retweeted by nat noodle🐛 @Radstronomical People are WEIRD get INSPIRED
Since folx love being dishonest about “cancel culture” A reminder of the things ACTUALLY being cancelled by right…
Retweeted by nat noodle🐛hey just a heads up to newer comics creators-- if you see a company offering "free services" like marketing, editin…
Retweeted by nat noodle🐛 @HulloJackie But only for you @sleepcaptain Uhg terrible ~__~Just finished a big new print breakdown for my Patreon! Can’t wait to share this one with you soon :33…
Wings by Christopher Myers, published by @Scholastic Ice Cream Summer by @mcatwoodauthor illustrations by…
Retweeted by nat noodle🐛In a certain way, prehistoric people had invented the movie, or proto-movies. They descended to the depths to watch movies.
Retweeted by nat noodle🐛Things i wish we taught in high school
Retweeted by nat noodle🐛Hot Bird Summer starts tomorrow, NYC! Tuca and Bertie will be in NY Harbor to celebrate the premiere of Season 2 to…
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@ns_julia_ 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️Pomodoro technique is great!! And I love Julia’s comic!! got my copy of CBA vol 52 Burnout in which I have a story about the Pomodoro Technique. Thanks to @natAndrewson f…
Retweeted by nat noodle🐛i want to paint clouds like eric bowman. anyone else have favourite sky painters?
Retweeted by nat noodle🐛My food delivery person is sending me memes lol. Best part is that it’s not late at all, I think they just want to…
Retweeted by nat noodle🐛 @Sam_Thurman 😂😂😂😂
@johnleedraws ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥Currently completely obsessed with Matt Bollinger's paintings.
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screams to the high heavens: "JOCELYNE FUCKING RULES"
Retweeted by nat noodle🐛heads up, dead man. my heart, your hands
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@jack_henry44 You here?!??deleting my dating apps because i want to meet someone the old fashioned way (he sells me onions, i sell him jars of spiced peaches)
Retweeted by nat noodle🐛During the Obama admin, folks thought we’d have a 60 Dem majority for a while. It lasted 4 months. Dems are burnin…
Retweeted by nat noodle🐛Welp, I was headed to NY for a friend’s birthday but now it looks like I’m 1,000% stuck in Charlotte until the flig… many people in the Charlotte airport just standing around not wearing their masks when there are announcement…
@Sam_Thurman WHAT @Sam_Thurman Wait whatLeonid Soifertis (1911-1996)
Retweeted by nat noodle🐛I'm begging you, do not go to private art school anymore.
Retweeted by nat noodle🐛We should all be very excited for Naomi's upcoming comic, she's busy training to be a tattooer currently so this is…
Retweeted by nat noodle🐛 @zachhazard Finally someone recognizes my immense talent!!!I am an artist
@krismukai I need Kris bird show NOWsome journal byrds
Retweeted by nat noodle🐛Woooow Halston is incredible only two episodes in…I don’t know anything about him so I’m gearing up for a tragedy b…
Enjoying these bee facts at the Placerita nature center
Retweeted by nat noodle🐛 @AyaKakeda Haha ohhhh my god I wish!!! 😭😭😭 @AyaKakeda Classic 😂one day we all burned our last CD without realizing it
Retweeted by nat noodle🐛 @shannondrewthis 😍😍😍😍What we learned in 2020? That oil is worthless in a society without consumption. That healthcare has to be public b…
Retweeted by nat noodle🐛 @oforsslof 🙌🙌🙌 can’t wait to see what comes next, whatever it is! Hope it’s all happiness<33I’ve gotten a lot of complaints this past year about my bar not being open indoors or asking people to wear a mask…
Retweeted by nat noodle🐛 @peowstudio 💔💕🙏 @pseudonymjones !! Thank you!! 🌟🙏❤️ @TuffWaffles Ooo!! I will bring one to you next time I see ya!! @InfectMb 🙏🙏 thanks!
@DrooliaSnott Haha that was a big reason why I wanted to draw her!!
Retweeted by nat noodle🐛I also found more Ripley riso prints while cleaning up my studio! I had so much fun with these- planning out more S… pet a husky dog in a coffee shop yesterday and think I got high When the GOP passed legislation to provide a $1 trillion tax break to corporations & the 1% without a single D…
Retweeted by nat noodle🐛 @TuffWaffles @jazzbone215 @lyvimar 😢😢😢 @TuffWaffles @jazzbone215 @lyvimar Ohh nnnNOOOOooooOHappy Friday! Been a while since I shared some of these- a few recent-ish inks for Humblewood!!
Retweeted by nat noodle🐛I worked my butt off in May. Huge Etsy shop update coming next week!
Retweeted by nat noodle🐛 @drawingrobbi @meghunt Hahaha oh god I am in this picture and I don’t like it!!! I was so frustrated with my iPad I…
my thoughts on turning 20
Retweeted by nat noodle🐛“where do you see yourself in five years” ideally fast asleep within a hollow tree
Retweeted by nat noodle🐛 @alexander_laird Thank you Alex!!
@meghunt Yes!! And I bought a thick square pillow to go underneath it so I can doodle while I’m watching tv on the… did nobody tell me they're this small
Retweeted by nat noodle🐛While sorting through a bunch of old prints I found a few of these Leia prints from my Super Women series! I still… @meghunt I loooove my sketchboard pro, def gonna look into this keyboard! Thank you!!Same goes for every dot-eyed animal I've ever drawn, tbh
Retweeted by nat noodle🐛 @lyvimar And this is like the best view in your house because you get to gaze at that beautiful wallpaper in your bathroom!!!
New Dragon Rider stickers are back in my shop! Really happy with how these came out, and happy to have this design… big boy, an interior & three spots for @atavist about the tale of Scott Kimball, an FBI informant/impersonator an…
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I made little dragon girl stickers too :33 is nobody talking about this
Retweeted by nat noodle🐛instead of a hot girl summer I’m having a grey gardens summer where I dress in eccentric outfits and am on the verge of financial ruin
Retweeted by nat noodle🐛One of the best things I ever did for my mental health as a freelancer was to protect my weekends. Whenever I give…
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@TuffWaffles Hahahah I love the music transition @TuffWaffles lol this is you in a week new stickers in my shop!! 🍄🌿✨little mushroom guardian is originally from my Bedtime Story print and I loved t…
We lost 2 very important illustrators yesterday. Lois Ehlert 🌿 and Eric Carle 🐛. They changed the illustration worl…
Retweeted by nat noodle🐛 @LauraKnetzger Big sigh, this is everything. Thank you for sharing Laura! <33This month is the 10th anniversary of me creating Bug Boys and drawing their first story. I wrote a little about ho…
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@jaimezollars Lol oh noooo! Happens to the best of us 😭😅 8 year olds are brutal!!!!:333🍑🫐🍒🍋🍉🍇 are some juicy Riso close-ups 🧃👀 print for my Riso Subscription Patreon is available now in my shop!🍊 ~ It's also part o…
this month’s patreon special offer holographic stickers came in! 💧🪓🐹 everyone in this sticker club tier or higher…
Retweeted by nat noodle🐛 @punimelt !!!!!!!!!! FUHHHHHH!!!!!!k!!!!!!! @jaimezollars Just hit em with a Steven Spielberg ‘I don’t watch any of my old movies’ quote
Edmond Dantès travelled for nine years after escaping prison before reappearing as the Count of Monte Cristo, so be…
Retweeted by nat noodle🐛*latest, not last! I’ve got my membership until November so I’m gonna be there…like twice a week now lolWanted to share a few photos from my last Huntington Gardens visit 🌼"Listen Close" -
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Eternals trailer is cool and all, but what if it had been a bit more like this... #JackKirby
Retweeted by nat noodle🐛 @kylefewell @BRNKillo I’m still using 2017 because all the updates mess with my brushes and my workflow >:( idk wha…
@EthanMAldridge 🥺🥰🥺🥰 @EthanMAldridge Ahh!! Happy Birthday Ethan!! Hope you have a nice day! 🙌🙌“Please watch out for each other and love and forgive everybody. It’s a good life, enjoy it.” Jim Henson’s final m…
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@boxcar_sarah @mspowahs 🙏🙏❤️❤️ @heybwall @Dan_Cassaro Do not pass out piss drunk and sleep on that floor @syntactics I spent $150 to get a WNYC mask, a tiny hand sanitizer and a cheap fanny pack and I will never regret i…